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Trista Anne Salvatore: Vampire Slayer

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Damon's Daughter: The Vampire Slayer". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After a car accident Trista Anne suffers the loss of not only her mother but somehow memories of the past 3 years as well. As she goes in search of the father, she finds out just how much she'll have to lose to save the one's she loves.

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Chapter Three & Four

Disclaimer: I do not own television show The Vampire Diaries or the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There is no No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained. BTVS belongs to Joss, Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J. Smith
(Trista is identical to her mother in looks minus her dark-brown hair and blue eyes)

(Trista's met Klaus & now has her memories back)
(Trista now knows about the curse and is pissed she never knew about it)
(Jenna knows Trista's in town and is delighted to see her niece has changed changed, but she's shocked that Jeremy and Elena never told her about it)
(Jeremy has informs Damon that he's Trista's father)

Chapter Three


As Jeremy entered the room with an unconscious brunette I couldn't help but gasp as I recognized her immediately as my recently past sisters daughter Trista Anne.

Amazingly over the years Trista had not dyed her dark locks -unlike her mother who had as a teen but- kept them and also stopped wearing only black clothing but other colors as well, shown by her blue skinny-jeans, red-tee and a brown leather jacket and knee high-boots.

It wasn't until I noticed that Jeremy had sat Damon and Stefan down in the dining-room while Elena, Caroline, & Bonnie stayed in the living-room with Trista did I remember seventeen-years-ago when Buffy told us the identity of Trista's father -after a lot of threatening on Miranda's part- to be told that his name was Damon Salvatore.

I hadn't even remembered until Jeremy sat Damon down and begun to tell him and Stefan about how they were a father and Uncle to the unconscious girl in the living-room, causing Damon to head my way as if to leave and as he past me I found myself stopping him.

"Damon as much as I hate the fact that you touched my sister, you gave her the one thing she ever hoped of and if she hadn't been running from her past she would have told you... but Trista's had a difficult life. If you walk out and don't plan on coming back to play 'happy families', then you're just as bad as John and her mother walked out on Elena when she was born!"


In the time that I had known Jenna Summers I had never once been hurt by her words until now as she just compared me to Johnathan Gilbert, the man who tried to murder me and my brother.

But the thing was that the way she spoke of her sister -seeming like she admired her- made me wonder if she knew she was the Slayer and that's when I remembered an old tomb that I read about a decade ago how a Slayer would be able to have a child if it was conceived with a Vampire.

"I can't do it Jenna, I'm not like that! I cant manage to be all brotherly without screwing things up and now you want me to take on the responsibility of a hormonal teenage girl who just lost her mother! ARE YOU INSANE?"
I yelled the last part out as I couldn't handle that Jenna had actually just guilt tripped me into taking in the daughter of the longest living Slayer in history.

My daughter.


As I slowly opened my eyes I saw a blurry image of Elena and the two girls who had been with her the night before.

I backed away as the blonde came forward introducing herself as "Caroline" as I couldn't bring myself to trust any vampire's right now and that's when I heard Jenna talking rapidly at someone who was called Damon and somehow I knew that the man she was talking to was in fact my father.

But as I turned the corner to see him I felt a tingle in my stomach in warning that my father wasn't a man but a Vampire.

(Trista's met Klaus & now has her memories back)
(Trista now knows about the curse and is pissed she never knew about it)
(Jenna knows Trista's in town and is delighted to see her niece has changed changed, but she's shocked that Jeremy and Elena never told her about it)
(Jeremy has informed Damon that he's Trista's father)

Chapter Three


At the insistence of my father I moved into one of the spare rooms at the Salvatore Boarding House, taking no notice of my surroundings as I was shown to my room and decided to ignore my father and unpack my things.

I knew that it was harsh but the only reason that he had accepted me into his life was because Aunt Jenna had compared him to Uncle John and he had some kind of vendetta against him.

But I was happy that I would get to spend more time with Elena seeing as she was dating Stefan, who was my uncle... okay, gross.

I soon found that I had unpacked everything while I was lost in my thoughts, so to pass the time I ran myself a warm bubble bath and got in -keeping my hair up as to keep from getting wet- while reading a text on vampires that I Klaus gave me as a present a few years back, only to drop it when I saw him in the doorway of my connecting bathroom.

"What are you doing here Klaus?" I asked while making sure that the bubbles covered my entire body when he suddenly appeared crouched by the bath and looking at me with lust he removed his shoes and clothes before getting in and lying himself on top of me, lifting up my leg so that he could slide his hard cock into my folds and as he did I let out a gasp.
He took that opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth and ravish it as if I were going to pull away as he thrust in and out of my fold while I moved in sync as the last time we had done months before and then we both came, the feeling causing me to let out a muffled scream into his kiss before he pulled away and looked at me fore permission.
I then turned my head to the side and allowed him to sink his fangs into my neck causing him to come again as I scraped my nails down his back.

When he pulled fangs out and I saw the look of longing on his face I couldn't help but let the tears flow from my eyes as I knew that because of what he planned to do I wouldn't be able to be with him, not without my fathers permission.

As Klaus and I got out of the tub and made sure that there was no sign of my blood anywhere we went to my bed and just lay beside each-other -wrapped in bathrobes- not talking just looking at one-another, happy to see the other again but sad to know that we couldn't be together like we were before.

The End

You have reached the end of "Trista Anne Salvatore: Vampire Slayer". This story is complete.

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