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Xander - the Dragon Reborn

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Summary: It was not just memories that stuck around after Halloween for Xander, how will he handle having 400+ years of memories and a power that has never been seen before!

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Literature > Fantasy > Wheel of Time(Past Donor)zimaFR18711,37302716,75510 Dec 118 Feb 12No

Chapter One

Xander - the Dragon Reborn

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. I don´t own Buffy the vampire Slayer or Wheel of Time those are the property of their respective owners.

A/N This is a crossover between Wheel of Time and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don´t own any of the recognized characters with in this story, they are owned by their respective owners.
I am fan of both Wot and BTVS and I wrote this just to explore and get the idea out of my mind because it was keeping me up at night, annoying as hell if you ask me. Any way here is the first chapter of this story. You probably should have read a few books in the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan otherwise it might get a bit confusing but if you don´t have the time I suggest you go to the wot wikia where I got most if not all the expressions and names from.

Chapter 1

Xander Lavell Harris world had changed from a somewhat boring ordinary teenage life to a life filled with battling monsters and demons on nightly bases just because of one girl. Now that he knew what was out there he couldn’t turn his back on it because that was just the way he was and since his friend was out there almost every night he would do everything he could to protect her even if it would cost him his own life.

Jessie his best buddy had died the night they had found out about vampires and the thing that goes bump in the night and it was because of him that he had dressed up as one of Jessie´s favorites characters in the book series Wheel of Time which they had kept on the down low because if Willow found out that they read then she would demand that they start taking school seriously instead of slacking off. For them school was a pain and everything the teachers gave too read was so mind numbing boring that Xander and Jessie would rather shoot themselves in the foot then read what they gave them.

It was during Halloween Xander decided to honor his friend and dress up as Rand Al'thor the Dragon Reborn which was Jessie´s favorite character and since he could wield The One Power Rand was a pretty cool guy. What Xander didn’t count on was Ethan Rayne would visit the town and change Xander´s life and destiny with the spell that turned everybody in to their costumes. Because of what Mr. Rayne did Xander was changed to his very core, he doubted that Mr. Rayne had intended for that to happen but it did and now this was the way Xander was.

Rand Al'thor the Dragon Reborn had not only possessed Xander but also thanks to Rand being a Ta'veren a human that shaped the pattern itself by his mere presence had a profound impact on Xander and his very soul. Because of Rand was a Ta'veren the two souls merged in a way that was not intended and all that was Rand Al'thor the Dragon Reborn aka Lews Therin Telamon became Xander and change the very destiny of the world.

Waking up the day after was very confusing for Xander because not only had he the memories of Rand Al'thor in his mind he had the faint memories of one Lews Therin Telamon also rattling around in his noggin. For a few minutes he didn’t know if he was Alexander Lavelle Harris or Rand Al'thor or even Lews Therin Telamon the Dragon himself which was very confusing. He had the four hundred years of faint recollection of Lews Therin Telamon memories they were like dreams that he could remember and then there was Rand Al'thor´s twenty odd years of memories that were like he lived them himself. The whole thing was very confusing and he had a splitting headache that hadn’t made the whole thing any better.

The first week he was very confusing for him remembering places, people and events that he had not seen himself yet he could describe them in great detail. Then came the sadness that came with the knowledge that he would never see his beloved Elayne, Min or Aviendha again and the love he felt for them was earth shattering but then just after remembering them he had shaken himself out of the slump because he had never actually meet any of them but the memories where there and it felt very real to him.

Telling the Scooby gang was out of the question because they would just freak out and with the knowledge he now had could help them because both Lews Telamon and Rand Al'thor where blademasters and with practice he could probably get his body in shape and learn the way of the sword as both Rand and Lews had done before him.

It wasn’t until one night he was making his way home after a late night Scooby meeting trying to find out information on the newest demon that had cropped up that his world changed yet again.
Xander cut threw one of the many graveyard that where housed in Sunnydale, it was stupid in hindsight but it was a short cut and he was tired after the long pow wow with no donuts too keep them awake. He stumbled upon three vampires as he was walking through the graveyard and when he stopped them he froze cursing himself for his stupidity. With the memories he had matured a whole lot and was a lot more focused but sometimes he slipped back to the immature boy he once was.

“Well, well what do we have here boys” The lead vampire said with a sinister glee in his eyes as he looked at Xander with those yellow eyes of his.

“Um.. Don´t mind me I am just leaving!” Xander tried to back away but they were fast and cut him his escape root off.

“Awe.... we can´t let just leave when you haven´t even offered us a drink yet” Said the lead vampire and the other two laughed at the joke.

“Sorry, no coke on me!” Xander quipped.

“We don´t drink coke but we will settle for you blood!” Said the lead vampire and charged him knocking Xander on the ground with the vampire on him. Xander felt the sharp fangs of the vampire sink it to his neck as the vampire bit down. He screamed in pain, panicking trying in vain to get the vampire off him but it was too strong for him and a few weeks of training could make him match the strength of a vampire did.

It was then it happened, the vampire was blasted of Xander with tremendous force tossing him fifty feet right in to a mausoleum knocking him out cold. The two other vampires where in a state of shock seeing their leader being thrown that far by a kid but Xander in his panicked state holding one of his hands on his neck trying to stop the bleeding and with the other hand he shoved out toward the two remaining vampires and arrows of fire flew at them incinerating them immediately. Xander was shocked both what he had done and from his wound, he managed to make his way home and by then he had stopped bleeding so he cleaned and dressed his wound. Because he had just done the impossible at least he had thought it was because there was no way that he could channel the Saidin the male half of the one power. His brain told him that it was not possible to do what he had just done and feeling dizzy from the blood loss he laid down on his bed trying to figure it out but the only thing he did was fall asleep.

Waking up the next morning was no fun, he was aching everywhere and felt feverish, he stayed in bed the hole day but Xander knew what was happening because it had happened to him before. Well not Xander but Rand and Lews had gone through it after they first channeled Saidin, the symptoms would go away after a while but for Xander there was no going back because he knew what would happen if he didn’t learn how to channel properly he would probably burn out or destroy himself and a good chunk of Sunnydale with him if he didn’t learn. Thankfully he had the memories of both Rand and Lews and they had both gone through it and so would he, it was one thing to have the memories it was an whole other thing to be able do those thing himself.

Once he was better Xander knew that he would need help and decided it was time to tell them because even thou he had four hundred plus years of memories in his head he was still a teenager and could not do everything himself and since Giles was the only male role model he had it was him he went to first.

“A, Xander what can I do for you?” He asked as Xander had come inside the library by himself and there were no crises as far as Giles knew.

“Um... I need to talk to you” Xander said looking around to see if anybody was there.

“In private please” He added. Giles sensing something was up as the Americans say nodded and ushered Xander inside his office closing the door behind them.

“You seam to a bit nervous!” Giles stated while looking at Xander who didn’t really know what to tell him because the whole thing was pretty farfetched and considering that they lived on the hellmouth that was saying something.

“Have a seat maybe that will help!” Giles gestured at the chair.

“Thanks” Xander said as he sat down in the office chair.

“Well you know Halloween, the whole thing with your pale Ethan Rayne!”

“Ethan is not my pale as you stated. He was once but that was a long time ago, since then we have both chosen to take very different paths” Giles glared at Xander.

“Sorry didn’t mean anything by it. It then the whole thing started”

“What started?”

“Um... I kind of under played the memory I got” Xander said.

“You mean that you still have memories from.... that costume you went as!” Xander nodded, Giles took of his glasses and begun wiping them.

“Who much do you remember?” Giles asked.

“A lot, it is kind of confusing sometimes because I remember people, places and events that they lived” Giles sighed and put his glasses back on.

“You have more than one person’s memories?” He asked

“Yea, I got two peoples memories and it can get confusing at times too know who I am sometimes” Xander said.

“Oh dear, that is not good Xander. Why didn’t you come to me right away there might have been something we could have done to help you get rid of those memories”

“Well Sorry, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind then with all those memories rattling around in him head. Why don´t you try to get more than four hundred years’ worth of memories of two people and see how you do” Xander snapped at Giles. Giles eyes widen in shock to hear that hear that Xander had four hundred years’ worth of memories inside his mind.

“I am sorry Giles but a lecture is that last thing I need right now because the memories is not why I am here”

“Then why are you here?”

“Well a few days ago something happened something that was impossible but yet it happened. I was attacked by vampires”

“Oh dear, Are you okay?” Giles said interrupting Xander.
“I am fine but I would have been if not for what happened. During the attack one of the vampires had me pinned on the ground and feeding of me. I was too weak to throw him off me but then he was thrown fifty feet way slamming in to a mausoleum”

“What! How did that happen?”

“If you would let me finish I will tell you!”

“Sorry, do go on”

“As I was saying, the vampire hit the mausoleum and two of his buddies where behind me and as I turned around arrows of fire shoot out from my fingers incinerating them on the spot” Giles looked very dubious.

“So you shot arrows of fire from your fingers and killing two vampires. Really Xander you should come up with something better than that” Giles said shaking his head.

“Arrows of fire” Giles said shaking his head in disbelief.

“So you don´t believe me!” Anger welled up inside Xander, feeling the presence of the Saidin just outside of his vision. He grabbed it and it felt wonderful but he had to fight it like a raging storm of fire and ice trying to crush him and it would if he would let it. Sending out weave of fire, earth and spirit he wove a pattern he knew from Rand something he had done in Tear. The desk and chairs came to life starting dancing around to Giles surprise and then his lamps started melting and weaving in to a fabric.

“So do you believe me now?” He said his voice filled with anger. Giles just nodded too shocked to speak at the moment looking around his office at the wonder that was happening right in front of him and just as suddenly as it happened Xander let the weave go and the Saidin.

“Who did you do that?” Giles asked after a few minutes of starring at the furniture.

“It was with the Saidin that I did all that”

“The Saidin? What´s that?”

“It kind hard to explain but basically it is a power source that with its help one can do many amazing things for what you just saw too create ter'angreal and so much more” Xander said to Giles.

“That, that's incredible but how are you able to do it!”

“Don´t really know but know that it has happened I must learn to control it because otherwise it could become very dangerous”

“What do you mean?”

“Well first of all I need to be able to grasp the Saidin every time I reach for it and then I will need to start learning the weaves”

“I am not sure I understand Xander. What do you mean grasp the Saidin and weaves?” He asked. Xander rubbed his head trying to figure out how to explain it to a non channeller.

“Well I am not always connected to the Saidin I have to reach out and grab it so to speak and then I need to tame it to my will because if I let go for a second it will consume me. The weave is how I made all this” Xander said gesturing with his hands around the room.

“There are five different strands of weave, Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit and for those I can make different things. Think of like a weaving a carpet, with different weave you get different patterns and depending what you want to make. It is the same for the Saidin with different weave you can make other things depending on what you want” Xander tried his best to explain it but it he knew it would be hard for a non channeler to grasp the concept.

“Here” Xander took out seven books that had so far come out in the series of Wheel of Time and placed them on Giles desk.

“This might give you a better idea on what I am talking about, I dressed up as Rand Al'thor the Dragon Reborn and he is one of the main characters in this series”

“Well that might be a good idea for me to read up on this because I have never heard of something like this before so we will have to do some research on it” Giles looked a bit too excited about idea of research thought Xander.

“So what should we tell Buffy and Willow?” Xander asked. Giles was shook out of his thoughts and looked from the books to Xander.

“It might be better if we hold off on that for right now until we have a better understanding on what exactly has happened with you Xander” Xander nodded because he was all for that idea, it was better not to worry his friends until they had an idea on what was going on but one thing he knew was that he needed to learn to grasp the Saidin otherwise it would become dangerous not only to him but to everyone around him.

“Well then I better start reading” Giles said.

“Okay, well I will be back tonight! Bye Giles” He said as he left, Giles had already picked up a book and started to read.

A/NHope you have enjoyed the first chapter in this story, I have written a few more chapters but they need to be edited and cleaned up so it will probably be a while before you see the next chapter. So what did you think?
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