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It's a New World

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Summary: A Star Wars/Stargate ST1 crossover.

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MarkeloFR181678081,2279 Dec 119 Dec 11No
Disclaimers: I own nothing used in this fanfic. Star Wars is owned by George Lucas and his crew and Stargate ST1 is owned by whoever owns Jack and his crew.

Chapter One:

Ahsoka Tano looked at her partner Masako, a female being whose people was desented from spiders. Masako was four feet tall and she had two legs and six arms. Masako who had no last name because her people didn't have last names. Masako was as quick and nimble as Ahsoka and she was stronger in her body than Ahsoka's body.

Masako wore a silver harness around her waist. Her race had no concept of clothing.

"Where are we going, Ahsoka, those clonetroopers are killing any and all Jedi!"

"We're going out there."

Ahsoka and Masako reached their ship and inside was Masako's Padawan, a human female child named Juno Karra. Juno was ten years old. "Master Masako, what's going on?"

"We're running for our lives, little one."

They left the planet they were on and went into hyperspace and just as they entered Hyperspace, a clonetrooper ship shot at them and the lazer beam had made the hyperspace drive go a little wonky.

"What the sith did you do?" Masako asked Ahsoka.

"I don't know!"

"Learn to fly this sithspawned ship!" Juno yelled.

The hyperspace lights outside of their ship were red not the usual greenish blue.

Then their hyperdrivegave up the ghost and they knocked out of hyperspace.

"Where are we?" Masako asked.

"The astro-nav is checking the stars. Just a few minutes." Juno said, then she said, "Oh, Sith!"

"What?" Ahsoka and Masako asked.

"We're lost. There is no record of where we are. and there's a planet near us."

Meanwhile on the planet below them

Colonel Jack O'Neill looked at Stargate Command flagship team SGT-1. "We have an unknown ship obiting Earth. It's not a Guald or Asgard or any species we know of. I'm going to try to contact it."

"Okay, sir." Carter said.

"Yeah. Do that, Jack." Daniel said.

Cameron just nodded and Vara smirked and D'trec said, "That is a good idea, O'Neill."

Back to the Twilight

Ahsoka looked at her droid B4-R3. "Before, keep scanning this planet."

B4-R3 beeped and booped and did it. Ahsoka knew that the droid said, "I will do that, mistress."

Then they got a com signal. "Hey, we're being hailed." Juno said.

"Then let us hear it," Ahsoka said.

"It's on a broadcast signal we don't use usually." Juno said.

"Let's hear it." Masoka said.


"To unknown ship in Earth obit, identify yourself and we won't shoot you down. This is Colonel O'Neill of Stargate Command."

"Stargate Command? Earth? Where are we?" Ahsoka asked.

"This may not be our dimesion." Masako said.

"Great. We're three Jedi and we're lost in another universe!" Juno said.

"Calm down, Juno."

Ahsoka got on the com, "Stargate Command, I am Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano. This stip is the Twilight. We come in peace."

"Twilight, are there any one else on board?"

"Yes. My friend and partner Masoka and her student Juno. We need to make repairs to our ship."

After a few minutes they got cherance to land in a mountianous region.

They landed and they saw a group of six people coming up to their ship.

They all were human. Two women and four men come up to the ship.

"What do you think the odds are that they never saw a Togruta or an Archido?" Juno asked, with a grin.

"Pretty good." Ahsoka said. "Let's wear our hoods."

"Okay." Masoka said.

They exited the ship. Ahsoka and Masoka wore hooded robes.

"The two older ones aren't human," Carter said.

"We're a Togruta and an Archido." Ahsoka said.

"Ahsoko Tano, I presume. I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill."

"Hi. I'm Juno Karre."

"And I'm Masoka."

"Sounds like a Japanesse name," Carter said.

"Japanese?" Juno asked.

"How old are you three?"

"I'm 18 and Masoka's 17 and Juno's 8."


"She's old. Her people live twenty years."

"Oh. So she's like a senior citzen then. I'm Captain Cameron Mitchell."

The End?

You have reached the end of "It's a New World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Dec 11.

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