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When It Comes Around

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Summary: Sequel to the Two Ships Series

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Severus SnapeLadyChipmunkFR1587,3520169,43630 Dec 034 Jan 04No

Adventures in Diagon Alley

Title: When It Comes Around

Author: Lady Chipmunk

Rating:PG 13 or so

Pairing: W/SS

Disclaimer: Not mine. Buffy belongs to Joss and assorted others, HP

to JK Rowling.

Summary: A Sequel to "Two Ships". Willow's adventures in Hogwarts

Author's Notes: First, this story is posted elsewhere, and so some of it will be familiar if you've read it there, but I stopped writing that version because I was unhappy with how some of it had come out, so while big chunks (like this chapter) will be unchanged, there will be a lot of stuff that is different as well. Plus, I intend to finish it this time and post it here. :)

Willow was annoyed. She was lost in this strange and wonderful place that Severus had dropped her in. Apparently, Dumbledore had needed to talk to him immediately and so he'd brought her to Diagon Alley and then Apparated, and she so needed to learn how to do that, somewhere else.

Well, she did have a list of what she needed, plus she had to pick up her own copies of the book list for her class-She was teaching!-and Sev had promised to meet her at the Leaky Cauldron for dinner. Hogwarts opened to the students in less than a week. There was too much for her to do to be lost. After all, she had to go everywhere.

Resolve face in place she walked into the nearest shop. Inside there were hundreds of animals. Okay, so technically she didn't have to get one of those, but what could it hurt? Severus said many of the professors and students had familiars, not to mention mailing owls.

An hour later she walked out with a tiny little champagne colored ferret kit. She had meant to get a kitten or an owl, but this little darling had been all alone in a glass case silently looking sad while the other animals played or made a racket. She couldn't just leave it there. So, she purchased it. The shop owner said it was a female and Willow fell in love the minute she picked the little creature up and it licked her nose. She named it Aradia.

Next she managed to find the bookstore and robes store. She also picked up a cauldron, a set of potion ingredients, including a few Severus asked her to pick up, and just about everything else she needed. Except a wand.

She knew she needed to find a place called Ollivander's. Snape had been very, very clear on that, but she hadn't seen it, and it was getting close to dinner time, and what if she couldn't find it, or worse what if she couldn't find her way back to the Leaky Cauldron-

"Watch where you're going, mudblood!"

Willow snapped out of her mental babble to find she had bumped into a boy, probably about sixteen. He was blonde with blue eyes and sharp features, plus the sneer. He kind of looked like Spike actually.

"Um," she said, "sorry I ran into you. Do you happen to know where I can find Ollivander's?"

"Little old to be a first year aren't you?"

"Well, yes, but-" At that point Aradia poked her head out of Willow's coat where she had curled up for a nap. For some reason the boy in front of her paled and backed away. "Oh, it's okay. She doesn't bite or anything."

"Did Harry and his crew put you up to this?"

"Huh?" Willow asked patting Aradia's head gently until the little creature yawned and curled back up. "I just need directions to the store. I didn't mean anything."

"Bloody, mudblood! Take your stupid little beast and get lost." With that the boy dashed away.

"I am lost." Willow mumbled under her breath.

"What was that, dear?" A plump witch in violet walked up to Willow.

"Do you know how I can get to Ollivander's?"

"Why certainly! Follow me."

Willow followed and was in front of the place in moments. It looked kind of dusty and abandoned. The glass was dirty and there was only one wand in the window. With deep reservations she walked into the store.

As she was looking around at the boxes upon boxes stacked everywhere a spry little man with huge eyes called to her.

"Ah, Miss. Rosenberg. I was wondering when you'd arrive. I suppose you want to get right to business then?"

"Please. Are you Mr. Ollivander?"

"That I am. Here try this, seven inches, willow, with a dragon heartstring. Just give it a wave."

Willow swished it as Severus had instructed her over the summer and then ducked as part of the ceiling collapsed. "I'm so sorry!"

"No need, dear. It's to be expected. Let's try something else, shall we?" He handed her another wand. "This is nine and three quarter inches, oak, with a unicorn hair core."

Except, Willow couldn't even touch it. As she reached out the end exploded in flames.

"Dear me, definitely not."

Willow went through dozens of wands after that. All had catastrophic effects. She was beginning to think she just wasn't meant for a wand, and she was late for her dinner. Ollivander just tossed her concerns off with a quick 'nonsense' and vanished into the stacks. He was gone for quite some minutes.

Having nothing better to do Willow made her way to the window to watch people pass. The wand there, though, caught her attention. It was a silvery wood, really quite pretty. Without thinking she picked it up. Instantly there was a crash of thunder and lightening seemed to fill the shop. But, it wasn't frightening and nothing was harmed. Actually, it was quite lovely. A warm wind surrounded her as Ollivander came running from the back of the shop. His eyes got even wider as he saw the wand she was holding. In fact, he dropped the boxes he was carrying and his jaw came unhinged. He looked like he was having a stroke.

Willow immediately put the wand down. Obviously, she wasn't supposed to have touched it. Oddly, releasing it felt like leaving a part of herself behind. "I'm so sorry! I wasn't thinking. I just picked it up, and it felt so peaceful to hold it, and I'm sure I wasn't suppose to, and if I damaged it I will pay to replace it, and-"

Ollivander swallowed noisily. "It can't be replaced, nor have you any need to be sorry. It chose you. I never thought, I mean to go to someone, you must be a tremendously special young lady, Miss. Rosenberg."

"Why? What is it?" Willow leaned over and fingered the smooth wood. Just touching it made her feel stronger, more at peace.

"It's thirteen inches, rowan, with a core of the feather of a thunder bird." The little man almost sounded in awe.

"I'm sorry, but I've never heard of a thunder bird."

"Of course. They're very secretive. In fact, this is the only wand ever made with such a component. Thunder birds are servants of great good and would only aid a witch or wizard who is also such. But, the are very selective and can not be asked for help. They must choose to give it. They also, as you may have realized, create thunder and lightening. Yes, indeed, you must be very, very special."

Willow gulped. This was a one-of-a-kind wand with a unique component. There was no way she could afford it. Still, she had to try. "Will you sell it to me? How much?"

"It's chosen you. I could not keep it from you after that, nor would I try. This is a momentous occasion for that wand to choose an owner. Consider it a gift, as I suspect you will be to us all. Now off with you. You have a dinner waiting."

"Thank you." Willow smiled and nearly skipped out of the store. She couldn't wait to see Severus.
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