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Summary: A series of one-shots about the transformation of Xander into various Mortal Kombat characters.

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Games > Martial ArtsOLazyOneFR1844,5740145,19215 Dec 1118 Dec 11No

Soul Stealer

Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrighted material used to aide in the creation of this bit of fiction. This is produced simply for the entertainment of readers and the author.

Soul Stealer

To Xander’s surprise, he found the school was still creepy when empty of students. Sure there was the threat of vampires and demons but hey, no troll.

He had come here along for a reason though, and he wasn’t leaving.

He had heard them talking. They were trying to protect him. They thought that if they pushed him out of the group then he would be safe.

That’s not what he wanted though.

He wanted to help his friends. He wanted to work together with his friends.

He didn’t want to lose his friends. He didn’t want to hear that his friends had died some dark night while he was safe at home sleeping. He’d rather die himself first.

That was why he was here now. He’d waited until every member of the gang had left the library. Now he planned to rummage through Giles books and find something that would help him be more useful.
He knew this might not necessarily be the smartest thing to do, but he preferred it to the alternative not being around his friends anymore.

At this point he was desperate, he was about to lose his best friends because he couldn’t keep up. He knew he was basically grasping at straws here. He and everyone else had pretty much gone through and skimmed every book here during emergency research sessions. After 2 years, plus summer sessions with Wills for ‘entertainment’ he doubted there were many books that he hadn’t been exposed to.

Hesitantly, he begin going through the books in the library. Not the normal ones or even the not-normal ones that were commonly used for research. Instead he started searching through the ones that Giles typically had hidden in the backroom, the dangerous ones.

Rarely was access to these particular volumes granted. Usually only when there was little time and Giles didn’t know which of them held necessary information. That being said, he’d looked through more than a few of them a time or two when the world was on the line, which made it all the more surprising when he came across one that he didn’t recognize. Holding the book up, he examined it closely.

Yep, he’d never seen it before. At all.

That meant it had to be a new book. With some of the situations they’d been through, he may not have personally looked though all of the books here but he definitely had seen something of every book here. Even if it was just a cover or an edge of a book while someone else searched through it.

This one was brand new though. Well, not new. It looked about as old as all the other books Giles had, maybe even older than a good portion. It wasn’t here a couple of months ago when they were dealing with Angelus though.
Opening the book, he was able to immediately say with some certainty that it was relatively new. It was written in some kind of eastern dialect, but he was able to pick up with some certainty a symbol he’d been taught meant something along the lines of soul.

Giles had probably got this book after the Angelus fiasco.

Xander debated what to do. He didn’t have a lot of time, maybe a couple of hours before Giles came in. Just when did that guy sleep? Probably during school like everyone else.

Should he go through the book though? He didn’t want to waste the time he did have. Xander decided to risk it. He already knew that the other books contained very little of anything that could help him. They did have magic and stuff, but that wasn't useful to him. Magic went wonky around him.

He could only pick out one or two words on each page, so going through this book wouldn’t take long anyway.

Let’s see: soul, soul, enemy, ritual, energy, empower?

This might be useful after all.

He tried to puzzle out the rest of the page. Standing up, he went and grabbed a reference sheet Willow had made for him. Apparently there was a ritual where he could be empowered by souls or energy?

Yea, the soul stuff sounded like REALLY bad mojo. Not the stuff he was interested in. The other option had some potential though.

A/N: Because this one isn't as obvious, I'll go ahead and say that the character he's on the path to becoming is Shang Tsung.
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