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Mon Chevalier

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Summary: Xander has always been too self-sacrificing. Because of that he ends up thrown into the Anita Blake verse, joining Humans First and becoming a vampire all within three weeks. It can't get worse or weirder...right? Right?

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherMyauzoFR182254,1092222185,50128 Dec 1129 Nov 14No

chapter 2

Second chapter of Mon Chevalier. Enjoy

Being a vampire in this universe wasn’t half bad. Sure he couldn’t eat human food anymore or go out in the sun, but it was still tons better than being a vampire in his world.

For one he wasn’t demonic or inherently evil. He felt no urge to take over the world or scare girl scouts and take their cookies. He didn’t want to wreak havoc or take vengeance on everybody who had wronged him in his human life. In fact, the only thing he really wanted to do was drink a little blood, learn about his vamp powers and hide from Jean Claude’s human servant.

The drinking blood thing wasn’t as gross as he thought it would be. With his new vamp nose and taste buds it smelt great and tasted better. He was partial to lycanthrope blood, but a human would do in a pinch. He had learned from Asher, he didn’t want to be called master which spoiled all of Xander’s fun, that his bite could be pleasurable. By pleasurable he meant that his bite could give people a happy. After finding out that tidbit of information Xander was equal parts squicked and intrigued. Apparently, Asher’s bite was orgasmic if he had enough energy that night in the woods Xander would have had a very happy trip into unconsciousness instead of owies and pain. Xander’s bite wasn’t orgasmic, thankfully. He didn’t want people to look at him and um…think naughty things because of his teeth. Oh no, he would rather his hands and tongue cause those thoughts that along with another part of his anatomy.

Anyways, Xander’s bite could make people happy, but not to the extent of Asher’s. According to Asher and Jean Claude he had control that was admirable for his age. Apparently, two week old vamps were supposed to damn near drain their happy meal, who knew? Xander was also able to ignore his hunger for extended periods of time. The bloodlust did not consume him and when Jean Claude and Asher figured that out Xander had the feeling that they wanted to experiment on him and see how long he could go without jumping somebody and draining them dry. He didn’t by any means starve himself. He thought that he adjusted rather well to the vampire diet. The blood did not squick him as much as the damn near orgasmic bite did.

Want a snack Xan?

Sure, pass that neck over here.

See he adjusted rather well…to the bloodlust and feeding at least.

His other vampire abilities were another thing altogether. While he was getting a pretty decent handle on his strength and speed he had… issues you could say. He kept floating. Floating was really cool and all, but not when he was trying to read a comic book. Not when he was trying to walk and most definitely not when he was taking a bath.

Asher had been intrigued when he learned about Xander floating. Apparently flying was a trait for older and more powerful vampires and even then it was very uncommon. Only a few vampires in St. Louis could float.

Well no one told Xander that so how was he supposed to know?

When he wasn’t learning how to be a vampire from Asher and trying to control his random floating he was hiding from Anita.

Anita Blake aka The Executioner aka Jean Claude’s human servant aka psycho bitch that reminded him of Buffy if they every pulled her out of heaven and brought her to an earth with no mall, no shoes and no chocolate. Yeah, she was that bad. Anita was more of a shoot first; ask questions later type of person. It would have been good and all, but with supernatural politics, a volatile temper and a vendetta against anything that might be more powerful than her it wasn’t a very good thing. Did he mention that she had a tendency to see various males as hers and only hers?

To say she would have been pissy to learn of Xander’s existence was an understatement. It’s not that he was bumping uglies with Asher, he had been more adamant that Asher would not touch the Xanman and all of his sexiness. No, it was because Asher had turned him and was taking care of him. Vampires in this day and age did not spend so much time with the ones they turned. They did not guide them through the whole learning process; in fact they were usually sent to some sort of vamp counselor to learn the rules of the undead. For Asher to take such an interest in Xander was unheard of and Anita liked Asher’s attention on herself. Xander would have been seen as a threat.

So he was not ashamed to say he hid. He really didn’t want to be shot again, he was pretty sure that Anita kept silver bullets in her gun and he had the sinking suspicion that it would hurt like the dickens. Avoiding Anita was pretty easy though. All he needed to do was walk away from the feeling of death magic. He had gotten pretty good at sensing since he was turned into a vampire. Asher had said that it was a vampire thing to sense and smell the type of preternatural creature somebody was. Xander was pretty sure that it was normal for him to be able to tell the age of another vampire or whether or not someone had malicious intent against him or someone he knew. This being said Xander never really found the need to tell Asher of his ah, abilities because he thought they were normal to all vampires.

Yeah right, like Xander could ever be normal not in this universe and despite what he believed not in the last either, but you must understand it from Xander’s point of view. While others had answered his questions and questions they had assumed he would have they never explained to Xander what a normal vampire ever was.

If asked it wasn’t his fault. No one had ever told him the rules.

Besides all of the above Xander spent his time with a few were-animal friends he had made. Sometimes when he was around them he couldn’t help but despair that he had not been changed into some kind of were-animal instead of a vampire. He already understood most of the rules because of the hyena primal possession and he made friends easier with weres than the vampires. The vampires here were weird and antisocial. The older ones wanted to be more powerful and were creepy and the younger ones wanted to be more powerful and tried to be creepy. Jean Claude and Asher behaved themselves when they were with him and toned down the old super powerful vamp vibes they sent out. They actually became real people. Not pretty mannequins plotting every two seconds.

Xander had met Jean Claude’s pomme de sang, Jason. He was pretty cool and had an awesome sense of humor. He had a love for books that Xander had discovered early on. Jason had sworn him to secrecy and Xander understood. Hell, his middle name was Lavelle! Xander would keep that secret for the rest of his undead life. Anywho, he would usually hang out with Jason when they had free time and he would occasionally feed from him. Jean Claude had given him permission last week and according to Jason it was some sort of big deal. Xander figured that Jean Claude either liked him or was testing him. He wasn’t quite sure which. He had pretty good control.

Right up until the ardeur kicked in.

It was a pretty normal day. He and Jason were lounging on the couch and watching Return to Oz which was a very creepy/odd/amusing movie. Xander couldn’t say whether or not Dorothy was actually hallucinating or really in Oz. He had this theory that she was probably spiritually in tune to an alternate reality and that she couldn’t get to it with so many other people from her own world blocking her metaphysical channels. Jason just thought that it was a good movie and had looked at Xander oddly when he was explaining his theory.

They made it right up until the Gnome King when Xander felt the first stirrings of hunger. It came to him as a surprise because he had fed off of a random, but willing werewolf earlier. He just went along with it and informed Jason who just shrugged and climbed into Xander’s lap.

“Eat up; I don’t want to miss the rest of the movie. It’s getting good.” Xander chuckled at his friend and angled his head.

Catch the eyes. Check.

Courtesy lick to the neck. Check.

Teeth in neck. Check.

See, the feeding started out pretty good. No problems at all and then he felt something different. It was as if he could literally feel Jason’s lust and arousal. He could tell that the blonde liked what he was doing very much. He could tell that the blonde wanted him and Xander had always wanted someone who wanted him.

He was needy that way.

Despite the mutual lust Xander didn’t give in and do something about it. The rest of his feeding went without a hitch and he withdrew his fangs from Jason’s neck and allowed the werewolf to catch his breath.

They were good for all of five minutes before hunger hit him hard and sharp. Xander gasped for unneeded breath, it felt like somebody was draining him of all of his energy. Did Asher say something about this happening? He couldn’t remember. He doubled over and felt Jason touch his shoulder.

“Are you okay, man? What’s going on?”

Xander needed to feed again, but he knew that he couldn’t. Not off of Jason anyway, werewolf or not he couldn’t lose any more blood. He tried to tell Jason what he needed, but he couldn’t get the words out. There had to be another way.

“Shit I’m going to get Jean Claude.” Jason tried to leave, but Xander’s arm shot out grabbing his wrist.

Jean Claude. Maybe that was the answer; using the vamp as a bit of inspiration Xander yanked Jason down to him and kissed him.

Jason was confused for all of two seconds before the ardeur consumed him. He groaned and tangled his hands in Xander’s hair deepening the kissing. Sharp teeth nipped, drawing blood and Jason whimpered and opened his mouth to Xander’s plundering tongue. The blood only added spice to the kiss and Jason needed more. He straddled Xander’s lap trying to feel as much as possible.

Xander ran his hands up Jason’s back under his shirt feeling the hot skin and muscle ripple beneath it. He swallowed the werewolf’s groan as he dragged his nails down his back lightly. He turned and pushed Jason down to the couch. He ground his hips into Jason’s, moaning at the feeling of his hard cock against his. It wasn’t until he tried to take off Jason’s pants that he realized that this might be a bad idea. He had permission to take blood from Jason, but not to screw him.


His head cleared enough to figure out another game plan. Jason’s frantic humping was not helping his case and he ground back making the were’s back arch. Well, maybe they could do this. He knew that Jason was cleared for a little playing around with other people just not full on sexual intercourse. Maybe Jean Claude wouldn’t mind. Whatever, he would deal with it later.

“Wrap your legs around my waist.” Jason licked his lips and complied and was thrilled with the increased friction. He tightened his legs and heard the vampire groan. He sealed their lips together again.

Groans and gasps filled the air. His and Jason’s lust swirled around them their combined scent heady, the ardeur built higher, the need becoming stronger and stronger. Xander could feel him losing himself to the need, to the pleasure, but he couldn’t. He could instinctively tell that if he did Jason would die. He didn’t want Jason to die. He was his best friend. One of the only people in this universe that he felt he could trust. It took all of his will to pull back from the temptation. He would not hurt Jason.

Suddenly, as if sensing his thoughts the ardeur became something different. He wasn’t sure what type of different he just knew it was different. It happened at a good moment too because Jason cried out and decided to do this rolling thing with his hips that made Xander…well let’s just say he was very happy. Power flooded through Xander and he shuddered at the feeling pressing himself down into Jason. Just as quickly as it came the power left and Xander could feel it draining away to some unknown source. Well, at least he wasn’t hungry anymore.

Xander slumped down on the couch leaning over Jason and buried his head in his shoulder taking in deep unneeded breaths. He could hear Jason gasping for breath as well.

Oh yeah. The Xanman was that good.

He heard Jason laugh. Oh crap he said that out loud.

“Yeah, you did, Xanman.”

“Yeah yeah laugh it up wolf boy.”

Now all he had to do was ask Asher what the hell had happened. Yup. He was going to do just that.

Right after his legs stopped feeling like green Jell-O.

Second chapter.  I just had to give Xander the ardeur. It’s his own version of it though. He doesn’t know what it is an he doesn’t know how different his is from Jean Claude’s. explanations will be given next chapter.
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