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Empress Buffy, World Conqueror

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Summary: YAHF. But this one is a bit different from most because of who the Scoobies dress up as.

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Chapter Three

Author’s Note 1: Many thanks to Bill Haden and Theo (Starway_Man) for beta-ing this story.

Author’s Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author’s Note 3: This is story #7 in my own personal Christmas Fic-A-Day Challenge.


Chapter Three

Shaking her head to try to dispel the damnable fuzziness which filled it, she who had once been Willow Rosenberg focused her attention on examining her surroundings, trying to figure out where she was and why she might be here.

All of her memories were fuzzy and jumbled, a veritable mishmash which made no sense when she briefly tried to sort through them. Mostly since the memories seemed to be derived from at least two people, neither of whom she would appear to have any sort of acquaintance, at first glance.

In one set of memories, she could recall growing up with only a few friends, with scattered, fragmentary scenes featuring her attending primary school with two dark-haired boys and then, apparently at some later time, a petite blonde-haired beauty, too. In those memories, all three of the people cooperated to protect her from the physical and emotional teasing and abuse of their classmates, who evidently envied her unquestionably superior mental faculties.

The other set of memories, however, was that of a physically powerful girl who was recognized and admired for her abilities, and who was trained from an early age in combat, strategy and tactics – a girl who stood up for herself and beat any and all opponents into the ground – and who, on some of those remembered occasions, did so literally as well as metaphorically.

And that same girl had later been chosen by a powerful being – someone on the level of a demigod or better, judging by her admittedly somewhat muddled recollections – to lead his troops in battle, so she had obviously been superior to those other beings with whom she trained.

And she also had a clearer, much more vivid – and, therefore, most likely a much more recent – memory of her bending her knee and pledging her allegiance to a diminutive, yet clearly recognizable and powerful woman dressed in black – the blonde from those other, confusing memories, possibly? – and swearing to destroy anyone who might seek to stand against the rightful rule of her new liege lady.

Shrugging off the various emotional upheavals that the two differing sets of memories produced for the moment, the redhead pushed the confusion being generated by the conflicting memories into the back of her mind, and concentrated her attention on the set of memories she found more preferable and focused on her current most important need – survival.

The area around her was a scene of complete and utter chaos, with scores of creatures – both human and humanoid – appearing to be on some sort of battlefield. The denizens of this odd place were running around, screaming, fighting or dying, from what she could see.

A short distance away, several children were being chased by some sort of misshapen, orange-furred lycanthrope, who was leaping atop its victims and either mauling them with its claws or ripping their throats out – before then leaping away and pursuing its next target.

Barda shook her head with disgust. Killing in order to achieve one's mission was perfectly understandable, but wantonly slaughtering the helpless was a waste of resources, since it reduced the numbers of lowlies available to perform whatever tasks her mistress wanted accomplished. And butchering helpless children was something that she knew her liege lady would particularly despise, since it would prevent her from molding their easily malleable minds into whichever form would best her purposes.

Pulling her Mega-rod from her belt, Big Barda, the leader and premier warrior of Granny Goodness's Female Furies, ruthlessly blasted the rampaging monster, splattering the creature's entrails across the already bloodstained landscape before heading towards the panicked and screaming children.

The more of them she could protect and save from the creatures swarming the area, the more would be available to serve her lady's purposes, after all.

{ Wait a minute. How did I go from seven feet tall, to barely five and a half feet, if that? } Barda suddenly noticed how something was very wrong around here.


{Hmm. Now this is interesting, } he who had been Xander Harris thought to himself as he calmly looked around and took in his environs, ignoring the screaming and utter chaos occurring all around him.

{ A moment ago, I was working in my Antarctic lab, if I recall correctly. I believe I was attempting to resolve the problem I've been experiencing with the instability in the various Marauder clones, and yet now – I appear to be somewhere else. Have I actually been physically transported to another location, or is this some sort of mental attack? } he mused to himself.

{ Oh, now, this is even more interesting, } Nathan Essex, better known as Mister Sinister to a great many people, decided, as he noticed a second mental presence and extended a telepathic probe to examine it, within the depths of his brain. Naturally, that did not end well for the mind of the original inhabitant of Mister Sinister's body.

{ Such a simple and uncomplicated little pair of personalities – although the presence of that Hyena mentality in a flatscan's mind does intrigue me somewhat. Obviously, one of my enemies was attempting to overlay this gestalt atop my mind – most likely, in the hope that, afterwards, I would be unable to remember who I am and, thus, be unable to interfere with their plans, } Mister Sinister thought to himself after a moment's consideration.

{ Although, I cannot help wondering – who, exactly, might be behind it? I know that my psychic shields are second to none, since even Xavier has an extremely difficult time being able to detect my presence, let alone penetrate my shields. And what purpose could whoever is responsible for this – situation – have in mind for stranding me here, wherever here is exactly? None of these pitiful creatures even begin to approach the level of power needed to be a serious threat to me, } Essex judged as he idly began walking in a randomly chosen direction.

{ I'll have to examine that so-called ‘Xander Harris' personality in greater detail, once I have sufficient time to dissect it properly, } Mister Sinister noted to himself as he considered the currently unconscious gestalt a bit closely for a moment before storing it alongside the vast realms of knowledge he had accumulated over the centuries of his artificially extended life.

{ I'm sure I'll be able to find some clue as to who it was who set this scheme up, once I've torn the framework down into its basic components. }

Idly slapping aside the attack of what looked to be a primitive humanoid lion bold (or rather, make that foolish) enough to consider him prey, Mister Sinister began walking along the street, examining in detail everything going on around him while not interfering in any of it.

Not until he would run into someone and something not far from 1630 Revello Drive, anyway.

The evil mutant just chuckled to himself as he watched a small group of soldiers dressed in some sort of white-ceramic armor, chasing a figure that somewhat resembled the inestimable Dr. Hank McCoy – save that this being's fur was a deep mahogany in color, as opposed to McCoy's deep midnight blue, and it was wearing some sort of bandolier and carrying what appeared to be some sort of a high-tech crossbow of all things – down the street. Sinister then witnessed the Imperial stormtroopers firing at Chewbacca, and their marksmanship as shoddy as any he had ever seen; even as the Wookie returned fire before it vanished from view, running down the street.

{ I think this little adventure could actually prove to be quite amusing, in its own way, } the master geneticist thought to himself with a silent laugh, as he continued walking along in the general direction of the Summers residence.


{ Where in the name of the Seven Blasphemies am I, and exactly what in the name of the Faceless One is going on? } Queen Maleficent thought to herself, as she pushed herself up off the ground she'd found herself lying on and looked around, trying to determine where it was she'd found herself.

With a start of incredulity as she stared around her in disbelieving wonder, Maleficent realized that she was now standing amongst a throng of screaming and shrieking human children, as well as a wide variety of other beings – some of which she recognized as minor supernatural creatures far less powerful than herself, while other were completely unfamiliar to her.

{ This isn't...the last thing I can remember is that arrogant prat, Philip, impaling me with that sword those thrice-bedamned fairies blessed for him, and then my falling off the precipice, } the evil fairy queen thought to herself with a combination of doubt and disbelief. { I doubt I could have survived both that type of injury and the damage a fall from that height would cause. }

{ But if I didn't survive it, then how did I get here? } Maleficent asked herself, a frown marring her perfect features at that thought. { Better yet, *why* am I here? All this cannot be due to chance... }

It took but a moment's focus of attention for the fairy queen to determine where the strongest concentration of arcane energy was centered, and she marveled for a moment at the nearly mind-numbing quantity of magic swirling around that point.

{ Well, now. Whoever can wield that much magic must be a powerful witch or wizard, indeed, } Maleficent reasoned to herself. { And they should almost certainly have some idea of how it was I was summoned here, so I suppose I should begin my enquiries there. }

With an absentminded flick of her wand, Maleficent swept the panic-stricken rabble crowding the roadway ahead of her out of her path. She then began heading towards that area which housed whatever sort of being it was who controlled that thundering maelstrom of energy she'd detected, barely a moment earlier.

As she made her way towards Ethan's Costume Shop, though, Maleficent had to turn her attention to a somewhat annoying distraction she'd been ignoring since she'd first found herself in wherever this exceedingly strange place was.

It was as though some distant, barely noticeable voice was calling to her and trying to gain her attention, but there hadn't been anyone in the area around her doing so – of that, she was quite certain.

Sighing in annoyance, Maleficent came to a halt underneath an old oak tree. Refocusing part of her awareness on the distraction, it took only a few brief moments for Maleficent to pinpoint the disturbance. She was subsequently more than a bit surprised – and possibly even shocked – to discover that the annoyance was actually some sort of awareness or consciousness that appeared to be located with her own mind!

:: Who or what are you, insect? :: she angrily demanded of the irritation. :: And what are you trying to accomplish, inside my mind? ::

:: I'm Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer! :: was the astonishing answer the fairy queen received.

:: And there's no way I'm going to let you steal my body, you *bitch*! ::


She who had been Dawn Summers blinked as the world abruptly shifted around her – whereas, only a moment before, she had been sitting in class listening to Mr. Welford drone on about the Russian Revolution and the effects it would have on the world situation for the next century, now she found herself in the middle of what looked some sort of incursion – or possibly an invasion – by a surprisingly diverse number of aliens and/or mythological creatures, in what seemed to be a small town. One rather similar to the one she and Clark had grown up in, as a matter of fact.

Reacting to the terrified screams of the children running down the street towards her to escape from being chased by looked like a handful of green-scaled demons straight out of a horror movie, even down to the flaming whips, Matrix, a.k.a. Supergirl, a.k.a. Linda Danvers, shoved aside the diffuse and confusing, fragmentary memories which were insisting that she wasn't who she knew herself to be, but that she was someone else entirely.

After all, there were clearly far more important things for her to focus on at the moment, and given her past experiences with Lex Luthor and others like him, those memories were most likely some sort of attempt to influence her into working for whoever was behind this latest endeavor

Lifting herself up in to the air before speeding towards the onrushing fiends, Matrix bowled the group of fiends over, knocking them to the street with a telekinetic blast while forming a protective barrier between the frightened children and the demons.

Matrix then quickly blasted the children's attackers unconscious with an eye-blurring series of punches, following up her offensive against the demons by wrapping one of the street lights around them and leaving them dangling impotently roughly a dozen feet above the sidewalk.

Moving over to the wide-eyed group of about a dozen children, who were staring at her in open-mouthed disbelief as they watched her glide through the air towards them, Matrix gently touched down in front of them and smiled reassuringly.

"Hi there, kids," she greeted them. "Uh, is there somewhere close by where I can take you guys where I can be sure you'll be safe?

"Right now, I really don't want to just leave you here on the street by yourselves," the superheroine told them.

"We were supposed to go back to the high school when we're finished trick or treating," a young girl who looked to be about ten years old, and who was dressed in a set of military fatigues with the nametag 'CARTER' on the pocket of her blouse and who was carrying some sort of plastic submachine gun, volunteered.

"All right then," Matrix nodded, again giving the scared little tykes a wide, reassuring smile, "Why don't you show me which way the high school is, and I'll take you there. Okay?"

"Okay," the young girl who would have become Captain Samantha Carter from Stargate: SG-1 if she had purchased her costume from Ethan Rayne, nodded eagerly.

Maintaining a protective eye over her newly gathered charges, Matrix began leading them down the apparently deserted street, while trying to make sense of the cacophony of shrieking, howling and other disturbing and puzzling sounds that she thought she could hear echoing from adjacent neighborhoods.


Sinister was casually walking along Revello Drive, completely indifferent to the confusion going on around him, when he finally discovered Xander's copy of the Evil Overlord List in his pocket. The mutant raised his eyebrows at the various rules and regulations he perused; most of which actually made quite a lot of sense, when you stopped and thought about it.

{ I should definitely modify my experimental protocols to include the salient points covered by this so-called ‘Evil Overlord' list, } Essex nodded to himself. { Especially that one about having the pre-teen child of my chief lieutenant examine all of my evil plans. }

{ Not that I *have* a chief lieutenant, of course, } h reminded himself, { but it is axiomatic that any flaws that he or she would be able to spot should, indeed, be corrected before implementation of said plans... }

The sound of a woman screaming suddenly drew Mister Sinister's attention, as he noticed a flatscan female – a teenage girl dressed incongruously as a cat – heading almost straight towards him. She was being pursued by something that looked like a Sasquatch, even larger than the brown-furred mutant with the crossbow he had spotted not long ago.

"XANDER! HELP ME!!" Cordelia Chase screamed in terror, her Halloween costume from the store known as Partytown ripped and shredded from her altercation with the Bigfoot a few seconds ago.

{ Interesting. Interesting, indeed, } the evil supervillain thought to himself, rendering Cordelia's pursuer unconscious with barely a thought. He then psychically entered Cordy's mind in a search for why she had so familiarly addressed him, only to be shocked at what he found there.

{ So. Either this person is completely insane, or else I am not exactly who I thought I was, } Mister Sinister cogitated to himself, as Cordelia grabbed him by the hand and started dragging him along the street. { And the girl certainly doesn't *seem* to be mad. In fact, she seems...somewhat intriguing... }

"We need to get off the street, take cover somewhere!" Cordelia gasped, still running as fast as she could.

"As you wish," Mister Sinister smirked. Screeching to a halt outside Buffy's house, he gave the two-story home a quick once-over; and satisfied that it was, indeed, the place which the Harris gestalt personality's memories said it was, the mutant led his female companion inside.

"Damn it, dork, what the hell is going on?!" Cordelia exploded once they were safely inside the Slayer's home and Mister Sinister had locked the door behind them. "Everything's gone completely *crazy* out there! So where's that freakazoid, Buffy? Isn't it, like, her *job* to deal with this kind of weirdness around here?"

"I don't know where...Buffy right now," Mister Sinister said with a slowly widening smile. "And before you ask, Cordelia Chase... I don't particularly *care* where she is, either."

Having calmed down a lot by now, Cordelia suddenly looked at her companion more carefully. She quickly realized that something was wrong – Xander definitely wasn't acting like himself. Plus, that white makeup looked way too real, as did that red diamond in the middle of the dweeb's forehead...

"Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Nathan Essex. But you can call me Mister Sinister," the caped individual proclaimed, staring at Cordy like she was a piece of meat for his personal display.

"Oh, no, ohhhh..." Too late, Cordelia realized her mistake, but as she was about to turn around and run – she found herself unable to move.

"Yes, you *do* intrigue me," Mister Sinister said, circling around and inspecting the cheerleader closely. "On the surface, you appear to be a vapid little fool; ah, but there is *potential* within you, isn't there. In more ways than one."

"What do you mean? And let me go!!" Cordelia tried to move, but she was held motionless by invisible chains.

"Oh, I think not," Mister Sinister purred. "From what I've seen by looking into your mind, my presence here is most likely the result of a magic spell of some sort. Not exactly my area of expertise, but nonetheless, I do know *some* things about magic. If my hypothesis is correct, then that means that my time is doubtless limited. If I wish to carry out my experiments, therefore, I need to hurry."

"So, what, am I supposed to care? Now let go of me, you ASSHOLE!" Cordelia ranted, still struggling to escape.

"Did you know that, despite not having an X-gene, you have the potential to become a true seer?" Mister Sinister asked jovially, which instantly distracted Cordelia from her current thoughts of escape and later making Xander bleed for his actions. "And you shall pay for that insult, young lady."

"Pay, how?" Cordelia demanded, refusing to give in to fear now that it didn't appear Essex wanted to kill her outright.

"Your conscious mind is full of such... interesting... trivia. Such as the way Xander Harris saved your life a few weeks ago, hmm? Therefore, I will bring to life one of your most powerful subconscious fantasies. Yes, that should distract you nicely..."

Cordelia was about to demand to know what Sinister was talking about – when suddenly, as far as she was concerned, Buffy's house vanished and the brunette found herself stark naked, within her bed at home. Just before an equally naked Xander Harris started kissing and making love to her, which quickly made all coherent thought impossible for the brunette.

{ Stupid she-ape, } Mister Sinister thought to himself with a sneer, as he watched Cordelia's body collapse to the ground and start writhing in response to the mental fantasy he had engineered. { Now, then, to proceed with my experiment... }

Sliding his own consciousness into Cordelia's mind, which was quite effectively distracted from trying to fight back thanks to the XXX-rated dream she was currently undergoing, Mister Sinister delicately began modifying the girl's brain to his specifications. A neuron here, a synapse there; along with massive adjustments to the neo-cortex, of course, plus a fair bit of tinkering with Cordelia's DNA by the creation of an organic nanobot, which would continue implementing his intended modifications even after he should disappear – if his hypothesis about his presence here turned out to be correct.

It should have been impossible to carry out with a normal human, or without his usual laboratory facilities, of course; but as has been said, Cordelia had always been meant to become a seer and so, it wasn't all that difficult for Mister Sinister to achieve something which would have eventually happened, anyway.

The screams and diatribes of a so-called higher being who one day would have been named Jasmine, and whose future plans had suddenly gone up in smoke – all thanks to an evil supervillain and Ethan's chaos magic – literally had to be heard to be believed.

{There, that should do it, } Mister Sinister eventually thought to himself, fighting off the brief temptation to make Cordelia his sex slave as well. { Those hormonal Harris personality memories about having my wicked way with whatever suitable woman may happen to cross my path, indeed! Well, my new seer should awaken in about half an hour or so. And that should be plenty of time for me to take a brief tour of the town, before coming back to inspect and assess my handiwork. }

Leaving the still-writhing Cordelia on the floor of the Summers residence, Mister Sinister exited the house and proceeded to take a walk outside, smiling broadly as havoc and chaos continued to reign all around him...


The End?

You have reached the end of "Empress Buffy, World Conqueror" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 7 Dec 12.

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