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Forever and For Always

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Summary: Girlfriend rule number one is to never date the others ex. Buffy suddenly finds herself breaking that rule, and Willow's reaction seems ... odd.

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Chapter Five

Disclaimer: Buffy and fellow characters belong to Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. I'm just borrowing them for my own wicked pleasures.
Time line: Post-Chosen (by 5 years). Ignoring comics. Angel, it's complicated - Wesley is alive, Illyria is present, Connor has his real memories, Spike is corporal, Harmony is around, I just don't know if they are still at Wolfram and Hart or not.
A/N: Hum, more Buffy drama, need to find a way to add more Oz drama, but I do delve into his background this chapter a little. And they really get to interact in this chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 5

Still confused by her dream, Buffy threw her covers off and decided to have a late night snack. All of that despite the fact that she had eaten so much at Sam’s that she still felt bloated. Padding quietly down the carpeted stairs, she crept towards the kitchen only to shriek when someone spoke.

With a hand over her racing heart, she turned towards Oz and demanded to know what he was doing. Even in the darkness she saw him shrug before he echoed her question.

Glaring at the man, while still trying to slow her heart rate, she stated, “I needed something to eat.”

She wasn’t sure what his silent response was because the blackness that filled the house consumed it, but she brushed past him into the kitchen. She paid the werewolf no attention, as she threw the fridge door open and began looking for something to make a sandwich with. Glaring at the half empty thing, particularly since she knew Oz had done groceries earlier today, or yesterday, she slammed it shut.

“Counter.” Oz informed her easily. She spun to glare at him before turning to the counter and finding everything to make a sandwich. Mayo, bread, lettuce, mustard, and deli mock chicken.

She quickly made her meal and then dove into it. She was in the middle of making a second when she informed the man watching silently to shut up. After taking a bite out of the second sandwich, she turned to face the ginger haired werewolf and asked him what he was doing down here, again.

“Full moon tomorrow.” He answered simply, “I can control the change, but I get antsy.”

Buffy paused at hearing the explanation and began to wonder if he had spent the last three full moon cycles pacing the house. “So do you always pace?” She found herself asking. Damn verbal controls.

She almost thought that Oz had smiled, but then she couldn’t be sure in the darkness. On a scale of good to bad, Oz’s werewolf night sight was a hell of a lot better than hers, just like his nose was better than hers. “No.” He answered simply.

Still chewing another mouthful she asked, “Then what do you do?”

“I’ve gotten very good at beating myself in scrabble.” He informed her ever as coolly he told her where to find the stuff for her sandwich.

“Well at least you haven’t lost any of those games.” She joked.

“There was one.”

Buffy did a double take and nearly choked on her sandwich. Did Oz just make a joke? She couldn’t be sure since he said it so calmly. She narrowed her eyes at him and looked him over very carefully, trying to figure out if was joking or not.

“It was in Gaelic.” He finally told her as he stepped around her and began making a sandwich for himself.

“You speak Gaelic?”

He shrugged, never looking away from his work, “My mother was Irish.”

Nodding, Buffy took another bite, “Explains the hair colour. So where were your parents during high school?” She asked. She knew why Willow’s parents were hardly ever around, but Oz’s were absent even more than his ex’s.


Again, Buffy nearly choked on her sandwich. How could he be so cool about his parent’s being dead?


“Dad killed himself and mom said she was going to become a tree.”

“So she’s not dead?” Buffy asked confused.

Oz shrugged as he swallowed a bit of his sandwich, “Don’t know. She left after that and no one has seen her since.”

“So your dad killed himself, your mom – for all you know – is either dead or Drusilla level crazy, and you’re a werewolf. Wow that might be more screwed up than my family.” Buffy informed him amazed.

“You should hear how dad killed himself.”

“Okay, how?”

“Drowned in a vat of chocolate.”

“Okay, you have got to be joking.” Buffy cried out through her laughter.

“No, he worked at a chocolate factory, had a bad day, drank too much, and decided to drown himself.” Oz told her calmly.

“It must have been a very bad day then, but it sounds like he could have died happy.” She stated, “I know that I drowned in a vat of chocolate I would have died happy.”

“He was co-owner of the factory, but the partners strong armed him out, he was told that he didn’t have to come in again that day.” Oz informed her a little sadly.

Her laughter subsided immediately, “I’m so sorry Oz.”

He shrugged. After several minutes of them eating in silence he finally said, “The factory is the one where the band candy came from.”

Buffy had to spit out the part of her sandwich she was chewing on, because she knew she’d choke. “Your dad’s old factory was the source of that mayhem?”

The werewolf nodded.

“What was the likelihood it would have happened if he was still there?”

“How determined was Ethan?” Oz countered.

Sighing, she realized that the bastards responsible for Oz’s dad taking his life couldn’t be blamed for the band candy, but she’d still see if Willow knew about what happened to Oz’s father. Maybe she could see about Riley or Angel doing something to make sure those idiots suffered, if of course they had escaped Sunnydale. If not, then they deserved what happened to them.

“You said you know Gaelic, can you say something in it?” She asked curious.

“Not really, I understand it and can read it, but speaking isn’t my strong point.”

“In any language it seems then.” She joked. Oz glared at her, which was kind of funny and very scary to see. An Oz glare was definitely scarier that either one of Willow’s or a Giles/Ripper's glares.

They resumed their silent eating until Buffy asked, “How’s Jordy doing?”

“Good, he’s in LA.”

“Can he control himself, err, the wolf?” Buffy asked trying to correct to question.

“For the most part.” Oz replied before elaborating, “He has trouble at the full moon, but he manages well enough.”

“Do Angel and the gang know about Jordy being there?”

Oz nodded, “He told Wesley and Connor’s at Sanford as well.”

“So Jordy’s at Sanford?”

“Starts in the fall.”

“I thought Connor had dropped out after his memories came back.” Buffy mused trying to remember everything Wesley had told them during his last visit.

“Seems he did but after everything settled down he enrolled again.”

“Right and he changed his major from anthropology to sports medicine.” Buffy exclaimed remembering now. “Okay, so there should be someone looking out for him in case anything happens, that’s good.”

Oz nodded before he began putting the stuff from their sandwiches away. Buffy watched as he cleaned up, the memory of her dream resurfacing. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling, at the memory, and watching how accustomed Oz had become with the house. Of course it was exactly like the one she and Dawn had lived in back in Sunnydale, and Oz had been there several times as well. But it was - she wasn’t sure of how to describe it. Heart-warming maybe, but it did something to her as she watched him.

“I’m glad I can say you’re my friend Oz.” She informed him with a smile.

The werewolf paused in his wiping the counter and turned to look at her, confusion in his eyes. “So am I.”

A/N2: The idea for Oz's dad came from an episode of CSI while the idea for Oz's mom came from The Almighty Johnsons. If you don't know it, I highly recommend you check it out, it's a New Zealand show about Norse gods that have been reincarnated.
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