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The First Drinks Are On Me.

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Summary: Stories on Hiatus due to Comp virus. Three men were about to enter Adam Pierson's life and turn everything he thought he knew about his world sideways. He'd always heard there were exceptions to every rule; he'd just never thought he'd be one of them.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsSariLaneFR1544,7471327,98926 Dec 1125 Jan 12No

Chapter 4

This is a Christmas Fic for Toots... Merry Belated Ficmas Dahling!

Cross: BTVS/Highlander/XMen/Glee

I have changed canon. There is no Highlander The Source... that was a weird movie.
Methos' world is about to be irrevocably changed... he learns he is the exception to a very big rule...

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


“You saved them,” Adam asked, already intrigued.

“We were in New York, and we were just leaving from dinner…” Noah began


“Let me get the door for you, Babe,” Noah sighed.

“I’m sorry, Noah, I’m just a little restless.”

The cool night air hit them, and Noah wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “Nothin’ to be sorry about, Berry. It’s all those baby hormones runnin’ through your body… makin’ you crazier than normal.” He grinned to show her he was teasing.

Rachel smiled back. “Well, if anything made me crazy it would be your DNA…” she said sweetly.

They’d reached the park, and now Noah was starting to think they should have taken a taxi, but he’d gotten caught up in the verbal sparring with his girl… what he liked to call, foreplay. “Babe… maybe we should get a cab?”

Before the words were even out of his mouth a dark chuckling began to echo. “What do we have here?”

Several figures seemed to melt out of the shadows ands trees, a gang of six, four men and two women. They were all dressed in dark, ragged clothing, and their make up would have put Tina’s Goth days to shame.

One of the women, young and extremely thin smiled sharp teeth at the couple, “Look at the pretty-pretties,” she cackled in a screechy voice.

“I smell innocent blood,” the man in front growled out, staring at them from deep set black eyes.

Noah moved Rachel behind him, making sure to hold her against him. She clutched onto his back with trembling hands. “We don’t want any trouble, we’re just passing by,” he began. He remembered a time when he would have taken them all on… that was a time before he had a fiancé… before he had a baby on the way.

“Trouble? Who said anything about trouble, Boy,” the man chuckled. “We just want the woman.”

Now Noah’s voice was low and almost guttural, “You’ll stay the fuck away from her… you’ll stay the fuck away from both of us if you know what’s good for you.”

Two of the men rushed Noah and Rachel screamed in horror. Noah had been expecting the attack and he braced, moved with the attack and flipped the first man over his shoulder. The second man managed to clip him in the mouth, but Noah got his shoulder into the man’s belly and drove him into the ground. He got to his feet quickly, and spit a mouthful of bloody saliva onto the ground before moving back into a protective position in front of Rachel.


Xander and Remy had been in the gymnasium hanging out with Faith and Dawn when the alarms went off.

“Oh my Gods, Xander,” Dawn exclaimed.

“Is that what I think it is,” Xander couldn’t believe it.

“What that be,” Remy questioned.

“You got a brother, yo,” Faith answered them both, “and he’s in some kinda trouble.”


The gang had regrouped, Noah swiping at anyone coming close to him or Rachel. He was scared though. He had a bad feeling they were just playing with them. His mouth was still bleeding where he’d been elbowed, and normally he could shake off a hit like that.

Suddenly there was a crackling noise and a bright green flash and four people came tumbling out of nowhere… literally out of nowhere.

“What the fuck,” he muttered, thinking he got hit in the head harder than he’d thought.

“Noah, did those people just appear out of thin air,” Rachel whispered hesitantly.

Okay, maybe he hadn’t hit his head. “Yeah, Babe.”

“Slayer,” the man in charge hissed on seeing a small brunette come to her feet in front of the young couple they’d been

“Slayee,” the girl smirked. “You guys get stupider and stupider. You done fucked with the wrong people this time.”

While Dawn and Remy took up protective positioning, Xander approached the couple. “You guys okay?”

“Ye-yes,” Rachel answered in the affirmative, wondering if she should talk to the strange one eyed man, “but Noah got hu-hurt.”

Xander looked into the dark brown eyes, tears glittering and instead of fear he found anger at the attackers and concern for the before mentioned ‘Noah’. “He’ll be okay… you both will. We’re here now,” he told her gently. “Dawn, cover the rear,” he ordered, before turning to join Faith and Remy who had already begun fighting the six attackers.

“Looks like we got a pack of vamps who thought they’d chow down on our mommy-to-be back there,” Faith shared as she fought two of the vamps, and then shoved a stake through one of their hearts.

“What in God’s name is going on,” Noah whispered, as he and Rachel watched the two men and small woman turn the Goth gang into nothing more than dust. The tall brunette, just a year or two younger than he and Rachel, was standing next to him and she’d somehow made a glowing green shield appear in front of them. Noah was trying to ignore it for the time being.

“Those are vampires. We kill vampires. Especially Faith. She’s born for the job. I’m Dawn by the way, Dawn Summers.”

“I’m Rachel Berry, and this is Noah Puckerman, my fiancé,” Rachel introduced herself politely. Sure this was the strangest situation she’d ever found herself in, however that didn’t mean they shouldn’t have manners. “Could I ask about this
glowing green… field?”

“Oh, yes! This is magic! It’s a shield spell. It’s to protect us and make sure nothing can attack us while they’re fighting. I’m really good at ranged fighting, and getting better at hand to hand, but you guys need protection.”

“Thank you, Dawn, that’s very thoughtful of you,” Rachel gave her a sweet smile. “I still have no idea what’s really happening, and monsters and magic… seems quite unbelievable, but that you would protect two people you don’t even know… that’s really very kind.”

Dawn shrugged. “Well, we protect the innocent… but you guys aren’t just anybody… you’re family… not that you really know that yet, but you will soon… I probably shouldn’t have said that yet…”


“They finished killin’ those dudes and took us back to their place in Cleveland. Explained everything that went bump in the night and explained how Remy and Xander and I are related…” Noah was quiet for a moment. “It was one of the best night’s of my life. I mean, it was one of the scariest too, with Berry bein’ in danger, but findin’ out I had brothers… and that Jacob Puckerman wasn’t really my old man… one of the best nights of my life…”

Adam saw the deep feeling in the young man’s eyes and reached out, clasping him tightly on the shoulder. He knew it wasn’t much, but hoped for now it was enough.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The First Drinks Are On Me." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jan 12.

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