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It's My Life

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Summary: Harry decides that Hogwarts is not for him after his first year. HP/Hitman Reborn This is a rewrite.

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Chapter 7

“Now that you have seen what you look like, a Miss Granger is here to see you Mr. Black. I will call for Griphook to take you to your friend.” the healer announced.

Hadrian grinned. “I am looking forward to seeing my best friend. Hermione is like a sister to me.”

While FloraFang was lecturing Hadrian to stay healthy, Griphook walked into the room.

“Mr. Black, your companion and her parents have been patiently waiting for you. Shall we meet the Grangers?”

“Yes we will Griphook. I will be sure to take care of myself FloraFang.” Hadrian then exited the room with Griphook.

Hadrian followed his account manager with a bounce to his step. He was excited to see his first, best, and only friend. The young wizard was led into an ornate room that was beautifully decorated. Then he had seen his friend.

“Hermione!” Hadrian shouted with joy.

“Hadrian, is that really you?” Hermione jaw practically hit the floor.

“Of course it is Mia!” Hadrian grinned.

Hermione ran towards her friend and glomped him. “I can't get over your cuteness. Don't worry Hadrian, I will protect you from the fan girls that you are bound to have.” Hermione declared resolutely.

“Did you say fan girls? I no longer have the boy who lived title Mia. It should be OK.” Hadrian looked at his friend with concern.

“It's every big sisters right to protect adorable little brothers. Wait, did you call me Mia?” Hermione paused.

“Yes I did, do you mind? Big sister, huh. I do see you as the sister I always wanted.” Hadrian admitted.

Hermione shrieked while hugging Hadrian. “I like it actually. Don't distract me Hadrian. The girls will be all over you. You are my young and innocent little brother.” Hermione cooed.

Hadrian was finding Hermione's behavior rather odd. It would be best to distract her fast.

“As long as you let me protect you from the boys.” Hadrian retorted.

“I am not pretty Hadrian. Between my teeth and hair, no one will notice me when I am old enough to date.” Hermione said sadly.

“You are beautiful big sister. Anyone who does not think that is not worth your time.” Hadrian told his friend seriously. He received a watery smile in return.

“Miss Granger, I hate to interrupt, but don't you have people to introduce your friend to?” Griphook interrupted half exasperated, half amused.

“Hadrian these are my parents Drs. Dan and Emma Granger. They came to Gringotts to get information on you. My Dad can be overprotective. The secret is out Hadrian.” Hermione said apologetically.

“It is better that they know the truth. We can find a way to protect your parents.” Hadrian received a grateful look from Hermione.

“I'm so sorry for not telling the truth, but you are in so much danger knowing that Hadrian and Harry are the same person.” Hermione cried.

Dan and Emma Granger were in shock. They, mostly Dan, came here looking for answers. Neither one of them had expected something like this.

“Tell us everything that has happened up to this point.” Mr. Granger collected himself.

“We will Mr. Granger. I just want to ensure your safety first. Griphook is there a way to hide their memories from other witches and wizards?” Hadrian asked.

“Yes, there is Mr. Black. The same spell I used on your friends letter has a variation to hide important memories. The safest thing that the Grangers could do is to move and change their names. At least their last names.”

“Is that really necessary Mr. Griphook?” Mrs Granger asked nervously.

“I am afraid it is. Do I have your permission to explain everything I know Mr. Black?”

“Please do Griphook.” Hadrian was relieved that he did not have to rehash his past woes.

The Grangers were understandably outraged, horrified, appalled and sickened from Hadrian's childhood alone. In matters related to Hogwarts and Dumbledore, they were even more upset. The trial and the evidence collected caused Hermione's parents to lose what they had in their stomach.

Hermione was crying in her friends arms. While she knew the basics, her friend downplayed the severity of what had happened to him. If she was completely unaware, she would have joined her parents efforts in emptying their stomachs.

Griphook gave the Grangers a stomach soother before he cast a spell to clean their mouths while he discretely charmed the floor clean. It took a few moments for the dentists to get their wits about them.

“Hadrian, how did you and my daughter really meet.” Dan asked Hadrian warmly.

After hearing his daughter and friend consider each-other siblings he felt no need to worry about the young man taking advantage of his daughter. Truth be told, he felt guilty for any uncharitable thought that he may have had about the boy due to his horrific past. Despite his past, he turned out to be a fine young man in his opinion.

“I met Mia on my first trip to Diagon Alley. Hagrid left me alone to get a drink. On the way to the robe store we met and started having a conversation.” Hadrian began the story.

”When Hadrian realized that he was out of time, he told me that he could not act intelligent when we saw each-other again. He made me promise not to tell anyone. Hadrian said that I would quickly figure it out.” Hermione continued.

”I then went to the robe shop, had a chilly conversation with Malfoy, then Hagrid showed up with ice cream. That was nice if him and all, but I would have had more time to shop if I did not talk with Mia.” Harry just shook his head in exasperation.

Hagrid was friendly enough. However, who would think that a half giant having a pint would only take as long as being fitted for robes when the store was not busy. Anything could have happened to Hadrian when he was alone.

“So, we have to move and change our names. It would not be a good idea to be here when a war breaks out.” Mr. Granger decided.

“We could move our practice anywhere.” Mrs. Granger agreed with her husband.

There was a knock on the door. “Excuse me, I will just be a moment.” Griphook quietly stepped out.

“How about Japan? I read in one of your books that they have one of the most friendly governments in their relations with non-magicals. The Japanese culture is very accepting of supernatural activity as long as it does not hurt them. They co-exist quite well.” Mrs. Granger suggested.

“Hadrian, you have to come with us. I don't want you to be alone.” Hermione pleaded.

“As much as I would love to, I have to see what my new uncles plans are Mia. Besides, your parents should have a say.” Hadrian smiled wryly at his friend.

“I'm all for moving to Japan.” a new man entered the room.

He had dark auburn hair with green eyes like Hadrian's.

“Alexei?” Hadrian guessed.

“You are a quick one Hadrian. I am your Uncle Alexei.” both preteen and adult embraced.

“All of you have agreed to move to Japan. The only thing left to decide is the Grangers new names.”

“My maiden name is Smith. A common name like that will help us hide.” Miss Granger suggested.

Everyone quickly agreed to that idea.

“While my name and Emma's will be alright to keep, Hermione's will stand out too much.” Dan observed.

“What about some variant of Mia? That way it will not be too difficult to get used to.” Hadrian piped in.

“What about Amelia!” Hermione said excitingly.

Everyone except Emma Granger looked puzzled at the girl's excitement.

“It's from one of her favorite movies The Princess Diaries. The main character's name was Amelia, but she was called Mia as a nickname.” Emma said with a smirk.

Hermione blushed while the males lightly chuckled.

An amused goblin cleared his throat. “Now that we have the name's settled, we will have to change your appearances. It would be unfortunate to be found by accident.”

The new Emma Smith now had straight brown hair with blue eyes. While Dan Smith had wavy blonde hair with hazel eyes. Amelia now had her teeth fixed to go along with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. A deatheater could spot Amelia and never recognize her. Then again, that was the point of the permanent makeovers.

Amelia was thrilled with her new appearance while her parents would need to get used to it.

“Where in Japan would be the best place to go?” Hadrian asked Griphook.

“ Namimori, Japan would be the best place to go. You currently own a large home there.”

“What does everyone think?” Hadrian asked the group.

It was unanimous, everyone decided that Namimori, Japan would be there new home.

A/NWhat do you think of Hermione's reaction to Harry? Her parents are now in the know. They changed names and appearances. To try to stave of criticism I am not sure when The Princess Diaries came out. Also, I did not drastically change her appearance. As we find out earlier in the story, simple is best. Besides the hair, eyes and teeth, she looks the same. Think Yule Ball with blonde hair and blue eyes. The wizards would never recognize her. Morons! Hey, it's almost KHR time!

The End?

You have reached the end of "It's My Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Dec 11.

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