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Jadzia Gets A Workout

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Jadzia’s Fantasies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dax has another go at her favorite holosuite program, and gets some exercise and… other things from a certain potential. (Dax/Kennedy) [femslash]

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Star Trek > Deep Space Nine(Past Donor)DanKnightFR2113,442022,14531 Dec 0331 Dec 03Yes

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Title: Jadzia Gets A Workout

Author: DanKnight (

Rating: NC-17 (sex and sexual situations)

Pairing: Jadzia Dax/ Kennedy.

Spoilers: None really, although it is obviously set before the seventh season of Deep Space 9. There might be some minor spoilers if you haven’t seen the Buffy season 7 episode, “Bring on the Night” but other then that the story is spoiler free.

Genre: Unconventional, Slash, Cross-Over (Buffy/Star Trek: Deep Space 9.)

Archive: ask first, but I am sure I will say yes

Feedback: Are you kidding? Of course I want feedback. Good, bad, indifferent, bring it on!

Synopsis: Dax has another go at her favorite holosuite program, and gets some exercise and… other things from a certain potential.

Authors Note: Beta read by Electronis Zappa. This is a sequel to my story ‘Jadzia Dax meets Vampire Willow’ although it isn’t necessary to have read that story to follow this one.

Disclaimer: The character of Kennedy belongs to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, FOX, UPN, WB, and whoever else is involved with Buffy, who’s name I forget. Bottom line, I don’t own her. Jadzia Dax and Julian Bashir are property of Star Trek. I am not clear on everyone who own Star Trek rights (not my normal fandom), but bottom line is they are not me either. I make no profit from this story and claim no ownership of anyone in it. I am just having fun with other people’s characters for harmless entertainment. Please don’t sue me.


Jadzia Dax entered the holosuite, the grid pattern the only thing showing since she had yet to start her program. She sat down the bag she had brought in and slowly removed her Starfleet uniform. She then pulled out the clothes she had replicated earlier. Her workout outfit, or rather a sports bra and shorts. They were blue like her uniform but the design was definitely outdated, early 21st century to be exact. She could just as easily wear her own workout outfit but she liked to keep it authentic for this particular program.

“Computer” The Trill said as it beeped waiting for its order, “Run program Dax Gamma 723.”

“Please select difficulty level for this program.” The computer asked in response.

“Level 9.” Dax answered.


Dax suddenly found herself standing in front of a door in the middle of a kitchen. It was Buffy Summers’ house. The house from the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer of the late 20th, early 21st Century.

The Trill took a deep breath. She was excited and a little nervous. She may be dressed for a workout, but she also knew like every other time she ran this scenario she was in for more than just a little exercise. At least she better be if it was working right.

She opened the door to the basement and walked down the stairs. At the bottom was a workout mat laying on the floor. A young brunette was on the mat working out. More specifically a young brunette and potential slayer, Kennedy.

Kennedy leaned over stretching; still not aware Dax was there. The young, fit brunette was wearing sweat pants and a low cut tank top. As Kennedy bent over Jadzia had an excellent view of her cleavage. It was quite a sight and one that was not lost on Dax, nor was the rest of her body. That wasn’t even mentioning her brown hair, which fell down to her shoulders.

Kennedy looked up still bent over and looked at the Starfleet officer with those eyes that seemed to look through her as she flashed a smile. “Hey Jadzia, glad you could make it.” She then paused for a minute as she stood up. “Why don’t you take a picture it will last longer?”

That comment confused Dax, she wasn’t familiar with that term. Why would she need to take a picture of something. Then she thought about it for a minute and it sank in, Kennedy had noticed Dax’s staring. “Well she should have noticed,” she thought to herself, “you didn’t even try to be discreet about your gawking.”

Dax turned red as Kennedy grinned, seemingly satisfied with the older woman’s squirming. “So…” Jadzia said to the potential trying to get the subject changed, “We ready to spar then.”

“Eager to get physical huh?” Kennedy asked with a wink. She was a cocky one. Not that Dax minded. she actually found it unbelievably sexy how eager to tease the young potential was. “I’m ready but you might want to stretch first.”

Dax suddenly remembered she hadn’t stretched. Kennedy had caught her off guard so much she completely forgot. “Right.” Dax said, she then leaned down and began stretching.

Kennedy watched as Jadzia began her stretching. Luckily for the Trill the young potential wasn’t the only one who was cocky, or aware of her appeal. Dax slowly stretched and made sure to make every move and stretch as sensual as possible. She knew Kennedy was enjoying the show and Dax got excited knowing what she was doing to her. She made sure to enjoy it. Dax knew it wouldn’t be long before Kennedy would turn the tables again. She always did, part of the fun of this particular program.

“Mmm…” Kennedy said as the Trill stood up from her stretching before putting on a wicked smile, “Maybe I should take a picture.”

“So are we going to spar or what?” Jadzia asked.

“Oh any time you want to bring it on.” The teenager said as she assumed her stance. Jadzia followed ready, “Oh and don’t worry Dax, I will take it easy on you.”

Jadzia started to respond but before she could she felt Kennedy’s strong hands grab her arm, next thing Dax knew she was being flipped on her back.

“Well, maybe not too easy.”

Dax got up looking annoyed, “I wasn’t ready.”

Kennedy just grinned at the Starfleet officer’s excuse, “So you ready now?”

Dax got back to her feet and readied herself, “Yes.” She snapped.

Without saying anything Kennedy moved forward and threw a punch towards Dax. The Trill deflected it easily but Kennedy expected her to as she spun around and swept Dax’s foot out from under her sending the Trill onto her back once again. This time she was rewarded with a loud grunt as the brunette Trill hit the floor.

Dax got up again and began to attempt a chop at Kennedy. The potential’s reflexes were impeccable as ever though and she blocked it easily. Dax threw some more punches but every time Kennedy easily blocked and pushed her hands away. Kennedy smiled as she did this, toying with Dax. Jadzia got frustrated and moved in closer attempting to grab Kennedy but as she did the other girl ducked and then grabbed her and stood up flipping Dax over her head, sending her onto the mat hard, this time taking the wind out of her.

“Getting slower with old age I see.” Kennedy teased as Dax rolled over and caught her breath. The truth was age had nothing to do with it. In actuality Dax was being dominated so easily by the young girl because when she started the program she intentionally set the difficulty level too high.

When the Starfleet officer first started using this program she set the difficulty level to normal, and beat Kennedy easily, the potential being the one easily tossed around. But Jadzia shortly found out that wasn’t nearly as fun. She could go against most of the people on the station and win. What she wanted was to lose that control in here, to be the one being dominated by the younger girl.

So as time went on Dax set the level higher and higher, eventually setting it so high she had no chance at all against Kennedy. Sure she didn’t have to set the difficulty level high, she could simply not try and let Kennedy take the offensive. But she liked it better this way, then Kennedy had her way with her even when she was trying. It made the feeling of losing control feel so much more real.

Dax got back to her feet, “I’ll show you slow.” She then kicked at Kennedy, but the girl easily grabbed her foot. Dax was about to let out some choice curse words but Kennedy rolled over before she could sweeping Dax’s other leg and sending her falling to the mat again. At least this time she landed on her front instead of her back.

“Going to have to do better then that.” Kennedy was clearly enjoying this, just like she always did.

Dax got up again and spun around with a high kick, although Kennedy easily ducked. Kennedy tried for a sweeping kick but Dax managed to jump and avoid that one. Too bad she didn’t do the same when Kennedy quickly reversed it and swept her legs from behind once again knocking Dax on her back.

Kennedy stood up and smiled down at her sparring partner, “You know, you look good on your back.”

Dax slammed the mat as she got back up and readied herself again. She made some more attempts at Kennedy who quickly started throwing some shots that sent the Trill on the defensive. Jadzia started to back up, she deflected Kennedy’s punches. Unlike Kennedy, it wasn’t coming easy to her, it was taking everything she had to deflect the smaller girl’s blows. Finally Kennedy grabbed her arm and in one motion spun Dax around bending her arm behind her back. Before Dax could do anything she felt Kennedy push her forward against the wall, pining the taller girl to it as she still held her arm back.

Kennedy leant in against the Trill’s back. Jadzia started to breath heavily, partially from the workout and partially from the sudden closeness of Kennedy. Dax felt the potential’s firm breasts press against her back as she leaned in and brushed a stray strand of hair from Dax’s ear. The Trill shivered slightly as she felt Kennedy’s hand brush against her ear. Her hand trailed down slightly, caressing the spots on Dax’s neck causing a shiver from the intimacy on her sensitive spots.

“Like I said, getting slow.” Kennedy said breathing into Dax’s ear. She then let go of the Starfleet officer’s arm, and slapped Dax’s firm ass hard. Dax spun around as Kennedy smirked. Dax slapped Kennedy’s hand away, more then a little flustered. Even after all the times Jadzia had run this program, the hologram still knew how to press her buttons. Although not entirely in a bad way, even if the spanking was a little embarrassing to the proud Trill.

“Had enough?” Kennedy asked.

Dax tried to lunge at Kennedy again but once again the potential moved out of the way with one step and used her foot to trip Dax, a shove doing the rest and Dax fell on the floor. Dax got to her hands and knees just in time to feel a slap to her ass again from Kennedy.

“Stop that!” Dax shouted. The hologram hadn’t done this before, the spanking that is. A part of Dax was enjoying it, but a part of her was also getting a little embarrassed. She was a Starfleet officer and here she was getting spanked by a teenager. Granted one who Dax programmed to be able to toy with her but even so…

“You’re cute when you’re frustrated.” She teased.

“Let’s just spar.” Dax shot back only halfway kidding now.

“You know what…” Kennedy said then deflected Dax’s attempt at an attack. She flipped the taller girl over her shoulder but this time Kennedy came down with her, landing on top of Dax. “I think we sparred enough.” Kennedy said as she pressed her body against Dax, her breasts rubbing against the Trill’s.

Dax felt Kennedy’s hands grab her wrist as they easily pinned them above her head.

“Wha-What are you doing?” The Trill asked, as if she didn’t know exactly what the potential was doing. She didn’t get an answer either way, as Kennedy replied by pressing her lips to the Starfleet officer’s. Dax moaned into Kennedy’s mouth as she was kissed hungrily. Jadzia then felt Kennedy’s tongue part her lips as it probed her mouth, wrestling with the woman beneath her. Dax pressed her body up against Kennedy’s as the younger woman kissed her, longing for more contact.

Finally, Kennedy let Jadzia come up for air. She breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath after the intense kiss. Kennedy moved Dax’s wrist so that she could pin them both with one hand. She then moved the other one across the Trill’s face and down her neck, brushing against Jadzia’s spots. Dax shuddered and let out a soft moan as Kennedy’s hands caressed her sensitive spots.

Kennedy then moved down and nibbled on the Trill’s neck, her warm breath brushing against the spots. “Now see?” Kennedy whispered into Dax’s ear as she slowly moved her hand down the other side of Jadzia’s neck and gently squeezed the her firm breast. “Isn’t this much better then sparring.”

“Oh god yes” Dax said lustfully. She tried to move her hands free, she wanted so badly to feel her own hands on Kennedy’s body. But Kennedy held her arms tight, she was not about to give up control. Dax was at the potential’s mercy, and she loved it.

Dax felt Kennedy’s hands move slowly down her flat stomach. She then felt the other woman’s hands move down below the waistband of her shorts. Kennedy then moved further, her hand rubbing against Dax’s sex, which was soaking wet at this point.

“MMM…” Kennedy said, “You are so wet. You really enjoyed that workout didn’t you?”

Dax pretend to blush, funny thing was that she wasn’t sure she was actually pretending anymore.

Kennedy then moved her hand back to the waistband of Dax’s shorts and pulled them down, as she shifted her body which was still on top of Dax so that she could slip them off. She then moved her hand back up Dax’s legs, then her hips, then her stomach. She then moved to Jadzia’s top and expertly undid it, sliding it off. She finally released Dax’s hands, so that she could remove her top. Kennedy then sat up, still straddling the other woman’s stomach but no longer sprawled on top of her.

Jadzia timidly moved her hands towards Kennedy’s tank-top. She wasn’t sure if the potential was actually going to let her remove her clothing or not. Kennedy didn’t stop her though so Dax slowly pulled up Kennedy’s shirt as the potential lifted her arms and helped Jadzia get it off, leaving Kennedy in only her bra. Kennedy then reached back and unclasped her bra and let it fall loose. Dax let out a gasp at Kennedy’s full, young, perky breasts were exposed. She then stood up and removed her sweat pants. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath them.

Dax started to get up but Kennedy put her hand on Dax’s shoulder and kneeled, pushing the Trill onto her back again.

She then crawled back on top of Dax and leaned down kissing down her neck, and then further down towards her breasts, kissing Dax’s spots as she did. Dax moaned loudly as Kennedy teased her spots, she was driving Dax crazy. Kennedy then took one of Dax’s now painfully erect nipples between her lips and began to suck on it.

Dax sighed and then felt Kennedy, still suckling her breast as she moved her hand down Jadzia’s sides slowly, once again caressing the Trill’s spots. Jadzia let out a gasp of pleasure. She was so glad she modified the hologram to know about her spots when it was seducing her. Kennedy’s hand moved down between Dax’s legs, she briefly caressed the spots along Dax’s thigh. Dax let out another moan as Kennedy expertly played her body like a finely tuned instrument.

Kennedy’s hand then found the Trill’s womanhood and slowly started to rub it up and down.

“Ohhh… Oh yeah.” Dax moaned softly as the young girl’s skilled fingers moved from her outer thighs to between her legs. Kennedy started to slowly open up the folds of Dax’s eager pussy. Dax began to moan louder. “Uhhh… oh baby.”

Kennedy slowly slipped her finger inside Dax as the Trill cried out in pleasure. Kennedy then started to move her finger in and out of Dax. Dax began to moan much more loudly as Kennedy’s finger explored the inside of Dax’s womanhood.

“You like that baby?” Kennedy asked with a satisfied grin.

“Oh god I love it!” Dax said loudly. “Two… please two.” Dax said.

Kennedy slowly slipped another finger inside Dax’s sex and started moving in and out, slowly fucking Dax with her fingers.

“Yeah baby, like that.” Dax sighed, “Faster, please do it faster.” She pleaded.

“You’re just a little slut aren’t you?” Kennedy asked with a smile, clearly enjoying what she was doing to the Starfleet officer.

“Yes, yes I’m a slut!” Dax moaned, she would have agreed to anything at this point, “Just please, please go faster.”

“I don’t know.” Kennedy said as she removed her fingers from inside Dax. Dax let out a frustrated moan at that as Kennedy slowly rubbed her fingers up and down’s Dax’s pussy lips, teasing her. “Maybe I should wait.”

“Uhhh…” Dax groaned as Kennedy teased her. “Oh god.” Dax cried as Kennedy expertly teased Dax’s sex, keeping her excited but slowing down right before Dax went over the edge into an orgasm. “Don’t tease me. Fuck me, just fuck me!” Dax begged. She would have told the computer to make the hologram stop teasing her if she hadn’t been too aroused to think of it.

“Say please” Kennedy said sweetly as she continued teasing Dax.

“Please!” Dax said hoarsely.

“With sugar on top?” Kennedy asked with a wicked smile.

“Yes.” Dax moaned back.

“Say it.” Kennedy said.

Dax let out a frustrated grunt. “Please with sugar on top, and ice cream and a cherry and whatever else. Just please! Please let me cum I can’t take this!” Dax screamed out as fast as she could.

That seemed to be good enough as Dax’s tormenter moved her fingers inside Dax and again started moving them in and out. Dax let out a moan with each thrust as Kennedy did it. “You said faster right?” Kennedy asked teasingly as she started to move her fingers in and out faster. Dax began to buck into Kennedy’s fingers as she did this, moaning louder.

“Yes! Oh yes don’t stop!” Dax screamed. This time Kennedy didn’t as she continued to finger Dax’s pussy. “Oh shit! Oh god! Ahhhhh!” Dax screamed out, she could feel her release finally coming. “Oh yes. Ohhh! Harder! Harder! Harder! Harder!” Dax begged and Kennedy obliged, finger fucking the Trill harder and harder as Dax bucked so violently she almost knocked the younger girl off of her.

Finally Dax let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit her fast and hard. She arched her back and cried out as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Finally she laid back down panting heavily as the potential rolled off of her.

Dax laid there for a minute catching her breath as Kennedy just stared at her and smiled. Pleased with herself. Dax then slowly rolled to her side, reaching for Kennedy. “Now it’s your turn.” Dax said but Kennedy just merely put her hand on Dax’s shoulder and gently forced her back onto her back.

“Oh I’m not done with you yet.” Kennedy smirked, “But don’t worry, you’re going to have plenty of time to repay me.”


Hours later Dax exited the holosuite totally satisfied. As she walked by she passed Bashir. “So Jadzia, you look relaxed.”

”What!” Dax said a little surprised and alarmed.

“That workout must have gone well?” He said.

Dax sighed realizing he in fact was oblivious to what really went on in that workout. “Oh yeah. Best workout I have had in a long time.”

“Good to hear.” The doctor answered, “You seem to spend a lot of time in that program. Maybe I should have a go of it.”

“What?” Dax said startled.

“Maybe I should try it. Get myself a workout.” Bashir said clarifying.

Dax’s mind scrambled. She had to find a way to get that idea out of Bashir’s head and fast. She didn’t know what would happen if the Doctor learned about her love for being dominated by younger females from an old TV program but she had a feeling it wouldn’t be good.

“Oh yeah you would love it. Ken is really good.” Dax said, suddenly having an idea to end this.

“Ken?” Bashir asked confused.

“Yeah Ken. My workout partner in it. Ken is great.” Dax continued, letting some of the desire come out of her voice as she recalled, “So strong, and flexible, and that body…”

“All right! All right!” Bashir said suddenly getting a hint of what this program was, or at least as much as he needed to. “I think I will stick to the regular workouts.”

”If you think that is best.” She smiled, glad to see it worked.

“Right. Well, I think I will be off then. Have a good day.” He said to Dax as he exited, happy to be free of the sudden turn the conversation took.

Dax let out a sigh of relief. That was close. Her big secret almost got figured out. She was afraid she would have to resort to all out panic if he hadn’t bitten on that one. But hey, at least she didn’t technically lie.

Dax headed back to her quarters for some rest. She really needed one. As she walked down the corridors she once again thought about how glad she was to have found those Buffy recordings so long ago. The show truly was… inspiring.

The End

You have reached the end of "Jadzia Gets A Workout". This story is complete.

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