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Summary: A series of one-shots about the transformation of Xander into various Mortal Kombat characters.

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Games > Martial ArtsOLazyOneFR1844,5740145,20215 Dec 1118 Dec 11No

Best Served Kold

Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrighted material used to aide in the creation of this bit of fiction. This is produced simply for the entertainment of readers and the author.

Best Served Kold

“Oh crud!” exclaimed Xander in fright as the lightning bolt sailed past him.

The plan had been simple. Go to the mall, locate the smurf, and then turn him into an ice cube. After all, his cryomancy powers were hardly a tool forged by man. No plan ever survived contact with the enemy though, not even one this simple. Apparently while his powers did affect the smurf. They didn’t completely freeze him.

He’d thrown a blast of sub-zero temperature straight at the giant smurf. It had hit dead center turning the large demon into an icy representation of itself. They’d thought the fight was over and done with, except it wasn’t. Mere seconds after the demon had been frozen it had managed to burst from its icy prison.

That had been maybe 30 seconds ago. Since then Xander had seen his life flash before his eyes about a dozen times. Apparently it had realized where the blast had come from and wanted to end the threat. On one hand, Xander was glad it was targeting him. Thanks to the skills he had gained he was able to dodge the attacks sent his way, even if only by tiniest of margins. He had doubts that the other group members would have been as lucky. On the other hand, Xander had come closer to death in the last 30 seconds more than in 15 years before it.

Xander rolled to the side to avoid a bolt of lightning that would have burned him from the inside out.

He stopped once he was clear of the bolt blinking. He was an idiot.

HELLO! The smurf burned people from the inside out, of course he would be able to generate enough heat to break free of his ice.

Okay, so the smurf wouldn’t be affected for long by his ice blasts. No problemo, he’d just get up close and freeze him through touch. His icy touch was way more effective than his ice blasts. Heck, he’d barely been able to generate the pure cold necessary for blasts. The touch came easier.

Xander grinned. He felt better a lot better than he had a second ago. He had a plan now. He could win this.
All he had to do was get close to the 7 foot tall behemoth in steel armor that was throwing lightning who’s touch killed and touch him. Okay, so it wasn’t the best plan. It was still better than standing here and trying to stay alive, instead he’d go over there and try to stay alive while trying to kill the smurf.

Xander spared a thought to thank his friends who were elsewhere battling Drusilla and Angelus, as hard as this was going to he didn’t want to think how much harder it would’ve been with two master vamps at the Judge’s side.

So how was he going to get over there?

There was a good 10 yards between him and the smurf. Mentally reviewing the skills he had gained, he knew he had a few slides that could cover the distance, but he didn’t want to risk the smurf nailing him with lightning when he wasn’t able to dodge easily. There was also his teleport but coming out of it always left him a little disoriented.

Lightning struck the ground less than 3 feet away.

Teleport it is.

He needed a distraction though. So the Judge wouldn’t take advantage of his vulnerability when he came out of the teleport. He knew just the trick.

He concentrated and summoned the cold to him.

Ducking out from his cover, he sent a blast of ice above the Judge. Not watching to see form a block of ice he immediately focused the cold inward.

Xander grabbed him. Blocking out everything around him, Xander focused on pouring the very essence of the cold from himself to the Judge.

He HAD to succeed. All jokes aside, he had blown any advantage of surprise he had with the Judge now. He was now too close to reliably dodge the Judge’s lightning assault and going hand to hand with a guy who burned out a person’s humanity with a touch didn’t seem too bright even to him.

He could feel it.

He could feel the cold running through his body pouring into the Judge. He could also feel something fighting it. Pushing back at the cold, trying to force it from the vessel that was the Judge, trying to save the Judge. He couldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t let that happen.

Redoubling his efforts, he forced his power into the Judge focusing on reducing the demon to a icicle. He could feel the temperature around him drop. Nowadays, he didn’t exactly get cold but he could still feel cold.

He was winning. He could feel it.

His ice was freezing out the competition. Ha! He’d have to remember to share that one with Willow later. A little voice inside him cursed at his distraction.

In that second he was distracted, something happened. What was a battle for supremacy between his cold and the demon’s humanity searing power had changed. It became less of a battle and more of a rout. The demon’s power disappeared.

He had barely understood that fact when he felt it.

The temperature outside his body had ceased to even annoy him since Halloween.

This was worse. It felt like every nerve in his body was set on fire. This wasn’t affecting his skin. It was affecting every drop of blood in his body. He could feel it in his heart, his tongue, even in his eyes!

Opening his eyes through the burning pain, he saw the face of that blue faced bastard. As ice slowly his body, the Judge smirked at Xander in victory with his hand holding onto Xander’s arm.

Pyrrhic victory.

Willow had once explained the concept to him. A victory where the winner still loses. At the time, he’d liked it. Denying his opponent’s victory sounded like a good idea to him, especially with the bullies he sometimes dealt with.

As he felt the fires within him intensify and watched the ice crawl over the last of the Judge, he was a great deal unhappier about the thought of it.

With the burst of energy borne of anger he struck, turning the Judge from an icicle to ice chunks.

A/N: I specifically placed the Shang Tsung chapter between the 1st chapter and this one because its a series of one-shots. The set up of the 1st chapter just worked really well with this. For those who didn't catch it, this is the birth of Noob Saibot.
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