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Konoha Spider

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Summary: Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

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texaswookieFR1853330,1251128177,62913 Dec 1116 Jul 14No

Land of Snow Part II

As usual I own denada.

It was later that day that the ship was able to make it to the docks. While the rest of the crew prepared the equipment Team 7, Director Makino, Sandayū, and the assistant director all gathered in the mess hall on the ship. It had been converted somewhat to allow people to eat, but to also hold board meetings. There was a long table in the middle of the room and some booths built into the wall of the ship. Kakashi stood at the head of the table while the movie people sat on one side of the long table and the Gennin on the other.

Kakshi turned his eye to look at Sandayū in annoyance. “You’ve known all along Sandayū, haven’t you?” He stated, more than questioned in a noncommittal voice.

“Yes.” Sandayū admitted softly

“Didn’t you ever consider the risks if she ever came back to the Land of Snow?” Kakashi pressed him.

“You’re right of course.” Sandayū acknowledged to the Jonnin. “But this was the only way that I could think of to get the princess to return home.” He explained to the silver haired man.

Naruto started chuckling at that. “C’mon Sandayū, you don’t have to keep calling her that. She’s only royalty on the big screen right? I mean, it’s not like she’s really a princess.” The blonde stated confidently. His tolerance for their principle having begun to fray. The fact that Sakura got hurt because she was acting as a human shield for someone that had refused to move making it even worse. None of the Ninja doubted that he would do his job, but he might do so reluctantly.

“Actually she is.” Kakashi told the group flatly, causing them to all stare at the man in surprise. “Yukie Fujikaze is only an alias. We’re guarding Princess Koyuki Kazahana, the rightful heir to the Land of Snow’s throne.”

“What?” Sakura, Naruto, and Peter asked while even Haku looked surprised by the revelation.

“I first met her a long time ago.” Sandayū explained to the group. “I was her aide when she was just a little girl. I don’t blame her for not remembering, it was years ago.”

“So does that mean you’re also from the Land of Snow Sandayū?” Sakura questioned.

“That’s right.” Sandayū confirmed. “I served the princesses father. The former leader of the clan. Lord Sōsetsu Kazahana. The Land of Snow was not a large nation, but served as a haven of peace. Lord Sōsetsu, he absolutely adored the princess. Those were idyllic times.” The man noted with a longing voice, as he thought of the past. “But ten years ago, on that accursed day Lord Sōsetsu's younger brother Dotō hired a group of Snow Ninja to instigate a revolt. It was a coup d'état. The magnificent Kazahana castle burned to the ground, and I feared that the princess had perished as well.”

“And driving you away from the Lonely Mountain until you could return and take back what’s yours.” Peter quipped at the man.

“There was no way that we could defeat them.” Kakashi told the group solemnly. “We had to keep running. We had to get away.”

“The day that I discovered that our beloved princess was still alive I was practically beside myself with joy. She was alive after all these years.” Sandayū choked out.

“I should have died back then.” Koyuki told the group from the doorway. Everyone turned to see that the Princess was standing in the doorway in her pajamas with a coat draped over her shoulders and a necklace on display. She might have cut an intimidating figure if she hadn’t just come out of her bed.

Naruto scowled at the Princess, but managed to hold his tongue for the moment.

“You mustn’t say such things Princess.” Sandayū pleaded of the dark haired beauty. “We feared the worst, you can’t imagine how frantic we all were. We never stopped praying for your life.”

“I’m alive,” Koyuki returned bitterly, “but my heart is dead. After that day, any tears I had left all dried up.”

A shaken Sandayū resumed his story. “And that is how I came to be the manager of Yukie Fujikaze. I bided my time, and waited for the time in which I could escort her back to the Land of Snow.”

The Assistant Director looked at the man in shock. “So what are you saying then? That all this time you’ve just been using us?” He demanded of the man while glaring at him.

“I apologize for deceiving you.” Sandayū quickly told the pair of movie men. “But it was for the sake of the Land of Snow’s people.” He declared, before rising from his chair so that he kneel before the Princess. “Princess Koyuki, confront Dotō and assume your place as the rightful leader of our land.” He begged of the actress. “I will sacrifice my life in order to protect you.” He promised. “I beg you take up arms and lead your people.”

Koyuki merely stared down at the man on the ground for a moment. “I don’t think so.” She finally told him darkly. Sandayū gasped in shock at that. “You’ve got to be kidding.” The Princess spat out at him.

“But what about your people?” Sandayū pleaded.

Koyuki turned her head at that. “I could care less about them. Just forget it.” She ordered.

“But Princess.” The stunned man implored desperately.

“Will you give it up already?” She demanded, raising her voice as she turned to glare at him. “Don’t be dumb, it doesn’t matter what you do you will never get rid of Dotō okay?” Sandayū merely bowed his head in sadness trying to hold back the tears of despair.

An angry Naruto slammed his hand on the table rose up to glare at the woman. “So what, he should just give up? Quit being so heartless.” He demanded of her. “Can’t you see that this man has given his entire life to the realization of his dream? You keep insulting him like that and you’ll be dealing with me lady.”

“Naruto, remember the part about us not attacking clients?” Peter asked dryly. “As much as I hate to admit it, that means this time as well.”

“What, I’m supposed to sit here and listen to this load of crap she’s spouting?” Naruto asked his friend.

“You know how this works buddy.” Peter returned to him. "Our job is to protect them, whether their bratty princesses or town drunks.”

Naruto and the Princess glared at each other in a silent battle of wills. “As long as one has hopes, one has dreams.” Director Makino voiced, finally speaking. “And with those dreams the future comes. I like it, it’s the perfect theme for our new Princess Gale movie.”

The assistant stared at him in fear at this pronouncement. “But Director Makino, you’re not really going to continue filming with everything that’s happened are you?” He whimpered out in disbelief at his boss.

Director Makino smiled as he turned to look at his assistant. “I told you, the movie is evolving.” The assistant spluttered, as he tried to figure out how to respond to that. “Just think about it. How often do you get the chance to make a movie with a real Princess?" He questioned. "We’re looking at the chance of a lifetime here.”

“Your right,” the assistant said in awe, “think of the buzz.” He voiced with newfound strength and determination. “Even the making of, will be a hit. We’re sitting on a surefire blockbuster.”

“Hey!” Koyuki growled, as she glared at the men that were plotting to pull her deeper into the Land of Snow.

“Unfortunately there is only one course of action.” Kakashi interrupted. “Now that Dotō is on her trail running isn’t an option. We have to fight. It’s our only chance of getting through this.”

“Okay.” Naruto proclaimed, pumping his fist in excitement. “Time to continue the mission, the Princess returns to the Land of Snow and shows that creep who’s boss.”

“Stop joking around.” Koyuki yelled at him. “The movies aren’t like real life, there is no such thing as a happy ending in this world.”

Director Makino glared at the actress. “Of course there is, if you’re willing to fight for it!” He shouted back at her.

Koyuki just stood in stunned silence at that. Kakashi ignored her as he addressed his ninja. “Normally I’d head back to the village for a little bit of help.”

“And once again we’re tossed into a bad situation because the client forgot to mention a few key facts.” Peter cut in. “Why is it that we’re the ones who always get these crazy missions anyways Kakashi-Sensei? Do they go and look for the supposedly easy missions just so they can screw us around later?”

“I do admit that while we don’t have the best of luck when it comes to easy missions, we do get the job done.” Kakashi told his students.

“You do remember the last time that something like this happened right Sensei?” Sakura questioned the man. "You nearly ended up getting killed. Peter and Naruto ended up full of sebon needles, and I would have been left on my own facing off against one of the 7 Swordsmen if we hadn’t gotten lucky.”

“You are all so much stronger since then though.” Kakashi assured her. “Trust me, this time will not be anything like last time and you’ll all be able to help this time around.”

Sakura still didn’t look convinced, but nodded her head in acceptance. “Fine, but if the Hokage decides to knock your head off over this don’t blame me.” She growled back in annoyance.

The Jonnin nodded his agreement. He really hoped Lady Tsunade was as understanding as the Third had been. “Haku, Peter, any objections?” Kakashi questioned curiously.

“We can only protect the Princess, not fight a war for her.” Peter reminded his Sensei, who nodded his head in agreement. “Other than that, I got none.” The other boys shook their heads.

“Good, then it would appear that we’re in.” Kakashi declared.

“That’s it then.” Director Makino smugly noted. “We’re going ahead with this picture.”

“And you can bet this one will have a happy ending.” The assistant cried out.

“That’s right.” Naruto answered in an even louder voice. The other ninja smirked at the excitable Naruto, while Koyuki merely stared at the group with deadened eyes.

The ship was then unloaded and the ninja stared at the strange horseless carts that they would be using to move through the Land of Snow. “What are they?” Sakura asked, as she eyed the strange devices carefully. They were made of wood and metal and were box shaped with rubber wheels and ski like implements in front. There was no place for horses, and despite the fact that they had been told there wouldn't be any, she couldn’t believe that something like these didn’t need horses.

“They’re called campers or snowmobiles.” The Assistant Director explained to them. “They’re a new form of transport that are unique to the Land of Snow. They use some sort of chakra battery to power them. They have stoves to help with heating for those cold nights as well.” He added in excitedly, as he pointed out a small pipe on each of the contraptions. “They come with beds, and they have sleds which we will be able to carry all of our equipment on. The ones we’ll be living out of are two stories the lower area for living while the upper level will be filled with beds. These things will save time over the horses or oxen that you would normally use for this sort of trip. What’s more, you don’t have to feed or tend to them nearly as much.” He brightly told them. “The parts are too fragile to ship back and forth though, something about the salt water would corrode the pieces.” He noted, looking somewhat saddened that they couldn't take them back with them.

Peter opened his mouth to disagree with that before he shut his mouth. Basic plans came to mind as he thought of the transports. He also began to remember all sorts of different types of transports. Some were built for speed, some for moving large loads, others for their looks, and some for traveling long distances. It was all so confusing when you tried to piece it together. He also thought of the blonde fire man, only instead of his usual blue outfit he was wearing a tan one covered in grease. He was standing alongside of a strange horseless carriage it was red and blue had giant wheels and there was no top to it either.*

The movie crew rented a dozen of the strange contraptions to make their trek through the Land of Snow. It would be the fastest way to meet up with the rebel faction in the Land of Snow according to Sandayū. The plan at the moment was for the movie crew to get Koyuki to the rebels, who would then spread the word on the return of the princess. If things went as planned, it would cause an uprising, and the Princess would hopefully be able to inspire her people enough to fight back against Dotō and his Snow Ninja. As long as it was just her presence that they needed and she never opened her mouth they might stand a chance. There was even a chance that a majority of the armed forces would stand down in the face of the princess. Leaving only Dotō’s personal guard to face whatever they had. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it was better than nothing. None of the ninja had a lot of hope on the plan, but it was better than nothing.

For a day or so, they drove through the forest until they came to a long tunnel that went through a mountain. The group stopped to get their bearings and to make sure that everything was ready. “Our hideout is not far from here.” Sandayū informed Kakashi. “It’s just beyond this cave. Once we finish our shooting here we’ll pass through to the other side. Then my people can rest easy, they’ll finally have their Princess back.” He spoke confidentially.

“Yeah, you’ll just have to convince her to do what needs to be done.” Peter reminded the man doubtfully. “In case you forgot, she wasn’t exactly onboard with the idea of coming back to lead your little revolution in the first place.” He reminded the older man pointedly.

Sandayū didn’t look at all worried. “Once the Princess sees the state that her people are in she will not be able to help herself, and she will rise up to the defense of her people.” He proclaimed fanatically.

“If you say so.” Peter returned, unconvinced with the optimism that the man had on the matter. The sad shake of the head from Kakashi convinced him not to press the matter though.

As they traveled through the tunnel, Naruto was looking out the window. “Boy, I can’t see the exit at all.” He breathed out in disbelief.

“Once upon a time a railroad ran through here.” Sandayū explained to the ninja fondly.

“Railroad?” Sakura asked curiously.

“Railroads are the tracks that trains ride on.” Peter informed her knowingly.

“Yes they are.” Kakashi agreed as he stared at his student curiously, wondering how he knew that. It wasn’t the sort of thing that one would pick up in the Leaf Village. The technology for such things was only limited to certain areas like the Land of Snow.

“What are trains?” Naruto asked idly, as he looked out the window.

Peter seemed oblivious to the odd looks that Sandayū was sending him at his casual acceptance and knowledge of the technology of the Land of Snow. “They’re similar to these snowmobiles actually, only they are a whole lot bigger. They’re transport devices, which can move at speeds faster than horses at a gallop, and keep going for hours on end. I’m guessing most of the ones around here are steam or chakra powered ones though.” He mused out loud, frowning as he tried to figure out how that might work. He shrugged before turning back to his fellow Gennin. “They can transport either men or supplies faster than any wagon can. The main weakness they have though is that if you mess up their tracks then their stuck.”

“But how does it move?” Sakura asked curiously. “If it’s as big as you say it is, then it would require a pretty powerful power source.”

“Imagine it’s like a giant tea kettle,” Peter explained to his team as he made a crude sketch of a wheeled device. “The chakra or fire heats the water, which causes it to boil, it helps to push a piston on the inside up and down which pumps the wheel. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s one of the simpler ways to explain it.”

Sandayū couldn’t believe that this boy had such intimate knowledge of one of the Land of Snow’s most treasured and secret technologies. “How do you know all of this?” He finally asked, as he stared at him in awe.

“It’s what I do.” Peter returned with a careless shrug. “I figure out the technology, what it does, and how it works. Well that and mouth off at people.” He joked, causing the others to snicker in agreement with his assessment.

Kakashi watched his student, and wondered if it was possible that Peter had somehow come from the Land of Snow or one of the other more technological lands. They were more interested in creations than in the power of a ninja. He shook his head as he listened as Peter began describing how trains worked in greater detail as Sakura gave him a pleading look. At the end of the tunnel, Peter was forced to stop his lesson so that they could all get out.

Peter was right about his position though. The Jonnin thought fondly. Peter was skilled at figuring devices and people, Sakura and Haku were better with disassembling jutsu and what they required while Naruto was best at noticing odd things that most missed. He recalled the stories of Naruto catching how dangerous Lee was because of his hands. Each of them had strengths that they used.

“Alright people, let’s get this show on the road.” Director Makino growled out, his eyes already looking for the best place to position the actors and cameras. The mouth of a giant cave with no visible end was definitely going to play a part in his masterpiece.

“Director Makino!” The assistant director called out, as he fell out of one of the campers and rushed up to the man. “We’ve got a bit of a problem.” He stumbled out.

“What is it now?” Director Makino questioned the man who always had bad news to bring him it seemed.

“Yukie has up and vanished again." The Assistant Director exclaimed.

“What?!” Director Makino growled, his hand tightening into a fist.

“This way.” Kakashi ordered the Gennin leaping off with his students following. “Fan out and look for her, radio in if she turns up.”

“Got it.” The ninja called out as they all split up to go and search for the runaway Princess.

“This will teach me to forget to put a tracer on the primary.” Peter grumbled in annoyance. “I’ll never hear the end of it from Lord Shibi and Shino.” He muttered angrily. He had been searching for about an hour when Naruto radioed in that he had found her and was bringing her back in. According to his friend she was fine, she had a twisted ankle from a fall, but was otherwise alright. He made his way back to the village at a casual pace, but stopped as he heard a rather familiar sound. The haunting whistling sound could only be one thing. That was a train. Picking up his pace he nodded as he saw Haku off to one side. The pair slowed down as they came to a ridge and slowly looked over it to see shining rails on the ground where there had been none when they had left. A giant train was resting on the rails. Near the tunnel they could see Naruto and the Princess off to the side of the rails. Judging by their position it looked like they had just missed getting run over by the train. On the plus side, it looked like everyone else was either gone or hiding.

“The train must run on chakra.” Peter theorized as he eyed the device with interest. “The metal from the tracks must have been heated by the chakra that the train is emitting. The chakra helps to stabilize it and add strength and speed while it uses steam to give it its basic motion.”

His musings were cut short as they saw a two men in train engine rise. One of them they recognized as Nadare Rōga, the leader of the team of Snow Ninja that had ambushed them a few days ago. The man next to him was wearing fancy robes that were usually worn by Daimyo. That probably meant he was Dotō. The reason that they were all out here in the first place. The man was talking to the Princess, acting as if he was pleased to see her again. Like he was some benevolent uncle that hadn’t seen his niece in far too long. It seemed that acting was something of a family thing. If they hadn’t known what kind of man Dotō really was, they might have doubts as well. The man scowled as Naruto rose placing himself between the Princess and him.

They were interrupted as several logs were pushed down a hill and slammed into the side of the train. Despite the noise and mess that they made though, they didn’t cause any damage. “Looks like the rebels have decided to reveal themselves to Dotō.” Haku commented as they looked at the large group of men in old armor that looked like it belonged in the museum. The somewhat surprising thing was to see the usually mild mannered Sandayū standing at the head of the group wearing a katana and a Wakizashi strapped to his side. An annoyed looking Dotō turned to look at the group that had dared to interrupt him.

“There you have it men.” Sandayū called out. “Our beloved Princess Koyuki is here to watch over us. With her at our side victory is ours.” He proclaimed, the men raised their fists and weapons and cheered.

“Smart.” Haku noted, as he watched the confrontation between the two sides. “He waited for Dotō to identify her before he made himself known.”

“Yeah, and with Dotō doing the identifying he can’t very well go back on what he just said.” Peter agreed, as they continued to watch the two sides. If they were lucky this whole thing would be over here and now.

Sandayū drew the katana from his belt and raised it over his head. “Hear me Dotō.” The former aide cried out to the Daimyo. “We’ve waited a long time for this day of reckoning to come, Sandayū Asama and fifty loyal warriors stand before you to avenge our great fallen leader Lord Sōsetsu. On this day we will grieve no more.”

Dotō looked unconcerned over the force that was arrayed against him as he spoke with Nadare. The warriors screamed and leaped from the mountain and began charging toward the train. “They do realize that Nadare could probably take most of them out before they got within reach of Dotō do they not?” Haku questioned, as they watched the group begin their charge.

“That’s why we’re taught tactics by our Sensei’s.” Peter answered, his eyes widened as he saw compartments slide open to reveal ninja stationed behind strange devices. “It can’t be.” The boy hissed out in surprise, as he looked at the machines. “They’re all dead.” he whispered out softly, as he rose to his feet to watch the group run to their deaths.

Haku frowned as he watched wandering what his teammate was talking about. Even with his chakra armor he doubted that even Nadare could take out fifty men. His eyes widened as torrents of kunai spat out of the train. Faster than any launcher that he had ever seen or heard of, a few hundred kunai tore through the ranks of the rebel force. It was scarier than any machine that he had ever seen. “How?”

“Pneumatic Kunai launchers.” Peter answered grimly. “Either that, or those devices are preloaded with ninja scrolls that fire the kunai out. I’ve never seen a scroll shoot them out that fast though. If we survive I’ll explain. Now get a wall up around those walking targets.” He ordered, as he moved forward. Haku nodded as he placed his hands on the ground and focused causing a wall of ice to get in between the train and the rebels. If they were lucky some of them might be alive. He made sure to put an extra thick barrier around Sandayū. He poured more chakra into the barrier even as he felt the strain. The machines were blasting away at his barrier and he could only hold under such an onslaught for so long. Peter got within range and threw several explosive tags. The tags exploded damaging the train car, an explosion from up above showed Sakura as she had tossed another explosive causing an avalanche that was covering the train. Against any other target, the avalanche would have prevented any chance of escape. The train merely let out a scream and chugged forward. The snow had caught one of the cars and the weight was holding it back. Surprisingly the car was released and it was forced under the snow while the train escaped.

Peter landed on the ground and fired a webline at the train letting it jerk him forward. A kunai shot out and slashed through his webline. “That’s enough Peter.” Kakashi called. “Our job is defending the Princess, not fighting her war.” He reminded the Gennin. The group didn’t look happy, but nodded their acceptance of his decision.

The group turned back to the injured to see if there were any survivors. As they walked through they were amazed. There were hundreds of kunai all over the place. You could arm a small village with the number of wasted blades.

“It’s so awful. “Sakura voiced, as she looked around. Surprisingly, Peter and Haku were managing themselves the best out of the Gennin. Haku had grown up seeing such slaughter’s, and Peter, well no one knew what nightmares that were hidden behind his mask. Kakashi was going to insist that mind healers know of this. Sakura and Naruto were actually acting the way he expected them to. They would need mind healers to deal with this situation as well. While they had seen death, and even killed in combat, there was something different about seeing the depths some would go to establish their power.

“This is what comes of not giving up.” A bitter Princess Koyuki told the girl shortly. “If they hadn’t stood up to Dotō then none of this bloodshed would have happened.”

Naruto scowled and opened his mouth to say something, but Sakura calmed her teammate by placing her hand on his arm and shaking her head. The blonde didn’t look happy, but nodded his acceptance as he turned to look at the dead. Sandayū was being helped by the assistant director into a sitting up position. Haku’s ice shield had save the old Land of Snow warrior. “My Princess.” The man groaned out, as he looked at the shredded remains of his armor sadly. “Please forgive me. I never should have gotten you involved in all of this. The people in the Land of Snow were able to keep believing in spite of everything because we knew you were alive. When you were little and even now, you have always been the purist hope for our people Princess.”

“I told you that it was a bad idea coming out here Sandayū.” Koyuki voiced coldly. “I never asked for the people to believe in me or to try and be something I’m not. I cannot be the hero that you expect me to be. Look around you at all of the death that your dreams have caused.” She ordered waving her hands at all of the bodies. “All they had to do was accept Dotō, and they would still be alive. Let’s go back. If you stay here your lives will be in jeopardy. Let’s go home already.” She ordered with disgust turning towards the snowmobiles.

“Go home to where?” Naruto growled back at her in disgust, causing the Princess to pause and look at the ninja. “I thought this was you home wasn’t it?” He demanded of her. “What do you need to go back to? Your place is here! Now face Dotō and put your house back in order.” The blonde snarled out at the woman.

“You know absolutely nothing.” Koyuki replied stonily before turning back towards the snowmobiles. “Spring doesn’t come to this country, our tears have frozen over and our hearts hardened with the cold.” She stated to the group.

“But aren’t you the only one with the power to change that?” Sakura questioned.

“So I thought.” Sandayū agreed tiredly. “Now I am not so sure.”

“If you had a dream, no reason to give up on it now.” Peter told the man. “It just means its going to take a little bit more effort. We’ll just have to be the little engine that could.”

“Yeah, besides all of the good dreams are worth the extra work you have to put into them.” Naruto promised the man with a grin.

“I’ve had enough of this nonsense.” Koyuki spat as she resumed her retreat to the snowmobiles.

“Hey, hold on a minute.” An irate Naruto yelled at her. Rushing up and grabbing her by the hand.

Koyuki twisted out of the grasp of the blonde. “Leave me alone already!” She demanded. Before Naruto could continue his argument a large flying device lifted from the ground.

“Now what?” Sakura asked, as she stared at the strange device.

“They have a zeppelin?” Peter asked in disbelief, as he saw the small armored area beneath the giant war balloon as it continued to rise upwards. The large Snow Ninja was standing at a door and fired his grappling hook arm. The hand wrapped around the Princess and she was then jerked toward the cabin. Overhead the flying kunoichi began dropping kunai with blue balls attached to them when they hit the ground they erupted into thorns or trees of ice.

“Careful.” Kakashi warned, as the ninja all found new places to stand on the ice.

“Everyone okay?” Peter questioned, his eyes searching around for any injured. “Anyone see Naruto?”

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. He didn’t.” Sakura snarled out in irritation, as her eyes turned toward the zeppilen. Hanging from a rope they could see that Naruto was connected to the flying machine.

Peter pumped as much chakra as he could into his legs and leaped off of the cliff. He then fired a webline and seemed to be frozen in the air for a moment as the webbing sped towards the airship. Just as he started to fall his body gave a jerk as the webbing connected and jerked him forward.

“Oh not him to.” Sakura ground out, as she watched Peter scurry up the webbing.

The group watched helplessly as their teammates lifted up into the clouds. The last thing that they could see was Naruto using the Shadow Clone Jutsu to create a small boarding party to create a human ladder for them.

“Stand your ground.” Kakashi ordered the remnants of Team 7, who were preparing to leap after the odd machine that Dotō and his Snow Ninja were using.

“But Kakashi-Sensei, we have to follow them.” Sakura argued with the man.

“I agree.” Haku spoke out.

“And we will.” Kakashi assured the pair of ninja. “But there are only so many places that Dotō is likely to go. Which gives us the advantage as we can plot where they’re going to go and not have to worry. We just have to trust Peter and Naruto to keep the Princess safe until we can join them.”

“Well alright.” Sakura reluctantly relented. Haku nodded his head as well as they watched the balloon vanish.

Team 7 then began rushing through to check on all of the wounded rebels and made sure that the other members of the film crew were still alright after the latest attack. With Sakura slicing through the ice they managed to get the transports down and get them ready for travel. Haku on the other hand was using his medical knowledge to bind the various wounds of those that could still be saved.

Peter and Naruto clambered onto the airship and forced a panel up. The pair slipped down a vent and found themselves in what looked like a room where they could hear the sound of voices talking. “Once I have possession of the Kazahana fortune. Our country can obtain military superiority over the five great nations.” The voice of Dotō declared.

“Not gonna happen.” Naruto shouted out defiantly. Two figures stepped out from around a corner to see the two ninja standing there with their winter cloaks around their shoulders.

“You.” A shocked Koyuki voiced in surprise.

“How on earth did you two get in here?” Dotō demanded calmly, as he looked the pair over contemptuously.

“Heh. Never underestimate a ninja.” Naruto returned.

“Particularly when your deal with us.” Peter added in. Peter’s senses flared a moment later “Move.” He ordered, as he pushed Naruto the side as several lines of ninja wire came flying in from above. Naruto rolled with the shove and Peter dropped to his knees as the wire wrapped around him instead. Naruto drew a Kunai and prepared to free his teammate when the large Snow Ninja dropped behind him and struck him in the back of the neck. A moment later a net was draped around the blonde as well. The doors behind them opened showing the clones had all been captured and tied as well.

Nadare appeared in a kneeling position in front Dotō. “My apologizes,” the man told him, “as you can see the pair of them were something of a handful.”

“Well, the little one knows the multi shadow clone jutsu.” Dotō observed, looking slightly impressed.

“I’ll tell ya, I don’t know who this brat is, but his level of chakra is nothing to sniff at.” The large ninja warned the others.

“The masked one is similar.” The Kunoichi noted, while eyeing Peter warily.

“What do you think, perhaps we should use those contraptions on them?” Nadare suggested.

“They would make for interesting test subjects.” Dotō agreed with his captain. “Do it, lets see what kind of reaction they have.”

Nadare nodded as he went over to a compartment and withdrew a pair of round devices. He then walked toward the two captive Leaf Ninja. He fiddled with the items before slamming them into the stomachs of the two ninja. The pair screamed as tentacles erupted from the devices and slipped into their skin. Then energy fizzed all around them for a moment.

“What are those?” A concerned Koyuki questioned, as she eyed the two boys.

“We’re cleansing them of their chakra.” Dotō answered, as he watched the boys flail around on the floor with interest. “Those machines will absorb any of it that’s stored in their bodies and bind it behind a powerful barrier. Once it’s been activated it cannot be broken or destroyed. No matter what.”

The boys finally fell to the ground. “Well that’s not fun.” Peter ground out. “Then again I’ve been zapped by real machines.” He added lifting his head in defiance of their captors. “Heck I’ve been hurt by black ooze more than I have by that.” He stated defiantly.

“You are a brave one.” Dotō complimented as he looked down at the figure at his feet.

“My strength.” Naruto groaned out. “It’s starting to slip away.” The shadow clones all began popping as the chakra was no longer there to sustain them.

“You’re not looking like much of a ninja now are you?” Noted Nadare mockingly as he stared at the pair. “You’re just some little kids.” He mocked. Naruto glared back defiantly, but fell unconscious.

“There’s more to us than you might think.” Peter growled back as he flexed his arms, they all heard a snapping sound as the wires broke. He painfully climbed back to his feet. “Alright, you still want to go? Let’s go.” He offered, gesturing them toward himself.

“Impossible, there’s no way that he could have broken that wire.” Nadare protested.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m always doing the supposedly impossible or annoying.” Peter returned, as he glared at the Snow Team. “So, who wants to go first?”

“Do you really think that you can win?” Nadare asked him, even as he began to examine him.

“Won’t know till I give it the old Land of Fire try.” Peter shot back at him. “Now come on, show me what you got. Show me what’s got even Kakashi-Sensei impressed with you.”

“Fubuki, Mizore finish this brat off.” Nadare ordered, taking a step back as the two older ninja eagerly moved forward.

“So that’s your names huh?” Peter asked curiously, as he eyed the pair. “Let’s do it then.” He challenged the two, as he fired webbing out of either hand and let it strike the pair in the face. While the pair were blinded he then leaped up to the second level and knocked out the regular ninja that had been waiting up there. “Wouldn’t want you guys to try and tie me up again now would we? Let’s at least pretend you know what a fair fight is.” He chided. "Even if you are doing two on one fights."

The two elite ninja managed to get the webbing off of their and glared up at the boy. “You’re gonna pay for that brat.” Mizore growled, as he leaped forward to hit the boy.

Peter bobbed and weaved, moving out of the way of each blow before they could connect with him. “C’mon big boy, you were just telling me how I was gonna be paying for webbing you up." He teased the large ninja, as he danced around the blows aimed at him. “And since I’m fairly sure that you don’t take personal checks or Ryo, I’m guessing you probably mean more in the blood, broken teeth, cracked bones, and bruises type of paying. Although I have to say, that your really not all that great of a debt collector.” He observed, as he dropped off the ledge and landed next to the unconscious Naruto. “Hi.” He greeted, as he wiggled his fingers at Nadare while his other hand checked his friend for a pulse. It was weak and thready, but it was there. The Snow Ninja scowled and swung a kunai at the boy who performed a back handspring catching the ninja in the face with his foot. He landed on his hands, he then pushed off with his arms and went flying back into the air. His feet connecting with Mizore who was tossed into the ceiling while Peter spun in the air and landed on the wall.

“Don’t think that you’re safe yet brat.” Fubuki snarled as she lunged forward, launching kunai at the boy.

Peter leaped from the wall and landed on the ground. He fired a stand of webbing that wrapped around her legs and pulled, knocking her off balance and toward the wall.

Fubuki caught herself and with a kunai managed to free herself. She then rushed at Peter again.

The masked ninja jumped, and he saw Mizore was coming from the top. He twisted in between the pair, dodging the two by centimeters his twisting body allowed the blades on his bracers to slice one of the pink pony tails from Fubuki’s head. As they all landed the tuft of hair fell in between them. “Er sorry?” Peter tried, while looking at the now angry kunoichi who’s killer intent was rapidly rising.

“I thought that it was supposed to take his chakra?” Dotō complained, as he watched the boy take on his surprised top Snow Ninja and at the very least hold his own.

“As did I Lord Dotō.” Nadare replied to the Daimyo with a frown. “It worked on the other one, I have no idea why the other one does not seem to be affected though.”

“Deal with him before he causes anymore damage.” Dotō ordered the ninja.

“At once.” Nadare returned before turning to look at his companions.

Mizore nodded from where he had landed on the ledge and leaped for Peter attempting to tackle him to the ground. Peter barely side stepped the attack and was still hit in the shoulder sending him spinning. As he turned around Fubuki was there and jabbed him in the face sending him flying back. He tucked and rolled as he felt his spider sense flare and barely missed having his head taken off by Mizore’s fist.

Peter looked longingly at Naruto and the Princess. He would like nothing more than to save the pair, but he was having to do everything he could just to keep ahead of these guys. He noticed that the woman didn’t seem overly concerned about the danger that this was putting him in. Considering that they were risking their lives to keep her alive it was kind of annoying. You’d think that she would be just a little bit grateful for what they were trying to do for her. His abilities were allowing him to try, but not much more. With the numbers, chakra, and armor all on their side he was amazed that he was still standing. Several kunai needles came flying at him, but he got his arm up in time for the blades to bounce off of his bracer. He swung his arm, only for the metal hand of Mizore to block him. He spun and tried with the other managing to scratch the face of the Snow Ninja. He paused in shock that he had managed to hit the bulkier ninja and got two sebon needles into his shoulder for his moment of inattention. He reached up and jerked the needles out. He looked up in time to see Mizore’s grappling arm come at him and slam into him knocking him into the wall.

The young boy was dazed as Mizore pulled his captive up close to him. The Snow Ninja sneered as he looked at the beaten boy. “You sure are a lot of trouble.” He growled.

“I take that as a compliment.” Peter slurred back.

“Don’t you ever stop with the witty talking?” He grumbled.

“Not my fault you’re an unarmed opponent, in a battle of wit.” Peter mumbled back at him in return.

Dotō turned to look at Koyuki resuming their conversation, as if the pair of boys had only been a minor disturbance akin to a glass falling over. “Now then, I’ll take the Hex Crystal if you don’t mind.” Koyuki turned to face the man, and then reached for her neck and unfastened the necklace she wore and handed it over to him without a moment’s hesitation. Dotō smiled as he took the piece of jewelry from his niece. A smile that quickly turned to a frown as he examined it. “What is this?” He demanded of her, his eyes narrowing. He grabbed the girl by the front of her jacket and brought their faces together. “This isn’t a game!” He yelled at her. “You think I don’t know that this is a fake?” He demanded, while waving the necklace in his hands at her.

“No, that’s impossible.” A desperate Koyuki returned to him even as her eyes turned to look at the necklace fearfully. Her eyes widened, as she remembered that Kakashi had examined the necklace the day before. “Kakashi Hatake.” She whispered in understanding.

“What?” An annoyed Dotō demanded angrily, as he tightened his grip on her jacket.

“Makes since.” Nadare commented from where he watching the usurper manhandle the rightful ruler. “Kakashi is a shrewd one. I wouldn’t put it past him to pull a bait and switch.” He informed the man, as he pieced together what had happened.

“Don’t even worry about it, we’ll have him rounded up in no time.” Fubuki promised him confidentially.

“That won’t be necessary.” Dotō returned coldly, as he shoved Koyuki away from him. The woman stumbled and glared at him darkly. “Why even bother when the man will show up on his own soon enough?” He asked them with a smirk. “Until then we just have to wait.” He ordered, as he crushed the fake Hex Crystal in his hand.

“And the boys?” Nadare asked. “I’m sure that Kakashi will come for them.”

“Keep the runt, the masked nuisance needs to go though.” Dotō decided, as he watched the shattered pieces fall to the floor.

“As you command.” Nadare returned. “Do you want the equipment on him?”

“Who cares? It’s obviously faulty. Just throw it out with the rest of the trash.” Dotō commanded, before spinning on his heel.

Mizore nodded his acceptance and carried the masked boy to one of the side doors. Fubuki smirked as she forced the door open, and they could all feel the harsh icy wind ripping away at them. “Have a nice trip.” Mizore told him, as he held the boy out in the air and then released him. The Ninja all watched for a moment as the red and blue figure fell towards the forest. Uncaringly they then forced the doors shut, content that they had seen the last of the young ninja.

* Yes it’s the Spider-Mobile
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