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Konoha Spider

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Summary: Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

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texaswookieFR1853330,1251128177,62213 Dec 1116 Jul 14No

Flashback Episode

As I started this chapter I wasn’t real sure where I was going to go with it. Therefore I decided that since this was basically one of my filler episodes then of course I needed the thing that all Naruto filler episodes seem to have: A crap load of flashback’s. So I present to you my very own flashback episode.

Don’t ya just hate me now?

It was three days after the Sound/Sand Invasion that all of the citizens of Konoha gathered together for the funeral of Hiruzen Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage. All of the people had all placed their normal garb to the side as they wore black mourning clothes. The Hokage had been loved by nearly all of the people in the village, and those that had not hated him had respected him. The members of Team 7 all had bandages on various parts of their bodies as they moved along with everyone else. The guys wearing pants and shirt while the girls wore a skirt and top combo.

The various Leaf Ninja all made their way to the top of the Hokage’s building. The Konoha ninja core gathered together to send their Hokage on. The pictures of several different ninja were set up in places of dedication to honor the others that had fallen in the battle.

The Old Man’s former Teammates and advisers were doing their best to stand in for the old Kage, and were leading the funeral. The various mourner barely even seemed to notice as the skies themselves seemed to rip open and send a downpour onto them.

“Its raining.” Kurenai noted.

“Even the heavens weep.” Asuma answered, as he returned his attention to the funeral. The man seemed shell shocked that his father had passed on.

Peter shook his head sadly as he saw how badly the Sarutobi Clan was dealing with the loss of their Elder. They were either walking around in a daze like Asuma, or they were like Konohamaru and were crying at the loss of the man.

Peter wasn’t sure how this could be happening. A part of him understood what was happening. It brought to mind images of another old man that he was sure had died before his time. Part of him half expected for the old man to rise up and tell him that he got better and to pull his pipe out. However, the body that they had collected pretty much made that hope nonexistent.

He scratched his arm and grimaced a bit as he saw the tracking cuffthat had been placed there. It reminded him that the various Jonnin would take him down if he did anything that they thought a threat. He still couldn't believe that they were trying to blame him for all that had happened during the Invasion.

Two Days Ago:

Peter groaned as he came to. Looking around he noticed that he appeared to be in a hospital room. He tried to sit up but something tugged on his arms, he looked down and saw that a heavy chain was wrapped around each of his limbs and chest. Normally he could shatter bindings like these, but after everything that he had been through he didn’t want to count on it. Had the Sand Siblings tricked them? Had the Leaf lost the real battle somehow after all that they had been through?

“You’re awake.” A voice greeted neutrally.

Peter turned and saw that Kakashi-Sensei and Ibiki-Sensei were in chairs while Lord Shibi was leaning against the wall. All three of the men were looking at him pointedly.

“Where are the others?” Peter asked, doing his best to ignore the chains that had him tied down. He squirmed around a bit and noticed that all of his various weapons even the ones that he usually kept hidden appeared to be missing. Then again, Kakashi and Haku had been the one to teach them where to hide weapons.

“In another room where they are recovering.” Kakashi explained to his student.

“Did we win?” Peter asked hopefully. He really didn’t want to take Gaara on again if he could help it.

“Yes, Team 7 managed to keep Sasuke Uchiha safe and they managed to keep Gaara of the Sand out of the village during his loss of control.” Kakashi returned.

“What happened in the arena?” Peter asked.

“Enough.” Ibiki barked, cutting the masked ninja off from answering his student. “It is time that I asked the questions.” He informed him officially.

“I’m guessing that this is going to have something to do with the chains that you’ve got on me.” Peter asked, as he tried to raise an arm only for it to clink against the various chains.

“Indeed it does.” Ibiki returned stonily. “We have many questions for you Peter Parker-Aburame, Claimed of the Aburame Clan and Gennin student of Hatake Kakashi of Gennin Training Team 7.”

“Why am I suspect?” Peter asked curiously.

“The Hokage is dead.” Ibiki returned.

“What!” Peter shouted in stunned disbelief.

Ibiki merely stared at the boy his face a perfect blank mask. “The Hokage is dead, killed by Orochimaru. The attack upon the village was destructive and destroyed or went around many of our defenses. We need to know where he was getting his information from.”

“And so you decided that I was a suspect?” Peter asked, as he jerked on the chains with a little more force. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” He grumbled.

“Don’t bother.” Kakashi told him. “Those chains are made out of chakra metal. Not even an Akimichi Clan Member could break those chains.” He warned his student.

“Thanks for the warning Sensei.” Peter replied as he decided to stop struggling for the moment. “You never did say why I was a suspect though.” He added while glaring at the one eyed ninja.

Kakashi nodded his head in agreement. “Although Lord Hokage fell, he did not die without severely injuring Orochimaru. The wounds that he received were severe enough that the ANBU should have been able to catch him. That did not happen though because he was helped by a team of Sound Ninja who sealed off the battlefield between Orochimaru and Lord Hokage, they then helped with his retreat. We are still searching for the identities of these ninja that helped with the killing. Only one of them actually made himself known to any length. He had the most unique abilities.” He added, as he held a picture up for Peter to see.

Peter grunted as he looked at the picture. It was the image of a boy a few years older than himself. He had dark skin and dark hair. He wore a weird purple uniform, and a Sound Ninja headband. All in all a rather average looking ninja. Until you moved past his head that is. He had two extra set of arms on his body. It was the ninja from the Forest of Death that had kicked his ass.

“We met this guy in the Forest of Death Sensei.” Peter reminded his teacher.

“Yes, but considering how very few Spider bloodline users there are, we decided to investigate.” Kakashi informed his student. “That means that you’ll be on suspension until further notice.”

Peter nodded in understanding. After everything that happened ,they couldn’t let a potential spy wander around. Even if he was injured.

“You’re also going to have to move into the Clan Compound until the investigation is over.” Shibi informed the boy, finally speaking to the ninja.

“If you have nothing to hide then it’ll only be a few days.” Ibiki explained with a shrug. “If you’re trying to hide something though, not only will I rip it out of you but I’ll find every other dark secret that you’ve got in your skull as well.” He added with a growl and a burat of Killer Intent.

“Yes sir.” Peter returned nervously, not wanting to be in the man’s sights right now. Something told him he wasn’t going to like the way that the man went about his questioning, but it wasn’t like he could say anything about it.

After Kakashi and Ibiki left Shibi remained standing for a moment as if lost in thought. “The Clan believes in you Peter, Shino said that it’s because of your planning that three Sound Teams were not able to stop the rest of Team 7 from confronting the Sand Team. Kakashi while he does not show it also believes in you and you’re innocence. Your Sensei is a great man and a powerful Shinobi, however he sometimes makes mistakes when connecting to people.”

Peter nodded, glad to know that his Sensei was not so quick to believe him as a traitor.

“We will get through this, and become the stronger for it.” Shibi assured the boy. “You will not be charged unless you actually have done something against the Leaf. On this I swear.”

The Clan Leader then walked out the door. Peter was impressed, Lord Shibi was taking this very seriously if he hadn’t just left a bug clone with a recorded message for him. It was nice to know that while they were suspicious, they weren’t just accusing him either. They were only making sure that they covered all of the bases.

Peter shook his head as he focused back on the funeral wondering what was going to happen now. Not that they were going to be told anything until everything had already been decided. If he was lucky, the Clan would allow him to continue his basic training, but all of his Team 7 activities were on hold for the time being until everything could be sorted out.

Which was just as well all things considered. He had been allowed to talk with the other members of Team 7, and learned that with the passing of the Hokage all of Team 7’s activities had been put on hold. Kakashi was being used for a number of high ranked and possibly even secretive solo missions. The others were currently restricted to self-training and D missions until things settled down enough that Kakashi could resume his duties as their Jonnin instructor. According to Sakura, Ino had told her that all of their teams had been placed in a self-training status while the Jonnin’s were sent out on various missions without their students.

D missions were in no short supply either. Despite being somewhat ready for the attack, Konoha had taken severe damage and there wasn’t at least one building that had some damage of some kind or other on it. Naruto was quickly becoming the most requested ninja around, since his shadow clones could get repair jobs done faster than any of the other Gennin could manage. He was glad that his friend was being kept busy for the moment.

From what he had heard, Master Jiraiya had actually been forced to summon several toads to combat giant snake summons. It would have been easier with Chief Toad Gambunta, but since he was helping them he was kind of glad that the Toad Sage had decided against that. Still, it meant all of the Gennin were somewhat confined to the village until a majority of the repairs were completed.

One good aspect from the Invasion had been that they had managed to get Haku off of most of his restrictions, and he was considered a full-fledged member of the Leaf now. Nearly dying to keep Gaara out of the village and insuring that Sasuke wasn’t killed had let them reconsider the Ice User’s status as a ninja. Now all he had to do was figure out how to get himself out of suspension and they would be ready to carry out Team missions again. Even D Rank Team Missions were better than being interrogated or forced to sit around and do nothing.

Ibiki Morino took a long drink from his tea as he looked at the boy in the other room. He had pressed the boy long and hard, and even he had to admit that the boy had some amazing resilience. While they hadn’t laid a finger on him, they had managed to mentally push the boy far beyond what most people said was possible for the boy. He couldn’t remember the last ninja that had lasted as long as this one had. Most Jonnin could, but when you added in his injuries the boy should be a gibbering wreck despite his above average healing powers and everything else though. No, this boy was made of much sterner stuff than any he had been forced to question in a long time. It didn’t help any that many of his own men had been forced to leave because the boy managed to have them running circles in trying to understand what he was saying. The weird slang that he used made talking with him difficult, and he had to pull records from Naruto’s former guards from the ANBU Black ops and Kakashi to understand everything that he said. To make it worse, it was as if the boy had an endless supply of words that he could use. Then there was the fact that each set of slang words seemed to come with a different personality and what was hot and cool in one form of talking was not the same in another. That didn’t even mean anything when he would say ‘groovy’ one moment ‘aces’ another. The list just continued forever it seemed. It didn’t help that the Aburame boy seemed to love the sound of his voice and would talk on and on about everything and nothing. It was different from the stoic attitudes that most members of the lan had.

If the boy wasn’t a spy, then Ibiki fully intended for him to receive training on becoming better than he already was. He had a lot of potential as a counter intelligence or interrogator. Some of his agents had actually said things that they should have known better than to say. A boy like that deserved to be put into the field. Not to mention, he thought, that against another village they might wipe that smart mouth of his out for a little while and make him more respectful of his own village interrogators.

Unfortunately they weren’t cleared for torture on him, and their duty was to insure that he wasn’t a spy. Despite everything that the boy had said with his misleading comments and smart mouthed remarks, which had led to several of his questioners to excuse themselves before they did something stupid. They hadn’t caught him up in any lies. In fact, he had learned more about the boy than he thought possible. He hadn’t kept up with the boy after his placement by the Aburame Clan, but it seemed as if some of his memory had returned. Nothing concrete, but enough that he was remembering more of who he used to be and know.

Peter had been questioned and grilled by in just about every way that the man could think of. With that out of the way though there was only one thing left to do. The door to the room opened and Ibiki nodded to the man there. “Inoichi.” He greeted with a nod.

A tall dirty blonde haired man nodded back at. Inoichi Yamanaka was the head of the Yamanaka Clan. A Clan of Ninja that had taken to studying mind jutsu’s. They were one of the many minor clans that lived in the village. Their members usually made up key figures in the Medical, Sensor, Interrogation, and Infiltration teams. The man in his youth had been a part of the original Ino-Shika-Cho team. A team that had been revived during the Sound/Sand Invasion, and was being reborn in their own children on Team 10. Inoichi was currently considered one of the more skilled members of the clan, having mastered a number of the more powerful mind jutsu’s.

Where Ibiki managed to get his answers through fear and intimidation, Inoichi managed his interrogations with his jutsu’s. The man was a valuable ninja and was good on the field, but being the best at the various mind arts also meant that he could delve into the psyches of people faster and better than any other ninja could. The man was also good at remaining detached when it came to questioning people. This made him one of the most valuable people in the department. Normally they wouldn’t use someone of his caliber to figure out if someone was a spy, but with the boy’s history or rather lack of history they had to do it this way.

“What’s the reason?” He asked curiously, as he peered through the glass at Peter.

“He’s suspected of being a spy.” Ibiki explained with a shrug. “Unfortunately he’s rather skilled at keeping his secrets, and when he has answered us the Council doesn’t want to believe that’s all there is.”

“So they’re looking for someone to blame and to make an example of?” Inoichi asked, not looking happy at the thought that the boy was going to be used as a target for the village to vent their anger and fear at. He had seen what happened to ninja that were blamed for problems that were not their fault. It had a tendency to make them more jaded and difficult to work with as they were often ostracized from the village. When Orochimaru had first disappeared Anko had taken much of the blame, and it was only recently that she was starting to be accepted by the people again.

“I’m afraid so, unfortunately there aren’t many people that fit the profile though.” Ibiki returned, as he began paging through a list of names. “The Jonnin instructor from Team Armor has been vouched for by numerous ninja and helped in guarding the nobles during the attack, Anko was in charge of civilian safety, Kabuto Yakushi, Misumi Tsurgi, and Yori Akado have all disappeared though. The last one seen was Kabuto during the attack. It’s possible that Mizuki was a part of the group at one time. It’s hard to be sure, he still hasn’t said who it was that he used to work for.”

The pair walked into the briefing room and saw Peter. They couldn’t see much of his face beyond what his mask showed. The eyes were narrowed in what could be fear, anger, or annoyance.

“Oh great, it’s you guys.” Peter noted flippantly, before returning to the cat’s cradle made of webbing that he had been playing with.

The two men were not the least bit impressed with the display bravado that the young ninja was showing though. The boy was obviously worried when he saw that they had entered.

Peter squirmed under the hard stares of the two men. When he looked at Ibiki-Sensei he was once again reminded of a guy with an eye patch and hair white on the sides. As for Inoich,i he was reminded of that Madame Web Lady for some reason. “So why am I the only one being questioned? I mean sure that guy was a spider guy and all, but that’s no reason to think that I had anything to do with any of this.” He pointed out somewhat defensively. “I mean, this is discrimination, targeted at anyone with arachnid like jutsu or bloodlines plain and simple. Are you going to target members of the Aburame Clan for using some of the bug catching jutsu next? Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?” He demanded of them.

“An interesting concept, and one that the Third would probably have been interested in.” Ibiki returned to the boy. “It is not one that as the Director of Torture and Interrogation units that I have to follow though. My duty to Konoha is to retrieve any and all information.”

“It is our duty as a part of the Ninja Core to do these things.” Inoichi returned calmly. “You know this just as well as any other ninja does.”

“Yeah,” Peter shot back archly, “and what would you do if there was some ninja using mental jutsu would you question your own daughter like this?”

Inoichi turned away for a moment. “If I had to.” He admitted reluctantly.

“Yeah, sure you would.” Peter returned disbelievingly.

“You are a ninja of Konoha and you swore an oath fight for the Leaf Village. There are times though that we need to ensure that your loyalty is complete.” Ibiki explained to him tiredly. “We can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. At the moment all you are being done is cleared from any wrong doing. Your camaraderie with Kabuto does not help your position either.”

“What does Kabuto have to do with any of this?” Peter questioned in confusion. “I thought that he was just some Gennin with the Data Analysts or the Cypher Brigade or something like that.”

“You mean you haven’t heard?” Ibiki asked somewhat surprised.

“Kind of hard to hear anything when I’ve been trapped in here for the past few days.” Peter shot back at the man. “Sure the rest of my team have been by, but they’ve done their best not to talk about the situation.”

“And they’ll be commended for their work in that.” Ibiki responded. “Kabuto was identified by your own Sensei as a spy for Orochimaru though. He attempted an assassination of one of the upper clans, seriously wounding several ANBU members, and from what our sources have told us he assisted with a lot of the planning with the Invasion. Since then though, the entire Team except their Jonnin leaderhas vanished.”

“So let me get this straight, you’ve already found the spy master and his inner circle, possibly even his spy ring, but you’re still giving me the business over being a spy?” Peter asked them in disbelief.

“We have to be sure.” Ibiki said. “Now you can continue to be a trouble maker or you can follow orders.”

“Fine, let’s check all of my memories that have to do with Kabuto and anything else you think might be important.” Peter replied. “The sooner that gets done the sooner you’ll let me out of this place.”

“Good.” Ibiki said stonily, personally he was ready to remind the boy before him what the difference between a Jonnin and a Gennin was but didn’t think that would look good. It would be really bad if the boy was proved to be innocent. The Aburame Clan while willing to sacrifice members for the betterment were also known to swarm you for attacking what they considered theirs.

“Should we use the machine?” Ibiki questioned Inoichi.

“It would make things go faster.” Imoichi agreed. “However it may not be needed since we’ll only be checking the last year or so of his memories.”

“That’s a relief.” Peter told him as he recalled the machine that they were talking about. It was a device that enhanced Inoichi’s telepathic skills for tricky ninja by using a combination of technology and Fūinjutsu Seals. They could have tried pumping him with truth serums, but with his healing factor they were never real sure how much he could take since he seemed to have three or four times the resistance to such things that a normal Gennin his age possessed.

“Let us begin.” Inoichi commanded as he placed his hand on Peter’s head. “Mind Reading Jutsu.”

Peter‘s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he found himself traveling in a void like place with Inoichi. “Where are we?” He questioned while looking around him.

“We are within the confines of your mind.” The Jonnin responded. “There are more memories here now I see. I would recommend going to a mind healer or another interrogator and seeing about coming back in here at a later date.” He suggested to the young ninja. They ignored the fact that Inoichi could make it an order if he didn’t do so soon. “For now, my only concern is the last year or so of your life where you’ve been an active ninja.”

A door appeared before them and swung open before them. “Good, you’re opening your mind to me that will make this go faster.” Inoichi complimented the Gennin. The pair hovered through the door and the pair watched everything that Peter had been up to in the past year.


Peter and Naruto chuckled as they finished up their work on the Hokage Monument. The pair grabbed the paint and headed away before anyone noticed, it had taken them nearly an hour lug all of the various paint buckets and brushes to create several large splashed of paint. Only a handful of places actually had to be worked on the swirls around the eyes or the mustache on the 2nd required a certain touch. "Parker! Uzumaki!" A voice shouted from behind them.

The pair of boys turned to see several ninja glowering at them from a building. "And that would be our cue to leave." Peter told his friend getting an agreeing nod from Naruto. The two boys laughed as they split up each of them taking a few cans of paint as they disappeared into the city.

“I did wonder how the two of you managed that particular feat.” Inoichi observed neutrally. “Ino was most angry upon hearing about it though.”

“Trust me, it was nowhere near as easy as most people seem to think it was.” Peter assured the man. "Besides I doubt her anger was anything compared to what Iruka-Sensei was feeling for us that day."

This comment caused the man to smirk in agreement, having met with Iruka on several parent teacher meetings.

The image before them shimmered and the pair found themselves standing in a tree alongside of another version of himself. Peter saw that his double was watching Iruka-Sensei and Naruto. “I remember this night.” He declared in surprise. “This was the night that we graduated from the Academy.”

Inoichi nodded his thanks for the point of reference as he watched the group.

A confused Iruka demanded explanations from his student ,and he listened to what his favorite student had told him. Naruto then shot off some explanation aout Mizuki telling him how if he could manage to steal the forbidden scroll and then learn one of the Justus as a bonus round then Naruto would have the oppurtunity to have a say in what the teams were.

Peter couldn't believe what he was hearing, his friend had been suckered into retrieving the Forbidden Scroll just because he thought it meant that he would get to have some say in the way the teams were chosen. The blonde might be his best friend, but he was a real idiot at times to though. He was about to jump down and stop his friend from making an even bigger fool out of himself when a familiar figure with long white shoulder length hair, a Chunnin vest, and a giant shuriken strapped to his back appeared. It was-Mizuki Sensei, a member of the teacher team of their class at the Academy who taught alongside of Iruka Sensei. Peter wondered why the man was here, and why he didn't seem to be surprised to see either Naruto or the scroll he had been studying. He was also dressed for combat. He listened as Mizuki made snide comments about Naruto and told him his past. A past that was supposed to be forbidden from anyone else knowing or talking about. Peter was surprised to learn that his best friend was a container for the infamous nine tailed fox demon. There were entire festivals dedicated to remembering those lost and the sacrifice that the Fourth Hokage had made. It was also one of the main history questions when discussing the Fourth as well. That at least explained why so many members of the Aburame Clan disliked his friend. Several members had died in trying to absorb the Kyubbi's demon chakra while they waited for the Fourth to do his thing.

“So that’s how that went down.” Inoichi muttered.

“Yeah, and before you say or think about it, I know not talk about Naruto’s secret.” Peter assured him, not really wanting yet another person telling him that it was a SS Class Village Secret that he wasn’t allowed to talk about.

“Good.” Inoichi grunted, as their surroundings wavered and they were somewhere else.

“Hey that’s Tazuna.” Peter pointed out, as he recognized the old drunk Bridge Builder from their first official major mission. “Our mission was to protect him from bandits on the way back to his village. Unfortunately there was more to the job than what he originally told us.” He explained, as he watched the group.

“And that was your first C Rank mission if I remember your record correctly.” Inoichi noted with a frown. The man then watched as first Kakashi, then Team 7, and then Kakashi fought the Demon of the Hidden Mists. The Shinobi was on the verge of defeat when he fell to a rather short Hunter Ninja. “You did very well for your first time against an A rank ninja from another village.” He admitted. “Most teams aren’t as fortunate as you and falter against such an opponent.”

“He underestimated us that time, our second fight he didn’t repeat that mistake.” Peter returned with a shrug, as he recalled how close the fight had been the second time around.

The image changed again to a night at Tazuna’s house. The others looked up as Peter entered a room and quickly began gathering around a table even as Peter was pulling out pictures.

“I remember this, we were planning on taking down Gato’s Enforcers.” Peter noted in surprise. “I had been sent out to gather information on them.”

“So you’ve done intel collection before then?” Inoichi asked with interest, knowing that such a skill set would be essential for a spy to have.

“Yes sir.” The boy admitted.

“They call them Gato’s Enforcers,” Peter explained to the others as he displayed three pictures to the group. “They’re a trio of rogue ninja from some of the other elemental nations that work for hire. There’s Iwao Tsuyoshi or Roughhouse*, a literal mountain of muscle from the reports, he’s a former Earth Ninja and he has a weapon that he’s known for using. He has a giant hammer that he sometimes uses in his fighting style. People that get hit by it usually end up down and out. Rumor is that he’s shattered men’s bones and rocks with it. The next one is Sho Hayato, better known as Sure-Shot. He’s a former member of the Sand Ninja, and is supposed to be some sort of insane marksman that uses a horse bow and wraps his arrows in explosive tags, and when those don’t work he has plenty of throwing blades to use. Rumor is that he can hit the target no matter where he’s standing. Finally there’s the last member of their little group of psycho’s. Kane Takeshi, or Whiplash as he goes by around here is a Lighting Ninja, and he uses a steel whip to fight with. According to the reports he can make it do things that you wouldn’t believe possible. Together they form Team Enforcer or just the Enforcers.”

The pair of them then watched the fight between the Enforcers and Team 7, and then the battle for the Bridge as Peter remembered it. The stealing of various items from the Criminal Gato leaving his followers with nothing in the house that he used. After that there was the return journey where the group met and destroyed a group of bandits. Then came the report for the Hokage.

“Lord Hokage,” Kakashi spoke cordially, with a small bow. “May I present Team 7, and Yuki Haku a wandering ninja of the Land of Water.”

“Hey Old Man.” Naruto greeted happy to see the man before him. “Keeping my seat warm I trust?”

“Ah Naruto, I see you are still just as excitable and lively as ever.” The man returned in greeting, as he stared at the group. “I take it your escort mission went alright then?”

“Depends on what you mean by alright.” Peter quipped at the man.

“Yeah no kidding.” Sakura replied in agreement.

“Really, I take it there was more to it than the letter Kakashi sent us then?” The Hokage questioned them. “He did tell us you had some excitement with the appearance of the Demon Brothers. It must have been interesting to get to go up against such a team of ninja.”

“Is that all Kakashi-Sensei told you about?” Naruto asked somewhat surprised.

“Well yes, did something else happen?” The Hokage questioned idly, as he stared at the trio. “Perhaps you had some other adventure that would explain your new friend.”

“Did we ever.” Peter muttered getting agreeing nods from all of the other younger ninja.

“Oh really,” the Hokage questioned the group a raised eyebrow, “would you like to explain it or would you like Kakashi to do so.”

“We can do it Old-Man.” Naruto returned happily while Kakashi stared at his team nervously. “Yeah the mission started out fine, all we had to deal with our drunk Bridge Builder for most of it till we started getting close to the Land of Waves. That’s when the Demon Brothers attacked us and Peter and Kakashi-Sensei stopped them.”

“After that we learned that there was more to the mission than we had been told had to do with Gato of Gato Transport.” Sakura explained to them. “It turns out he was running and financing a lot of the criminal network through his shipping company. He didn’t want the Bridge Builder to finish his bridge, because it would have eaten into his profit margin and disrupted his takeover of the Land of Waves.”

“Anyways, after that we ended up facing off against Zabuza the Demon of the Hidden Mist.” Peter continued taking over for the girl. “He was there to finish the job. Kakashi-Sensei and he fought, then Sensei got distracted and was captured in a Water Prison Jutsu. “

“Yeah, we managed to trick Zabuza into releasing Kakashi though with some sneak attacks that I helped plan.” Naruto explained while beaming at the Hokage.

“Yes, well after that Sensei and Zabuza fought for a while and Kakashi-Sensei was on the verge of winning when Haku here tricked us into thinking he was a Hunter Ninja.” Sakura added in.

“Yeah, he even had the mask and everything.” Naruto said in agreement.

“Kakashi-Sensei was by this time suffering from chakra exhaustion and had to be transported to the Bridge Builder’s home until he could recover.” Sakura explained. “After that, we had about a week in which Kakashi-Sensei prepared us with Chakra control exercises.”

“During that time we fought a trio of Missing Ninja from three different Lands that called themselves Team Enforcer.” Peter added in.

“Yeah, we kicked their butts all over the place.” Naruto explained with a smile, as he thought of the trio of ninja they had beaten.

“After that we were forced to battle Zabuza and Haku on the Bridge on one of the last days of construction.” Peter pointed out.

“Haku kept the three of us busy while Kakashi-Sensei fought Zabuza off.” Sakura admitted.

“Naruto was the one to finally stop Haku though.” Peter added in, giving his friend the credit for the final blow against the other boy. “He tried to sneak away and take the killing blow Kakashi-Sensei set for Zabuza, but I managed to tie his legs up before he managed that.” Peter then reached into Haku’s belt and pulled out a small device. “My spider tracer was pretty useful in that regard.” He added with a smirk.

“Spider tracer?” The Third questioned curiously, as he looked at the odd spider shaped device with all of the others looking on curiously.

“Yeah, I copied the Aburame Clan kikaichū, tracking method.” Peter explained proudly, as held the device out to the Hokage. “With this device I can track a person where ever they are via radio signals and my spider sense. I just had to adjust the transmitter to send out a signal on a very specific signal. It will allow me to have a vague sense of where they are. The down side is of course it can’t move or anything and can be discovered unlike the Clan bugs which will probably just get knocked off a person’s clothes.”

“This was how you were able to always be facing me even after Zabuza’s Hidden Mist Technique blinded you.” Haku noted in understanding, as he eyed the strange device.

“Yeah it was.” Peter admitted. “I planted it on you when I used my slingshot attack on you, then I just left it on you in case you decided to leave without telling us. I take it you were able to sense my movements by sensing the change in the moisture of the mist.”

“Indeed.” Haku agreed as he eyed the small device with appreciation.

“Cool,” Naruto declared with a grin.

“That it is Naruto, that it is.” The Hokage agreed, as he handed the device back to Peter. “If you would now finish your report.” He requested of Team 7.

“After that Gato tried to double cross Haku and kill everyone so he wouldn’t have to pay anyone.” Sakura added in.

“Haku joined us, and we killed Gato and some of his wannabe ninjas.” Peter explained with a shrug.

“After that Peter and Haku stole all of the money and land deeds from Gato’s hideout.” Sakura continued. Kakashi nodded, and presented the Hokage with the bag that contained the money and folders.

“Then there was the trip back.” Naruto said with a smile. “Since we didn’t have the old drunk, it only took us a week to get back here. But while we were traveling we were attacked by a group of Bandits and we had to deal with them as well before we could get back here.” Kakashi dropped a sealing scroll down next to the money bag, and the Hokage nodded as he realized it was likely the heads of the fallen bandits.

The trio of Gennin finally stopped talking, and waited to see what the Third Hokage would say to everything that they had done. The old man chewed on his pipe in silence as he tried to wrap his mind around everything that had happened on the mission. It was supposed to be a routine Mission, with the added benefit of punishing ninja that thought that they could make demands of him. Instead it seems that he had sent a training squad into a battle zone. He would have to talk to Kakashi about reasonable level of threat once the kids weren’t listening to him. He then turned to look at Haku. He recognized the Yuki name. They had been one of the more powerful Clans in the Land of Water many years ago. He had fought against some of the Hyōton users long ago before Kirigakure had started killing off all of their Kekkei Genkai users. He had thought that the line had gone extinct, but this boy proved that notion wrong. “What is it that you want here Haku?” He finally questioned the young man.

“Still can’t believe that the old man is gone.” Peter mumbled, as he looked at the memory of the Third Hokage as he listened to Team 7’s first upper class mission report in growing horror. “I mean he was supposed to be there until Naruto was ready to take the seat and hat away from him. He wasn’t supposed to die like that thanks to some snot nosed idiot that got his panties in a twist all because he wasn’t chosen as the most awesome ninja around. In the end, that’s what it comes down to though isn’t it? He’s mad that he wasn’t named as the Fourth. After today, I think we can all say that the Old Man made the right choice.”

“Of that I don’t think you will find any arguments.” Inoich nodded in agreement, while filing the words away to tell to the others the next time it was his turn to tell a story on drinking night. He really wanted to be sure that Anko was there though so that he could see what her response to those words were though. He knew that the Kunoichi was blaming herself for not fighting the Third more on being the one to confront Orochimaru. Not like the Third would have allowed it to happen anyways. It was times like these that they felt the loss of the Fourth all the more deeply.

“What can you tell me about Kabuto though?” He asked curiously.

“Pretty much what all of the others can tell you.” Peter returned with a shrug as the image changed to the start of the Chunnin exams where all of the Rookies were surrounded by older and more experienced ninja from other lands. The Rookies had all gathered together in relief on seeing people they knew. “I’d never even heard of the guy until he decided to make himself known to us for whatever reason. Ask any of the other Rookies and I’m pretty sure that you’ll get the same story as I’ve got.” He told the man, confident that there wasn’t anything that he was leaving out.

“Hey you guys.” An approaching silver haired boy with glasses, wearing a light purple shinobi uniform, and a Leaf headband on his head called out. The boy stopped in front of the group. “You might want to try and keep it down a little bit.” He admonished the Rookies. “I mean no offense, but you’re the 10 Rookies right? Fresh out of the academy. I wouldn’t go and make a spectacle of yourselves.” The boy warned them. “Just cool it. This isn’t a class field trip.”

“Well who asked you, who are you?” An annoyed and slightly embarrassed Ino questioned angrily.

“Girl does have a point.” Peter agreed carelessly. “If you’re going to enter a conversation you should at least identify yourself. Particularly when your going to tell people about proper behavior.” He pointed out to the guy. The boy steeled himself as he felt his spider sense go off in warning as the boy looked him over as if he was considering an attack. Then just as quickly as his senses had warned him they shut off as if the boy was considering him unworthy of attacking. That was interesting to say the least.

“Agreed,” Shikamaru said, while Shino and Sasuke nodded their heads as well as they examined the boy before them. None of them aware of the wary look that Peter was now giving the older boy.

The boy merely smirked at the group of Rookies. “I’m Kabuto Yakushi. But really, look around you.” The older boy informed them tauntingly. “You’ve made quiet the impression.” All of the Rookie turned to see that all of the other ninja in the room were now focused on them. “See those guys?” Kabuto waved to a group a bit behind them. “They’re from the Rain Village, they’re a bit hot tempered, in fact just about everyone here is a bit touchy.” He informed the group. “This exam has a habit of making everyone involved tense. And you really don’t want to rub some of these guys the wrong way right now.”

“Of course, I guess you can’t help it.” Kabuto reasoned. “I mean how can you know how things work, your just Rookies.” The boy voiced dismissively. “You remind me of myself a while back.” The boy explained to the group.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve taken the exam then?” Sakura questioned with interest. The others all looked up with interest. Trust Sakura to be able to find a source of information that they could use.

The boy looked a bit embarrassed at the question. “No,” he admitted, “its my 7th time actually." At the incredulous looks the Rookies were giving him Kabuto began explaining. “Well they’re held twice a year, so this will be my fourth year.”

“Wow a veteran,” Sakura noted with interest, “you must really be an expert by now.”

“Yeah sort of.” Kabuto agreed.

“Cool, then you can give us all the inside tips then.” A relieved Naruto suggested.

“Yeah some expert, he’s never passed.” Shikamaru reminded the others, as he stared at the boy dismissively.

“Well 7th times the charm, that’s what they say right?” Kabuto asked embarrassedly, while rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

“So I guess all the rumors about the exam being tough are true?” Shikamaru asked, sounding slightly depressed. “Man I knew this thing was going to be troublesome.”

“Well maybe I can offer you some help.” Kabuto suggested, as he reached into his pocket. “With my Ninja Info Cards.” He explained, while flashing a deck in his hand.

“Wha the heck are those?” A curious Sakura asked.

“They’re hard to explain, but these cards have been charkra encoded with everything that I’ve learned over my years as a ninja.” The boy knelt down and spread the cards out. “I’ve got more than two hundred of them.” He boasted to the Rookies. “So you see, I’ve not been completely wasting my time here.” Shikamaru looked at the deck with renewed interest now, as he eyed the potential intelligence that the older boy had before him. “To the naked eye they’re blank.” Kabuto explained as he flipped the top card over to show a white card. “Don’t want anyone to see this stuff." He explained wryly, as he began twirling the card.

“What are you doing?” A confused Sakura asked as she watched him.

“I’m using my chakra to get the cards to reveal their secrets.” Kabuto explained, a puff of smoke over the card happened, and suddenly they saw that the card now possessed a map of the elemental nations. Kabuto then began to explain the reasoning for the exams to the younger ninja how it was a matter of checks and balances to keep the ninja villages honest with each other.

“So from the very beginning he was feeling your entire group out.” Inoichi noted with a frown wondering what it was that he might want from the group. With the Uchiha being the center of attention it didn't require a lot of gusses. “He managed to worm his way in as the older brother type to your group. He used your inexperience with how things are to make himself a part of your group.”

“Yeah, although I wouldn’t mind knowing where he got all of our records like he did.” Peter grumbled in annoyance. “I mean those cards had all sorts of information on them. Information that is supposed to be restricted I might add. He had our skill levels, in Taijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu. He knew how many individual missions we had been on, and the level that each one was, he knew what our teams were, had our pictures, bits of trivia about us, and who knows what else he might have had on all of us. There could have been notes on how to take us all down for all we know.” He added with a scowl as he looked t the memories.

“We believe that he managed to get the Head Ninja Core Healer’s codes and keys and accessed the information that way.” Inoichi explained, while personally deciding to force his daughter and her team to spend more time training so that the cards would be of little use. The sooner the things became outdated the easier he would rest. Next time they might not be so lucky. The thought that this young man had all of the records of all of Konoha's upcoming Chunnin potentials for the next few years was also troubling. “It’s likely he used the same method to access the various other ninja records. It is one of the duties of the Chief Medics to insure all of the participants are who they say. His involvement with your group could have been prevented had your sensei’s armed you with the basic information that he was offering.” Inoichi muttered. “Unfortunately, due to the rules of the Chunnin Exams we are rather limited in what we are allowed to tell you. More often than not visiting Gennin have more preparation time for these events. That could be because the ones that end up traveling to other villages are usually Teams that have gone through at least one Exam already. I’ll have to see if we can’t arrange for a training session for those that are having their first time through.” The Jonnin muttered.

“It sounds as if the guy did a real number on internal security then. I thought that he was just creepy, didn’t realize that he was really that dangerous. Of course I didn’t say anything because we were all technically opponents for the exams and I thought it was my nerves getting to me.” Peter admitted to the Jonnin.

“That is understandable considering your circumstances.” Inoichi assured the young ninja alongside of him. “Your instincts were better than most peoples then. Your particular skill set makes it so that you are one of the few that should trust your feelings. Like the Inuzuka Clan trust in their animal like senses so must you learn to trust in your own senses. Kabuto had the entire village fooled with his disguise as a Konoha ninja.”

“Does that mean I’m off the hook for being a spy then?” Peter asked him hopefully.

“I think so, I just want to check one or two more memories and then we’ll be done.” Inoichi assured the Aburame boy.

“That’s good.” Peter returned with relief. “I really wasn’t looking forward to getting locked up for espionage. Particularly since I didn’t actually do it.” Peter admitted, glad that he didn’t have to share a room with Mizuki-Sensei. Because that would really stink no matter what way it was that you tried to look at it.

The pair of ninja watched as the image changed once again and showed the scene from a rather memorable first encounter. “This is where we met with the Sound Team and I met that Spider weirdo.” Peter quickly explained to the Jonnin who nodded as he watched the confrontation intently.

“Well it sounds like your Lord decided to pick a fight with the wrong people if he decided to pick a fight with Konoha.” Peter returned to the other ninja his mind was already flying though as he listened. The Land of Rice Fields was nowhere near the Land of Grass how could this Grass Ninja be a ninja from that Clan? Something about this didn’t make any sense. “Now what are these things?” He asked, as he tossed the pair of strange kunai back at the Grass Ninja.

The Grass Ninja laughed as he caught the blades. “Maybe I should show you.” The Ninja returned, as he made a hand sign and suddenly the henge fell as a new figure stood before him. This wasn’t the Grass Ninja he had been fighting a moment ago. This figure was an older teen, with dark skin and was dressed in gray and purple, he had a Sound Village headband, and he had two extra sets of arms coming out of his ribs.

“Talk about a new you, it must be a pain having to buy clothes.” Peter joked, as he watched the figure as he then began spitting and suddenly several more of the odd kunai came out of the guy’s mouth and e began throwing more weapons with all six of his hands. Peter had a flash of what looked like an older version of himself in red and blue pants and a mask while he stood before a large mirror. It was both disturbing and amazing all at the same time. One of things he noticed was that he had no shirt and that he had six arms just like this guy did. Was this an evolution of his bloodline? “So it’s a Spider Bloodline vs. Spider Bloodline.” He noted, as he came to a stop and looked at the figure before him. Trying his best not to think how similar that the two of them really were.

“Oh yeah I’ve heard of you.” The Sound Ninja returned. “You’re the Aburame Clan’s little orphan bloodline user. They think that you’re so special because you have some spider powers.”

“Yeah they call me Peter.” The ninja introduced himself, waving his hand in greeting.

“I am Kidōmaru Fūma, ** a member of the Sound Four, the personal body guards to Lord Orochimaru.” The older boy revealed arrogantly. “If you continue to try and come this way I will destroy you.”

“Orochimaru, as in the Sannin?” Peter asked in surprise as he recognized the name the other boy was using.

“Yes one and the same.” Kidōmaru agreed with a smirk. “Do you really think that you have what it takes to fight me?

“Let’s see, you have a few years experience on me, but unless I miss my guess I’m also stronger and possibly faster than you.” Peter countered, as he began assessing the danger that the older boy posed. “When it comes to webbing you have a whole different style for it, while mine comes from my wrists you either spit it out or use it as a sort of armor. You’ve also figured some way of channeling your chakra into your webbing making it stronger and can shape it into weapons as you need to. You’ve got spider threads all over the place to detect anyone moving around which means that you have to rely on those instead of a spider sense as well though.”

“Good eye,” Kidōmaru complimented grudgingly, “I didn’t think that Leaf Trash weakling like you would notice something like that.”

“So the real question I have is are we related?” Peter asked curiously. “I don’t have any memories of my time before the Leaf, but I know things that I shouldn’t, and can figure things out without any troubles whatsoever. Why is that, and are we connected somehow?”

“You think that we’re related?” Kidōmaru asked in shocked surprise he then reared his head back and laughed at the younger boy before him. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t know who or what you are, but I can say with certainty that we are in no way related. In fact if you stand still I’ll just spill your blood and be done with it.” He suggested, as he made several gestures and suddenly he was pulling a giant bow and some arrows out of his mouth.

"So that was your first meeting with the one known as Kidōmaru." Inoichi noted.

"Yeah it was such a fun time him trying to kill us and us and all while trying to keep out of his way." Peter said dryly. "If we're connected then neither of us is aware of it or how it might be possible."

"And your encounter with Orochimaru?" The interrogator pushed with interest.

"Oh yeah that was possibly even more fun than that was." Peter said sarcastically. The image wavered once again showing another part of the Forest of Death with the members of Team 7 facing off with a rather familiar long haired and pale skinned figure.

“Well keep your guard up, remember that Orochimaru is out there somewhere, and that he took out Saskue and his entire team without even trying.” Peter cautioned the other members of the team. “There’s no telling what he could do to us if he decided we were in his way.”

“All to true, perhaps you would like a demonstration?” A silky voice questioned in an amused tone.

Peter swallowed as he turned to look ahead of him as he saw along haired man with scaled skin wearing the familiar purple and cream colors of the Sound Village Ninja smirking at him. The guy was just casually leaning against a tree trunk watching him. Peter could have also sworn there was no one there a moment ago as well. “Guys, I got a snake problem over here.” He warned them worriedly. A few moments later the other two had shunshinned alongside of their friend.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Orochimaru questioned as he looked the team over with interest as he assessed them. “When I saw that Kidōmaru, Sakon, and Ukon hadn’t turned you all into smears I was half expecting to see some competent ninja. Instead all I find is a pair of loudmouthed fools and a masked jokester. Then again there is the mysterious foreigner with a most unique bloodline that allows you to mimic the skills and abilities of a spider. I would love to get inside of your body and see just what it is that makes you work. I’m sure that there are so many interesting things in you that would help in my work.” The man with a silky voice that set all of them on edge mused. There was also an underlying edge of menace to the voice despite its pleasantness.

“Huh, I think that I could pass on being used as a target for you and your crazy science projects.” Peter shot back at the Sannin. “Because despite your similarities, what with you skin tone and eye coloring. Doc Conners you ain’t.”

Orochimaru chuckled at the defiant youth before him. “Oh trust me, when I say that in time you shall be useful to me if I think you have any potential. Still, I suppose a test of your abilities and skills would be helpful it would let me know if you’re actually worth the effort to deal with.” The ninja explained casually as he watched the trio as if judging whether or not they were worth the effort it would take to disable. “Besides. I’ve already dealt with Saskue-Kun and appraised his skills, now I want to see just what it is that you can do. Considering the fact that the three of you managed to stand up to two members of my Sound Four it means that there is more to each of you than meets the eye. Then again they were having to keep their abilities down so that they didn’t attract any unwanted attention, had they truly used their power, well I have no doubt that they would have dealt with you easily enough. Despite all of the potential that the Rookies of your year have, you are still a far cry from being registered as an actual threat to any of my people.”

“I don’t think so freak,” Naruto growled as he drew his kunai in anticipation of the upcoming fight that it looked like they were about to have. “You want to take on Team 7, then come on we’ll show you what we got.” He told the Sannin defiantly as he bared his fangs at the figure.

“Yeah, what Naruto said.” Sakura hesitantly agreed, not looking anywhere near as confident as her friend did.

“Well, it’s either fight you or let you use us for target practice, and I’m really not a fan of being used as target practice.” Peter told him as he quickly fired his webbing. The group watched as a strand of webbing wrapped itself around the Sannin trapping him within a cocoon.

“Most interesting a form of organic webbing that you can fire from your wrists.” Orochimaru noted as he examined the webbing for a moment. "That would be easier to use in combat situations than Kidōmaru's method of using webbing." The man took a second to study the webbing before his body fell apart into a pile of squishy mud.

“Crap, a mud clone.” Peter yelped as he jumped off the tree branch as he tried to go where he wasn’t expected. Naruto and Sakura had gone high which gave them a wide range of attacks to look for.

“Orochimaru where are you. are you afraid of us?” Naruto demanded, as he looked around for where the Sannin had vanished to.

“Naruto, let’s try and not make the Sannin angry enough to kill us alright?” Sakura pleaded with her teammate.

Orochimaru’s voice echoed throughout the forest in response to the outburst from the blonde boy. “Do you really think that you actually stand a chance against me little ninja? If you wish to join in this little test of mine though I think that I can allow for that to happen. Who knows if your all lucky then you all might survive what I’m about to do to you. Let’s see if you’re really as capable as you like to make people think you are.” There was a large cloud of smoke off to the side and suddenly a large serpent towered over Team 7.

"You've got to be kidding me." Peter exclaimed, as he looked up at the creature. "What are you some kind of tamer, and where's the ball you keep that guy in?"

Orochimaru ignored the boy as he focused on his serpent. “Deal with those two, I want the bug for myself.” The snake seemed to understand as it lunged at Naruto, while its tail tried to knock Sakura away. Leaving Peter alone to face off with the pale figure that was now staring at him with hungry interest.

“What is it with some people?” Peter asked with a sigh as he gestured to the arachnidan emblem on his clothes. “I mean it’s a spider, not a bug but a spider. As in 8 legs, yet you have to go and call me a bug which has only six. Heck you have a guy that works for you that has eight limbs, so you should know this. You’re even a card carrying member of the evil scientist association, you should know these things and yet you still refer to me as a bug. Why can’t you evil types ever get it right? Is there some sort of mental block in your heads or something?”

“I think you should talk less and show me what your capable of instead little spider.” Orochimaru ordered. “Striking Shadow Snakes.” He called, as he made a punching motion and Peter was forced to drop even farther as several snakes erupted from Orochimaru’s sleeve as they tried to bind or bite the elusive ninja. “Now that is good, you are a fast one. One of the faster ninja’s that I’ve seen for your age. Given enough time you might even rival some of the masters when it comes to speed.” The Sannin complimented his prey.

“Thanks I think, but speed’s not all I have.” Peter returned, as he shot a webline out and then swung himself in a loop over a tree branch and both of his feet slammed into the Sannin. “I’d like to think that I eat my spinach as well.” He added as he then swung his arm only for his wrist to be caught.

“I have to wonder boy, do you even know what it is that your blathering about?” Orochimaru questioned curiously as he then swung Peter around and slammed his back into the trunk of a tree.

Peter groaned as he felt the impact. “Oh yeah that’s going to bruise.” He complained as he felt the spot.

“Your body appears to be quiet resilient as well.” Orochimaru noted as he continued to inspect Peter and his abilities impassively. “Impressive for one so young to already be as durable as you are. Most ninja don’t reach that level until their mid-teens. The fact that you have already managed to do so speaks highly of your bloodline. How is it that I’ve never heard of it before though?” He asked him with interest.

“In case you missed the memo, I’m not exactly from around here.” Peter grunted out, as he glared at the snake Sannin. “If you want to tell me where I’m from though maybe I’ll help you figure it all out.”

“A most interesting proposition,” Orochimaru admitted, “but I think I would prefer just pulling the answers from your mind. I almost wish that I had found you earlier your body would have made an excellent host.”

“Sorry I’ve already tried that, and it didn’t suit me." Peter returned to the Sannin. “There's also the fact that the whole tongue thing is just something that I really can’t do. I’ve got personal issues when it comes to having a giant tongue coming out of my mouth. Next thing you know you’ll be trying to add in fangs or an interest in eating someone’s brains out. Hope you don’t take it personally if I’m not interested in being your host though, I know that some of you guys can get rather upset if you’re told no.”

“Let’s see just how fast that speed really is.” Orochimaru hissed, as he continued his attack. “Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu.” He called, and Peter found himself trying to move out of the way as several small fireballs tried to strike him. The fact that they were spaced out made it more difficult to dodge them.

While Peter was in the air the Sannin appeared above the Gennin. Peter tried to swing his arm behind him only for the limb to be caught. Moving faster than the ninja would have thought a kunai slashed his arm spilling blood all over the place. “This could prove useful." Orochimaru noted as he took a scroll out and sealed the blade away.

"Great, now you’re a vampire as well." Peter complained, as he did a quick check on his arm. "I almost wish that you had tried to use a needle instead of a kunai though." He then charged and jumped into the air, and slammed both of his feet into the man sending the Sannin flying.

The two landed with a crash Peter balancing on his damaged arm while Orochimaru had been slammed into a tree hard enough to crack it. “Now that is interesting, you’re nearly as strong as Tsunade was when she was a youngster. I didn’t think that there was anybody that was that strong outside of her Clan.” The Sannin observed, as he eyed the crack his impact had just made. It was also kind of freaky to Peter as he realized that the man appeared to be uninjured from that hit. "Your blood will have all sorts of secrets in it I’m sure. Possibly even better than some of the older samples that I stole when you first appeared.” Orochimaru informed the boy.

“What can I say I eat my wheaties.” Peter returned, his head then shot up. “Wait, you stole my blood?”

“Yes, I did. It turns out that hospital security is rather lax in comparison to some of the other secure places. I’ve often wondered if you weren’t a side effect of some of my experimentation with the Impure Resurrection technique.” Orochimaru admitted, as he eyed the boy before him. “Perhaps this new sample will tell me something new, now that it seems a majority of your abilities are now active. While I’ve yet to find anything that says you are a result, I’ve yet to find anything that would deny it as well. Are there any other skills that you have?” Orochimaru questioned with curious interest. “I would love to see what else it is that you’re capable of. Maybe even test you to find your true potential.” The Sannin licked his lips hungrily at the thought of examining the figure and all of his various spider like abilities.

“You mean beside the fact that I don’t have to use chakra to stick to things?” Peter asked with amusement.

“Agility, strength, precognitive awareness, webbing, clinging ability, and who knows what else.” Orochimaru muttered, as he listed the abilities that the boy had from his bloodline. “I think that I shall wait to see how well you do for the rest of the exam before I make a final choice, but you could be a good secondary choice if I need one.” The Sannin decided, as he looked the boy over. “I have a feeling that we shall meet again boy.”

“Maybe sooner than you think.” Peter returned, he rushed the Snake Sannin and landed a blow into the ninja. “Spider-Sting!” He shouted, as he used a taijutsu move that he had been working on. The blow caught the Sannin by surprise as he was tossed into a tree.

“Yes, most impressive.” Orochimaru hissed, as he rubbed his face. “Perhaps I should remind you just who and what it is that you are trying to fight though.” He added in an almost thoughtful manner. He seemed to disappear and Peter was left looking around for wherever the ninja might have gone to.

“Where is he?” Peter muttered as he anxiously searched the treetops.

“I’m everywhere and nowhere is that not the way of the ninja little Gennin?” Orochimaru’s voice echoed around him. “All you have to do is look towards the shadows.”

Peter eyes narrowed as he tried to figure out where the voice had come from. His Spider-Sense tingled and he moved watching as several kunai slammed into the branch he had been on moments before. He turned his head in the direction that the blades had come from.

“Wind Style: Great Breakthrough!” A wind ripped through the area and tore at Peter.

The ninja did his best to stay stuck to the branch, a ripping sound and he saw that the bark was being pulled away and suddenly he was lifted up and slammed into a tree trunk. Peter grimaced as he searched for his attacker. How was he supposed to fight someone he couldn’t even see? He turned around and nearly fell as he saw the Sannin was behind him.

“Shall we continue?” Orochimaru questioned and Peter rushed forward and the two began a Taijutsu match. Peter scowled a bit as he realized while he was on the offense Orochimaru wasn’t even really trying, he was still testing him seeing what the limits of his strength was. Despite the fact he was giving it all he was merely being played with. “Fine, you want show I'll give you a show.” He declared, as he began going through some hand motions. Kakashi had told him to save his attacks until he had no choice. He couldn’t think of another time than this as being good. "Spider Style: Web Bullets!" He said, and began firing several small pellet sized versions of his webbing at his opponent. This was something he and Kakashi had come up with together he just couldn't ever seem to merge the chakra and webbing together right though. After fighting with Kidōmaru, he realized that he really could add chakra to his webbing. He wouldn’t be able to do a large amount, but for something like this he should be able to manage it. The attack lifted the ninja up and tore through the body of the figure before him. The ones that missed the ninja hit the tree and tore through the tree.

"Most impressive," Orochimaru congratulated, "your confrontation with Kidōmaru obviously gave you some ideas on how to make better use of your chakra. Your development shall be most interesting to watch." The Snake Sannin declared before he fell apart into another mud clone.

"We're done here." Inoichi declared. The figure then disappeared from the mindscape that they had been on.

Peter was left alone in the darkness for a moment before he was shaken awake and was back in the interrogation room with Ibiki and Inoichi.

Inoichi nodded to the young ninja as he leaned tiredly into his seat. "Take your time Peter, that jutsu is taxing on both of us." He assured the boy. After they had made sure that Peter wasn't suffering any dangerous effects, he turned to look at Ibiki. "Everything that Gennin Parker-Aburame says is true. He had no prior communications with any of Orochimaru or his followers. While the similarities between himself and the other ninja are remarkable and bear further investigations, they are not a reason to keep him on suspension. In fact, it is my recommendation that he be removed from his suspension. The fact that even when telling the truth he had people doubt him is concerning, but that is something that can be dealt with at another time." Inoichi reported to Ibiki.

The man nodded as he wrote out on a form that cleared Peter of any wrong doing. "This clears you, but you'll still need to wait a while before you're officially cleared though." He warned the young ninja. "I'm also recommending you for some of the counter interrogation training. I think you could have a future in this department if you were so interested."

"Me, a member of the Torture and Interrogation?" Peter asked in disbelief, as he watched the man write out his recommendations for his file.

"You have the talent," Ibiki addmited, "of course you may choose to become like your Sensei and become an elite member of several different functions within the village. Either way I'm sure that you'll continue to do your headband proud. Here are your things." He offered,d as he pushed a box filled with Peter's various gear and weapons at him.

"Thanks." A shocked Peter answered, as he began returning things to their proper place even as he thought about what the man had told him. An opportunity like that didn't usually come to ninja his age.

"I do want you to make time to have another session with either myself or another person with knowledge in mind jutsu techniques though." Inoichi reminded the boy seriously, as he strapped his bracers on. "With parts of your memories returning I think that we might finally piece together some of where you came from. The chance to learn who and what you are is interesting. Just remember though, that even after you find out who you used to be that it may not change who you are now." The man warned his daughter's former classmate. "The things that shape you have made you different than what you used to be. You may no longer fit the same idea anymore."

Peter nodded his head in acceptance of the reminder of who he was. If he ever figured out who it was that he used to be he would be more than happy to figure out what path it was that he needed to take. For now he would continue on the path of a ninja of Team 7 of Konoha.

Danzo looked at the Uchiha boy that he had decided to take the time to train. If he could get this boy up to the level that he wanted, then he would be amongst the most powerful and loyal ninja of the Leaf. As he was he was, beyond average for a ninja of his age. To bad for him that this generations ninja were all exceptional Shinobi. Parker-Aburame boy was nearly as skilled as Sasuke and easily just as powerful. The Fox boy was potentially even more powerful than all of the other Rookies combined. The techniques that all of the members had shown during the Chunnin exams had shown just how powerful that they were. Guy's students could use the several different skills and Jutsu's. Rock Lee had the Hard Fist Style and the Forbidden Gates, Tenten was a budding Weapons and Scroll Mistress, and Neji Hyuga had the Hyuga Clan special Taijutsu the Gentle Palm and was skilled with the 64 Palms and the Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. Asuma's Team was near the same level as their father's had been at that age, and were already skilled with the Mind Transfer Jutsu, the Human Boulder Jutsu, and the Shadow Possession Jutsu. Kurenai's Team had skills of their own as well. The Inuzaka boy was already capable of the Fang over Fang Jutsu and the Beast Man Clone Jutsu, the Aburame boy had near complete control of his bugs already, the Hyuga heiress was the only one that had really disappointed him in the Exams having not given much of a showing. Kakashi's Team was also skilled showing complete control with Uzumaki's Shadow Clone Jutsu, Parker-Aburame had his bloodline and webs along with the Chidori, then there was the Haruno girl who had shown considerable strength and skill with the blade.

As much as Danzo hated to admit it, the Third Hokage had chosen well in Team selections this year. This generation was one of the stronger groupings that had been seen in a while. He only wished that he could be as assured of their loyalty as his own people were. For now he needed to continue molding Sasuke into the Shinobi that Danzo wanted him to be. "Had you been a student under Kakashi, you likely would have been taught the Chidori." He informed the boy. "You were not given this honor though and Peter Parker-Aburame was."

Sasuke glowered at this, as he recalled all the sand clones that Peter's attack had gone through with just one strike. That attack was one that he would dearly love to add to his arsenal. The power and respect that would give him would be enormous, and would likely be the strike that could finish off his brother as well.

"Kakashi is very stingy upon whom he entrusts with the secrets of the Chidori, and the even more powerful Lightning Cutter." Danzo explained, amusedly as he watched the boys eyes flash between enraged and hungry over this bit of news. "The irony of the Copycat Ninja guarding the secret of his signature move is rather obvious. However without that particular knowledge I will have to teach you something else though."

"And what might that be?" Sasuke asked in annoyance.

"While not as powerful as the Chidori, it is a good replacement attack." Danzo said. "The Root acquired this jutsu from the Village hidden in the Clouds. We stole it from a jutsu master who was creating a new attack for his Raikage." Danzo went through several hand signs. "Lighting Tiger Claw." He called, as he rushed at a tree his arm sparking similar to the way a Chidori did. When he got to the target his hand in the form of the Tiger Strike hit the tree causing a deep gouge in it. "While not as deep of an attack as the Chidori, or as powerful as the Hell Stab it is still adequate." Danzo told the boy. "It should also give you the killing power you need to finish off your opponent." He added in knowingly.

Sasuke smiled as he began to go through the hand motions. He would show them all just how strong he could be, and when the time came he would finish of his brother and get his vengeance for his Clan. Nothing would stop him from this, for he was the Uchiha Clan Avenger.
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