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How much influence does memory have on life

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Summary: Xander finds himself with Secret Identity Clark Kent's memories, what does this mean for his life. Is he stuck following in Clark's footsteps or not and which road would be better for him?

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Chapter Two: Making Decisions

Chapter Two –Making Decisions

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that can be recognised.

Xander Harris, gave a great sigh, as he sat down in front of his beat up old desk, where the typewriter that he had cleaned and fixed stood. Getting the paper that he had found the day before as well, Xander put the paper in the top of the typewriter and secured it, making sure that the ink ribbon was tight and secure at the same time. Xander prepared himself mentally to go through what had turned into a cathartic process, the night before and hoping that it would provide the same today as it had been a weird day.

Monday 2nd November 1998, when I woke up everything was where I left it the night before, the typewriter was on my desk and for the first time in a long time it was in perfect working order, the clothes I had worn the night before, were on the floor and the page that I had typed was on the typewriter with the ink dried enough that it had to have been written a while ago.So it couldn’t have just been a strange dream, I thought as I tore the page out of the typewriter and read it, knowing afterwards that I still had a lot of thinking to do. However I had school and unlike Clark at the time, not only did I not have any powers but I had two best friends who would notice and worry - especially after Saturday night -if I wasn’t in school. I also really had to see them to know if they had any after effects from then, and a trip to the school library would not be a bad idea in any case.

Thanks to the fact that I retained Clark’s memories, I didn’t think that there would be any after effects for them, because for all the memories that had stayed the course of the night, I have no idea yet about the powers. Not to mentions that the retaining of the memories could be due to the meteor shower and the possible connection with one in Clark’s own life in his universe, but due to the costume incident being due to magic, it would be best to check in with the others anyway, if only to make sure they are alright.

The Library was the same as usual with the only people who came in being us. Giles still did not look happy about what his old friend had been up to; Buffy was still not happy about being turned helpless, but she seemed happier about her conversation with Angel, which I am not going into, regardless of the fact that he is nearly two and a half centuries older than her. Willow was a bit hesitant about going near anything in case it went through her, but she remained solid. Good things did, however, come from this Halloween for her: she now has the confidence that meant that she would not wear a ghost costume again. This means that my eldest surviving best friend would never again be technically killed by becoming a ghost via magic spells to do with costumes again, so that’s a good thing.

School was slightly normal; Snyder was still looking for any chance to give Buffy or the rest of us trouble, so I will have to make sure that I slowly pull my grades up - or else knowing our luck, Snyder will try and charge us all of cheating, even if I am the only one whose grade point average is going up. An odd thing that I discovered is that paying more attention and taking more notes actually makes the lessons pass by quicker, or at least seem to. Who’d have thought that by making sure I knew what the homework was would also be made a lot easier by making sure I paid more attention to the teachers. I think they noticed; from Willow’s looks and questions afterwards, I KNOW she did. Willow was easy to explain to, I just told as much of the truth as I could bring myself to - that after having Clark in my head, I wanted to try harder and get better grades. She accepted this and seemed happy. I wish Jesse was still here though, I might have been able to tell Jesse everything; Willow, however, I couldn’t tell without her going to Buffy or Giles and either might want an exorcism - especially after the hyena incident - or tell someone I don’t want to know. I don’t know whether an exorcism would work, but I don’t want to risk it; Clark’s memories were a good wake up call. I also can’t help but remember that Willow never wanted to talk about Jesse and stopped any conversation that I tried to start about him, and I was the one that had to stake the vampire wearing his face!

Xander stopped trying at that and ran weary fingers over his face; he just couldn’t understand why Willow never wanted to mention Jesse, or why Giles and Buffy didn’t mention him in the aftermath of the Harvest. Maybe they thought it was the best thing for him and Willow; he hoped so. Not to mention maybe it hurt Willow too much to talk about him as well.

Xander shook his head; realising that dwelling on such thoughts would not help him any either, he bent back to the typewriter and smiled. When he read the Sunnydale Gazette, he realised that even without the Clark advantages he could write just as well, if not better, than the writers in the paper. Just an hour ago he had wrote an article on Halloween, why it was so big and why so many people of all ages get into it, and sent it to the paper as a test. He knew he probably could get it into the school paper, but somehow he had to get money for paper, typewriter ink ribbons, and everything else that the typewriter might need in the future, and the paper actually did pay for articles that were sent in and that it used, and at the moment this was his best bet.

Xander smiled slightly at the memory of the early afternoon after school when he had just taken some time to be around his friends and act as he normally did, realising that if he did not try and hold onto himself, he might just lose his own personality, even though a lot of it just was not comfortable anymore.

Finishing what he was typing and tearing it off the typewriter and putting it with the previous piece that he was using as the beginnings of his own journal, Xander turned his thoughts to the ‘To Do List‘ that he had written for end of the week. In order to try and get everything sorted in his mind, Xander had decided to take a leaf out of Clark’s teenage book and go camping this weekend; get away from everything and its distractions. Xander had already told the others; Willow had looked worried, while Giles and Buffy had looked slightly relieved, surprisingly enough. Xander had finished all of his homework and had made sure that he had vampire protection in his pack such as crosses, stakes, and Holy Water, as well as his sleeping bag, paraffin lamp, paraffin canisters, and that the tent that he had found in the basement was still in working order.

Xander smiled, looking forward to a weekend with him and his thoughts, but knowing somehow that like Clark, though he would not write anything there, he would when he got back.

And somehow he also knew that everything would change this weekend.

Author's notes: Hope everyone likes this chapter, nothing is intended to be even slightly bashing any character, but after what's happened to Xander, he is likely to see things slightly differently and not always in the right way. Please review. Also thanks to trongood for beta reading this chapter.

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