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Konoha Spider

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Summary: Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

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New Hokage

Ownership of the characters still aint mine.

The triumphant teams 7 and 8 entered the village, showing their documentation to the two guards. “We also have two prisoners.” Kurenai explained nodding towards the pair of Sound Shinobi. The two Chunnin looked unhappy at the prospect of more paperwork that they would have to file. The fact that they were Sound Ninja though meant that there was glint to their eyes as they considered the pair that was before them. Kurenai gave the pair an apologetic and knowing grin. Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane were considered as a decent pair of fighters. Shortly after they had each reached Chunnin the rest of their Team had fallen due to some mess or other. Rather than chance being reassigned and split up, the pair preferred to do missions that kept them near the village. Had they been older they might have been considered for some of the teaching positions of the Academy. As that option was out, they did short range missions that kept them within a day or two from the village. The pair brought out the required paperwork that they would all need to fill out.

“Interesting,” Shino observed, as he regarded the pair. “You are the Chunnin that were there on the first day of our exams. You were the first test with your Genjutsu. You also helped Ibiki-Sensei and Anko-Sensei when they ran their tests, and you were also present for the elimination rounds.”

The pair of ninja smirked. “Good to see that one of you remembers us.” Kotetsu teased.

“I find it rather hard to forget a chakra signature after I’ve tasted it, even as briefly as I did yours.” Shino returned to the pair as he observed them. “I suppose that guard duty is one of the responsibilities that a Chunnin is expected to partake in?” He questioned curiously.

“Indeed. Without the benefits that the Uchiha Clan used to give us in internal security and other more important duties Konoha has to divide its forces into dealing with those sorts of things.” Kotetsu returned to the boy. “Now come, there is still much paperwork for you to fill out with bringing in these prisoners.” After saying this the two Chunnin set a large stack of papers that had to be signed before the prisoners could be allowed into the village.

“Now I see why most ninja prefer to kill or leave their prisoners behind.” Kiba grumbled nearly an hour later, as the last form had been signed and they had officially turned their prisoners over to the Konoha Torture and Interrogation Force. "The paperwork is almost more of a pain than it’s really worth, no matter how much information they may or may not have."

“Couldn’t happen to a nicer pair.” Peter returned, as he watched the pair get carted off so that they could be processed.

“We won’t forget this you punks.” Zaku growled as he was grabbed.

“Yeah, one of these days we’ll get you Leaf Brats for this.” Kin nodded in agreement.

“Yeah? Well good luck with that.” Kiba returned to them with a smirk. “You’re going to have to get a lot stronger before you can take us on.”

“Don’t forget we still have to write and file our regular mission reports as well Kiba.” Hinata reminded the boy causing him to groan at the thought of even more paperwork that was going to have to be filed.

“You guys might as well get to the hospital,” Izumo advised the members of Team 7, “I hear that the Lady Tsunade is healing Kakashi Hatake and Sasuke Uchiha of their injuries today. If the rumors are correct, she may even be taking over some upper level positions within the village.” He added, getting an agreeing nod from Kotetsu.

Team 7 grimaced as they fought the urge to check on their teacher, but until they reported in to the Hokage's office their mission was not over. Kurenai smiled with approval at the ninja as they managed to remain strong and stick to their duty. She had almost been afraid that after the good showing that they had given during the mission that they would lose control now. “Come, we have a report to make.” The red eyed woman reminded, beckoning her team onward.

The two teams moved through the village quickly and reported to the Hokage tower where the two elders were waiting. Each of them standing in front of the heavy desk.

“How went the mission?”

“Fine.” Kurenai returned to the pair. The mission proceeded without incident.

“Good, and what of your return trip? I understand that there was an incident." The Elder woman questioned the Jonnin. “According to the reports you brought in a couple of prisoners with you.”

“Indeed, a band of approximately 20 rogue ninja from various villages had banded together. They were running a capture and ransom scheme out on the roads. Their plan had them capturing traveling ninja and then ransoming them to any village that was willing to pay the price for the delivery of ninja. Despite being made up of rogue's, they also appeared to be in regular contact with Orochimaru from what initial intel that we could gather. They had bought several jutsu and a large portion of the intel that Kabuto Yakushi, the Sound Ninja traitor had gathered on the village and all of its ninja core.” Kurenai explained, as she set the deck of chakra cards down on the Hokage's desk.

The Elders looked relieved on seeing that the cards had been recovered. All they had to do now was reverse engineer the jutsu so they could figure a way to unlock the cards, then they could go about filling in the various holes in the village security that the spy had discovered. Continue. One of them commanded waving the Jonnin.

Kurenai nodded as she continued with her report. “They ambushed us in the woods by leading us into a preselected area and used a containment jutsu. Once we were imprisoned they showed themselves and ordered us to disarm or they would close the walls in on us until we were destroyed. Seeing no alternative, we did as they commanded. Afterwards they applied chakra suppressing seals to all of us. They then began to lead us to their encampment, about halfway there though Peter managed to somehow free himself from his bonds and we learned that his bloodline was still active despite the lack of chakra.”

The two elders eyes widened at that, and became somewhat calculating but they waved the Jonnin on to finish her story.

“Peter managed to retrieve our weapons and Akamaru before managing to retreat into the forest. Using his abilities, he even managed to stop five of the ninja holding us." She explained to them. While they were all upper Gennin level ninja, it was still an impressive showing for one so young." Kurenai admitted to the group. "I haven’t seen such ease with fighting since I saw some of the Uchiha Clan fighting. Once he had retreated, our captors rechecked our bonds before resuming the journey to their camp where they imprisoned us within in a barricade.”

“I see, and what did the Spider do?”

Peter noticed that they were all staring at him now, and he realized that they were waiting on him to tell his part of the story. “Once I was sure that I had managed an effective escape I rearmed, and prepared to plan a rescue for my team.”

“Why? Procedure dictates that you should have returned to the village and relayed the fate of your team so that we could mount an appropriate response team to perform such a rescue operation. By performing as you did you could have made it impossible for to be made aware of the problem.”

“Well for starters, I had no idea how long a return would have taken me. Despite seeming to still be close to the speed of a regular ninja, I was still slower than normal, and had no idea as to how long that I could keep the pace up. As it was, I guessed it would take 2-4 days to return to the village then a day or two for them to prepare a team and get to the ambush site and if there hadn't been any rain they would have tracked them from there.” Peter explained to the group of ninja, who nodded their heads in acceptance of his reasonings. “There's also the fact that Kiba's mom is real scary and there is no way that I was going to explain to her that I went and left her son to be captured when I should have turned around and done the right thing. I mean you guys have seen her partner right? Besides I had the power that meant that it was my responsibility to deal with the situation. After all that is my ninja way. With great power comes great responsibility.” He told them defensively, as if daring the Elder to continue with their complaints on his actions. "Besides how could I call myself a student of Hatake Kakashi if I ignored his first lesson? In the ninja world, those who break the rules are trash, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash."

The elders nodded their heads in acceptance. “And the allies that you made while conducting your rescue of your teammates? From what little information you managed to report to us, they appeared to have power like nothing anyone has ever seen in the Elemental Nations. They were performing some type of high level jutsu without the aid of any chakra according to what you have informed us of. Then again so were you.”

“I wish that I knew elders, from the way that they talked to and about me it seemed as if they knew me in some way or other.” Peter reported to the pair.

“If their tale of other realities is to be believed, then perhaps they have run into alternates of you before.” Shino guessed from where he was listening to the proceedings with great interest.

“A likely scenario.” One of the elders observed in agreement.

Akamaru barked a few times causing Kiba to nod his head in agreements. “Yeah your right boy, they did seem to be unsure about all of us except for Peter.”

“So they have at the very least met other versions of Peter before then.” Haku theorized. “It does make one wonder though, why they have never met alternative versions of us .” He pondered, as he vocalized the thoughts of all the others. “Is our world so different that the only constant is Peter, or perhaps they weren’t around enough to see any other similarities.”

“Enough,” the Elder ordered cutting the Ice User off. “While all of these are interesting questions into Gennin Aburame-Parker’s origins they are useless without having access to one of these travelers to either confirm or deny them. All you will do is make things more difficult as you try and figure all of these things out.”

“Indeed, continue with your report.”

Peter nodded as he resumed where he had left off. “With Akamaru, the travelers and I were able to track the Rogue Ninjas down to where they had taken my team. Had it not been for him, I’m not sure we would have been able to track them down without him.” The dog barked his agreement, causing Kiba to scratch the dog affectionately. “After that it was attack and retrieval of the others. Unless you want a blow by blow of way the entire fight went.” He added in mischievously.

The elders glared at the smart mouthed Gennin. “No, but we do want you all to work together and compile a profile for us of these warriors and all of their abilities.”

At this Kiba groaned in disbelief. “More paperwork?” He whined.

The Elders ignored the interruption and continued with the debriefing. “While we cannot give full orders like the Hokage can, we are going to suggest that each of you see a mind healer of some sort for your experience. We also want them to inspect Gennin Aburame-Parker to see if they left anything behind. You are all to be commend for your efforts in managing to escape and for defeating enemies of the Leaf and bringing some prisoners that will allow us some insight into Orochimaru's methods.”

“Just be sure that you add in a ball gag, those two love to hear their sound of their own voices.” Sakura muttered in annoyance. The past day it had taken to transport the two Sound Ninja had been more than trying on the team. If Peter hadn't webbed their mouths shut, it would have been unbearable. The fact that he had managed to do it that way though had allowed them to travel in relative silence as opposed the continuous griping that they would have performed otherwise.

“Just be glad that Naruto was not on our team at the time. He would have insisted that we argue back with them.” Shino informed the girl.

Sakura grimaced at this, and none of team 7 refuted the words of the Aburame heir either. They all knew what their excitable teammate was like, and just what it was that he was likely to do if he was given a chance to try anything with the group. He was simply too excitable at times.

After all of the paperwork had been finished, Team 7 took off heading for the hospital. Not even bothering with the doors, they leaped onto the wall and headed for the windows. Haku having the most experience with the hospital, took lead and was able to take them to the room that Kakashi had been brought to. When it had become obvious that the Jonnin wasn't going to wake up on his own, he had been moved to the long term ward so that the various medical personal could watch over him.

The group rounded a corner to see a strange woman doing something to their Sensei. Without even thinking, Peter lunged forward to stop what he saw as an attack against their mentor. Haku and Sakura followed their teammate in the defense of the Squad 7 leader. The woman didn't even turn to face them as she kicked a table that slammed into Sakura, and knocked her back to the floor. Haku managed to shunshin out of the way before the blow struck, but the woman stomped her foot shaking the ground caused him to become distracted and he was tackled to the ground where a dark haired woman quickly disabled the both of them. The blonde swung one fist that would have caught Peter and sent him flying as well, but he shifted at the last instant using the arm as a pole to twist around and land on the edge of the other end of the bed. Standing in a crouched position his hand filling with chakra. “Lady, you better not be hurting our Sensei.” He growled at her.

“The Chidori?” The woman asked, quirking her eyebrow slightly, as if she was slightly impressed at his ability to use such a high level jutsu.

“Peter stop!” Naruto called out.

Peter turned to see that his friend was waving at him desperately. “Naruto?” He asked, surprised to see that his friend was not only back in the village, but that he was also wanting him to stop the unknown from doing whatever she was to Kakashi-Sensei.

“Peter, that's Lady Tsunade, you know the medic that's here to heal Kakashi-Sensei.” The boy explained worriedly. “You don't want to tick her off by doing something like that though, trust me. Naruto assured his friend. His mind going to some of the things that she had done to him with just using her finger.

“So she's not here to finish the job?” Peter asked slowly, even as he eyed the woman suspiciously. The jutsu in his hand fading away.

“No I'm not you brat, now get out of my way and let me get on with healing him.” Tsunade ordered, grabbing Peter by the front of his shirt and tossing him over her shoulder.

Peter twisted in the air and landed on the wall which cracked from the impact that he made. “Ah, oops.” He retuned apologetically.

“Why would you do something as reckless as attacking Lady Tsunade anyways?” The dark haired woman demanded of the trio glaring at them darkly.

“Uh, well, what would you think if you saw an unknown person in the hospital who wasn't wearing a headband, or any type of medical garb, and was standing over your comatose Sensei?” He questioned, while nodding toward a couple of ninja medics dressed all in white walking by.

The woman glanced at the two medics then at her companion who was dressed in a cream colored tunic and a green jacket. “Oh, you thought that she was an assassin.” The woman noted in understanding. “Well that makes sense.” The woman admitted, as she helped Sakura and Haku to their feet.

“Well as far as first impressions go that could have gone better.” Peter noted, as he shook his hands to return feeling to them. The impact with the wall had his hands numb. “It’s been a while since I’ve been thrown that hard.” He grumbled, as feeling returned to his hands.

“Who threw you that hard before?” The woman asked in surprise.

Peter frowned as he tried to remember the answer to that. “A metal octopus, or maybe it was a rhino, could have been Gaara of the Sand as well.” Peter admitted, as he ignored the tingling sensation of his memories and focused on his Sensei.

The group watched as a few minutes later Kakashi's eyes fluttered open. Tsunade lectured him for a moment before she turned to look at a nearby doctor. “See to it that he stays in bed for a couple days, at the least to regain his strength.” She ordered crisply.

“Yes my Lady.” The Medic replied, bowing to her respectfully.

Tsunade then turned to look at Squad 7 with a glare. “So you’re the idiots that thought that it was alright to interrupt me doing a very complex and dangerous medical jutsu.” She all but snarled at the trio of Gennin. “Do any of you have any idea how dangerous it would have been had something gone wrong?” The woman demanded, as she glowered at the group. "Kakashi and I could have both been stuck in that jutsu thanks to your interference. Now who are you little idiots?” She demanded, while looking the group over with disdain.

“Lady Tsunade take it easy.” The dark haired woman advised softly, as she raised her hands in an attempt to calm the blonde down. “They were only trying to protect their Sensei.”

“This is the rest of Team 7 then?” Tsunade demanded with huff as she looked the group over with skepticism. “Why do they have an extra member?” She grumbled.

“Haku is our reserve member Lady Tsunade.” Sakura replied, her cheeks red in embarrassment over what they had done. To so casually attack the woman that had graciously come here to help them was hardly the way that she wanted to be introduced to a member of the Legendary Sannin that was loyal to the Leaf Village.

“And he’s more than earn his place with us.” Peter shot in defensively, daring the woman to say anything else even as he moved between the Sannin and Haku.

“Yeah granny, you better believe it.” Naruto nodded in agreement, as he stood alongside his team in support of the Ice user.

“I see.” The woman noted, as she continued to scowl at them. “Don't disturb me while I’m working again you idiots. Is that clear?” She demanded of them while glaring at the group, as if daring them to talk back to her.

The ninja all nodded their heads in understanding. Peter was briefly reminded of another blonde woman in a black outfit with a lightning bolt going across the chest and a red sash around the hips.

“Good, now if you can behave yourselves you may sit with your Sensei. I find out that you’re still causing a ruckus I'll throw you out myself, and I do mean throw.” She threatened, as she began stalking out of the room.

“Someone show me where the Uchiha is?” She barked at a pair of medics. “Shizune come on.” She commanded.

“Coming Lady Tsnude.” the dark haired woman shouted, as she grabbed up a giant pig and hurried after the woman.

“I guess that’s all folks.” Peter observed with a chuckle, while waggling his eyebrows knowingly while getting odd looks from his teammates. They quickly ignored him though as they had become used to his random sayings that meant nothing to the rest of them.

Once she was gone the team rushed to the side of their Sensei. “Are you alright Kakashi-Sensei?” Naruto demanded of the man, his eyes scanning over him, as if half expecting to find something that the Legendary Sannin had missed while healing him.

“Yes Naruto, I am fine now.” Kakashi assured his students. The masked Jonnin wearily looked at his students. “The Genjutsu I was put under was extremely powerful, and there was no obvious way that I could figure to break its hold on me. In a few days’ time I will be alright though.” He assured them all.

“It took you out for nearly three weeks though.” Peter argued skeptically. “You might want to rest a bit before you try and do anything else Kakashi-Sensei." He advised the Jonnin. 'I think that you've earned it this time."

“Very well, if my students think that they can stay out of trouble for a few more days.” Kakashi agreed, as he laid his head back down. “You did manage to stay out of trouble didn’t you?” He asked curiously, while looking the group over with a weary but interested eye.

“I should go and check on Sasuke.” Sakura decided, as she quickly excused herself, following after the retreating Sannin.

Naruto scowled, but didn't say anything. The other boys were also uncomfortably silent.

“Naruto, Peter, Haku. I asked you a question.” Kakashi pressed, looking the trio of suddenly uncomfortable Gennin over suspiciously.

“Define trouble.” Peter tried nervously, while doing his best to look anywhere but at Kakashi.

“Yeah, I mean there are so many different types.” Naruto nodded quickly in agreement while twiddling his fingers anxiously. “I mean there’s trouble like dropping a lot of paint.”

“Then there’s trouble like getting on Sakura’s bad side.” Peter returned.

“Then there is trouble like getting caught without some of your equipment while on a mission.” Haku added in.

“Exactly,” Naruto noted in agreement, “and then there’s trouble like Orochimaru and Garra.”

“I see.” Kakashi returned to them dryly as he surveyed the trio. “I’m sure that I’ll find all of your reports most enlightening then.” He told them, causing each of the boys to blanch as they remembered that as their Jonnin Sensei, Kakashi could pull their files whenever he wanted to inspect them. The ninja then closed his eye and appeared to go to sleep.

“I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or not.” Peter told the others grimly.

“Indeed.” Haku declared in agreement.

“Nothing to do about it now though. We'll take watching over him in shifts.” Peter decided.

“I shall go first.” Haku volunteered, the others nodded. They did have reports to write after all.

“Oh that reminds me, I have to go and meet Iruka-Sensei.” Naruto mumbled as he took off.

“Yeah and I have to check in with Lord Shibi.” Peter returned as he headed for the door.

“I shall be here then.” Haku returned. The Ice user waited in silence, taking note of the steady rate of breathing that the man had. The Elder Uchiha had mentally exhausted the Jonnin with his mental assault. The boy looked at the man that was responsible for the death of his own Master. This was possibly one of the only times that he would have. Kakashi being who he was always seemed to be aware of his surroundings, even when he had his nose stuck in those books of his. It would be so easy to avenge his master. He knew many types of medicines and could get some easy enough or he could even draw all the water out of the man and use the ice to impale him. Zabuza would not have hesitated even for a moment. Haku did not think that he could do such a thing though, and yet they all trusted him to serve the team. It was an interesting thing to find. Then there was the fact that Kakashi-Sama had taken to tutoring him in the ways of the Shinobi without even the least bit of hesitation. Acting as if it was a foregone conclusion that he was a member of Team 7. He realized that he couldn’t attack the man in the way that a part of him wanted to. He returned to his seat and stood silent vigil over the man that had destroyed his master.

Kakashi groaned as he moved out of his bed. His Gennin had stayed with him through the night, ensuring that he was on the road to recovery. He was pretty sure that Sakura had been there to also keep an eye on Sasuke, but she was still nearby if he had needed something. There was also the fact that having a teammate even if it was a student watching over him was something that he had missed. His mind flashed back to times when he and his team had done similar things when one of their number had been injured. With visits from various other Shinobi who had been worried. Guy in particular had been annoying with the way he had hovered over his bed and tried to help him in any way that he could. A person could only have their pillows fluffed so many times before it started to become annoying. The man was more of a mother hen than a ninja had any right to be.

He had done his best to learn what his students had been up to by ‘borrowing’ their reports and learning what they had to say about each of them. Naruto had done well under Master Jiriya’s tutelage, having learned the Rasengen of all jutsu’s. He had to admit he had not thought that the Toad Sannin would have started there. Then again, this was a man that had taught Naruto the Toad Summoning Jutsu as a way to gain better chakra control. Besides, there were other reasons that Naruto deserved to be taught that particular jutsu anyways. He only hoped that his student knew when and where to use such a powerful attack. As Peter liked to say: ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. Peter was learning that many of his attacks were not truly chakra enhanced ones, but rather his own unique ability. It was possible that Peter might actually rival members of Senju clan on raw strength. He might have to see if Lady Tsnuade would be willing to test him and see if she figure out what his upper limits were. Having some idea as to what his capabilities would be useful. With her skills in medical jutsu there was a chance that she might even be able to quicken his recovery of his memories. He would have to ask her to check into that as well. Sakura and Haku had both continued with their training, but it seemed as if they had mainly been focusing on strengthening the skills they were already trained in.

As he stretched, he wondered where his students had gotten off to, as it was unusual for him not to run over at least one of them. Each of them had been taking missions that that involved various levels of repair work around the village. Each of them was doing their best to see to it that the village returned to its former glory. The willingness to continue for their village was something that he was proud to see and hear of as their Jonnin Instructor. He knew that Sakura had been spending a lot of time with Yūgao Uzuki the ANBU Kenjutsu Mistress. The pink haired girl, was probably one of the only thing keeping the ANBU from doing anything stupid right now. From the reports he had read, the Leaf and Sand were going to be pursuing peace instead of war. Something he knew that had to make the Kunoichi extremely angry. Peter was doing training with his clan as well as sparring sessions. Learning some of their jutsu that didn’t rely on one having made a pact with an insect. Naruto on the other hand was surprisingly assisting Konohamaru with his grief. It seemed that his students were growing in more than just strength if they were so quick and willing to help out friends that were in need.

The older ninja shrugged into his uniform and joined the other ninja and civilians that were assembling down in the courtyard before the Hokage Tower. The Elders each gave long speeches that spoke of the history of Konoha, its many Hokages, and the history of the Fire Nation. The two ancient ninjas making a production of looking up toward the cracked statue of the 3rd.

It was then time for Lady Tsnude to make her oath of office. Everyone there had to admit that the woman managed a rather short and to the point oath to the people, which pretty much mocked everything that the Elders had done. Tsnuade whipped the Hokage’s hat off her head and stared down at the crowd of ninja. Her normal Ninja clothes visible as she had refused to wear the Kage robes that went with the hat she now wore. “From this day forward I shall protect the Hidden Leaf Village. As the Fifth Hokage!” The hat of the Hokage rested easily on her head as she did so. It seemed that there was a new strength in the Hokage’s seat even if it was old blood

“Hey Neji, Lee is there something wrong with Tenten?” Naruto asked the older Gennin, as he watched the girl in question stare adoringly up at the stage as everyone else cheered.

“Yeah Naruto's right, since when did Tenten of all people become a fangirl?” Peter questioned, as he joined the others in watching the girl stare in a starry eyed fashion that was similar to the way Sakura and Ino stared at Sasuke. What was more surprising, was that the girl who was usually so aware of her surroundings didn't even appear to notice the fact that she had become subjected to their scrutiny.

Neji grimaced at the starry eyed look that his teammate had taken on. “You'll have to excuse her, but Lady Tsunade has always been something of a personal hero for Tenten. In the beginning of our ninja career she even went through a period of time in which she attempted to mimic some of Lady Tsunade’s more well-known skills and attributes.” He informed the others.

“Really?” Peter asked with interest. “You wouldn't happen to have any pictures in which to use as blackmail now would you?”

Neji smirked knowingly at his fellow ninja. “I wish I had thought of doing so, I'm sure that it would have proven useful.” The boy replied.

“Neji, Peter how could you say such things? Tenten is our friend, why would you even consider using such dishonorable things?” A somewhat horrified Lee demanded of the pair.

“A ninja uses all of the resources that they have in a fight.” Peter returned to the green clad speedster. The discussion on ethics was cut short though as a celebration got started on the festive event.

“Keep your eyes open.” Asuma ordered the gathered Gennin. “This is not a time to let your guards down. There are likely agents from nearly all of the other hidden villages here today mingling in with the crowd. As long as all they are doing is watching Lady Tsnudae officially taking her office we are fine. If they decide to try and push things though, we need to be ready to respond to anything that they may try and send our way. There are many influential people out in the open for the first time since the exams. If ever there was a time to try and make a go at these targets, it will be now while we are still in the process of reorganizing ourselves.” The Gennin nodded their understanding, as they suddenly looked around a bit closer for signs of people that might not belong, or that were doing things that they shouldn’t be doing. Each of them searching for people that may or may not be threats to them and to the village.

“Do you want us to patrol Asuma-Sensei, or do you just want us to be on the alert?” Peter asked with interest.

“Our teams duty is to patrol the crowds.” Asuma returned to the masked Gennin. “If you think that you can do better from a different vantage point then do so. Tell us what plans you have and we’ll see if they’re worth it.”

“Right,” Peter returned, his eyes scanning the teams for a moment as he considered his options. “Team 8 and Team 10 should be on the ground, Team Guy and Team 7 will take the rooftops bordering the area. Two members covering each side from above while the ground team mingles with the crowd.” He continued, as he pointed out locations for the ninja to place themselves.

“An effective, and acceptable division of forces.” Asuma noted in agreement. He was surprised that Peter had come up with a strategy before Shikamaru though. His student usually was one of the first to form a strategy on these sorts of things. He wondered where Peter had gotten the kind of understanding for this sort of thing.

“Haku, you and Naruto take the East Wall, Lee and Tenten have the West Wall, Naruto and Kakashi-Sensei have the South Wall, while Gai-Sensei and Neji take the North Wall.

“What about yourself?” Kakashi asked his student curiously, wondering what else his student had in mind.

“I’ll be up above the crowd crisscrossing so I can be of support to anyone that needs it. With my web slinging I can zip line into the area, and my webs will work better than a bunch of dogs jumping out of the ground.” He joked to his Sensei.

“Fine, what a bother this whole mess is.” Shikamaru grumbled, as his eyes took in the group that he had to work with. His eyes flicked to the clouds longingly before he focused back towards his group. “What a day to be stuck doing actual work. He muttered darkly. “Leave it to a woman to mess up a perfectly good day. Ino, Choji, you guys have the area near the Hokage’s tower, if anyone tries to launch an attack the two of you should be able to stop or slow down anyone that shouldn’t be there. The ANBU are probably watching that area pretty closely though. Still, you’ll need to be alert. Shino, you and Kiba are going to cover the back of the crowd. If someone wants to make a quick getaway then they’ll probably try and stay as far away from the Hokage, ANBU and any other high ranked ninjas as possible.”

“Which leaves the opposing sides for security.” Asuma noted, while the plan wasn’t the most elegant one it did cover nearly all of the holes that might be there. With a Jonnin covering each of the four points, it meant that anything that the Gennin missed would likely be noted by their Sensei’s.

“Fine, everyone do a comm check.” Peter ordered, as Team 7 each pulled out throat mikes and ear pieces. “What call signs do you guys use anyways?” Peter asked, as the others began following their example.

“Call signs?” Choji repeated, looking somewhat confused at what the Team 7 members were talking about.

“Sure, like the ANBU use call signs instead of their names to keep people unsure and unaware of who we are exactly.” Peter returned, wondering what the other boy was getting at.

“An interesting idea, unfortunately we don’t have any call signs.” Asuma admitted to the group, wondering why he hadn’t thought of that. “We usually don’t involve call signs unless it’s for secretive operations.”

“But you let people know who you are during all your missions?" Peter asked the Jonnin in surprise. "What if they track you down because of something you did? How are you going to protect people when you’re gone on other missions or training? They know your names they can come at you." He pointed out to the man.

“Interesting theories,” Kurenai admitted. “Perhaps you should write your theory in a report for the Hokage and the Elders. “It might be something that she might consider worthwhile.”

“Call signs would make things go a bit more covert.” Shikamaru agreed reluctantly, somewhat embarrassed that neither he nor Asuma had worked on that. It would give him something to consider the next time he was watching clouds.

“We usually use them when we’re doing minor missions so that we’re used to them.” Sakura explained with a shrug, surprised that the others didn’t make a habit of using call signs like they did. “What do you think Kakashi-Sensei, should we suspend them until we can come up with call signs for the rest?”

“Guy-Sensei, how come we do not have cool code names as well?” Lee questioned his Sensei.

“It would appear because my eternal hip cool rival is once again one step ahead of me.” Guy noted, while glaring at the white haired Jonnin.

“Did you say something Guy?” Kakashi questioned turning to look at his loud mouthed rival.

Guy snarled in annoyance at this before he turned to look at his student. “But fear not Lee, I shall not rest until you have proper call signs as well. For penance for my oversight I shall run a hundred laps around the village. This round goes to you my rival, but I shall still overcome you in the end.”

“Don’t bother.” Peter interrupted as he began pointing at various members of the group. “Ino your Psy, Shikamaru your Stretch, I’ll be Spider, Sakura is Shulkie, Naruto is Torch, Neji is Triathlon, Tenten will be Bullseye, Lee will be Mini-Me, Choji is Boulder, Kiba is Feral, Shino is Bug-Man, Hinata will be Violet, Haku is Iceman, Kakshi-Sensei is Cyclops, Kurenai-Sensei will be Mysteria, Guy-Sensei will be Myers and Asuma-Sensei will be Canuk.”

“He truly is your hip cool protégé my friend.” Guy informed Kakashi with a bowed head. Stunned that Peter had already prepared a list of names to use for the group.

“An interesting list of names.” Asuma noted, as he made sure he memorized each and every one of the names even as he mentally compared it to the ANBU list to make sure that none of the names were doubled. “Everyone take your posts.” He commanded. The group nodded as they melted into the crowd or headed for the roofs.

“They’re learning well.” Kurenai observed into her radio.

“That they are. They need to learn how to juggle the teams though, so that they are more stable. Both Peter and Shikamaru made that mistake.” Guy pointed out to the others. “They need to be able to work with the other members of other teams as much as they need to be able to work with their own teams.”

“Give them time.” Kakashi returned to the man. “I personally am rather proud of how far all of them have come.”

The Jonnin remained silent as their Gennin ran one of the inner rings of security for the event. While they were far from the only level of security they were still performing well.

“Okay comm check folks. This is the Amazing Spider checking in.”

“Shulkie here. Check.”

“Cyclops. Check.”

“Torch here, ready to go. Check.”

“Iceman. Check.”

“Myers. Check.”

“It is I, the Mini-Me, I am here. I mean ah. Check.”

“Triathlon. Check.”

“Bullseye. Ready to go. Check.”

“Canuk here. Check.”

“This is Stretch. Let’s hope this craziness is over soon. Check.”

“Psy reporting in. Check.”

“Roller here ready to go. Oh uh Check.”

“Mysteria. Check.”

“Feral here, ready to rock. Check.”

“This is Bug-Man reporting in. Check.”

“Alright then, let’s do this then.” Shikamaru’s voice came over the earpieces. The ninja watched silently as they tried to find any threats to the new Hokage or the village.
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