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Summary: A series of one-shots about the transformation of Xander into various Mortal Kombat characters.

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Kold Embrace

Disclaimer: I do not own any copyrighted material used to aide in the creation of this bit of fiction. This is produced simply for the entertainment of readers and the author.

Kold Embrace

“It’s,” Xander paused. He couldn’t really think of a way to say what he wanted to say without being rude. The guy was going out of his way to offer Xander a good deal. He didn’t want to be insulting.

“Perfect.” He finally gritted out.

“I know,” the guy announced with a weary shake of his head. “I don’t know what happened.”

“So it wasn’t meant to be like this?” questioned Xander.

“Of course not,” denied the storekeeper staring at the offending garment in derision. “It was supposed to be a ninja costume but apparently my suppliers are idiots.”

“Honestly,” the storekeeper began muttering to himself. “I told those fools how important this was to me and instead of a ninja costume, they send me THIS!”

“I’ll take it off your hands then.” Xander shrugged. It was either this or a soldier.


“That’s a very,” Joyce paused clearly picking her words carefully, “unique costume.”

“Thanks.” Xander said with a grin hidden beneath his mask. At first he’d been a bit nervous about the costume. After all, it looked sort of like a ninja who was just a bit odd. It grew on him though. It wasn’t normal, in fact it looked downright goofy at times. That worked for him though. It was like a reflection of him.

“Ahh Lady Buffy, I renounce spandex.” Xander said with a bow as Buffy came down the stairs.

Buffy just looked at Xander. “What are you?”

“A ninja,” stated Xander.

“A blue ninja?”

“A light-blue ninja.”

“That’s,” Buffy paused searching for the word. “That’s just-“

“Xander,” stated Willow appearing at the top of the stairs with a grin hidden by her costume.

“That’s a nice ‘Boo!’ you got there too, Wills.”


“I’m a ninja,” stated Xander trying to look imposing through the mask.

“You’re wearing bright blue.”


“Ninja don’t wear bright blue.”

“Oh?” questioned Xander. “Just how many ninja have you met before?”

The boy shook his head, “On t.v. –“

“Don’t believe what you see on t.v. kid,” Interrupted Xander.


He was going to kill that damn sorcerer. He had no idea where he was but no doubt that it was the fault of that damn sorcerer.

The Grandmaster should have never accepted a contract with him.

He ignored the astral projection that approached him yelling, and searched for threats. Send in a decoy, then attack while the target was distracted, a common enough tactic. It was good to know warriors here could be so predictable.

With no more than a thought, he teleported himself to a more hidden location leaving an ice clone in his wake. He’d always found it best to meet an ambush with another.

He watched as the projection went towards the clone hesitantly. Wise, apparently his opponent knew better than to approach a situation blind. A pity, he needed information about where he was. A foolish enemy could have provided that information. It was too dangerous to try to take information from any other.

The clone collapsed as the projection waved a hand through it, more timing than anything the projection had done. The projection looked down at the chunks of ice in horror.

This bore some looking into. Maybe the plan was to use him for something? It’s possible the projection could have arranged for him to be here. Briefly a thought crossed his mind that the Grandmaster had sent him here for contract. It wasn’t possible though. He would have been told specifically about it. He had no memories of getting here. One second he was elsewhere, the next he was here.

Something seemed to draw the attention of the projection; it looked up and hurriedly rushed away. It was a scream. The projection had looked in the direction a scream came from and rushed off in that direction yelling something. A name maybe? He had been too far to see if the projection showed signs of recognition but it was the only logical reason.
Thinking quickly, he rushed after the projection keeping pace while staying hidden. It wasn’t an ambush. Those were best used on already prepared ground. The projection had shown some surprise at the scream so it was unlikely that this was scripted.

He needed more information, and the projection was the only source he could see.

Still, no reason to take chances, he thought as crouched hidden in a tree near the projection and the women she had found.
He watched as the projection proceeded to bully and browbeat the girl into entering a house. Apparently the projection managed to intimidate the girl into submission. He held back a snort. Being intimidated by someone who could not stop themselves from stuttering was just ridiculous.

He gained entrance to the house through a window on the second floor. He needed to stay close to glean all the information possible. It was for that reason that when he heard a scream in the distance and heard the projection begin to move he moved to end the threat. A blast of ice sent through the window managed to immobilize the threat. The screaming one immediately headed into the house after the projection.

He listened in from the top of the stairs as the girls proceeded to argue with one another. Eventually they began talking about what he was interested in, what was happening now. According to their theory, people who got their clothing from a particular store changed into others.

He shook his head at the foolishness of these people. This was why his clan made all his clothing. Trusting a stranger with something as necessary as clothing was ridiculous.

A subtle thump let him know that someone had forced their way into the house from the back. He crept back up the stairs. The arrival of the stranger might shake more information lose from the girls downstairs.

This was getting strange. The projection had barely made a comment about meeting him earlier tonight. That means that their meeting must have been incidental but if that was true why greet him with such familiarity upon meeting?

The redhead had left to find more information. This left him in the house with the brunette who had been saved, the girl the projection had bullied, and the thing. The truth was he wasn’t quite sure what the thing was. It appeared to be some sort of revenant. Some kind of dead body imbued with a spirit.

He’d stayed here rather than follow the projection because he didn’t want to risk being found. He could follow the redhead without being seen easily but it seemed the night had grown even more chaotic. His skill would be able to hide him but it was possible in the chaos he might be found. There was no need to take such a risk when she had informed the revenant that she would come back with information about what was going on.

A crash from downstairs let him know that something had interfered with his plans.

Apparently an enemy had managed to make it into the basement of the house. The revenant managed to fight him off but the easily intimidated one used the opportunity to escape.


Absolutely perfect.

Now their little group was splintered because the little girl ran away like a frightened child and the other two fools thought it was necessary to chase after her.
With a silent curse, he trailed after them. The projection was going to tell them what was going on. He needed to be close enough to get the information as well. There was no possibility of the projection going to the house and telling what she thought was an empty house secrets after all.


He shot ice blasts at the swarming demons. The power of the blasts were dialed down, just enough to temporarily freeze the feral demons. It wouldn’t do to advertise his presence by leaving frozen statues. In the chaos of battle it was simple for him to hit just enough so that the fighters wouldn’t be overwhelmed without revealing himself.

The small demons were so feral that after they unfroze they would immediately attack again. Never bothering to identify and eliminate the threat that froze them in the first place.

Huh, thought Xander to himself as he recovered from his sudden vertigo. Light-blue ninja are kick-ass!

Don’t worry, they will not all be YAHF. I plan to use a variety of different ways. This was just the first way that came to mind. Let me know what you think. I hope the grammar/spelling wasn’t too bad. I don’t have a beta but I don’t really write enough to warrant one. I realize I skipped a lot of stuff, but reading/writing a rehash of Halloween has never appealed to me. Also, I’ll try to lay off the ‘K’ puns. I make no promises though, I’ve got at least one more in mind.

The idea came after I picked up the latest MK game. Basically just writing to improve myself, feel free to leave good and bad reviews.

Edit: I updated the summary to better reflect what this is.
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