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A Touch of Connor

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Summary: Connor, Connor everywhere! Drabble sortof Round Robin with TouchoftheWind. Slash in a big way.

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A4.) Don't Judge a Book by its Cover, by TOTW by TouchoftheWind

Disclaimer: I don’t own SGA or Angel. That’s Brad Wright or Robert Cooper or Joss Whedon.

Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Angel
Prompt word: Book
Pairing: Ronon/Connor

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

There was many in Atlantis who avoided Ronon- whether it was simply that they were intimidated by his size, skills, and seemingly distant personality- people just tended to let the other be. Sure the rest of the team hung out with him and he would be found training the marines, after all, what better way to train against Wraith’s than with someone who was well informed in that area. However, the man always seemed to be alone.

When that mission went wrong a few months ago Ronon had brought back another stray- a tiny young man who was dwarfed by Ronon’s height. The boy was also skinny and feminine looking- but from the moment the boy, Connor, was given the go ahead to be assigned to Sheppard’s team he followed Ronon like a shadow. And to the surprise of many Ronon tolerated it.

For months there were those who doubted the kid belonged on Atlantis but Sheppard’s team continued to come back from missions with the kid in tow and succeeding in their missions. In fact there success rate had gone up since the kid joined the team. Eventually everyone got used to the kid tailing after Ronon and becoming one of the team.

After the joint mission and a show of Connor’s skills the trust in the kid was shaky for some but others realised what an asset it was to have someone so talented in their midst. They quickly found that this didn’t change the fact that both Ronon and Connor seemed to only enjoy each others company and that of their team but were there was a newfound respect for Connor and a strange understanding of the relationship between Ronon and Connor. Though admittedly many still didn’t really know what kind of relationship they actually had.

Rodney had watched Connor from his first days in Atlantis when Ronon had come through the Stargate after having gone missing just days before with the petite young man trailing behind him- a small knapsack which held a few clothes but mainly weapons of the sharp pointy variety. Understandably those in charge were a little annoyed that Ronon had invited the young man with him back to Atlantis but after having a private show of Connor’s skills were he thoroughly beat Ronon into the mat made them reconsider their views.

Rodney had continued to be unsure of this boy, because in many ways he was still a child despite all he’d experienced, and knowing of his skills made Rodney more than wary of Connor both in Atlantis and Off-World. Slowly Rodney began to respect Connor after having saved them many times from Wraith’s but he knew the boy was hiding the darker aspects of his past. After all, growing up in a hell dimension wasn’t going to leave anyone in one piece. Rodney also admitted to himself that Connor seemed like a more feral Ronon.

Now that they were connected with Earth new personnel were sent through to help replace those who were missing, killed, or injured. However, most of these personnel were cocky at having gotten chosen at all. This made a slight case of ego. They did respect the previous work the current and previous military personnel had done on the expedition but they also seemed to think they would do better. There was also distrust of Teyla, Ronon, and Connor for not been military or a scientist. They warmed up quickly enough to Teyla (at least to her face) but Ronon and Connor didn’t really do themselves any favours.

Most new personnel took one look at Ronon and thought brawns and no brain. They often deduced that due to his appearance and what has happened in his past he’s some uncivilised brute which was on the team for his fighting skills. Connor was viewed similarly to Ronon- except that many didn’t know much about Connor on arrival. Rodney had caught some saying that the only reason Connor was allowed to stay in Atlantis was because he was sleeping with Ronon.

They didn’t see the times when they would hang out in John’s office, Connor using the knowledge that got him into Stanford (even if that was because of a spell) and helped teach Ronon and Teyla about the technology they used on missions. He bantered with Rodney and John about the topics on Earth they learned about or even the urban myths which circulated. They didn’t see Teyla and Connor waltzing round the gym in the middle of the night as Connor learned how to use his body for something other than fighting and Teyla learnt some dances from Earth. They didn’t glimpse the moments were Ronon held Connor gently as if the smaller man would crack of he held on too tight- and the moments were Connor would be the one holding Ronon- fearing his strength may hurt the Satedan.

They didn’t cheer them on while sparring as Connor danced with Ronon in a battle of fists and kicks with grace that even Teyla couldn’t match. Rodney knew that Connor was possibly the strongest person he knew- in both physical and emotional terms- and yet the most vulnerable due to everything he’d gone through. He managed to relate to everyone on the team. He understand what it was like in a war zone (Ronon), what if was like to be alone and an outcast (Rodney), how family wasn’t always what you needed (John), and to be viewed differently because of your origins (Teyla). He was a piece of the team which was vital now they had it- a go between for all members. Things ran smoother Rodney admitted.

At times Rodney feared what Connor would do but had come to realise that like Ronon there were many pages and chapters to Connor’s character and story which had shaped him.

It was simply a matter of getting past the cover…

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