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The Two Things Job.

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This story is No. 5 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The only two things that are certain are Death and Taxes.

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Bonus Flashbacks.

Bonus Flashbacks.

After the arm had been broken, with the advantages the girls had, it didn't take them long to subdue him. He was quickly knocked out and taken away.

He was taken to the Infirmary, where his arm was expertly set, and a mild salve used that would speed the healing up, before the cast was put on. After that, he was taken to a room in the [officially non-existent] basement, and strapped to a chair. Since the straps were designed for Vampires and Slayers, they weren't too concerned he would break free.

Robin was down, along with Dawn and Anna, the Senior Slayer in Residence, what with Faith in England at the moment. Dawn headed over to the cabinet and pulled out a syringe.

"This is a truth serum?" That was Anna, who had never been present for an interrogation of a non-Vampire before.

"It is. And, it isn't Willow's work, or idea. Xander came up with the idea, and Andrew made it work. Turns out, making alchemical potions and serums is closer to cooking than to chemistry." Dawn estimated the man's mass, added a little bit for his obvious strength, and put the amount in the syringe, before injecting it in his arm.

The prick of the needle woke the man up. No one spoke for a moment. Dawn moved to the rear, set down the syringe, and silently moved back to the chair.

"BOO!" Dawn screamed from just behind him, into his ear. The man didn't react at all. At least, outwardly. But then, that wasn't the point. The point was to get his adrenaline pumping, to get his heart beating faster, and get the potion moving through his body faster.

"So, what's your name?" Robin began the interrogation. From past experience, he knew that a calm voice, especially in his vocal register, worked best with this. If he hadn't been available, Anna's might have worked, but Faith's would have been better. That, however, wasn't possible, so it was up to him.

"Ru- Rus- Elliot Spencer." The man's face looked a bit surprised, and concerned.

"Have you ever been known as Lindsey McDonald?"

"No." There was no internal conflict with that answer, so it came out easily.

"Are you an IRS agent?"

"Of- o- no." Elliot's face looked more concerned.

"Why did you come to us as an IRS agent?"

"I- Bec- I- We're having to act like we're working to take you down, in order to take down the old Council." Elliot began trying to struggle, to free himself, unable to keep himself from answering truthfully. The three members of the Council, on the other hand, were sharing a look of concern.

"Who is 'we'?" Robin was still using his careful voice, not letting it become emotionally invested.

"No- Nob- Just m- Leverage, Inc."

"And who are the members of Leverage, Inc?"

"Me, Nate, Hardison, Parker, and Sophie." Elliot figured, if he couldn't not-answer the questions, he could at least answer is another way, twist the answers as best he could.

"And what is the plan?"

"We're going to use the IRS to make it seem like you have a bit of a refund, then have the old Council guys steal it, and aim the IRS at them. But, if you don't act like it's real, they won't take the bait, and it won't work. Then, they'll come at you some other way."

Robin looked at a note Dawn had written, and asked "What does Leverage Inc do?"

"We find where someone has been done wrong, where the big people in the world are taking advantage of the little ones, and we provide the Leverage to even things out."


Elliot thrashed for a moment, apparently this wasn't a question he wanted to answer. Finally, he said "It feels good to do something with our skills that makes the world a better place."

"So, what would you suggest we should do, to make things work out best for all parties?"

"Best for the old Council - ignore anything from the IRS, and remain blissfully ignorant. Best for Leverage, act as though you don't have a clue what is happening. Best for you, make plans for what we may do, make sure both of the other sides aren't aware you know what is going on, keep all your people in the loop, and use it as a training exercise for those you are training. Oh, and probably kill me."

"Oh, we won't be killing you, Mr. Spencer."

"You should. I'll have to tell my partners about this, and it'll affect how they act."

"No, actually, you won't. See, the potion we gave you to make you truthful has a counteractive. But, it removes your memory for about a day previously. So, you won't remember this, and you won't be able to tell them anything."

Elliot considered this for a second. It sounded insane, but then, he knew what most of the truth serums on the market felt like, and this felt like none of them.

"In that case, here's a few other things you should do. . . "


a couple days later.

Robin turned to the phone, where a call had been forwarded from the front desk.

"Mr. Wood?"

"Yes, this is he."

"My name is Nnamdi Walle. I was given this number by the One Eyed Watcher. My aunt was one of the Slayers, back in the early 80's. Anyways, I've been approached for a job in your town, and one of the ones that hired me mentioned that they were acting against the IWC. Which is you guys. I thought I should let you know."

"Mr. Walle. Thank you for the courtesy. Actually, we're aware of what is happening, if not every exact step, and it isn't against us. It's against the remnants of the old Council, by appearing to be against us."

"So, I should take the job?"

"I think - yes, I think it would be a good idea. You might even leave them all thinking you are less capable than you are."

"That - that isn't a problem. I'm large, and a fighter, so most people think I'm slow anyways."

"Which you aren't, of course."

"Not like people think I am."

"Well, as I said, feel free to come in on the job. It may seem to be against us, but we have an inside line on their plans. They aren't really coming after us."

"Then, I'll see you in a while."

Robin hung up. He had to get ready to head out, in any case. He and Dawn had an appointment at the IRS in an hour.


"Never underestimate the power of a little dumb luck."

"I don't," Dawn replied. "It's saved us all, way too many times. Do you think Giles really did what they're saying?"

"Not really. But, I do think they could alter some of the records to appear that way. Which, if they're as good as Elliot said, would make sense."

"Well, I'll look into it, see if some of our people in other places can find things out, see what it looks like now."

"You'll have to check each of the States individually. Each one keeps records of transactions like that."

"So, I'll have no free time for a few days, but I'll get it done. Ah well, the things I do for the fight."

Robin smiled crookedly at her put-upon, fake world-weariness.


The two had a enjoyable meal, catching up on what had happened to each since they last met up. Nothing was discussed about the job, or what Maggie did in addition to teaching about Art at the school.

When Maggie got back to the school grounds, she sought out the convalescing Principal. "Mr. Wood?"

"Ah, Maggie. So, how did it go?"

"Fine. Though he managed to name off all the girls you had follow me."

"That's fine. In fact, it's one of the things I wanted. Some of them are getting a little too sure of themselves. The fact that a normal man, no special abilties at all, could catch them, should take them down a notch."

"I wouldn't call Nate 'normal'. He's highly skilled, very intelligent, and experienced beyond most people's understanding, if in a different way from anyone in the Supernatural world."

"Which is one of the things I was looking for." Robin nodded to her.

After waiting a beat, she asked "Don't you want to know if they are after you?"

"No, I already know they're not. But, if I had told you, Nate would have figured it out, and things would have changed. Sorry."

Maggie eyed him carefully, thought it over, then nodded herself. "I don't like it, but I do understand it. Just realize, don't make a habit of it."

"I won't. But, I am also not underestimating Nate. Every report makes his ability to read people as being amazing. So, I took that into account."

"I understand. This time." She stood, and headed to the door. Robin shook his head. He knew he'd have to make it up to her somehow. In fact, hadn't he seen a list of items they had collected that had been proven not to be magical in any way, and now they needed to figure out what to do with them? Perhaps she would like to have final crack at them. It wasn't unusual for someone at her skill level to enjoy working on items in their field. He made a note to do that in the morning.


The five representing the IWC was just staring at her. Eventually, a slightly numb looking Dawn took the papers from Norma, and the Council left quietly, promising to return in a day or two.

Once in the elevator, Robin quickly called Giles. "Giles, it's interesting. What they're offering is nice, even knowing it isn't real, it's nice. And, it's pretty sure to draw the old Council out. Not even they could sneeze at the amount being offered. So, what should we do next, do you think?"

Giles' voice came out of the phone. "What are they specifically putting forth?"

"Well, at the earlier meeting, they had said we paid the back-taxes as the wrong organization, so we were due a refund for that. And, the official paperwork seems to back that up; it shows that we used a slightly different name for everything. And, that as a result, we are owed almost $800,000." Robin Wood's voice wasn't hard to identify.

"If you'll wait a moment, Mr. Wood, I have to call my supervisor. Something seems to be wrong."

Robin continued to look calm, as a furor began to rise in the IRS building. Even as he, Dawn, Anna, and Evylin were taken in for 'interviews', he was calm. He knew what was happening, so wasn't concerned. The girls shouldn't have been concerned either, but this wasn't a demon. This was the IRS, and the government, and that tended to wear away at their calmness. Robin was able to get Anna and Evylin returned to the school, as they were underage, while he and Dawn had to stay for further questioning. And, he managed to remain unruffled. Which gained the grudging respect of those on the government's payroll. Part of it was experience with dealing with bureaucracies, as a teacher and a principal, and part was knowing he was innocent. A powerful combination.


"I think I can get them to accept that."

"We'll see you all then."

Maggie hung up, then rang Robin. "Mr. Wood? Robin?"

"Maggie. How can I help you?"

"I just heard from Nate. He wants to meet me, you, and any four others at the Marriott on Public square tomorrow night at 7. And he specifically mentioned that your baby wouldn't be one of the others."

"Which means he's interested in the baby showing up. You know what? That's going to work out just fine. Just fine indeed." His voice carried across a measure of suppressed laughter.

"You're sure?"

"Oh, yes. Myself, Dawn, Faith, and two others. And you. Oh, yes. We'll be there."

Maggie hung up. Robin did the same, then looked across at Buffy, who had just ten minutes earlier been teleported across the ocean to be here. Although the co-Presidents of the IWC trusted him, at the same time, it never hurt to have an extra backup, one the other side wasn't aware of. And Robin understood that. "Looks like you'll get to meet the Leverage crew after all. They want to meet tomorrow night. Seven. At the Marriott on Public Square."

Buffy smiled back. "Sounds like fun."

The End

You have reached the end of "The Two Things Job.". This story is complete.

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