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Boy King

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Christmas Presents 2011". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: present for this-ism-that-ism (dollarformyname). Rumours often don't describe the real thing.

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Supernatural > Connor-CenteredTouchoftheWindFR1313610384224 Dec 1124 Dec 11Yes
Disclaimer: I own neither Supernatural nor Angel, both belong to their respective owners,

Fandoms: Angel/Supernatural (set Post season 5 for Angel and Season 2 for SPN)
Prompt word: Boy King
Present for: that-ism-this-ism (dollarformyname)

There had been many rumours recently among the demons about a Boy-King who was taking out the demons, monsters, and other fuglies. The rumour had been circulating for a while- many variations had popped up. Some said it was a demon child who was rebelling- others said the Antichrist- whilst others said it was a fallen Angel. The Winchesters didn’t quite know what to think when the rumours had first entered their sphere of knowledge.

After a year or so the rumours seemed to hold little weight as no-one seemed to get any information except that the Boy-King was young. The Winchester’s only kept up with the rumours because the demons seemed scared of this Boy-King. They figured it was mostly likely the offspring of a powerful demon making a play for something or another.

Bobby couldn’t find anything on the rumours and the Roadhouse didn’t seem to give any new information about this new player. The Winchester’s could only hope to not meet up with this demon until they had gathered information on how to stop the thing and gauge its power.

They didn’t realise that a teenager who was hunting the same vampire nest they were was anything but normal until in the fight he began sweeping through the vampires with startling speed while spinning twin swords in capable hands. One of the vampires had fallen into the wall, its eyes wide in fear, as it starred at the deadly figure. Its lips whispering something that Dean only just caught.


After the fight Dean cornered the teen with his gun firmly pointed between the blue eyes.

“He called you Boy-King,” Dean stated, his tone utter steel.

The teen shrugged, blood dripping down his pale cheek from the many blood patches now covering his skinny frame. He was a skinny, blue haired, brown haired, pretty boy. He was apparently the Boy-King who had demons scared.

“I prefer Connor,” the teen said in a grumpy tone.


Well- its only short but my muse hasn't been too active lately. Hope you like it!

The End

You have reached the end of "Boy King". This story is complete.

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