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Forever and For Always

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Summary: Girlfriend rule number one is to never date the others ex. Buffy suddenly finds herself breaking that rule, and Willow's reaction seems ... odd.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: Buffy and fellow characters belong to Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. I'm just borrowing them for my own wicked pleasures.
Time line: Post-Chosen while ignoring the comics. Not sure about the whole Angel situation yet.
A/N: Buffy and Oz are just so cute together, I just wish there were more of them, so here is my contribution. And about that other thing (no spoiler) that I'm sure everyone will notice, well, I can't really give much of an explanation other than it seemed ... right at the time.

Chapter One

Willow looked up from the book in front of her as Buffy walked into the room. The door slammed shut behind her, splintering not only the door but also the door frame. “Bad date?” She asked her friend already knowing the answer.

So much had changed since the potential slayers had been activated and they left the crater that had been their home. They had lived in that school bus for so long that Xander kept joking about turning the back of the bus into a hostel like room. They had finally moved off the bus when the old thing broke down in the middle of nowhere, or rather the middle of Oklahoma. Amazingly, the bus had broken down near an abandoned barn. They had made sure the place was empty before they resigned themselves from sleeping in the place. And it only smelt somewhat disgusting.

After a long debate of what they were going to do to get out of the place. There was literally no town, city, village, or hamlet around for miles. Giles made a phone call on the one still working cell phone and bought the barn; mainly because he felt bad about them having been using it without cause, but also because someone now living there might help get them some help. Sure enough, a realtor came out and she gave Buffy, Dawn, and Andrew a drive into the nearest town, which was a full two and a half hour drive away. They returned a little while later with new clothes for everyone, food, some other living necessities, and two new working, though used, vehicles.

That was the start of the new Watcher’s Council, or NIWC for short.

It took a full year to transform that barn into their offices and training facility. It took longer than that for Xander to build a building for everyone to live in from nothing. He complained about it often enough, but everyone knew he loved getting to do it. There had originally only been one residential building, but as more people started arriving, Xander built another one, this new one as a male dormitory. Names were eventually given to the two dormitories and the main office building. The females lived in the Anya Jenkins House, while the men lived in the Merrick House.

Robin took a small group of new slayers to the Hellmouth in Cleveland after the first few months in Oklahoma. That separation had been hard on Faith at first, but she realized, after everyone else, that they were never going to work out; which was sad, because everyone had been rooting for them, but Robin knew it first and had told her, but Faith was stubborn and it took her longer to finally admit that it was true.

Now, five years after their little community had sprung up, more buildings had come with it. The barn that had started it all now served solely as an office building for the senior members of the council – Giles (the undisputed and by unanimous vote, head of the council), Buffy, Xander, Willow, Faith, Dawn, Robin (when he was around) and by some strange occurrence Andrew. There was now a vast library, a mess hall, a gym, a school house, the senior members and some of the other residence had their own separate homes.

The place had no official name, but they’d heard people passing by and some of the newer residence called the place Fellowship, after the famous fellowship from the Lord of the Rings series by J.R.R. Tolkien, based on Faith of all people’s theory it was because they represented a kind of spirit and hope not usually seen in man. And so the unofficial – to all but the world around them – name for their community was Fellowship.

So when Buffy slammed the door to Willow’s office and slumped rather indignantly into the chair across from her, Willow felt a little sorry for her friend, but mostly proud. After everything that had happened over the years, Buffy finally had a normal-ish life, but she somehow still managed to make a bad date seem like the apocalypse.

“Of course it was a bad date, why I ever thought going out with the guy that supplies us with cheese was ever a good idea is completely lost on me.” Buffy complained.

“Well so long as we still get cheese when this is over, everything is fine.” Willow reminded her friend, and since when did their food become her problem, that was Andrew’s.

“You sound like Andrew.” Buffy whined as she started to play with the crystal lamp on her desk.

“I know, make it stop.” Willow commented in a whine. She immediately sobered up, “Riley was in here yesterday, he says that Sam’s doing well, and so is the baby. He’s just annoyed that she wants to get back here so soon.”

“We need them; they’re able to give the slayers, and the watchers, valuable information.”

“Not to mention that thanks to Riley we’re able to get cheap weapons and government funding.”

“How he managed to get the weapons we need is still a mystery.” Buffy inserted.

“That and how he can get the government to supply us with money and resources to keep living, while they practically don’t even know we exist.”

“Why did I break up with him?” Buffy whined.

“Because of many, many things, and I like Sam.”

“I like Sam too, she is like my hero. Smart, tough, stylish, and she has a normal life!”

“We all envy her.” Willow sighed admitting the truth. Since Riley and Sam moved to the community, and they joined the ranks of senior council members, everyone envied Sam. But that never gained her any enemies, which made people even more envious of her.

“Why can’t I have what she has, I want that, hell, I deserve that.”

“I know you do, sweetie, want some chocolate?” Willow asked pulling open her desk drawer.

“You are not allowed sugar; you know that, God, Willow, am I going to have to send Xander in here to search the place again?”

“I got it today, just for you, so no.” Please don’t send Xander in, he’d find her secret mars bar stash, and screw caffeine babbling, she needs her mars bars.

“Alright, fine.” Buffy humphed and Willow handed her the Belgium imported chocolate.

“Oh, Giles wants to know what you think about making Oz a member of the senior council.” Willow informed her, she really wanted to spend more girl time with Buffy, but she had so much work to do.

“Why would we need too? Isn’t Oz still someplace in the Himalayas or something like that for his spiritual quest thing?”

“No, we went over this the other day, Graham found Oz in New Zealand and managed to convince - or possibly blackmail, he never actually said which - him to come here and help us.” Willow reminded Buffy. Why couldn’t Buffy remember these things?

“Is Graham going to be joining us as well?”

“I don’t think so, but I’m sure that you could call him and ask.”

“Right, it’s just that he’s hardly ever here and he’s such a novelty concept for me still.” Buffy commented referring to the revelation everyone had experienced last year.

Graham, during one of his many infrequent and unscheduled visits, had nearly been killed in a demon attack. That, while distressing, had not been the earth shattering news that everyone received, instead it was that the tests run on Graham to make sure none of the demon blood had infected him with something revealed. Graham Miller was Buffy and Dawn’s older half-brother. Seems Hank Summers had failed sex-Ed just four months prior to his marriage to Joyce.

Sighing, Buffy asked “Alright, so when does Oz get in?”

“Thirty minutes ago.”

“Right, well Oz was around back in Sunnydale and he helped with a number of big things and apparently he’s grown, and you want him here, right, so sure.”

“Alright, I’ll let Giles know.” Willow said as she picked up her phone, hit the button to connect her with Giles and waited for him to answer. “Buffy says ‘yeah’ to the Oz vote.”

“Alright, thank you Willow, I’ll let Oz know.” Giles said on the other end.

“Oh, is Oz there with you?”

“Yes he is shall I put this on speaker?” Giles asked she could almost picture Giles pinching the bridge of his nose. He hates their office phones.

“No, I think that’s alright.” Willow said before saying goodbye.

“So Oz is with Giles, where is he going to be staying?” Buffy asked her mouth full of chocolate.

“Dawn volunteered your house.”

“I’ll kill her. She doesn’t have the right, especially now that she’s staying in the Anya House.”

“Temporarily” she reminded her, “and you do have extra room, even if Dawn was still there.”

“Nothing against your ex Wills, but do I really have to?”

“Yes you do and you will like it.” Willow told her, resolve face firmly in place.

Buffy crossed her arms indignantly across her chest and grumbled, “Fine.”

“Oz really isn’t that bad.”

“I’m glad you forgave him Will, but, still, no offense, but I don’t want a guy who could change into a wolf and savage me while I’m asleep in my house.” That, at Buffy’s request, had been built exactly like her home in Sunnydale.

“Oz is good, and you never had a problem with him before.” Willow reminded her friend. They had all gotten over and forgiven Oz a long time ago. And no one could hate him after he showed up in Sunnydale following Buffy’s second death or after the letter he sent after her resurrection. They had kept in touch after that with regular postcards.

“I know it’s just-”

“You don’t want a werewolf around while you try and catch up to Sam. Buffy, unless you get pregnant tomorrow and have triplets you aren’t likely to catch up to Sam anytime soon.”

“I’m not trying to catch up to Sam.”

“Good because Dawn sent a text right before you came in, she dropped Oz’s stuff off at your house already.”

“Great” Buffy muttered, “so I should get home and clean the place real fast, huh.”

“Probably, because I think you might have a demon living in your front closet.” Willow joked as Buffy left the office.

Once the door closed behind the short blonde, Willow looked at her desk. She took in the many open files on her two computers and at all the files and books on her desk and the floor around it. She heaved a sigh then opened a hidden drawer and pulled out a mars. She would require some help if she was going to tackle her next project.

A/N2: I have the next couple of chapters written, so hopefully updates won't be too far apart. I just have to make sure that I keep writing and posting the chapters. Other than that, so far I think I have everything mapped out for this.
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