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Mon Chevalier

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Summary: Xander has always been too self-sacrificing. Because of that he ends up thrown into the Anita Blake verse, joining Humans First and becoming a vampire all within three weeks. It can't get worse or weirder...right? Right?

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherMyauzoFR182254,1092022084,48628 Dec 1129 Nov 14No

chapter whatever

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time hasn’t it? I started this chapter months ago and never got around to finishing it. Sad right? I’ve been ignoring all of my stories, but never fear my stories are never abandoned! They just don’t get updates for a very very long time. 

Chapter…Something or Other

“Who are you?” Anita asked him.

‘Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Must stay calm!’ Xander internally freaked out.


“You know how to use a gun, Xander?”



“Good. I’m deputizing you.” Anita threw a gun at him and he caught it. He briefly wondered where in the hell she had pulled it from before deciding that it didn’t matter. What did matter was what the hell was going on and why wasn’t she trying to wipe him off of the face of the earth? Or maybe she was…was this going to be a shootout?! That was NOT how he planned on dying. Yes, it was a pretty interesting way to go, but not as awesome as getting hit by a meteor or something equally weird.


“Get in the jeep. We don’t have time to waste.”

Xander scrambled after the woman and climbed into the car. He put on his seatbelt and tried to look at her inconspicuously.

“You must be pretty young.” Anita said her eyes locked on the road.

“Yeah.” Xander hesitated, “how’d you know?”

“Older vamps tend to stay away from guns. They mostly rely on their preternatural skills not weapons. Some may use blades, but very few do.” she made a sharp turn and Xander clutched the side door handle before remembering that a car crash probably wouldn’t kill him.

“Oh,” he paused, “that makes sense. Um…where are we going?”

Anita frowned and her hands clenched on the steering wheel.

‘Oh no she’s angry! I don’t wanna die!’ the little voice in Xander’s head wailed.

“Right, I should’ve already told you. Humans First broke into the clinic. I’m not sure how they found it, but they managed to take down five weres before escaping with a child. We are going after them. We can’t call the police in. We need to get in, take the child, and get out.” Anita smirked, “and take down as many of them bastards as possible.”

Xander paled.


“The child,” he swallowed his fear, “who is she?”

Anita frowned.

“It’s a he not a she,” relief slammed into Xander he took in a shaky breath, “about a month ago the kid and his dad went on a camping trip. Unfortunately, it was during the full moon. A rogue werecat attacked them. They were infected, and the father was critically injured while protecting the son. When the mother found out they were infected she divorced the father and disowned the sun. She moved out of town about a week afterward.”


“Yeah,” Anita agreed, “Not long after the mother freaked the dad succumbed to his injuries. The clinic has kept the son hidden from the authorities and the mother never told them. None of them want to see a kid like that go into the system.”

“That’s why you can’t call in the police.” Xander said in understanding. Anita grunted.

“How did they find out about the kid?” he asked.

“They didn’t. They were going in to destroy the clinic, but were met with more resistance than they bargained for. They found the kid on their way out and took him with them.”

“How long ago was this?”

“One hour ago, they won’t kill the kid though. Not yet anyways. Members of Humans First like to make monsters suffer.” She snarled.

It was quiet for a moment. Xander had finally calmed his panicking inner voice and relaxed somewhat. If Anita hadn’t killed him yet then she wasn’t going to anytime soon. Then he realized that he was panicking for nothing. Anita didn’t know him. She didn’t know where he had come from, who he was friends with, hell she didn’t even know that he stayed in the circus. He could also assume that she had most certainly had not seen Richard give him a goodbye kiss or his last statement.

Maybe if he had caught her attention in the circus he would have been in some serious trouble, but he didn’t so at the moment he was safe. Well, his identity was safe for one more day at least.

“So what kinda werecat? Weretiger? Wereleopard? Werewhat?”

“It’s a were-iriomote cat.”

“Whoa. Aren’t those the little cute endangered species cats? Well, geez they make weres out of any animals nowadays.”

Anita chuckled and her grip on the steering wheel loosened somewhat.

“Yeah they do. Normally that type of werecat isn’t so dangerous, but it was insane before it was turned into a were. It became vicious and even more hostile afterward.”

Xander sobered up immediately. He had good timing too because they had just stopped a few yards away from the Humans First Church.

Suddenly, Xander remembered the history he had with Humans First.

Man…he was having a bad day.

AN: I’m going to post this chapter as is. Sorry it’s so freaky short. I just couldn’t continue it anymore. Anywho I hope you like the chapter. Please review!

p.s. Any ideas on what’s going to happen next? ;)
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