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Adventures of a Slayer and a Time Lord

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Adventures of a Slayer & a Time Lord". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Fate is a funny little thing. Buffy/Eleven

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: The DoctorChloeBlackFR1858,726033,81820 Dec 116 Mar 12Yes

Chapter One

Adventures of a Slayer and a Time Lord (Re-write)


This is the official re-write, under way! :) I am going to leave the previous version up for a bit so everyone can find their way over here!

I have to say, for having just done the prologue and only having half of the first chapter written, I already like this one much, much better. :)

I don’t own Doctor Who, Buffy or Torchwood. They are owned by the BBC/Joss Whedon. Blah blah blah. Now onto the show!



It’s been five years since Buffy’s run off with the Doctor. Five years of endless worry and hope that we’ll hear that magical noise that’s signaling their return.

A lot can happen in five years. A lot has happened in five years.
Xander and I didn’t stay in New York after…well, you know. We left with everyone else. Jack mentioned that if we were looking for jobs, he was always looking for help.

I mulled it over on the airplane. As soon as we landed in London, I settled some affairs and then moved onto Cardiff, where Jack’s branch of Torchwood was located. Xander and a small group of Slayers joined me a few weeks later.

We didn’t exactly work for Torchwood. More like we worked with them. Example: If they got called to a scene and it was thought to be more monster than alien, we were called in. Professional Scooby gang. Sort of.

After working rather closely with them for so long, we all got pretty close. Some of us…closer than others.

Tosh and I began dating after six months. We moved in together after another six.

Gwen, a very pretty, very Welsh, former police-now-TW, has her fiancé, Rhys. Jack has his coffee boy, Ianto. Though, that really doesn’t stop him from flirting with everyone. Literally. Everyone.

Xander dated one of the Slayers, Mieko, for a bit, but they just recently broke it off. And now it’s super awkward.

Owen, TW’s resident doctor-jerk-ladies’ man, is dating Tatyana, one of the Slayers. She’s tall, gorgeous and dark haired. Actually, now that I think about it, she looks a bit like Gwen.

The other three Slayers, Libby, Carlie and Hattie, have, somehow, managed to resist his charms on a consistent basis. We’re pretty sure that’s what has him royally pissed off all the time and also why he keeps going back to Taty.

All in all, our pitiful, somewhat meaningless, lives had been going on and on, as ‘normal’ as possible in the five years since Buffy and the Doctor had departed.

I even found myself, dare I say it, happy. I was constantly worried about Buffy, sure, but I was happy in every other aspect of my life.

So, of course, in true, dramatic fashion, it would all come crashing down in a matter of minutes.

I was standing outside of the Hub, Torchwood’s base, waiting for Tosh. It was late and freezing, but hey, not raining for once so I didn’t mind. This wasn’t the first late night I was left outside the super secret hideout and surely it wouldn’t be the last. As of late, they had all been working overtime on some extra Rift activity that no one could figure out.

Xander, Jack and myself all had the same notions about the extra Rift activity, and it was reasonable to say that we had our hopes up for a possible arrival of sorts but we kept our suspicions quiet.

I pulled my ridiculously over sized cell phone out of my pocket and glanced at the time. I sat down on a bench and prepared myself for an even longer wait than the night before, doubting that Tosh had even torn herself away from her computer yet.

None of us Scoobies had ever entered the Hub nor have any of Torchwood entered our office. It was a non-interfering-unless-absolutely-necessary code thing that we had all agreed on upon our arrival here.

After a few minutes of sitting, I suddenly started to get a weird tingly, buzz-y sensation in my legs. I attested to my awful sitting posture and stood up to stretch.

The tingles didn’t stop. They started to spread. Up my legs, up my arms right to my fingertips and down to my toes.

This, clearly, wasn’t a restless nerve thing. It was a magic-y power thing.

Every cell in my body buzzed straight to my core and back out.

And then it stopped.

Just as quick as it had started.

I stood there, dazed, in a smokey power haze.

I managed to finagle a small notepad out of my bag, and a pen. I quickly began to write down what I had felt and was feeling now, just in case of a memory lapse.

A thunderous crack boomed through the sky, with a large burst of light, followed by more cracks.

It wasn’t the ‘ooh-it-looks-like-a-storm’ kind of thunder. More like the ‘something-big-is-about-to-go-down’ kind.

I jotted down a note about the deafening noise and light show. I stopped writing when I noticed a large patch of heavy smoke rising nearby, where I had thought the crack to have ‘landed’, that is, if it did ‘land’ at all.

I carefully walked towards it, realizing that while yes, it was just smoke, it could be potentially hazardous. But hey, I was part-Goddess now. I could (probably) deal with whatever it was.

“Willow? Willow? Are you alright? What’s happened?”

I stopped and turned to see Tosh, Jack and Ianto all running up behind me, guns drawn.

I frowned at the sight of the guns.

“I’m not sure…but it definitely wasn’t a random thunder and lightning storm.” I mumbled, looking back towards the smoke. I peered closer.

No. It couldn’t be…could it? Yes. It was. There was a body, lying on the ground, underneath the smokey haze.

I ran over and kneeled down.

“Willow! Don’t touch it! It could be dangerous!” Jack yelled, running up behind me.

I huffed. “Yes, it could, however, it could also die if we don’t check it out.”

I took my sweater off and waved it around, trying to clear away the smoke.

I could see the formation of a body. Female, indicated by the fact that she had not a scrap of clothing on. I could see strands of blonde, stringy hair. There was something…familiar.

I looked back at Jack and we shared the same thought. I just knew it. He bent down, hesitantly, next to me. We both reached out, preparing ourselves for the worst as we rolled the mystery girl over.

I barely heard Jack breathe a sigh of relief at it not being Buffy.

For me, it’s when time stopped existing.

Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. I felt the sweater leave my hands. I felt my eyes widen. I felt my mouth gape and I felt my hands rise up to reach it. Tosh, Jack and Ianto’s shouts of concern were just whispers in the background.

There was a reason this body had seemed familiar to me. A very, very good reason. It was a body I had traced with my fingertips a thousand times.

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