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Secret Game

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Summary: *AU* After season seven, Willow is helping train the new slayers when Angel ask a favor of her... X-Over with Anita Blake and Noir

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Anime > Noir
Anita Blake > Willow-Centered
SerenaFR1842,544048,29530 Dec 0311 Feb 04No

author's note

title : Secret Game

author : Serena

rating : R

pairing : ?? Not sure yet ??

BtVS x-over with Anita Blake and Noir. Set after BtVS seventh season. Kind of AU for BtVS and Noir.

disclaimer : I do not own BtVS nor Anita Blake nor Noir. There.


Sorry folks! This is no chapters ; they'll follow soon enough.

I'm asking for major help here. I'm taking a beta reader for this fic. Believe me, I'll need it. If possible, I need someone really good in grammatics, who knows about the anime Noir even if it's basic knowledge, and whom have a very solid knowledge of Anita Blake. It's been a while since I read a book by Hamilton and my AB universe is rusty. If you think you can help me, even if you don't know Noir or AB, just tell me. I don't care if I have multiple Beta readers working on this fic.

By the way, this long term project means in no way that I abandon all my fics, I just put them on stanby while I kick myself back in the writing game.

Please, answer my desperate call for help. I need a beta or possible multiple betas, and I promise the first chapter or a prologue very soon...


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