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How much influence does memory have on life

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Summary: Xander finds himself with Secret Identity Clark Kent's memories, what does this mean for his life. Is he stuck following in Clark's footsteps or not and which road would be better for him?

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Chapter One

How Much Influence Does Memory Have On Life

Disclaimer: I do not own any BTVS characters or references Joss Whedon does, Superman is owned by DC Comics and created by Jerry Siegal and Joel Shuster, the original idea of a Superman in the normal world was created by Elliot S Maggin, Curt Swan and Julius Schwartz, Superman: Secret Identity was done and created and done by Kurt Busiek, Stuart Immonen and Todd Klein and I think the first Xander dressing up as Clark Kent rather than Superman fanfiction was done by Metropolisrising.

Xander Harris sat at his desk, looking at the old typewriter that he had found in the basement of his house. Using the memory of his latest possession, he had restored it to full working order. Though what a typewriter was doing in his house, Xander did not know. All he did know was that he had had a really strange day, which led to the question of how much of your life is controlled by your memories.

The hardest thing about this situation in comparison to the hyena possession was the fact that the hyena had only used his memories and given him animal instincts and actions. This possession, however, had given him the memories of a man who had lived a long and eventful life, and who had vastly more life experience than, to be honest with himself, Xander had ever hoped to have.

The irony of the entire situation is that Xander had gone to Halloween dressed as he had, because not only would it enable him not to have to spend too much money, but he also wouldn’t need to worry about looking like an idiot. All he had bought from Ethan’s was two bits of cardboard, one saying that he was a writer for the New Yorker and the other giving contact details to a book publishing company. Yet when the dust settled from the escapade, Xander found himself with the memories of a Clark Kent, one who somehow had Superman’s powers, but was a normal human by birth and the only hero in the world to begin with. Who somehow still ended up married to a Lois, and had twin daughters who also had powers, but who gained these powers as teenagers, just like Clark himself had.

Xander did not know how much these memories were going to affect him, or affect his choices for the future, but he had to admit the knowledge and support of memories that had already lived through the high school years would be beneficial, especially with regards to keeping the powers secret. It had to have been the strangest of all coincidences, because what else would you call having a meteor shower appear over your head, while you are possessed by a naturally human Clark Kent, who also somehow got powers via a meteor shower. The Clark memories mentioned the meteors, although he did not remember them and theorised that due to everyone’s reactions and attitudes to the name Clark Kent in a world where Superman was a comic character, had caused him to gain Superman’s powers - which would explain his gaining of the powers.

He also knew that no matter whether he still had powers when he woke up in the morning, he would not tell anyone, not even Willow, Buffy or Giles Shaking his head, he could not rid himself of the sight of Clark’s memory of that room that he found, while captured by his government, especially the image of the dead babies, lying on the metal tables, with tags on them. Xander may not have known his government or the Watcher’s Council, but he did know that the Council did not like him and Willow helping Buffy. They had had the connections to get Giles a job pretty quickly in the school that Buffy was going to go to, before she arrived, and due to things that he had heard the Council would not be happy to know he had gained powers from this Halloween and with no reason to trust them, Xander would prefer keeping the knowledge to himself.

Especially as he did not know how long it would last for, for the moment, he would use the typewriter to get his thoughts out, as Clark did, and take it one step at a time. Even if in the end all there was left were the memories, it would still be good for him. What Xander realised was that he would have to improve his work, but hopefully with the knowledge and support of the memories of a published and award winning writer, his essays would get better, and perhaps he would gain better grades. Stopping the typewriter and removing the paper from it, Xander knew anything else would have to wait until he could see what tomorrow brought.
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