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Konoha Spider

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Summary: Peter Parker falls through a portal and is de-aged and his memories are fragmented. He befriends Naruto, is claimed by the Aburame Clan, and joins team 7. What will the change of a Spider befriending a Fox have? Sasuke Retrieval Mission.

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texaswookieFR1853330,1251128177,61113 Dec 1116 Jul 14No

Lee vs Jirōbō

And we're back with another chapter to this. As usual I ain't claiming any of this. Sorry for the long wait, but work, funerals, and sick family take top concern folks. That and a blank muse.

Last Time

“Man what a bunch of losers you guys are.” Jirobo complained. “I mean aside from the spider wannabe the rest of you are worthless and he just barely makes the cut. I thought some of you were supposed to be prodigies and geniuses?” He scoffed at the group unimpressed with them. “You guys really are pathetic though. I guess now it makes since though why Sasuke was so quick to join us if this is the kind of so called ninja they have. Not an ounce of real skill in any of you.”

“Now he’s done it.” Neji noted turning to look toward his teammate.

Lee had risen to his feet, his eyes had narrowed and he had clenched his fists in anger though. “The rest of you go on. This one is mine. He has spat upon the bond that is our comrades and skill over hard work. It is my duty to show him just how wrong he is on both of those counts.”

“You sure about this Lee?” Peter questioned worriedly.

“Indeed.” Lee returned as he revealed the weights that had been tied around his ankles. “It is time to show him my true power.” He explained to them.

“He’s right, also since Lee is used to fighting without Ninjutsu, or Genjutsu his chakra recovery is a lot faster than the rest of us because he doesn’t use his as much as the rest of us.” Shikamaru told the others. “Fine Lee, take care of this guy.”

“Thank you, it will be a pleasure of mine to do so.” Lee returned as he saluted to the others.

“Yeah as your team leaders we’re telling you to go full out on this guy.” Peter told the bowl haircut boy. “Do what you have to do to stop him.”

Neji smirked at his teammate. “Yes, you better hurry though. You wouldn’t want to still be fighting this one when we’re on our way back now would?” He challenged with a knowing and superior smirk aimed at his partner.

“If that happens I will do a 300 extra laps around the village, swim 100 laps, and do 500 hundred practice punches and kicks with double my usual amount of weights as penance.” Lee returned to him. “Now hurry up so I at least can act like I have to catch up with you.” He returned cockily.

“You really think this scrawny little pain is going to be enough when all of you together were barely holding me off?” Jirobo sneered at them. “I’m going to break him like a toothpick.”

“Here eat these before you start.” Choji offered as he tossed him a bag of food pills. “They’ll help you get your energy back up.” He explained.

“I thank you for this gift of trust and friendship my comrade.” Lee returned as he took a handful and tossed them into his mouth. “Now go and bring back our other comrade. Show those others your youth and I will show this one the fires of my Youth.” He assured them. He lifted the weights in his hand for a moment before he allowed them to drop to the ground causing dents in the ground.

Snarling Jirobo charged, even as Lee moved in as well. “Leaf Hurricane! He shouted as his leg slammed into the larger ninja and sent him flying back.

“Don’t keep us waiting.” Shikamaru told him.

Lee smiled letting the sunlight glint off of his teeth and gave a thumbs up sign with one hand and rested his other hand on his hip. It was the somewhat awkward and infamous Nice Guy Pose that they all hated to have aimed at them. “Trust me, I shall succeed.” He told them before turning to look at his opponent.

“Let’s go.” Peter ordered as the group headed off after the other Sound Ninja. “We have a comrade to save.”

“Alright!” Naruto hooted.

“We’re right behind ya.” Kiba returned while Akamaru arfed his agreement.

“Be careful.” Neji ordered Lee before he leaped up and followed the others.

“And now we may fight.” Rock Lee told his opponent who was already back to his feet.

“I’m gonna destroy you.” Jirobo snarled back.

Lee stood blocking the way of the large Sound Ninja that had been ordered to stop the members of the Retrieval Squad. He looked the boy over as he tried to get a sense of what his skills and abilities might be. Jirōbō was a large boy, much bigger than any of their team was and had arms that were easily as thick as Lee's entire body. His strength from that alone meant that he had more raw power in which to use. Something he had already observed when he had lifted a giant boulder. He had a more roundish figure as opposed to the slim build that Lee's own build had, and his stance made sure that he had a better center of balance. This was going to be one of the toughest battles that Lee had ever had.

"I told you to move." Jirōbō growled, as he glared at the toothpick thin boy clad in green spandex, with a dopey haircut, and bushy eyebrows. "I got a job to do, and no punk like you is going to get in my way." He assured the Leaf Shinobi.

"While I respect that more than you could possibly know, I to have a duty and a mission." Lee returned to the other boy. "It is my duty as a member of the Retrieval Squad, and more importantly a member of the Leaf Ninja Core, to make sure that you do not interfere with the mission of my comrades. It is therefore my duty to do battle with you." Placing one hand behind his back he beckoned the Sound Ninja towards him. "So come, let us see what you are capable of. The winner of our fight shall move on, while the other remains here."

Jirōbō smirked at the Leaf Ninja. "I think I can work with that, only difference is that when I beat you, I think I'm going to leave you buried in the ground." He explained, as he set himself up in preparation for the fight.

"We shall see about that. Prepare yourself! For I am Rock Lee, the Green Beast of the Leaf, and I shall defeat you." The Leaf Ninja proclaimed to the Sound Shinobi.

"Big talk from a little man." Jirōbō mocked. "I'll make you regret those words."

"You are a taijutsu user like me." Lee noted, as he examined the stance the boy had taken. "You use the Arahat style. A style developed for punishing yet brutal strikes that can take out an opponent quickly." He rattled off knowingly having seen some of the blows that the older teen used.

"Not bad pipsqueak, then again what could I expect for someone that uses the Strong Fist style taijutsu. A style known for its speed and raw strength." Jirōbō returned to him. "I've also seen some of your speed as well." He reminded him.

"Ah, but that was before I was ordered to take my weights off." Lee reminded his opponent with a grin. "As Peter would say, it is a whole new ball game."

"Bring it on punk show me what you can do." Jirōbō taunted. "It doesn't matter what type of game you bring, it still won't be enough to take me on."

"As you wish." Lee returned as he suddenly took off faster than the Sound Shinobi had been expecting. He appeared at his side and delivered a heavy punch that sent the much larger boy flying off to the side.

"Lucky hit." Jirōbō growled angrily, as he wiped the dirt from his face and rose back up to his feet seeming relatively unharmed despite the power that the blows had contained. He waited, and when Lee came back at him. He swung at him, only for Lee to almost casually sidestep the hits. "Hold still." He ordered in annoyance, as he swung again in an attempt to hit the speeding green clad boy. Lee appeared in front of him, and delivered several lighting fast jabs that slammed into the larger boy who was forced back several feet at the unexpected power that the hits had possessed. "Alright you've had your fun, now its time for me to show you what it means to have real power. Let's see you dodge this. Earth Style: Sphere of Graves.” He called out as he lifted another of the giant earthen boulders and held it over his head. "Now die." He snarled, as he threw the giant piece of earth at Lee.

Lee smiled as he saw the challenge that the other boy had presented him with. Rushing at it he managed to run up and over the incoming boulder. He was sideswiped though, as Jirōbō came up with a follow through punch as if he had been expecting him and sent Lee tumbling back through to the ground. The boy slid on the ground, but managed to land on his feet. With a quick turn the two boys were now in a fast paced fight. Moving at speeds that the normal human eye couldn't even think of following. Jirōbō tried to connect with the other boy only for his blows to mis him by mere centimeters. It was as if he was hitting the after image while the real Lee continued to move around him and perform a myriad of attacks on the other boy. Individually none of them were enough to really hurt him but combined they were starting to wear down on him.

Lee backflipped out of one swing and Jirōbō went through a series of hand signs. "Earth Style: Terra Shield." He called, as a wall of earth rose up between them.

Lee didn't even stop though as he rushed around the wall and connected his fist to the chest of the other boy sending him flying again.

"Enough." Lee growled as he lashed pout at Jirōbō knocking the boy off balance. Standing up Lee glared at the boy. "I believe it is time that we end this." He declared as he unwrapped the bandages on his hands. "Gate of Opening, Open." He called out as he felt more chakra enter his body. He then sped at the Sound Shinobi once again.

"I don't think so." Jirōbō growled as he planted his hand on the earth, and the ground in front of him became broken up.

"Had I intended to attack you from the front that might have slowed me down." Lee told him as he appeared behind him.

"Wha?" A surprised Jirōbō questioned, as he looked over his shoulder to see a flash of green black orange and white. He felt a powerful kick that sent him flying upward. "What's going on?" He demanded, as he sensed the blur come up behind him in a perfect dancing leaf shadow technique.

"I am finishing this." Lee returned to the other boy as the the bandages that had been hanging around his wrists wrapped around the much larger boy. "Primary Lotus." He called out, as he grasped the boy, and the pair began a corkscrew spin headfirst towards the ground.

"Are you insane, you'll kill us both!" Jirōbō cried, as he struggled to break the bandages that had him tied up. For all his strength though, it didn't seem as if he was going to manage to slip through.

"We shall see." A determined Lee shot back, as the two slammed into the ground. A large cloud of dirt rose up and a shockwave from the pair hitting ripped through the clearing. When the dust cleared the two heaving ninja could be seen dragging themselves back to their feet. Both of them had taken damage from their impact from the ground.

"Do you wish to continue?" A panting Lee asked, as he looked the Sound Ninja over cautiously.

'I, I, won't lose to you." Jirōbō panted out, as he forced himself to rise to his feet again. He was wobbling, but he was on his feet. After a moment he seemed to shake off the affects that the hit had caused. He smirked at the Leaf Ninja, still confident in his ability to win. "I can't believe that your going to make me use this, if it wasn't for the fact that we're in such a hurry I probably wouldn't even consider doing this." He admitted as he focused on his chakra.

Lee watched as strange chain like tattoos began to appear across the boy's face and arms. "So you to have not been fighting at full power then." Lee noted with interest, as he looked the other boy over excitedly. He could practically feel the chakra that was emanating from the Sound Ninja. "This shall make our battle all the more impressive then."

"Whatever chump, I'm going to flatten you like the bug you are now though." Jirōbō spat back at him as he moved forward and taking a swing at Lee.

Lee didn't have anytime to react as Jirōbō's fist connected with the side of his head and sent him tumbling. He rose back to his feet only to get caught in several more hits. Jirōbō was now much stronger and faster, as more chakra was running through his body thanks to the power from Orochimaru's seal. The Soun Ninja began using his strong and deadly strikes to slam his limbs into the body of the smaller Leaf Ninja. As his knee connected with his stomach, Lee coughed out a mouthful blood. Lee tried to stay standing but fell to the ground as an overhead blow knocked him down.

Jirōbō smiled as he looked at the downed figure with a grin. "I told you you're nothing more than a bug for me to squash beneath me." He reminded the other boy as he began stomp down on the figure. "You Leaf Ninja think that you're all that. Face it though, you guys are nothing."

"I do not believe that, for I know that despite what others say, that I am far more than what others believe me to be." Lee shouted back defiantly, as he dug his arm into the ground and pulled a large section of earth up as a shield. The next blow that Jirōbō slammed down at Lee struck the wall of earth that he had pulled up instead. Rolling out of the way, Lee climbed to his feet. He had to admit it this Sound Shinobi was one of the toughest opponents that he had ever faced off with. He was caught off guard as the Ninja blindsided him, and sent him to slam through the side of several different trees.

"That should teach you." Jirōbō huffed, as he saw that the Leaf Ninja was now unconscious. Looks like he had overestimated the power that the punk really had. It was a shame that he didn't have the time to end him like he should. He had a mission from Orochimaru to get to though. He didn't even want to consider what the man would do if they failed to bring Sasuke back. The Uchiha's body was extremely important to the master's plans. He turned to walk away and catch up with the others, who knows maybe if he hurried he would be able to deal with some of the others. He was forced to stop as he heard a sound coming from behind him. Turning, he saw that the kid was somehow rising back to his feet and setting himself into another taijutsu stance. "That's impossible, he's unconscious, but he's still trying to fight me?" He asked incredulously, as he watched the figure beckon him on. "Fine, its your funeral Leaf Trash." He grumbled, as he moved to take him out. He needed to end this now. Moving with speed that only powerful ninja could reach he fired off several lightning fastpunches and kicks at him. Lee despite having his eyes closed was able to not only block each and everyone of the hits, but was able to return the punches. "How is he doing this, he's unconscious and yet still fighting." The disbelieving Jirōbō noted, as he backhanded the boy only for him to raise both of his arms and absorb the hit. He then came back with a flying kick that put him on the defensive. He dodged and blocked a series of punches a kicks that the boy performed without even thinking about it. "Earth Style: Terra Shield." He snarled, as the earth in front of him rose once again absorbing the attacks that the smaller fighter was performing on the wall. He was somewhat surprised to see that the blows were creating cracks in the wall.

A particularly nasty punch and the wall crumbled. It was at that moment that the boy seemed to wake up. "Huh, what is going on?" A somewhat befuddled Lee asked, as he looked around in confusion as he tried to get his bearings.

"You're funeral is what's going on." Jirōbō shouted, as he punched Lee with an uppercut that lifted him off of his feet and sent him flying.

Lee twisted in the air and landed in a crouched position. He rubbed his jaw tenderly where he had been struck. "If you wish to make this a display of power, then I will gladly oblige you." The boy promised his opponent. "Eight Inner Gates Formation." He shouted. "The Gate of Rest, open. Gate of Life, open."

As he unlocked each of the Inner Gates Jirōbō could feel the chakra levels around the boy rising. "Impossible, he's managed to get nearly as much power as I have." Jirōbō noted, as he watched the chakra around the boy start to become visible. "I have to end this now before he manages to access anymore power." He rushed at the Leaf Ninja, only for Lee to blur out of the way of the hit.

Lee then set himself for another attack. "It is time for you to see what my ninja way and the Power of Youth provide for me." He roared out at the larger ninja. "Leaf Hurricane!" He shouted, as he put all of his power into the spin kick. The kick caught Jirōbō and sent him flying through several of the trees. Lee sped after him sending a flurry of punches and kicks that kept pushing him farther and farther. The pair of shinobi were now in a large ditch that they had created.

Jirōbō growled, and slammed both of his hands into the chest of his opponent sending him flying back. As he rose back to his feet, as much as he hated to admit it some of those blows were starting to hurt him. It looked like he was going to have to show this boy what happened to those that got on his bad side. "You want to compare power?" He demanded in a bellowing voice. "Fine, I'll show you my power you Leaf garbage." He growled, as he focused on his power. It was a good thing that he had absorbed so much chakra from earlier, or he never would have managed to keep going as it was. He stomped his feet, and Lee watched as his opponent's skin changed to a reddish orange, muscles that had been hidden away by a few layers of fat became harder and more defined, warts began to pop up on his face and shoulders, and his hair began growing out from the mohawk into a wild and full mane of hair that reached all the way down to the small of his back. "You wanted to compare power, you got your wish." He snarled out. "I'm going to crush you." He promised. "First I'm going to show you how little power it is that you actually have."

Lee smiled at the appearance of the even more powerful figure. "Oh this is indeed an honor to be fighting such a powerful opponent." He excitedly shouted, as he began prancing around excitedly. "I shall prove once and for all I am more than what Destiny and Fate declares." He exclaimed, his eyes watered as he looked at the ninja. "Thank you for providing me with this opportunity."

Jirōbō shook his head as he listened to the ninja, obviously one of his early hits had scrambled the brain of the other fighter. There was no way that he would normally be as excited as he was making himself out to be. Any smart person would be shaking in fear over the prospect of fighting someone like him. "Die!" He yelled, as he suddenly sped at the the insane fighter. He clotheslined the spandex clad figure, sending him flipping into the air. As soon as Lee landed Jirōbō appeared next to him and grabbed him by the back of his green shirt and ran in a crouch while using Lee as a plow. After traveling back to where their fight had started he came to a stop. He reached down and pulled a beaten Lee out of the trench and held the battered body up overhead and looked him over. Lee's face was now covered in scrapes and bruises. "Just as I thought, you really were just Leaf Trash." The Sound Ninja huffed in annoyance at having to use real power against the Leaf Ninja who had fallen so easily. "I guess now we know why they were so willing to leave you behind. You must have been the weakest of them all." A powerful punch sent the ninja flying into a tree trunk where he slammed and cracked the tree. He looked down at the shinobi with disgust. "Yeah I see it now, I mean despite the fact that you got some decent taijutsu that's all you got isn't it?" Jirōbō snorted out in disgust, as he kicked Lee away from the tree. "What kind of ninja are you without having any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu anyways? I'll tell you what kind." He declared, as he lifted Lee up, only to slam him back into the ground. "You're the dead weight, the one that doesn't have anything to contribute to the team."

Lee glared at the powerful figure that was standing over him. "You are wrong, my comrades never abandon each other it is not our ninja way." He defended those that were not here. "For it is our power of youth and togetherness that makes us who and what we are."

"Heh, keep telling yourself that, you're just a little taijutsu user that can't even use Ninjutsu." Jirōbō taunted the other boy, as he pounded away on him. "That might be a bit more believable if you weren't down there eating dirt though." He crowed down at the speedster. "Face it, even that pathetic shadow user that was calling the shots for the most part had more use in that squad than you. What's more they all knew it as well. What good to the team were you? I'll tell you. You were nothing but the sacrificial lamb." He declared, as he kicked him again sending Lee up into the air only for his elbow to come crashing down on his back sending back into the ground.

"Very well I shall use the last of my youthful power and stop you then." Lee told him as he climbed up to his feet. Gate of Pain, open." Another burst of Chakra overcame him, and Lee's skin changed to a dark red and his eyes went completely white.

The two red skinned fighters stared at each other determined to win, both knew that they were on the last of their reserves. This last attack would likely decide the outcome of their fight and whether or not one or the other would be the victor. Each of them only had so much chakra left in them. It all came down to the next person getting a solid hit.

Lee suddenly charged at Jirōbō. The ground behind him shattered a he tore towards the figure.

Jirōbō smirked as he saw the incoming figure. His style worked best if he waited for his opponent to come to him. He thought that the fool had realized that but he was still coming straight at him. At that speed he wouldn't even be able to turn. Once he got his hands on him, he would drain the last off his chakra away and then kill this piece of Leaf scum that thought that he could be a match for him. All of this fighting had made him hungry again.

When Lee came into range they both swung their fists. There was a small shockwave that erupted between them as their fists connected with each other. Jirōbō made a move for a follow up attack only when his fist swung Lee was already gone. He had dodged the punch and come up under him and performed a kick to the head that sent Jirōbō flying into the air.

"Not this crap again." The Sound Ninja grumbled, as he prepared to strike at the dancing leaf shadow maneuver which would come next. He was completely shocked when instead of appearing beneath him the Leaf Ninja appeared above him.

Lee used his chakra to then knock the boy toward the ground. Lee disappeared and reappeared behind the falling ninja and repeated the chakra surge sending him flying upwards. What followed was a repeat of the process over and over sending the Sound Ninja bouncing up, down, and to the sides in a chaotic mess as Lee would appear near him and send him flying again slamming his body about. Lee appeared over him again and pushed off from a nearby tree. Jirōbō tried to bring his arm up in defense only for Lee to blur away again and appear lower where he delivered what felt like a hundred punches which sent him flying downward.

The bandages of one of his arms snaked out and wrapped around the Sound Ninja and hauled him back up. "It is now time to open the final gate." He declared as the distance between them closed. "Gate of Closing, open." Lee shouted, as he opened the last gate within his arsenal. He focused all of his remaining chakra into his other hand and foot and slammed them into the body of Jirōbō. "Reverse Lotus!" He called out, as the Sound Ninja slammed into the ground being driven deep into the earth.

Lee rolled onto the ground spent having put everything that he had in that last hit. He raised his head weakly and saw that the Sound Ninja appeared to be either unconcious or dead. Judging by the damage that he had given him there was no telling which. Lee tried to rise only to fall bonelessly to the ground. It would seem that he would require rest and possibly time recuperating as well before he was ready to move on. "Go my comrades, and bring Sasuke back." He mumbled in a weak and tired voice. "Let the fires of youth move you forward." He pleaded, before he collapsed on the ground in an unconscious mess.

I had someone ask why Guy wasn't a member of the team sent out after Sasuke. Since it was a unanimous review I thought that I would answer it. The Hokage told the team leaders that Gennin and Chunnin were the only ones allowed to go on the mission.

So, how many people were expecting the Drunken Fist Style to appear? Without the need for medicine there was no reason for Lee to bother with his 'supplies'.
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