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Konoha Spider

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Summary: Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

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texaswookieFR1853330,1251128177,62313 Dec 1116 Jul 14No

Spider vs. Spider and Fan Blows Flower Away

As usual own nothing of the characters being used.

It was evening and Peter grimaced as he was webswinging through the town. It was becoming something of a habit that he was forming from his old memories of when he had been Spider-Man. During these patrols allowed him time to think and it also gave him some since of purpose. He had asked Lady Hokage why there didn’t appear to be any real internal security inside of Kooha other than the ANBU. With a village as large as Konoha one would think that it would be better protected. It turned out that it was something to do with the bylaws of the village. When creating the village, the Uchiha Clan Leader had made it so that their clan was in charge of the police force and the appointing of any members that wished to become a part of said force. What all of this boiled down to though was that there couldn’t be any new police force until after Sasuke came of age and took control over the family. Something that said Uchiha had sworn not to do until after he had dealt with the person that had destroyed his family. Until the time that happened, the best that they could do was to have ninja respond to certain situations. It was but one of the many things that allowed for the Civilians to have worked their ways into the inner workings of a Ninja Village. Had the Uchiha Clan been wiped out, then the Hokage could have appointed new members to a new police force. As it stood though, the village ninja were limited on the matter of internal security unless Itachi Uchiha was pardoned and took up his place as the new Chief of Police or waiting on Sasuke to take command of his family’s legacy to the village.

Peter sighed as he flipped through the air with a casual ease. He wished he knew when and how it was that he had gotten natural web shooters. What had happened to him that had caused his body to create web spinnerets on his wrists? Was it someone that had decided to play mad scientist on him, a natural evolution of his powers, a side effect of whatever brought him to this world, or was it something that someone had done as a favor? He really wished that he knew just what it was that had happened to change him in such a way. It would also be nice to know if those were the only changes or if there were others. He had begun to suspect that some of his other skills were higher than they had been when he had been dropped in this world. Although how much that was his body natural growth with the abilities and how much it might be something else was also a mystery.

Then there was the fact he was in another world entirely. Based off of his memories from his world it was like a strange mixture of Ancient Japan and the 60’s or 80’s technology and society wise at least. Add in the things like chakra and it was hard to know just where it was the worlds stood. He was shaken out of his contemplation as he saw a figure get thrown from a building and slammed into the ground. He fired a webline and pulled himself in the direction of the fighters. While they hadn’t resorted to chakra yet, the high level taijutsu wasn’t too far from that point either. The amount of chakra a person had to use to get those kinds of results was beyond what most academy students could manage.

He landed on the ground next to the fallen figure of Saskue Uchiha of all people. “What is it with you being unable to stay out of fights? Its not like you’re a boy named Sue.” Peter mumbled to himself. The boy was alive, but the blows he had just taken had obviously thrown him for more of a loop than he had expected. He was shaking in shock and pain from the hits that he had received from whoever it was that had done this to him. He looked to the group that had just been using the Uchiha as a punching bag. There was four of them, three guys and a girl all looking like they were in the mid to late teens hiding halfway in the shadows. They were all dressed in the somewhat familiar uniform of Oto Shinobi. A gray top, purple pants, black sandals and a large rope tied in the back as a belt. "Four on one hardly look like fair odds to me." He noted as he glared at the intruders. "I mean personally I would love to beat the crap out of him, but he is a member of the Leaf village which means I can’t let you do this without interfering. No matter how much he probably deserves it."

The Sound Four looked at the unexpected new arrival that had involved themself in their fight. “Well, well, if it isn’t the Aburame Ward.” A white haired boy with makeup on noted in a soft silky voice. “This is fortunate, we were told to give you a similar invitation as the one we just gave to Sasuke here.”

“I’m guessing that no one ever taught you to talk with your words, not your fists.” Was Peter’s glib response to the other boy as he continued to catalogue the various injuries that Sasuke had acquired from the Sound Team. Fortunately for the Uchiha it looked like they had just roughed him up a bit instead of hitting him with their full power. Still that was impressive since Sasuke was capable of landing blows against Gaara of all people. These guys must be a lot more powerful than they looked like. “I mean seriously, who taught you about inviting people. Looking at the way you talk, one would think that you had anger management issues or something like that.”

"I don't need your help," Saskue growled at the masked figure that was now standing over him defensively.

"Good, then that will make this fight go all that much faster." Peter returned to the other boy as he examined what they were up against. First there was the boy with makeup, then there was a guy that looked even bigger than Choji both up and down and side to side with an orange Mohawk, there was a girl with red hair and finally there was a dark skinned guy with two extra sets of arms coming out of his side. He didn’t really know any of them but he had seen the picture of the last one enough to know who they were. “Now get up off your ass and get ready.” He ordered the boy that had tried to skewer his teammate a few hours ago. Looks like he would see if he really did have the ability to be a ninja still. "Now enough talking, lets deal with these guys. I'll take the guy with arms and the girl you got the leader and the big guy. Besides I owe the arm guy for a lot of frustration of being stuck in interrogation because there might be a connection between us." He added glaring at the boy.

“Looks like the Leaf Trash wants to play.” The redhead jeered, as she looked at the masked boy with disdain. “What makes you think that we’re going to even waste our time with a weakling like you?” She demanded of him. “Now get out of our way before you really annoy me you little bastard.” She snarled at the Leaf Shinobi.

“Now, now Tayuya, there’s no reason for talking like that.” The large boy chastised his teammate.

“Not now Tubby.” The girl growled at her teammate in annoyance.

“Both of you be quiet.” The white haired boy ordered his two companions. “Lord Orochimaru did tell us that we were to extend the invitation to the Aburame Ward as well.”

“Yeah, you’re going to have to do some really fast and impressive talking to convince me that I would want to do that.” Peter returned to the figure. “You might as well offer to sell me some oceanfront property in Suna while you’re at it.” He informed the Sound Shinobi. “Now then, I believe you and I have some unfinished business.” Peter returned, turning to look at the dark skinned boy who had one set of arms crossed across his chest another resting on his hips and another hanging down at his sides. Trying to watch all of those arms was somewhat confusing, as there was no telling which one might be his weapon arms.

“Well Kidamuru, what do you think? Would you like the chance to convince this boy here on why he should listen to us?” The white haired boy asked in an almost bored tone, as if he could care less on what happened. Either he didn’t think his teammate could lose, or Peter was merely a bonus prize for them in comparison to whatever it was that they had said to Sasuke.

Kidamuru smirked as he heard this he moved his hands together and began cracking his knuckles. “I think that this piece of Leaf Trash is going to be fun to play with.” The boy declared as he moved forward to accept the challenge.

“Just hurry it up already, I’ve got more important things to do than sit here and watch you beat some weak kneed, pussy, weakling, Konoha wannabe version of you.” Tayuya snarked at her teammate.

“This game will only take a few minutes.” Kidamaru returned to her with a grin. “It’s not like this guy is a real player anyways.”

“You guys promise not to beat the crap out of Sasuke anymore than you already have while we’re doing this?” Peter questioned the other members of the Sound team.

Our message from Lord Orochimaru has been delivered to Sasuke, all that’s left is left is the one that’s meant for you.” The white haired shinobi returned to him. “Go ahead and have your fun Kidamru and deliver the message from our Lord to this one.”

The two ninja looked at each other across the street. Peter couldn’t help but think that the streets needed some tumbleweeds or something. “I don’t suppose that you could just turn this message into a singing telegram instead of a fight?” He questioned the older boy curiously. “I mean, you guys are from the Sound Village, surely at least some of you have some musical talent.”

“Heh, you know this guy is kind of amusing.” Kidamaru returned. “Still, it’s going to be fun to tear you apart as well.”

“We could still do the singing telegram.” Peter suggested with a chuckle.

“Time to bleed.” Kidamaru returned as he rushed forward.

He was fast, almost as fast as Peter himself was. Peter brought his arm up and he blocked two fists he winced though as four more fists came in under those and used his stomach as a training post and then he kicked off knocking Peter back into a wall while Kidamaru flipped in the air and landed in a crouch.

“Alright that was a good one.” Peter admitted, as he climbed back to his feet. “You’re going to need to hit me harder than that if you want to actually hurt me though. He mocked the older boy as he took a new defensive position. This one was more crouched where he could use his speed and powerful legs to go whichever way it was that he needed to. “Alright, let’s do this again.” Peter shook his head and ushered the other boy forward.

“Impressive, there’s not many that can shrug off all of the blows from Kidamaru.” The white haired teen congratulated. “Perhaps Lord Orochimaru was correct in thinking that you would make either a good resource or possibly even a body.”

“Thanks.” Peter returned, “I think I’ve had my fill of body snatchers though.” He shot off, as the pair of fighters went at each other. Peter poured more speed into the move, this time Kidamaru came in with a group of uppercut strikes. Peter performed a backflip hitting the Sound Ninja and tossed him into the side of a wall. The boy grunted as his shoulder slammed into the wall.

“Oh yeah, this is going to be a fun game, I’m only sorry that I won’t get a chance to go at you with my full strength.” Kidamaru informed his opponent. The boy reached for his mouth and drew out a ball of weird looking yellow stuff. He then molded the stuff into several kunai like weapons.

“Do I even want to know how you’re managing that one?” Peter questioned, as he saw that the boy now held a yellow kunai in each of his hands. “I mean seriously, there’s something really wrong about a mucus and chakra created kunai.”

“Let’s just say that I have different game pieces than you do.” Kidamaru returned with a grin. “Now let’s get back to our game. It’s only a shame that I can’t use my chakra and web you up like I normally would.” He launched a pair of his kunai at Peter, who blocked the incoming blades with his bracer. He then ducked, as Kidamaru was on top of him and thrusting with his remaining four blades. Trusting his spider sense, he managed to stay ahead of the strikes. He noticed that while the boy had multiple limbs he didn’t seem to have the fine motor controlthat he had been expecting. Whenever Kidamru swung he swung all of his arms like they were all connected. It meant that the strength of his punches were about three times stronger than and nearly unblockable. He let loose with a haymaker of his own that sent the dark skinned boy flying into a tree. Peter waited patiently, and saw that the boy appeared to be shaking his blow off. A blow that would have made some of his old opponents complain. He watched as more of the odd yellow stuff seemed to fall off of the guy.

“An exoskeleton created from your webbing?” Peter guessed as the boy rose to his feet.

“Hmm, you are a smart one aren’t you?” Kidamaru complimented. “Strong as well.” He admitted as he rubbed his jaw where he had been hit. “Let’s see how you deal with this though.” He declared, as he opened his mouth and began firing web nets at Peter.

Not seeming to be surprised Peter began firing his own webs at the incoming attacks. The white webbing of Peter vs. the yellow webbing of Kidamaru slammed into each other. When the pair stopped firing at each other there were now streamers of webbing all over the place.

Looks like you earned that Spider emblem on your shirt.” Kidamru noted with a glare as he looked around the space between the two of them.

“That’s enough Kidamaru.” The gray haired teen ordered. “If you do any more, you’ll draw attention to us.” He warned his teammate.

The dark skinned boy scowled, but nodded his head in acceptance as he climbed to his feet and stood amongst his team. “I guess that makes this game a draw.” He grumbled as he rejoined his companions.

“As Kidamaru said your strong, a lot stronger and with more potential than a lot of the people in this backwater excuse for a ninja village.” Tayuya pointed out suggestively from where she was standing. “Imagine how strong you could be though. Imagine the power that Lord Orochimaru could give you if you were to come to him. You have a lot more potential than even this Uchiha punk does.”

“Yes, and our Lord is willing to go that extra mile in order to help you learn where it is that you come from. Word is that if you have half the potential that they say you do then you might even be a match or an eventual replacement for Kabuto one day.”

“You’re really going to try and pull the join the dark side speech with me?” Peter questioned in disbelief, chuckling as he surveyed the group. “I mean seriously, you guys think some lame ass speech and empty promises and compliments are going to be enough to make me want to join your group? Let me guess, you needed Sasuke and me in order to push your numbers up to the appropriate numbers?”*

“What a shame Peter Parker, you could have been a useful asset to Lord Orochimaru he could have brought you to a level of true power.”

“Yeah, well I guess I’ll have to live with the disappointment.” Peter returned to him with a casual shrug.

“You should both choose your friends and allies wisely.” The gray haired boy told him, the group then launched themselves into the air and then disappeared with a leaf shunshin.

Peter turned to look at Sasuke, who while grunting in pain was climbing back to his feet. “Easy there Sasuke.” He ordered, as he went to his side. “Those guys seemed to pack a bit more punch than you would have thought.”

“I can get up just fine.” Sasuke snarled, jerking his arm away.

“You’re not pissed that you got your ass handed to you and I didn’t are you?” Peter questioned him. “Come on, you’re still recovering from that electrical damage and they had all of their armor on.” He reminded the other boy as he offered him a hand up. “That doesn’t even bring up the fact that they were tag teaming you.”

“I don’t want your pity!” Sasuke snarled back at him angrily, as he slapped the offered hand away. The boy then leaped away before Peter could say anything else to him.

Peter shook his head in disgust at the Uchiha Ninja. One of these days he was going to kick the ass of that jerk and there wasn’t going to be anyone to stop him from doing it either.

Sasuke returned to the Uchiha Compound. Here where once there had been so many Uchiha Clan members now there was just him. A Clan that went back to the founding of Konoha Village. Torn down and destroyed by his own brother. His Clan, which had prided itself on being the strongest and most powerful had been destroyed except for him. He had joined the Ninja Core to get revenge for the loss of so many of its member’s, intent on seeing that they rested in peace. Everything he had done, had been to make himself better, stronger all so that he could kill his brother. He had nurtured his hatred for Itachi, until it was a fiery volcano merely waiting for his brother to appear so that he could unleash his power at him. His one brief encounter with his brother had shown how far he still had to go though in order to be anywhere near the same level as his brother. It was as if the village was holding him back from reaching his full potential. At first he had thought that putting him on an already established team was proof in his strength, skill, and power. Now he saw that despite all that, he had been placed with a pair of weaklings that didn’t even truly deserve the name of ninja. Learning that losers like Naruto, Sakura, and Peter had been given a Sensei like the legendary Kakashi the Copycat Ninja made him all the more angry. To make it all the more annoying, he had been saved by one of the losers from the Academy. He couldn’t even touch his opponent, yet Peter was able to meet his own opponent blow for blow. That didn’t even go into the fact that Naruto, who had been just an adequate or basic ninja had managed to meet him on equal ground in a taijutsu match. In the past wiping the floor with Naruto hadn’t been a problem but now they were near even. How could he face off with Itachi and bring him to task if even ninja like Naruto could fight him.

He quickly began packing all of his ninja gear, and any family scrolls that he thought that he might need. It was time for him to move on, to continue his training in the shinobi arts with more efficient and skilled teachers. He opened one of the chests and pulled a black metal uniform out. It was an experimental design, created in the Land of Snow. Danzo had used his contacts while Sasuke had supplied the money. It was mesh armor with a belt that had a brightly colored gem as part of its buckle. It didn’t have the durability or strength that regular chakra armor possessed, but it did allow a person to increase their chakra use and gave them a certain strength against Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. It was far from being perfect, but it was better than completely relying on the armor like the Snow Ninja were known to do as well. With this, his chakra now about 10 percent higher along with the ability to wheather any D or C level jutsu made him truly ready. He placed his own clothes back over the mesh armor grabbed his pack and headed out the door. It was time to see if Orochimaru really could help him gain the power that he had said he could.

As Sasuke was walking, he came to a bridge, and saw Sakura Haruno waiting by it. He knew this was the route that Team 7 sometimes traveled, so it wasn’t completely surprising that he would run into the girl. She was currently balanced on the railing of the bridge, her arms crossed across her chest as she looked at the Uchiha Heir. Her stance was much like that of the ANBU that had trained her in the arts of the shinobi. “Sasuke.” The girl greeted, not seeming that surprised to see the Uchiha here.

The ninja had come to stop and was now assessing the girl before him. “Sakura Haruno.” Sasuke greeted coolly, wondering what the girl was going to do now that they had confronted each other.

“Going somewhere?” She questioned him, nodding towards the pack that the boy was wearing.

“What business is it of yours?” Sasuke growled back at her, even as he glared at her.

“Come on Sasuke, we both now only ANBU or A Rank Missions are permitted to leave after the gates close and then there’s the fact that you’re still on the injured list since technically you should still be in the hospital for your injures another day or two.” She pointed out to him knowingly. “Just because you checked yourself out doesn’t mean that they’re going to just change the rules.”

“You always were one to know all the rules. Sakura.” Sasuke returned. “Not like Naruto or any of the other members of your team. They never were ones for rules. Not like you though right? I doubt they even know those rules exist, and even if they did they would probably think it was fun to break them.” He noted rather neutrally.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking of doing Sasuke, but you know that I can’t let you pass.” Sakura told him.

“Sakura, don’t pretend that you’re a match for me. We both know that you’re not. So stay out of my way.” Sasuke ordered as he began walking towards the bridge.

Sakura jumped off the railing and landed on the bridge. “If you’re really going to try and take your leave of the village then you’re going to have to go through me.” She explained, as she raised her hand over her shoulder and placed it on the hilt of the boken.

Sasuke smirked at the girl as he let his bag fall to the ground. “Very well then Sakura, let’s see if you’ve progressed like the rest of your team or if you’re still just as pathetic as I remember you being.” He taunted her with a smirk.

The pink haired girl flushed at the dismissive way he referred to her and her shinobi skills. “Fine Sasuke, I was hoping we could do this without having to resort to fighting though.” She returned to him, as she took up a defensive crouch that blocked the boy from passing through.

Sasuke smirked as he dashed forward. Sakura responded by drawing her weapon and striking in a downward slash. Sasuke ignored the hit even if he was surprised that she had managed to strike him and aimed a punch at her. The pink haired girl managed to duck the blow though and drove hilt of her weapon into Sasuke’s gut. The Uchiha stumbled back a bit in surprise as Sakura managed to throw an uppercut at him that just missed him. He studied her a bit more closely studying her stance and her weapon. “You have gotten a lot better since the Academy.” He admitted. “You’ve become a lot faster, and there’s some actual power in your blows now.”

“I don’t suppose you’ll stop now?” Sakura questioned him hopefully.

“Please, you really think that’s enough to stop me?” He scoffed back at her. “You just surprised me with your speed.” He rushed at her again moving around the rising wooden weapon and hitting her in the shoulder sending her tumbling back. He performed a kick that would knock her into the water, but her sword came up and stopped him. His foot rested on the blade for a moment before he pushed off from it flipping through the air and landed at the foot of the bridge in a crouched position. Not giving the Uchiha a chance to come up with a new attack she leaped into the air. Dragon Hammer. She called as she fed chakra into her body and came down with slash. Sasuke was forced to jump back as Sakura and her sword slammed into the ground leaving a small dent in the ground. Sakura didn’t pause though as she moved forward. “Dragon Slash.” She called out. Sasuke backpedaled just getting away. “Double Dragon Slash.” She called, as her sword moved at double the speed and Sasuke looked down and saw that she had actually ripped his shirt that time around.

“You’re beginning to annoy me Sakura.” The Uchiha informed her darkly. “I’ve been going easy on you. However, if you don’t get out of my way right now, my patience is going to be finished with you and I’ll come at you with a lot more power.” He warned her, as he drew a kunai out of its pouch.

Sakura swallowed at the ominous warning of her crush, or was that former former crush? She was still unsure just what he was to her. She did know that while she had improved she still had a long way to go before she was on his level. Maybe she could delay him long enough though that he decided it wasn’t worth the effort, or someone else would come along and put a stop to the fight. Her one saving grace was that Sasuke couldn’t chance using any high level jutsu or he would attract the attention of some of the other shinobi in the area. If they had a crowd there was no chance on him managing to slip out without being noticed. She really wished Kakashi-Sensei was here right now though. She was taken out of her musings as Sasuke blurred. Sakura gathered her chakra and began moving at an increased rate as well the two flew up high and began passing by at each other their weapons striking for a moment and then they passed.

Sakura landed on a tree branch searching for her opponent when Sasuke appeared behind her swinging his kunai at her. Whirling Dragon.” Sakura thought as she went into a counter spin to the attack and managed to just dodge the blade and cause a deep cut on one of the nearby trees as she missed her target.

Sasuke dropped to the ground and then sent a kick at her that sent her flying into the air. He leaped up after and for a moment the two sailed in in the air for a moment. “Lion’s barrage. He called out as he kicked with one leg then the other spun them around and now with him over her performed a punch and then the final kick that sent her crashing back into one of the tree branches.

Sakura groaned as she forced herself to her feet. She knew Sasuke was tough and powerful, but she had no idea that he was this far above her. His attacks were utterly ruthless. Sensing a presence she swung her weapon.

Sasuke’s hand intercepted the weapon and caught her wooden blade. A small line of blood dripped from his hand where the chakra enhanced wood had cut into his hand. “You should have just stayed out of my way Sakura.” Sasuke informed her, as he raised his head to look her in the eyes.

Sakura whimpered as she saw the blood red eyes that were now staring back at her.

Sasuke jerked the sword out of her hand and then slammed the hilt of the weapon into her face. Sakura lost her grip on the sword and was sent stumbling back. Sasuke then took her boken in both hands and snapped it over his knee. Twirling the two broken ends he slammed them into her shoulders and into the tree trunk that was behind her. The girl was now pinned to the tree like she was a part of some butterfly collection.

Sakura gasped in pain as she tried to reach for the shattered remains of her own weapon that was now holding her against the tree.

Sasuke ignored her as he leaped down and gathered his bag up. He paused for a moment to look up at her before he headed over the bridge and towards the gates unconcerned over the fact that he had just left someone that he had trained alongside of pinned to the tree. Moving quickly he scaled the wall and headed for where the Sound Ninja were waiting for him.

Izumo and Kotetsu were walking back from their night of guard duty when they saw the girl. “Hey isn’t that one of Kakashi’s Team 7?” Izumo questioned in surprise as the pair leaped up beside the bleeding girl. It looked like the bits of wood had slowed the bleeding down enough that she hadn’t completely bled out. Each of them snapped one of the broken pieces that had punctured the girl and the tree off. The two Chunnin transported the girl to the Hospital. Shizune who had been taking a shift saw the pair come in and quickly took charge. “One of you go and get Lady Hokage, the other will help me.” She ordered. The pair nodded as they split up, while Shizune worked on Sakura. She carefully removed both of the broken pieces of wood and then began working on sealing the wounds up. Even as she noticed that it looked like Sakura had taken a large beating before she had been left hanging on the tree.

“Shizune what happened?” Tsunade demanded as she strode through the doors.

“She was brought in for multiple stab wounds.” Shizune explained to her mentor. “I’m not sure what happened to her, she was severely beaten as well though.”

“Sasuke.” Sakura whimpered out quietly. “Saskue.”

“Sasuke?” Tsunade questioned with a scowl. “Somebody find me Uchiha.” She barked out toward the surrounding ninja. Maybe he can explain to me what happened to her. Come on Sakura tell me what happened.” She questioned the barely conscious kunoichi.

“It, it, was Sasuke.” The girl whimpered out. “He left the village.”

“He what?” Tsunade exclaimed in surprise and shock. She turned to see a ninja. “Somebody send me Shikamaru and Peter.” She snarled angrily. “We’re going to deal with this right now.” She couldn’t believe that Orochimaru was already making his move against the village again. It seemed he planned to start it off by going for the Uchiha Clan’s Dojutsu.

“It gets worse Lady Hokage.” Peter growled as he and Ibiki stepped into the operating room a file already in his hands. “The Sound Village came and gave a recruiting speech to me and Sasuke last night. The same group of Ninja that were with Orochimaru when he killed the Third.” He added as he handed her some pictures of the group. “They attacked the pair of us with taijutsu and low level Ninjutsu. Unfortunately I think it just pissed Sasuke off all the more over the fact that I was able to stand up to them a bit more than they could.”

“So Sasuke decided to leave the village then did he?” Tsunade demanded of the masked ninja. The Hokage’s eyes narrowed and her fist tightened in anger.

Why am I only now hearing about this?

Peter spent a few hours with me in Torture and Interrogation explaining everything to me. Ibiki cut in. I didn’t think that we’d have to worry about anything for at least another 6 hours. The boy must have been closer to the edge than we had originally thought that he was. He theorized.

Tsundae scowled at this bit of information as she leafed through the pictures of the group. “Fine, come with me Peter.” She ordered, stomping out of the room.

“But what about Sakura?” Peter questioned, looking at the wounded Kunoichi.

“Shizune is a more than competent medic.” Tsunade returned to the boy. “Right now I need you two to go and finish the job that Sakura started, I need you to bring me Sasuke. If you happen to need to kick his ass around a bit I won’t be to upset either.” She informed him over her shoulder as she headed out of the room. The masked ninja looked toward his teammate one more time before rushing out after the Hokage.

When they entered the office, they saw a belligerent looking Shikamaru already waiting for them leaning tiredly against the wall. “This had better be important.” The boy grumbled at the group.

“Shut up and listen.” Tsunade snapped back at the Chunnin, causing the boy to click his mouth shut and stand up. She then sat down at her desk while the two newly promoted Chunnin stood before her desk ready to listen. “Now then, Shikamaru Peter, the two of you will be Co-Leaders for this mission.” She informed them. “Late last night Sasuke Uchiha left the Leaf Village while injuring Sakura Haruno.”

Shikamaru blinked in surprise even as he glanced over at his companion with worry. He really hoped that Peter didn’t do something troublesome to Sasuke over this it was going to be bad enough trying to control Naruto.

“And we’re quite certain that he’s headed for the Hidden Sound Village.” Tsundae finished, shocking the Nara boy.

“He just left?” Shikamaru blurted out in surprise. “How could this happen?”

“Simple, Orochinmaru must have him in his clutches.” Tsundae explained knowingly.

“What, wait.” Shikamaru pleaded holding his hands up as he tried to get a better understanding of the situation. “That doesn’t make any sense. What does Sasuke get from talking with someone as depraved as Orochimaru?”

“At this point his motive doesn’t matter.” Tsundae returned to him. “We need to deal with it quickly. I’ve decided it’s time for the two of you to carry out your first mission as Chunnin.”

“So all we got to do is bring Sasuke back?” Shikamaru questioned the Hokage. “Shouldn’t his team be a part of this though?”

“Yes, that is your mission.” Tsunade informed him. “Unfortunately, Sasuke’s Team left last night on a recon mission in the opposite direction. Sasuke couldn’t go because he was still recovering from his injuries. But this mission must be accomplished without delay and you may find it a more dangerous task than either of you think.” She warned the pair of boys. “There’s a strong possibility that Sasuke is being escorted by Orochimaru’s men.”

“Well if we’re going to facing opposition then we’re going to need a team made up of Jonnin and Chunnin.” Shikamaru informed the Hokage.

“I can’t honor that request.” Tsundae returned.

“What,” a startled SHikamaru returned, “and why not?”

“You already know the answer.” Tsundae returned stiffly. “As I’m sure you’re aware most of the Jonnin have been sent out on missions. Only a handful remained behind in case of attack. That is part of why I had you create your cell.” She informed the pair. Left unsaid was the fact that the Village had lost to many ninja during Orochimaru’s last attempt against the village. “Round up whichever members that you think are up to the job. You have 30minutes to leave this village.”

Shikmaru didn’t bother answering just started heading for the door. He stopped for a moment. “This whole thing is a drag.” He pointed out to them. “But I do know the guy so I can’t just let it go.” He turned to look at the Hokage with a smirk. “Well, that’s just the way it is I guess.”

Yeah come on lets go. Peter returned brushing past his Co-Captain.

Shikamaru shook his head as he watched him. What a time for the guy to lose his sense of humor and decide to get serious.

The pair headed out the door. “Who do you want for this one?” Peter asked. “I want Naruto, we’ve been a team since before the Academy.”

Shikamaru nodded his acceptance of that even if he thought having both of the remaining members of Team 7 was a dangerous idea considering everything that had happened. “Alright, Naruto will be our powerhouse, Choji is good for a fight as well, while Kiba will be good for either tracking or detecting anyone. Can you think of anyone else?”

“Well I saw four of them, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t more.” Peter theorized to him. “Your team sounds good even if it does seem to be made up of mainly close range fighters. As it is I’ll be the on;y long range fighter on the team. If we add Haku and Naruto though they’ll give us some long range, speed and toughness that we may need later. I would suggest Shino as well, but he left yesterday for some clan training. Technically we could get him to join us if we needed to though.”

“Good point,” Shikmaru agreed. “but I think we’ll have enough members like that. At least I hope we will.”

“You do realize that the girls are going to kill us over not picking them right?” Peter asked.

“Well hopefully Ino will be too worried about Sakura to get mad at us.” Shikamaru returned with a shrug.

“Right, let’s get going, we got us a team to gather.” The pair then rushed to Choji’s house where they gathered the large boy and met up with Kiba they then stopped by to pick up Haku and Naruto. As they headed for the main gate they saw Neji and Lee at a store buying supplies for themselves as well as Guy Sensei.

“Neji, Lee seal that stuff up or dump it we got a mission.” Peter ordered as he landed in front of the pair. “Sasuke’s done a runner and we’re heading out to bring him back, and we need anyone that we can get our hands on that is Gennin rank. Preferably from our Cell.”

“Understood.” Neji replied as the two boys quickly stuffed the last of their things onto the packs they had been carrying. No one noticed as Lee pocketed some of Guy-Sensei’s special requests to be picked up.

“Should we not at least find a place to put these things first?” Lee questioned, not really wanting to take some of Guy-Sensei’s things with them.

“Lee, Sasuke hurt Sakura. Right now she’s in the hospital because of what he did. Are you really going to let him get away with that?” Peter questioned in a no nonsense tone.

Lee suddenly looked grim. “No, I will not. I will simply have to show Sasuke just what it is that happens to those that hurt a comrade and more importantly the love of my life.” Lee growled as he placed his equipment on his belt. “Come, we must go.”

The group ran to the gate. “Open the gates.” Shikamaru ordered as he threw their orders at the guards.. The gate guards nodded as they pushed the heavy doors open.

“Well eight’s better than what I thought it would be.” Shikamru noted, the idea that they would be going up against Sound Village ninja was still daunting though.

“Right,” Peter agreed. “I figure a two squad formation that leapfrog each other.” He suggested to the Nara.

Shikamaru smiled, glad that his co-leader was at least competent in planning out strategies. It made his work a lot easier when people with brains decided to work were with him. It also made dealing with annoying people like Naruto a lot easier. “Sounds good. I’ll take Choji, Neji, and Lee for my squad.”

“Which leaves me Naruto, Haku and Kiba.” Peter returned in understanding. “That should work. Alright guys here’s the plan we’re going to have to move fast. We’re splitting into two squads. The Lead Squad will be made up of Naruto, Haku, Kiba, and myself.”

“While Choji, Neji, Lee, and myself will be in the Support Squad.” Shikamaru explained to the group. “Peter’s squad will have point since they have Kiba who knows the area along with that nose of his, Peter has that spider sense of his which should allow him to sense any traps combined with Haku’s experience with Hunter Ninja should give us a chance.”

“Alright lets go, Kiba you’ve got point for our team as our primary tracker, Naruto and I will have the sides to either reinforce you or to deal with anything, as we’re both quick response ninja it gives us another advantage, while Haku takes rear guard as the only long range ninjutsu user with us it will be your job to give cover fire as needed.” Peter ordered his group who nodded as they fell into position.

“Choji, you’ve got point on our team. You should be able to react as needed either forward or backwards. Neji you’ve got the back door, it’ll be your job to watch for any incoming assault, Lee and I will take the sides providing cover for you.” Shikamaru ordered as his own squad fell into position.

“Kind of like how we did the Chunnin Exams isn’t it.” Peter joked as he surveyed the teams.

“That it is.” Shikamru agreed. “One last thing, everyone turn on your short range radios. With two teams we may not be able to use simpler methods like hand signals. If we’re lucky we won’t get separated from each other.”

Shikamaru looked the group over for a moment before he began speaking again. “For as long as I’ve known him Sasuke and I have never quiet seen eye to eye. In fact I don’t really like him at all.”

“Not like he’s made any effort to befriend any of us.” Peter reminded his co-leader. “Add in the fact he injured a member of Team 7 and none of us are too happy with him right now.” Naruto and Haku both growled their own agreements with that thought.

Shikamaru nodded his head in agreement with that statement. “All the same, Sasuke is a member of the Hidden Leaf and a comrade. So I’ll put my life on the line to help him. That’s the way of our village.” He reminded the group since some of them didn’t seem to happy with bringing Sasuke back alive part of the mission. Lee and Team 7 could be a problem later on. First they had to catch Sasuke though. “I know that I usually seem like a pretty lazy guy, but not today. Because I’m responsible for your lives to.”

“We’re responsible.” Peter reminded him. “And enough of this posturing stuff we need to get going so lets do an equipment check before we leave.”

Everyone nodded as they each drew their weapon pouches out for inspection by the two chunnin and fixed their radios and throat mikes into place.

“My speech won’t be as deep as Shikamaru’s, while he’s right that the job is to bring Sasuke in I want you all to remember these are Orochimaru’s personal soldiers and there’s no telling what all they’re capable of. If their taijutsu is even half as strong as their Ninjutsu, then it’s going to be one heck of a fight. So everyone watch your backs and the backs of your team. Also remember what Sasuke did to one of our own.” He added in with a glare. Haku, Naruto, and Lee all scowled at that as they thought of the girl in the hospital right now. “This means it will probably require a bit of force. Don’t let your tempers make you stupid though.” He warned them. The boys nodded their acceptance of that.

“Good, now lets go.” Shikamaru ordered, as Peter’s team took the lead with his own following behind and to the right.

“Ninja Assemble.” Peter called out as they rushed forward.

*Sinister 6 reference: Sound 4 plus 2 Konoha Ninja equals 6
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