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Konoha Spider

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Summary: Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

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Chunnin Finals

Once again I disclaim any and all ownership rights to any of the characters being used.

As the crowd cheered in anticipation, the Jonnin with a sebon needle resting between his teeth turned to face the Gennin. “I am Genma Shiranui, and I will be your proctor today." He introduced himself to the group. "Jonnin Hayate Gekkō is unable to continue his duties as Proctor, and so the duty fell to me. As a reminder, here is who you will each be fighting.” He added as he flashed a paper at the group with the way the fights were set up. “Now listen up. While the grounds are different, the rules are the same as before. There are no rules. The match continues until one candidate acknowledges defeat or dies. That being said, if I determine that a match is over I can step in at any time.” He warned the group. “And no arguments permitted.” He added, while letting loose a blast of killer intent at the group. “Understood?” He demanded. “The first opponents will therefore be: Aburame-Parker Peter and Hyo. Those two stay, the rest of you need to go to the waiting area.”

“But Hyo isn’t even here.” Naruto interrupted.

“Actually he is behind you.” Neji pointed out calmly, causing Naruto to jump in surprise as he finally noticed the black garbed boy that had seemingly appeared from out of the very shadows themselves.

“Where did you come from?” Naruto demanded in annoyance. “And where the hell is Sasuke?”

“Not now Naruto.” Peter told his friend as he nodded to the other Gennin that were heading off to a side entrance to the rest of the stadium.

“Fine, kick his ass.” Naruto sugested, patting his friend on the shoulder.

“Yeah beat him.” Sakura agreed with a smile.

Tenten smirked at him. “I hope you win, cause I want a chance to go at you.” The bun headed girl noted to him.

Peter nodded his head in understanding of the order. Once everyone was cleared the two boys took up their positions. The screens around them changed to show just Hyo and Peter as they had advanced through the test. Some of the people began to cheer as they saw who the fighters were going to be. They could even hear people calling out bets on who they thought would win.

“I’ll give you even odds on the masked pair.” Someone called out.

Genma moved into position as well and then began introductions since this was an official match. “Hyō, Gennin student of Jonnin Aburame Torune, the Killing Touch Ninja, and member of Team 1 of Konoha. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal as long as you do not break any of the rules of combat. Do you have any reason not to fight against Aburame Parker Peter of Team 7? “

“I will fight him.” Hyo returned emotionlessly.

Genma nodded his head in approval of the answer before turning to the other fighter. “Aburame-Parker Peter, Gennin student of the Jonnin Hatake Kakashi the Copycat Ninja, and member of Team 7 of Konoha. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Hyo of Team 1?”

“None at all. Besides, these exams aren’t big enough for two masked ninja.” Peter returned getting several excited catcalls.

Genma ignored the excitement the crowed was feeling and focused on his job. “Very well then, as the proctor for the final round of the Chunin exams. Begin.” Hayate commanded, as he stepped back and watched the two.

“Let’s get this thing started.” Peter suggested. “No offese and all but I’ve got to win this thing. If for no other reason than I’ve got two ladies that told me to win. If you know anything about girls it’s that when they tell you to do something its usually a good idea to do what they say. Particularly the ones that have sharp pointed objects on them. So in the words of so many others before us. Let’s dance.”

Hyo nodded as he drew his tanto blade out. Peter raised his arms in preparation drawing a kunai just in case.

The boy began with making quick swiping movements at Peter. Peter laughed as he bounced around the other boy. Each strike was dodged with a fluid grace that had many people watching with a critical eyes as Peter seemed to move out of the way at just the last moment each time. “You do realize that the idea is to hit me with that thing right?” Peter joked as the boy missed once again. “With the way that your swinging that pig sticker of yours though, one would almost think that you were having more fun making near useless attempts to put your overgrown skewer through me.”

Hyo stayed silent as usual though he did reach into his belt and retrieve several kunai the next time he swung his tanto at Peter he threw the blades.

Peter easily blocked the blades with his bracer even as he dodged the sword. “Come on your going to have to try harder than that.” The masked figure taunted, as he dodged another swing. He grabbed the other boy by the wrist and pivoted on his heel sending the dark clothed ninja flying. Peter took off after the boy even as he landed on the ground. The next few moments were furious as Peter and Hyo went at each other. While neither boy was using any ninjutsu the two boys were in a deadly contest, and if one were to make a mistake either one or both of them could suffer. Peter ducked, and cartwheeled away from the other boy. “As fun as this is, I think we’re both warmed up.” Peter told the dark clothed boy.

Hyo nodded and seemed to disappear right before Peter’s eyes.

“The chameleon jutsu huh?” Peter questioned, as he moved around before finding a spot to stand. “Is that your plan, to use your superior stealth abilities and catch me before I’m aware of what’s going on?” Peter moved into a kneeling position as he tried to figure out where his silent opponent had vanished to.

“This is troublesome.” Shikamaru complained as his own eyes searched for the elusive Hyo. “Neither of them are fighting the way that they did in the preliminaries.”

“You are correct.” Shino agreed, as he studied the battlefield. “Before both of them were intent on ending the fight as swiftly and brutally as possible. The two of them are now using stealth and precision as their methods of attacks. By changing their tactics they make themselves wild cards, whoever fights them next won’t know if they’re going to go all out at them or use a more stealthy style.”

“What could cause the both of them to change their fighting styles so completely though?” Shikamaru questioned. The Aburame merely shrugged as he continued to watch as his clansman tried to find the elusive Hyo.

Peter sighed as he continued being still, he knew that the other boy wanted him to move around and do something foolish. He needed to conserve himself and see what the other boy might try. Besides, he had a few tricks up his sleeves when it came to these kinds of situations. He just had to let the other boy strike first and he would know precisely where his opponent was. He closed his eyes and did his best to tune out the various other sensations that were around him. He could feel his spider sense marking Gaara already as a threat and they hadn’t even met up yet. He tried to compress the threatening feeling and detect a threat that was closer to him than the Sand Ninja was. Ignoring the boy was harder than he thought it would be though. The sounds that the crowd were making weren’t helping the situation all that much either. He was considering moving when his senses blared and he twisted to the side in time to see a pair of shuriken flash by him even as he was firing web nets in the direction that the blades had come from. The nets missed, and somehow Hyo was still able to remain unseen and unheard. It was as if the other boy was incapable of making a sound when he didn’t want to.

“Okay I’m impressed with your disappearing act, I really am.” Peter admitted, even as his mind wandered to the image of a buxom blonde woman in a blue body suit that seemed to appear and disappear on command. Peter wasn’t sure, but he thought he might actually have traded a kiss or two with her as well. “But you’re going to have to come out some time.”

More blades were his answer, but Peter didn’t even bother with dodging this time as he blocked the weapons with one arm while throwing his own kunai in response. His own blades missed and he couldn’t even tell if he was aiming in the right direction.

“You need to do more than throw some blades at me Hyo.” Peter called out. “You’re never going to win like this.” His senses suddenly screamed at him and he dodged to the side even as he felt the breeze from Hyo’s tanto. “Finally decided to get in close huh?” Peter asked as he raised his arm and everyone heard a clang and saw a spark of metal striking metal.

“No way.” Shikamaru complained. “Did he really just block an invisible attack?”

“What, did you already forget about Peter’s ability to detect unseen attacks?” Sakura questioned the Nara boy.

“I thought that was just him keeping ahead of them somehow though?” The Nara asked, as he watched the other boy seem to wave his arms around in an odd manner almost as if he was shadow sparring. The fact that there was a clang of metal and a flash of sparks was the only clue that there was more going on out there than was apparent.

“You really shouldn’t be so shy.” Peter told his opponent calmly, as he finally locked the short sword with his bracer. His superior strength speed and spider sense made the blows extremely easy to counter. With a twist he felt the weapon go into the air he performed a kick that sent the boy flying . He looked up and caught the incoming and now visible sword. “Nice craftsmanship.” He noted, he then flung the sword away and everyone watched as the blade sunk into one of the trees all the way up to the hilt leaving it impossible for an easy draw. People cheered excitedly as they saw the blade do that.

Peter raised his arms and blocked more kunai. The other boy seemed to have learned his lesson on confronting Peter directly. Peter grinned as he raised his arms in the direction of the blades and fired. A giant web appeared overhead and fell to the ground . Everyone could see Hyo’s struggling form as he tried to slice himself out of the web that had revealed his position. “Say good night Gracie.” Peter shouted, as he charged at the boy and punched him hard. People winced as they heard a cracking sound. Peter uncovered his target to show the unconscious Hyo.

Genema nodded his approval even as he noted the broken jaw that the other boy had.” By a knockout, Aburame Parker Peter wins.” The Jonnin informed all the people. There were several cheers at this as Peter was finally declared winner.

Peter gave a bow to the crowed playing them up. “Thank you one and all folks, you’ve been a wonderful audience.” He assured them all.

Genema allowed the boy to continue as the medic ninja were hustling the unconscious Hyo away. Once they were done though he shooed Peter away. “For our next match we have Aburame Shino of the Leaf Village and Kankurō of the Sand Village. If the two of you would please make your way down here.” The Jonnin requested. After he called the names video began showing of the two fighters. Kankurō’s easy victory over Kabuto and Shino’s test of strength against Lee.

Kankurō shook his head. “Proctor, I withdraw.” He informed the Leaf Jonnin. Several of the people gave boos at this, but there was nothing that anyone could say or do to make the dark clothed Sand Ninja fight if he didn’t want to.

“As you wish.” Genema conceded. “By forfeit, I declare Aburame Shino the winner.” He called out. Shino who had been ready to step out into the arena looked on impassively as he was declared the victor of a fight he didn’t win.

“Don’t sweat it, you’ll get your chance.” Peter assured the Clan Heir. “You just need to think how you’re going to beat Naruto or the Sand Princess.” He told him, nodding towards the two blondes that had yet to fight.

“I want to prove my strength though.” Shino grumbled stiffly. “I feel as if I didn’t earn my place as you did. All I did was accept the withdrawal of my enemy.”

“Look, I know you want to prove yourself, but there are things that you can’t control.” Peter returned to him. “For now, you need to accept it and move on though.” Peter couldn’t believe that his usually calm and collected Clansman was acting so insulted over the free pass he had received. “I guess we know just how tough you really are now though.” Peter added in as he looked at the Puppet User. “If you’re too scared to face Shino in combat I guess we know what you’re really like. Pretty sad when you consider all of the trash talk that you were giving us over the past month and half though.” He noted to him.

“Yeah,” Naruto scowled in annoyance. “I was hoping to watch Shino wipe the floor with you. I guess now we know who the real weakling is.” He jeered at the boy. The other Leaf ninja all mumbled their agreement, while the Sand Ninja ignored the young ninja.

“A wise Shinobi knows when to engage and when to wait.” Shino declared in acceptance.

“Very well then,” Genema noted as he continued on. “The next fighters are Nara Shikamaru of the Leaf, and Hyūga Neji of the Leaf please join me.”

“Huh, why couldn’t I get the easy win like you?” Shikamaru complained as he past Shino and joined his opponent in walking out.” No, instead I get the Rookie of the Year.” The boy continued to grumble to himself.

Genema ignored the complaints of one boy, and the stoic silence of the other. “Neji Hyūga Gennin student of Jonnin Might Guy, Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey, and member of Team Guy of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Nara Shikamru?”

“I do not.” Neji returned to him.

“Shikamaru Nara Gennin student of Jonnin Saratobi Asuma, the Former Fire Guardian of the Fire Daimyo, and member of Team 10 of the Village Hidden in the Leaf. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Hyūga Neji?”

“That depends, would it get me out of the fight if I were to surrender now?” Shikamaru returned to the man.

“Don’t you dare Shikamaru!” Ino shouted from the stands. “If you do that I’ll tell your mom that you have to take me shopping.”

Shikamaru shivered at that. “On second thought fighting doesn’t sound so bad after all.” He agreed quickly.

“Smart kid.” Genema mumbled out of the side of his mouth. “Trust me, my Jonnin-Sensei used to date her mother.”

“That bad?” Shikamaru questioned

“Let’s just say that he got lots of endurance training during her shopping trips.” Genma returned in grim amusement.

“Great, and Ino’s too much like her mother for me to chance it.” Shikamaru grumbled. “Man she’s a troublesome woman.”

“So you in kid?” Genma asked one final time.

“Yeah, yeah I’m in.” Shikamaru grumbled, as he accepted the fight.

“Then begin.” Genma commanded, as he stepped back so that the pair could go at each other. The crowd watched in anticipation. Shikamru was a long range to mid-range fighter while Neji was a close range fighter. There was also the fact that Shikamaru had already managed to beat Hinata, on the other hand Neji had been Rookie of the Year and had beaten Zaku who was also a long range fighter. This made the fight capable of going almost any way possible.

Shikamaru and Neji stared at each other across the field waiting for each other to make the first move. Neji was in the first position of the Gentle Fist Style from which he could either attack or defend himself as needed without worrying about wasting a single movement. Shikamaru on the other hand had yet to take his hands out of his pockets, and was in a slouched position. The pair continued to stare at each other each waiting for the other to make some sort of move one way or the other.

“So are you going to attack or not?” Neji questioned with interest as he studied the other boy’s position and stance. “It will be the only chance that you have of launching an attack before Fate shows me as the winner.” He warned the Nara.

“Yeah, well we’ll just have to wait and see about whether fate has anything to say about it.” Shikamaru returned to the older boy grimly as he scratched the back of his head. “You can come over here and show me what you got though. I mean I already took your cousin down, what’s one more of your clan?” He goaded the other boy.

Neji scoffed in contempt at his attempts to rile him up. “Despite being the Clan Heiress, Hinata is not as skilled in the shinobi arts as I am. She is particularly lacking when it comes to using the Gentle Fist Jūken and in the use of the Byakugan.” He informed his opponent scornfully.

Hinata blushed deeply as she heard herself being mentioned in the fight. She was shamed by the way that her cousin spoke of her though. She did her best to ignore the steely eyed gaze of her father as her Clansman spoke his opinion on her.

Hiashi sighed as he watched his nephew. The boy was so angry over his lot that he was spewing all sorts of bile. The loss of his father was evidentially starting to take its toll on the boy. He needed to do something about him though before the Clan Elders did. The boy lived up to his reputation as a prodigy. Neji was just as skilled as his father had been before him when he was that age. In fact, the boy might actually be even better than his father. It would be awful if the Elders thought he needed disciplining. He used some of his influence to keep the boy relatively safe, it would appear he might need to take a more active role in his training if only to protect him. It was the very least that he owed his brother. He was also disappointed to hear how badly his daughter was faring as well, but that just meant more training for her.

The two Gennin finally began, and it was one of the more interesting fights. Shikamaru and Neji each fought hard and brutally against each other. The fight had gone back and forth several times as the two combat methods were employed against each other. Taijutsu and Ninjutsu had been used in great excess, as each tried to overpower the other. Each boy dancing around each other darting in and out of each other as Shikamru tried to dodge the Gentle Fist and Neji tried to avoid the shadows that Shikamru threw.

The two had proved to be equally matched though and the match ended in a tie.

Using the Shadow Possession Jutsu. Shikamaru had managed to finally catch Neji. Using the Jutsu he had managed to tangle the older boy’s robes up before releasing him. Neji had recovered fast than anyone had expected though, and while Shikamaru had been drawing something Neji was in his face.

Neji had used the 64 Palms Jutsu effectively disabling Shikamaru from being a threat. Shikamaru had merely grinned as he opened his hands and let all of the gas pellets he had been holding tumble out.

Neji had been so confident in his win that he reacted slower than he normally would have. When the gas pellets broke open and released their clouds Neji had performed the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven Jutsu. As this Jutsu was supposed to be a main house defense it was all the more impressive. The energy from the Jutsu had picked Shikamaru up and thrown him into a nearby tree. Neji on the other hand hadn’t reacted quickly enough, and had inhaled too much of the gas and toppled over.

Genma had inspected both boys to insure that they were alive. “Due to the fact that this is a double knockout as the Proctor for this exam I declare this match to be a draw.” He declared as the medics rushed in to gather the boys up. The pair were already showing signs of returning to consciousness as they were hustled away even as they were being worked on.

“Impressive, by all rights the Hyūga should have won that match.” Temari noted, as she watched the pair of Leaf Ninja be taken to the med station. “The fool knew he couldn’t win straight up though and decided to take both of them out at the same time and completed his mission.” She grumbled in grudging approval. “If he had only managed to stay conscious for a minute or two after the gas dealt with the Hyūga he would have won.”

“Careful there, you might start thinking that we’re not all useless weakling or even all that bad.” Peter mockingly told the girl.

“Hardly.” Temari returned scathingly. “You’re all still a bunch of trash.” She assured him.

“And yet it was your brother that didn’t have it in him to face off with a Leaf Ninja, so what does that make you?” Peter returned causing the Sand Ninjas to glare back. The group turned back to the proctor as they waited for him to call the names of the next brackett.

Genma looked at the crowd for a moment before speaking. “Will Naruto Uzumaki of the Leaf and Temari of the Sand come here. “

“Good luck Naruto.” Sakura told her teammate, “do what you have to too win.”

“You heard the lady.” Peter agreed. “Two ninja enter, one ninja leave. Make sure that you’re the one that leaves all right?” He told his friend switching from jovial to serious.

“Heh don’t worry I’ll win. Believe it." He assured his team before following Temari out.

“He doesn’t stand a chance does he?” Shino noted, as he watched the brightly colored boy leave.

“Don’t count Naruto out yet.” Sakura returned to him defensively. “Naruto has shown that he has some skills already.”

“Yeah, besides Naruto doesn’t know what it means to quit.” Peter informed the others in agreement. “He may be an idiot, a loud mouth, and an all around knucklehead, but he’s one that won’t stop no matter what. Like our Clan, he attacks with his full force and no matter how much you grind him down he always come back for more.”

Shino nodded as he watched Naruto speculatively as he headed towards the fight. It no longer seemed as if he was walking heedlessly into his doom, but was rather marching with the determination that any queen would be proud of in her young. It was so odd to consider Naruto that way. While Naruto wasn’t the best student, he was also not the worst. However there was a consensus amongst most that he wasn’t worth the time to work or train with. It gave him a rather unique strength.

The two blondes walked out into the arena to the cheers of the people. The pair couldn’t be any farther apart from each other. Temari was cool and collected, while Naruto was a shaking ball of nervous energy. As the pair walked, people saw images of Temari almost casually defeating Sai with her war fan on the other screens people were watching the Uzumaki Barrage as it was used to take down a older and larger opponent.

The pair each took a spot on either side of Genma. The Jonnin nodded his approval to them. Uzumaki Naruto Gennin student of the Jonnin Hatake Kakashi the Copycat Ninja, member of Team 7 and Ninja of Konohagakure no Sato. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Temari of Suna?”

“Not a one”. Naruto returned with a confident grin.

“And you Temari, Gennin student of Jonnin Baki of the Blade of Wind, member of Team Sand, and Ninja of Sunagakure no Sato. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Uzumaki Naruto of Konoha?”

“You almost make it sound like he’s going to be a problem for me.” Temari returned contemptuously. “Of course I’ll fight the little colorblind Leaf Brat.”

Naruto glared at the girl with determination, but amazingly held his tongue though his fist was shaking in anticipation of the upcoming fight.

“Begin.” Genma ordered as he stepped back.

Temari smirked at Naruto. “I hope you’re ready to lose.” She commented, as she flipped her fan open. “Because I’m about to blow you away.”

“Yeah, yeah, you sound like a bunch of hot air to me.” Naruto returned to the girl as he pulled several kunai out and threw them even as he rushed at her.

“We’ll see about that.” Termari growled out in annoyance. “Wind Scythe Jutsu!” She called, as she swung the fan. The blades suddenly reversed direction as they went rushing back at Naruto. The blonde deflected the blades only to get caught by the Jutsu which sent him flying back. Naruto winced as he felt the small cuts that had slashed through him. It was like having a dozen small paper cuts all over his face. With his healing factor stitching his wounds up it was even worse as he felt the pain of the skin stitching itself back together. Ignoring the pain he charged at the girl again.

“You don’t learn do you?” An amused Temari asked, as she watched the brightly clad figure come charging at her again. “Wind Scythe Jutsu!” Another blast of wind rushed toward Naruto.

Naruto grinned mischievously as he focused his chakra, and suddenly rocketed up and over the Jutsu and slammed his foot into the shoulder of surprised Temari sending her flying away.

“What was that?” A shocked Ino demanded from where she was sitting alongside of Lee. “How did he manage to dodge that?”

“Impressive.” Kakashi noted from where he was standing. “He used his mistakes in learning tree walking to develop a counter for the Wind Scythe Jutsu.” The ninja around Kakashi gaped as they mentally ran through the counter and even saw the small gouges in the ground where he had pushed himself up. * “While less controllable than some methods, the sheer force and power of it is more in Naruto’s style.” He admitted, proud of what his often overlooked student had managed.

“Let’s do this.” Naruto crowed, as he formed the seals. “Shadow Clone Jutsu.” As he said that fifty copies of Naruto suddenly appeared in a half circle around the girl. “Take her out.” Naruto shouted and the clones all began rushing the girl.

Temari growled as she began swinging her fan from side to side in an attempt to batter all of the clones away. It was like fighting Gaara’s waves of sand, they came at you from all directions, and no matter how many of them a person seemed to stop there was always more. She hadn’t thought that there was anyone that fought like her brother, but these countless waves would be the end of her if she didn’t think of some sort of counter. She had to scatter the attack and then go in for the quick takedown. She had tried similar maneuvers against Gaara, and while some of them had been close she had never been able to crack his armor in time. She doubted that this guy could keep it up as long as Gaara, and he didn’t have her brother’s armor or chakra reserves either. Those differences would make things much easier.

Leaping into the air she landed on the branch of one of the only trees and she saw that despite her whittling the clones down there were actually many more of them than when the whole thing started. Now instead of the original 50 copies of the blonde boy she was looking at what appeared to be 300 copies. What’s more, the way that they were attacking her in waves, it was like fighting a one man army. He really could spend the time in throwing clone after clone after her. She needed to end this quickly though before things got out of hand. Originally she had thought to prolong the fight, give the army the time to prepare but now she was going to be lucky to survive the incoming onslaught. If she was going to win this, then she needed a swift end. Fortunately she knew just the attack. “Cyclone Scythe Jutsu!” She called out as used a much stronger powered attack.

The wind flew all around and she smirked as she saw the various clones being destroyed by her attack once the arena had been cleared she leaped down elegantly and waltzed over to a bleeding Naruto. “Despite all that time you had that was all that you could do?” She asked him mockingly. “I have to admit I was hoping for something more. After that preliminary fight I was hoping for something better. I guess that was just a fluke though.”

“Not hardly.” Naruto returned, suddenly several Naruto’s popped out of the ground only to be caught by the closed fan as it was used as a staff.

“Really did you expect that to work? I mean you used the tunneling trick to win your last fight.” Temari said condemningly.

“It doesn’t matter what you say, or what you do.” Naruto returned from where he was sitting as he was working on pushing himself up. “I never give up and I never give in. You think that you’re so tough? When people see me I know that they think that I’m something of a fool, but I’m also the last thing that they’re going to see when I’m victorious. You, don’t have what it takes to beat me. You don’t have it in you. “

Naruto rose to his feet and Temari was slightly unnerved by the sheer determination that shone in the young boy’s eyes. It was as if she could sense her upcoming destruction. This was worse and better than being around Gaara.

The crowed began leaning forward in anticipation as Narutos speech affected each of them in different ways. The Hokage smiled as he saw the way that Naruto had the people inspired in his next move. The boy truly had a flair for leadership. It would seem that the Village Hidden in the Leaves was going to have a proud successor in the years to come.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Naruto called. Suddenly there were several Naruto surrounding Temari. They then began running around the girl who was darting her head back and forth trying to focus on one version or the other. Suddenly they all darted forward and caught her with several hits knocking the Sand Princess to the ground.

Temari huffed a bit from the ground she could keep going and might even beat the Leaf Brat down. The only problem with that plan though it would take all of her chakra and even then she wasn’t guaranteed a win. Only Gaara had ever been like this to her. She had to save her energy for the attack it was her job to protect Gaara during his transformation. She wasn’t going to let some Leaf Brat get the better of her though.

“Die weakling.” She snarled as she came back up slamming her war fan into the gut of Naruto causing the boy to cough up some blood.

“I won’t give up.” Naruto snarled, as he rushed forward and as Temari swung her fan again Naruto used his rocket evasion technique to dodge the strike and come in behind Temari. With a hard punch he caught Temari in the small of her back as he used the nerve punch to disable the kunochi’s legs.

Temari yelped in surprise as her legs gave out and she found herself helpless. “What, but how?” Temari questioned as she tried to lift herself up.

“Sakura’s not the only one who was taught where the nerves are.” Naruto returned with a grin before finished her off as she was trying to get feeling back into her legs with a punch. Naruto huffed as he saw Temari fall to the ground in a heap.

Everyone was stunned as they saw that the boy had actually managed to beat Temari. “The winner of the match is Uzummak Naruto.” Genma proclaimed.

On hearing that Naruto cheered and the crowd answered in excitement as they saw the boy run around in excitement over his latest win.

“Hmm, well now that’s still two for me so far.” Kakashi noted, as he needled the competitive Guy as they watched Naruto accept his cheers.

Guy glared at his rival for a moment before a knowing smirk came over his face. “That is true my dear rival, however we will soon have our Kunochi’s do battle, and we will see just who the winner of that round is.” He returned in a self-assured knowing tone. “Then shall my Weapon User deal with your Cherry Blossom.” He proclaimed loudly.

“We shall see.” Kakashi shrugged back, as he turned to the match while Guy glared angrily at the other Jonnin.

“As Uchiha Sasuke has yet to arrive we will save his match until the end.” Genma explained to the crowd. “However, if he does not show by then he will have been considered a forfeit and Gaara of the Desert will be declared the winner.” Everyone nodded their acceptance of this.

Before anything else could be said though Sasuke appeared in the middle of the arena. “You’re late.” Genma noted to the Uchiha.

“Sorry.” Sasuke said without any sincerity or respect.

Genma frowned at the boy but nodded his head in acceptance. “Gaara of the Desert, if you would join us?” He requested. A small swirl of Sand and Gaara appeared before them.

Genma turned away from Sasuke and started with the Sand Ninja. “Gaara of the Desert Gennin student of Jonnin Baki of the Blade of Wind, and member of Team Sand of Sunagakure no Sato. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Uchiha Sasuke of Konoha?”

“Hurry up so I can kill him already.” Gaara growled, “his blood is calling out to mother.”

Genma ignored the comment before he turned to the other boy. "Uchiha Sasuke, Gennin student of Aburame Torune, the Killing Touch Ninja and member of Team 1 of Konohagakure no Sato. The rules are simple, you may use any Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu in your arsenal that you deem necessary to win. Do you have any reason not to fight against Gaara of the Sand of Suna?”

“Let’s do this.” Sasuke returned confidently.

"Begin." Genma shouted, as he blurred away.

As soon as the words were spoken Gaara’s sand came flying out of its urn and Sasuke moved forward. “Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu!” He called as he peppered the defensive wall of his opponent. Coming back down he swung at the wall with a kunai. The wall blocked the attack, but Sasuke back flipped away before the sand could grasp him. The sand spat the kunai back at Sasuke who caught the weapon in his hand. He quickly renewed his attack by rushing around the boy. Striking at him where he could. As they watched though they saw that some of his blows were breaking through.

“Someone taught him how to move beyond the normal speed of ninja.” Kakashi noted, as they watched the boy. “It’s similar to your own fighting style, but lacks some of the finesse that you and Lee have as well.” He told his companion.

Guy nodded in grim acceptance, as they watched the figure bounce from side to side trying to find an opening in the sand. They all watched as Sasuke then proceeded to amazingly toss Gaara from one side of the arena to the other. It was obvious that it was taking everything that he possessed to blast through or around Gaara’s near impenetrable defense but he was still doing it somehow.

Gaara countered by having the sand form in a ball around him. Sasuje tried to batter away at it but every time he tried that he was met with spikes that tried to impale him and his own blades merely bounced off. It was currently a draw as Sasuke couldn’t break iin with his taijutsu but Gaara couldn’t launch an effective counterstrike while all of his sand was being used to protect him either.

“That’s not going to help you.” Sasuke declared smugly, as he went through several hand signs. “Lightning Style: Four-Pillar Trap!” Four pillars of earth rose out of the ground and surrounded Gaara. Sasuke then grinned as he watched the lighting charge around each of the pillars before blasting away into the sand orb that Gaara had retreated into. “I told you Gaara, I’m going to rip that Sand armor right off of you!” Sasuke shouted at the ninja.

“I wonder if he realizes that all of his training is also a message.” Kakashi noted, as he watched the red eyed boy. “A sharringan user that has lightning chakra. If this is the best kind of audition that Danzo and the Council can come with then they are going to be sorely disappointed. I’m still perfectly happy with the team that I have.”

“True, but what if they are trying to show what they can do without your help though?” Guy questioned curiously. Trying to convince you to become interested in the training due to the fact that he really is so good.”

“Then I must admire their work, and then check on my students that have already won. Isn’t that right Naruto?” Kakashi asked as the blonde came around the corner while helping Shikamaru who was leaning on the winner. “I’m surprised to see you here Shikamaru.” The Jonnin admitted.” I thought you would have been enjoying the comfort of a bed.”

“I couldn’t see the clouds.” Shikamaru commented with a shrug as he took a nearby seat nodding greetings to his own team that were seated nearby.” Besides, Neji’s uncle came by to talk to him and it seemed like a kind of private conversation so I thought I’d come out here, where I wasn’t bothering anyone.”

“Where is Peter?” Kakashi asked.

“He said he wanted to get a different angle on the fight.” Naruto answered with a shrug. The others nodded their acceptance as they returned to watching the fight below them.

Sasuke watched satisfaction as the lighting punched through the orb and he could hear Gaara scream in shock and pain. As everyone’s attention was on the uncomprehending screams of Gaara few noticed as the Genjutsu fell over the people in the arena. While the various people were put to sleep, the ninja did their best to fight the effects of the attack. A smoke bomb went off from the Kage balcony sending a cloud of smoke that hid the Kages from view.

The Sound/Sand invasion of the Leaf Village had begun.

*Didn’t realize till about halfway through that I basically had Naruto mimic Speedball’s powers in dodging Temari.

And now another story arc is completed and we enter the Invasion Arc next. No idea when that will be though.
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