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Dreams Versus Reality

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Summary: What he saw made him wonder if he was still sleeping. Cause how else could you explain every redblooded American male’s wet dream? A real live playboy bunny girl with emphasis on bunny. FFA response.

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Final FantasysouldrivenFR131398021,05523 Dec 1123 Dec 11Yes
disclaimer: Don't own Buffy or final Fantasy XII. If I did twelve would not have the whole DIE FOR YOUR SINS theme going on.


Something or someone was poking him. More asleep than awake Xander shoved futilely at whatever it was and grumbled unhappily. Off somewhere in the nearby distance there was a giggle. Willow then, was the culprit. The poking became more insistent. Xander let out what bits of the hyena remained and growled. That seemed to startle whoever was helping Willow mess with him as he was sleeping, the poking certainly stopped. Xander was just about to sigh in relief when the poking recommenced.

“Rise and shine sleepyhead,” a male Giles-accented but somehow Spike-sounding voice declared with far too much cheer. God, Xander hated morning people. Then the fact that there was a strange Giles/Spike sounding, unknown, male in his room did the impossible and woke him up.

On instinct, from fighting the Hellmouth baddies for a year and years of dodging his drunk of father, Xander hurried to his feet. Once Xander was standing he took in his surroundings and saw he was not, in fact, in his room. What he did see made him wonder if he was still sleeping. Cause how else could you explain every red-blooded American male’s wet dream? A real live Playboy bunny girl with emphasis on bunny. To add bizarre to the truly surreal she looked like she was dressed in Victoria Secret meets dominatrix. Not to mention she was a freaking giant.

So really, the first ‘intelligent’ thing to exit Xander’s mouth made perfect sense to him. “Why are you wearing high heels? What, did you just want to look down on people in style?” Xander demanded and then flinched. Oh yeah, way too much time with Buffy and trading insults with Cordelia. He needed guy friends, to do guy things with, and more bitter insult trades with Angel. At least miss Playboy bunny looked more amused than irritated.

“Perhaps we should have left him to slumber away for the monsters to eat,” Fran commented as she studied Xander and was thoroughly unimpressed.

Ouch. Okay, so maybe she was more irritated than amused. Just his luck.


author's note: just something short and simple I felt like writing upon finally checking out the FFA part of TtH. Honestly I saw the pairing, raised an eyebrow, and could not stop thinking about it. Next chapter of Time Meant Nothing should be up in a week or two for those that care.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dreams Versus Reality". This story is complete.

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