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This story is No. 2 in the series "Christmas Presents 2011". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: present for DemonChildeKyra. Connor thinks Tina needs more of an incentive. Tina thinks vampires are enough of one already.

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Television > GleeTouchoftheWindFR1314031267324 Dec 1124 Dec 11Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel nor Glee. I make no profit from this work.

Fandoms: Angel/Buffy/Glee
Prompt word: Partners
Present for: DemonChildeKyra

Tina groaned as she was once again beaten down to the mat. She was heaving with exhaustion but her instructor simply crouched on the mat staring at her- waiting for her to get up and begin again. She knew if she looked at him his chest wouldn’t be heaving as hers was but a thin sheen of sweat would be covering him. Tina personally felt like all the water from her body has being sweated from her.

“You’re improving,” came the first praise she had gotten front her instructor and she turned her brown eyes to meet blue ones.

“I am? Doesn’t feel like you have any problems kicking my butt,” Tina rasped out.

“Not many would last 5 minutes a time in a fight with me,” was the reply.

“I though as a Slayer I was automatically meant to be able to kick butt,” Tina gasped.

“They can- and against a human fighter or a vampire you wouldn’t have any problems, I just have the strength to match you but then 19 years of experience in Hell,” was the retort.

“No-one ever bothered to explain the Hell thing to me- we are meant to be partners, who why can’t I know?” Tina asked.

“Because I’m not the person I was then- but it still is difficult for me to speak of. I shall explain one day though.”

“You better do, Connor, otherwise I’ll start singing all the time- especially songs from Wicked and the Wizard of Oz,” Tina retorted.

“Fine, Tina, I promise that if you can reach 15 minutes in a fight with me I’ll explain it,” Connor smirked.

“15 minutes?” Tina groaned, “That’ll take me ages to get to.”

“But now you have an incentive,” Connor snarked at her.

“As if being killed by evil wasn’t already incentive enough,” Tina mocked back. She stood in a fluid motion and assumed fighting stance.

“You ready for another round then?” Connor asked as he stood from his crouch with almost eerie grace.

“I’m gonna beat your ass this time, partner,” Tina smiled. Connor gave a rare smile to her and got ready in front of her.

“Not likely,” Connor replied.

It was so on.


Hope you like it! I have read stories were Rachel always seems to be the Slayer, or Quinn or Mercedes or Britney have a larger role. I thought it was time Tina got some love.

The End

You have reached the end of "Partnership". This story is complete.

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