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It's My Life

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Summary: Harry decides that Hogwarts is not for him after his first year. HP/Hitman Reborn This is a rewrite.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. Nor do I own Katekyo Hitman Reborn. The plot is mine, that is all.

Summary: Harry Potter decides to leave Hogwarts after his first year. How will canon change with a more intelligent, wary boy who lived?

Harry Potter was plotting a way that would help him escape from his current life while on the Hogwarts Express. Harry was neither stupid or naive. Of course he had acted as such since he had self preservation. Harry had read all of his school books among extras this past summer so that he would know what he was getting into.
It had seemed that the wizards were expecting some golden boy. He had given them what they were expecting. Harry had learned his lessons well at the Dursleys after all. This had caused Harry to become a suspicious, wary person.

The first thing that he had found out after Hagrid had 'rescued him' from the Dursleys was that Headmaster Dumbledore had left him with his vile relatives. Next, he had found out that Dumbledore had the key to his vault. Then Hagrid had tried to stop Harry from making extra purchases such as books. Finally, the Sorcerers Stone had been brought to Hogwarts the same year he had begun attending. The man had practically admitted that he had expected Harry to go after it.

It was clear to him that the seemingly kind old man had not considered his best interests. It was also obvious to Harry that Hogwarts was a deathtrap if your name happened to be Harry James Potter.

Ron Weasley was supposedly his best friend. Harry had found the boy and his family untrustworthy for good reason. Hagrid had somehow forgot to inform Harry of how to reach the platform. Harry had not suspected Hagrid of anything nefarious though. Hagrid was genuinely kind to him. However, Dumbledore most likely had one of his supporters show him the way. When Molly Weasley was shouting about muggles, Harry had thought it was obvious that the family was sent to intercept him.

Then their son Ron had just happened to pick his compartment to sit in telling him that the others were full. Right, a magical train had run out of seats and the only seat available was with him. How thick did these people think he was? It had seemed clear to Harry that the Headmaster had wanted to control who had influence over him. Harry had decided to play along for a while.

Harry had another friend named Hermione Granger. Harry had been sure that she was a true friend of his. 'For how long.' Harry thought bitterly.

Between the abuses heaped on him by the Dursleys and the manipulations in the wizarding world, Harry had not been an optimistic person to say the least.

'I need to get to Gringotts.' Harry thought desperately.

The last straw for the young wizard was when Dumbledore dismissed his complaints about the abuse and had insisted that he was to return to those monsters after he had asked to stay at school for the summer.

'How dare he! He is the headmaster of a school not my guardian. What right does he have to tell me what to do during the summer.' Harry internally raged.

Harry was formulating a plan while he was sitting with Hermione and Ron. “I'm going to study ahead this summer.” Perhaps I'll get a book on Ancient Runes. It is a shame that we have to wait until third year to take that course.” Hermione babbled to Harry's amusement.

He secretly shared her opinion on gaining knowledge.

“Hermione, that is not just getting ahead. That is barmy! Mental she is.” Ron looked at him for support.

“She likes to study Ron. We are almost there. I better use the loo now since my uncle would never stop for me.” Harry stated as he rose to leave.

“I'll come with you mate.” Ron announced.

Inwardly Harry is annoyed. "Ron, you may be my best mate, but I don't need help using the facilities."

Hermione giggled while Ron scowled. Harry quickly left.

Harry then looked to see if anyone was in the hallway. Seeing no one, he had covered himself up in his invisibility cloak. The young wizard smirked. 'The old goat had given me the means to escape.'

While walking carefully to the front of the train where the exit was located, Harry decided to patiently wait. Moments later the train came to a stop. Harry bolted as soon as the doors opened.

The platform was full with people waiting for their children coming home for the summer. Moving as quickly as he could under his cloak, Harry had reached the muggle platform with nobody the wiser. Harry had smartly shrunk his trunk while sending Hedwig off before he had left Hogwarts. His first friend would find him in the morning wherever he was.

The unwelcome sight of his obese, red faced uncle had greeted him. His idiotic cousin and horse faced aunt had been nearby as well. Harry had been amused that they were going to wait a long time. They would never have the opportunity to abuse him again if his subtle scheme were to be executed correctly.

Harry, who had been cautious, had resolutely walked a few blocks before signaling the Knight Bus. Harry had pursued it in a magical travel book in the library. After taking off his cloak in an abandoned alley, Harry shoved his cloak in his pocket. Then Harry took off his glasses since they made him too recognizable. It is not much of a disguise, but he knew that wizards and witches just saw his scar and glasses. Harry then stuck out his wand.
With a loud bang, The Knight Bus appeared.

"Welcome to The Knight Bus for the stranded witch and wizard. My name is Ben, where are you heading?"

“Leaky Cauldron, please.”

“That will be 6 sickles. 10 sickles for a glass of pumpkin juice. What is your name?”

“Neville Longbottom, Ben. No, thank you on the drink.”

“Alright Neville, have a seat it will be a quiet a ride. Take it away Ernie!”

Harry had taken his seat pleased that he was able to think of a name that quickly. Harry had known that it would get difficult if he was recognized by Tom or his customers. A repeat of his first visit would be a disaster. So lost in his thoughts, Harry had barely noticed the crazy ride. The bus had stopped abruptly with a screech.

“The Leaky Cauldron, Neville.”

“Thanks, Ben.” Harry stepped off.

Harry had entered the cauldron. After he had barely seen Tom behind the bar, he had given Harry a brief look before greeting him.

“Where is your parents lad?” Tom asked concerned.

Harry since he had known that he was too short for his age, had decided to use that to his advantage.

“My parents told me to meet them in the alley. They are picking up my sister at Kings Cross.” Harry lied.

“I see, I will let you in. Perhaps your sister met Harry Potter. I'm sure she will tell you all about it.” Tom said as he tapped his wand on the correct bricks.

“Thank you Mr.” Harry said cutely.

Harry had quickly left before Tom could have a conversation with him. It had not been that he did not find the barkeeper friendly. Tom's too friendly greeting during his first trip had led to him being mobbed. It would not do to get caught now.

Harry had casually walked towards Gringotts. He had read somewhere that no one notices people who had looked like they belonged. The boy who lived had entered the bank with little fan fair. All he had to do was wait.

A/N: I am posting the next chapter in a ten minutes. The changes that I have made will become more obvious as the story comes along.
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