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Forever and For Always

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Summary: Girlfriend rule number one is to never date the others ex. Buffy suddenly finds herself breaking that rule, and Willow's reaction seems ... odd.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Buffy/OzMeraculasFR15710,0162107,84824 Dec 1116 Aug 12No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: See the first chapter.
Time line: Post-Chosen (by 5 years), ignoring comics, for Angel, it's complicated - Wesley is alive, Illyria is present, Connor has his real memories, Spike is corporal, Harmony is around, I just don't know if they are still at Wolfram and Hart or not.
A/N: So I apologize for this chapter being kind of short, but the next one is as well. This one, as well as the next, are sort of mini filler chapters that are also going to give a bit of background for the community, kind of. It's more of a set up for things to come. You know what, how about I shut up and let you read and decide how best to describe it.

Chapter 2:

It was common knowledge around Fellowship that Buffy had a man living in her house. Not that there had been any way of hiding the truth, it had been also been common knowledge that Daniel Osbourne was coming as well. Samantha Finn smiled to herself as she looked out her front window towards Buffy’s house.

She liked Buffy. The blonde had helped her husband become the man that she had married and she would always be grateful for that. Then there was the fact that one of her husband’s best friends, and the man that had been Riley’s best man at their wedding, turned out to be Buffy’s older brother.

Hearing her newborn son wake up from his nap and start crying, she pulled away from the window and turned to find Willow already holding baby Luke. She accepted the offered child and began rocking him gently. Three under three was something some people, including herself, could be impressed with – but it was also very hard to manage.

“How are Tabitha and Dean handling the new one?” Willow asked watching Tabitha playing on the floor, while her younger brother slept under the coffee table. Why Dean only fell asleep under there was something no one understood.

Sam smiled, motherly warmth filling her as she answered, “Tabitha seems to enjoy it, but Dean doesn’t seem to have noticed.”

“I’m sure that he will in time.” Willow commented.

“Like Graham seems to remember that he actually has a family now?” Sam asked, still not liking how her long time friend and comrade, was handling the new found information.

“You kind of have to feel for him.” Willow stated calmly, “I mean he just learned that his mother worked as a street-corner hooker before she worked in that casino, and that his father was supposed to get married to another woman in four months. Who was the worse parent?”

“All valid, but he’s avoiding the problem, not coming to terms with it.” She countered a little too loudly as Dean began to stir from where he slept.

“Maybe this is his way of dealing with it. You saw how Buffy and Dawn handled the information.” Willow pointed out.

Buffy had gone into shock over the information, while Dawn had flown into a fit and caused a large amount of damage to their home. Graham, when he finally woke up from his medically induced coma, had seemed to handle to information fairly well, he’d acted as if he had been told that a new grocery store was opening; but the day that he was released from their med lab, he left. He’d only actually returned once since learning the truth about his family, and that had been while Buffy was in Rome playing girlfriend, again, with the Immortal and Dawn was in Scotland doing some research.

Sam sighed before submitting to the truth that Willow presented, “Alright, maybe so, and you did see the way he reacted to hearing just where Buffy was.”

Willow laughed, “I think his reaction had more to do with who she was with than where she was.”

Sam smiled, “So what are we going to do about our other little thing?”

“Well Dawn says that they seem to be doing alright, but she also said that it could just be because there was company and they wanted to appear civil.” Willow informed her.

“Right, so what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, but Dawn says that she might be moving back into the house soon, seems Vi is starting to get on her nerves.”

“How, I thought that they were best friends?” Sam stated shocked.

Willow shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, maybe living together got to be too much.”

“Or maybe it was Andrew that got on her nerves.” She supplied knowingly.

They both laughed realizing that that was likely the reason. Andrew and Vi were inseparable. As Vi liked to remind people when someone threatened harm to the blonde, ‘he’s my gay, get your own to beat up.’ Andrew and Vi’s odd relationship had gotten in the way of their personal lives on more than one occasion. Neither was likely going to be able to quit the other. They were Fellowship’s own Will and Grace.

“Those two will end up alone together.” Sam said as her laughter subsided.

“Like those two old gossips sitting on their front porch knitting.” Willow added, “Like in those movies set in country side villages.”

“Yup, maybe we should get them a cat or two for company.” She suggested.

“After we finish dealing with our other project.” Willow informed her with an all together too mischievous look in her eyes.

A/N2: I had not planned for after notes, but that seems to be what's happening here. I realized after I put this up that the last line of this chapter could lead to a new story. If people want it, let me know, but know that it will happen after this. But know with that that I had planned for this to be a 10 chapter thing, but I've just finished writing chapter 5 (need to send it to the peer circle for review, but that's once I get 4 back) and I don't think 10 will be enough. So Andrew and Vi's adventures of being a single couple would take longer to arrive that the original plan for this fic had allowed. But then, like with this fic, plans can change. Just let me know if you want it, but either way, be sure to let me know what you think, and I'm more than willing to accept suggestions for some good Buffy-isms. And wow, that was long.
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