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A Touch of Connor

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Summary: Connor, Connor everywhere! Drabble sortof Round Robin with TouchoftheWind. Slash in a big way.

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Multiple Crossings > Connor-Centeredtoots + 1 otherFR181814,0261169,33526 Dec 1117 Feb 14No


A Touch of Connor

Disclaimer: We, the authors of this ficcish Round Robin, do not own any of the properties recognizable to those of the legal set. Do not sue. (Although, to be fair, TouchoftheWind totally wishes she could tuck Connor away for a rainy day and toots wouldn’t mind playing with any of these characters, either.)

Author’s Notes (toots specific): This began as a Christmas present for TouchoftheWind. Merry ficcing Christmas, Touch.

Author’s Notes:TouchoftheWind and toots will be doing a strange sort of Round Robin, each Chapter containing Connor Angel. As they began from one word prompts, the initial drabbles (written by me, toots) don’t tie into each other, but TouchoftheWind has picked up the thread on them, so we need a way to clarify which drabbles are continuations of which. Thus, an index.


Prompt Set A:


1.)An Unfamiliar Warmth-Ronon/Connor-by toots (12/26/2011)
2.)Cold by TouchoftheWind
3.)Small Packages by toots (2/21/2012)

Prompt Set B:


1.)Young Love-Sam/Connor-by toots (12/26/2011)
2.)Roughed Up by TouchoftheWind
3.)Welcome Wagon by toots (2/21/2012)

Prompt Set C:

Anita Blake series/Angel:

1.)Happy Accidents-Nathaniel/Connor(/Fredo)-by toots (12/26/2011)
2.)Exposed by TouchoftheWind
3.)Castle's in the Air by toots (2/21/2012)

Prompt Set D:


1.)KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)-Dean/Connor-by toots (12/26/2011)
2.)Not Pretending by TouchoftheWind
3.)Little Brother and the Big Secret by toots (2/21/2012)

Prompt Set E:

Criminal Minds/Angel:

1.)That ‘sNot Right-Spencer Reid/Connor-by toots (12/26/2011)*
2.)Boundless by TouchoftheWind
3.)Home Away by toots (2/21/2012)

*a continuation of Fractured Lives by toots
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