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Summary: REPOST: Faith finds a dog and decides to keep it... then his "owner" shows up.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterDrusillaFR1511,069071,03522 Dec 1122 Dec 11Yes
Title: Blackie

Summary: REPOST Faith finds a dog, and decides to keep it until its "Owner" arrives to claim it!
Rating: PG-13 for lang

Genre: Humor

Dis: Don't own BTVS or SPN

She named him Blackie. Well, she wasn’t that great at naming things, had no creativity or whatever. So sue her! Her and Blackie? They became great friends. The mutt was adorable with his floppy ears, soft fur, and begging eyes. He ran with her when she needed a little extra exercise during the day. Sat with her when she nursed her wounds, whining when she, at times, was barely able to stand on her own feet. Hell, even slept with her at night all curled up at her feet or resting his head on her stomach, staring up at her with those adorable blue eyes.

He wasn’t your average dog. At times, he was so damned smart it was amazing to her. He was a picky little brat too. Wouldn’t eat dog food at all but wolfed down her leftovers when she was done with them. He at least knew not to pee on the carpet and to leave the neighbor cat alone. Save for that one time when he chased it up a tree and Faith had to climb up and get the orange fur ball.

Then, one day, Blackie saw a black Chevy Impala and took off running. No matter how many times Faith called his name, or how many times she changed her tone: he refused to stop and so she followed. She was a little faster than the large, muscular dog and soon caught up to it after it knocked down the occupant of the car: barking happily while the occupant laughed and hugged the dog.


Sammy? What kinda name was Sammy for a dog? Then, Faith felt her stomach drop when she suddenly knew that the dog, who she found all wet and injured in the middle of the park on patrol: found its long lost owner. A little piece of her saddened as she slowly walked up to the man who was eagerly scratching the dog behind the ears.


He looked up, muddy-river eyes a little surprised. He pushed the dog off of him and stood, patting the seat of his pants before stepping up to her. He had a smile on his face and suddenly Blackie, no: Sammy, was growling.

“Easy, Sam,” said the man, rolling his eyes as he offered her another smile. “Hi.”

“I take it that’s your dog?”

“Yeah,” said the man as Sammy came to sit by his side. “He is. Did, uh: you have him?”

“Yeah, for a while,” said Faith as she bent down to pet what she had considered HER dog. “Found him injured in the park.”

“Yeah we, uh, ran into some wild dogs and he got attacked. I managed to chase the dogs away and before I knew it he was turning-I mean, he ran off. I looked but couldn’t find him anywhere.”

“Well, Sammy and I have been keeping each other company for three weeks. Huh Sam?”

“Woof,” said Sammy as his tail wagged and mouth opened in an almost smile.

“She paper trained you, didn’t she?” he asked with a chuckle. “All domesticated now, Sam?”

The dog growled, then huffed: and that had Faith laughing.

“Such a smart, dog.”

“Yeah. Oh, I’m Dean by the way.”

“Faith.” Faith then put her hands in her pockets. “Well, I’ll be off. Um, I have some stuff for him if you want it.”

“Uh, no… That’s ok,” said Dean, a little uncomfortable now. “I have his stuff in the car.”

“Sweet ride by the way. Late sixties Impala?”

“Yeah,” said Dean, a look in his eyes: yet again, and Sam nipped at his hand. “Ouch! Damn it, Sam! What the hell?”

“Hey! Don’t talk to him like that,” said Faith as she bent back down, as if protecting the dog as she hugged him close.

“Little bastard,” grumbled Dean as he shook his nipped hand. “Can’t wait until I get you back to normal.”

“What’s that mean?” Faith then stood, fire in her eyes. “If you think you’re getting him back now, you can forget it.”

“What’re you gunna do?” asked a pissed off Dean as he opened his car door. “C’mon, Sam!”

“Blackie.” Faith made kissy noises while snapping her fingers. “C’mere boy.”

Sam started inching his way to Faith and Dean was furious.

“C’mon! We don’t have time for this, damn it! You can get your little girlfriend later. The colt? Bela? We need to get it back. So let’s go!”

“You have a HORSE too?” asked Faith, giving him a skeptical look.

“NO! Argh. SAM! Get in the car, NOW!”

Sam whined, then looked at Faith with sad eyes before reluctantly going to Dean. Before getting into the car, though: he sat at Dean’s feet and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Now what?” Another whine: as he pawed at Dean’s leg while looking at Faith. “What? You wanna bring her with?”


“Hell no! She’ll freak out, Dude!”

Sam shook his head and Faith was still amazed with how smart that dog was.

“You sure?” asked Dean.


“Look, lady… I don’t know you well but… Do you believe in the supernatural?”

At first, when the dog turned into a man: Faith had been ecstatic. The idea of a man turning into a dog by magical hellhounds was just hilarious. Then the hilarity went away as the nude Sam blushed while trying to find something to cover himself up with. Faith had gotten a glimpse of everything and to say she wasn’t turned on would be a lie. Then flashes of little ‘Blackie’ keeping her company, lying with her on the bed, watching TV on the couch made her heart melt a little. He had stayed with her when she’d been sick and when she’d been banged up pretty bad. He knew a little too much about her though. She had talked a lot to Blackie and now she knew why the damn dog had almost seemed sympathetic. Then another thought had her whapping a now fully clothed Sam on the back of the head.

“You watched me get undressed, you perv!”

“I… I didn’t mean…” stammered Sam, blushing now as he remembered ALL the times Faith undressed in front of him.

“Sammy!” Dean laughed while unwrapping his burger that he’d brought back from the local joint. “Always said you were a sly dog!”


The End

You have reached the end of "Blackie". This story is complete.

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