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Mon Chevalier

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Summary: Xander has always been too self-sacrificing. Because of that he ends up thrown into the Anita Blake verse, joining Humans First and becoming a vampire all within three weeks. It can't get worse or weirder...right? Right?

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Anita Blake > Xander-Centered > Pairing: OtherMyauzoFR182254,1092022084,59928 Dec 1129 Nov 14No

Chapter One

I do not own buffy the vampire slayer or the Anita Blake book series

I’m having fun responding to challenges. 

Three years ago if anyone would have told Xander that he would end up willingly saving vampires he would have laughed himself silly all day eventually passing out from lack of oxygen. But that was three years ago. Now things were different, completely and utterly different and he had no one to blame, but himself.

You see three weeks ago this evil goddess named Glory came to Sunnydale. She tried to use Dawn to open a portal to a hell dimension and they were too late to stop her. The portal ended up opening, but they still had a few minutes before it swallowed the whole earth. Apparently it needed the blood of the key and the only people who shared Dawn’s blood were Buffy and Dawn herself. Well, the world needed the Slayer and Dawn was just a kid so being the self-sacrificing guy he was Xander wrapped his hand in Dawn’s bloody scarf and jumped into the portal himself.

Did he go to hell? No.

Did he die? No.

Instead he had been launched into a universe where everything was ass backwards. Vampires had souls and were citizens. Lycanthropy was a virus and almost every googly boogly and things that went bump in the night were known to the people. Hell, you even had to get a license to kill vampires!

Being very disturbed by his findings and confused by this brand new world Xander went to the first church like place he could find and created a sob story. It went kind of like this.

“I don’t know who I am.” –sob-

“The last thing I remember is opening the door for somebody.” –always blame the monster-

“Where am I?” –Confusion is always good-

His caretaker, if you will, sympathized with him. He was horrified at what Xander had been put through and added his own guesses to Xander’s mysterious past and what happened to him. His caretaker believed that Xander had opened the door to a vampire and it had tried to kill him, but by some miracle Xander had gotten away. Xander just nodded along and apparently it was the right thing to do.

He had been given money and the directions to some kind of church organization called Humans First. They had taken Xander in, fed him and clothed him. They seemed like real great people and what was even better was that they hated vampires. So, it was all cool for the Xanman right up until he sat in for a sermon.

The people of Humans First had more than a natural fear for vampires and their hatred was sickening even for Xander. It wasn’t a sort of ‘I hate vampires I wish they would all die’ type of hatred no. it was more like a ‘I hate vampires and if I ever get my hands on one I will bind it in silver chains, hold it still with crosses, throw holy water on it and eventually burn it alive’ type hatred. That sort of thing always sickened Xander. He always killed the monsters. He didn’t torture them first, but these vampires didn’t seem like monsters. Sure, some of them were slightly less immoral than humans, but they weren’t demonic like his type of vampire. They were just people with a taste for blood and occasionally sex.

Once again Xander had to be the self-sacrificing type. He gave away his guaranteed safety and comfort with Humans First for a vampire. Well, a couple of vampires actually. They had all been captured separately and Xander had been able to help a few of them escape Humans First without being suspected. Currently, they had one more vampire in their possession and Xander had the feeling that if he did not leave soon they would start suspecting him.

Xander really didn’t want to be burned alive or something like that. They would probably think he was crazy or under some vamps thrall. Which he wasn’t of course. He was quite sane actually. Who was he kidding he was nowhere near sane. His last escape plan proved that quite well.

Humans First had another vampire in their possession and they had him for about two days or so. They were too afraid to get close enough to drain him so they let him get weak from hunger. Xander knew that they would guard the vamp carefully and tomorrow they would torture and probably burn him. They had already chained him up with silver and surrounded him with crosses. Xander figured that he if timed it right that he would be able to get past the guards during their switch and get the vamp out. Hopefully he would have enough strength to get away quickly.

Xander peeked around the corner and saw the guard taking his headphones off and standing up.

“Amateur” Xander thought. It wasn’t bad for him. Oh no it was definitely of the good. It meant that this would go much more smoothly for him.

He heard the guard walk down the hall and turn the corner and moved quickly. He looked through the window of the door that was holding the vamp prisoner and grimaced. It seemed that someone couldn’t wait and had already started torturing the poor man. A small puddle of blood surrounded him and Xander knew that things were going to be a lot harder. Two days without feeding and losing the little blood that he had would make the vampire little more than dead weight. Well dead weight and dangerous. Xander didn’t fancy being drained by a hungry vamp he hoped this one had some control.

With skills learned by events left better unsaid Xander quickly jimmied the lock and entered the room. He dragged the heavy chains off the still vampire and cursed at the loud clanging noise they made as they fell to the floor.

A few crosses later and about three more sets of chains the vampire was freed, but still unmoving. Deciding that he didn’t have any more time to wait Xander threw the vamp over his shoulder and moved quickly out of the room. He made it down the hall ways before he heard a shout behind him. He cursed and started running trying to jolt his companion.

He made it out of the building with no problems. He heard some of the guards shout as they tried to catch up with him, but he was too far ahead. Thankfully the property was surrounded by forests. Unfortunately, it was a good ways away from the main city. He knew if he made it to the trees he might be able to get far enough for them to decide not to follow him anymore. Vampire hatred be damned.

Just before he made it to the forests Xander jerked and cursed, clutching his side. He had been shot. The wound wasn’t fatal, but given the situation it could be. He adjusted his stolen vampire on his shoulder and kept running.

They made it at least three miles before Xander had to slow down. Years of running in Sunnydale had given him incredible stamina and endurance, but the vampire over his shoulder was dead weight and Xander was only human. That coupled with the blood loss, well, it wasn’t a good thing.

He grunted and dropped to his knee. He set down the blonde haired vampire and ripped the bottom of his own shirt before tying it around his still bleeding wound. He had lost a good amount of blood. He studied the vampire lying on the ground.

He was tall, probably a few good inches taller than Xander. He wasn’t exactly slender, but he wasn’t muscle bound either. Blonde hair, an angelic face and melty looking scars covered the right side of his face. Xander wondered how long Humans First had the vamp. Then he realized that it would have taken ages for a vampire to heal from holy water wounds in this world. He must have been caught unawares before. Xander shook his head. Some people had all the luck; unfortunately this guy must have bad luck.

He eyed the unconscious vampire before grabbing him and flinging him over his shoulder again. his vision darkened for a minute then cleared and Xander knew he had lost a lot of blood. What worried him the most though was his vampire companion. He should have woken up from the smell of blood. He must have been worse off than Xander thought.

Xander set off through the forest with a slow jog. He made it another two miles before he heard shouting a good distance from him. It seemed like the people from Humans First had not given up on their vamp captive. His vision darkened again before clearing and Xander knew that they didn’t have much time. He had lost too much blood to properly defend them and his vamp was too weak to wake up and get away himself.

He knew what he had to do.

Xander sat down the man and leaned over him. He slapped him on the cheek a few times and called to him trying to wake him up. Surprisingly it worked where miles of running and fresh blood had not. Stunning blue eyes opened and Xander blinked before grinning.

“Hey buddy. Bad news, those bastards don’t seem to want to give you up. I don’t have much strength to keep running and I know if they capture us we are both dead,” he grabbed the man and sat him in his lap pushing his head to his neck, “so, I figure at least one of us can get out of this alive. Or you know without being deader in your case. Drink up buddy. Take it all, but do me a favor. Make sure these psycho bastards pay.”

He felt soft, cool chapped lips press to his neck, hesistating.

“Go ahead. You don’t have much time. They will be here soon.” Xander encouraged him. He felt a soft kiss on his neck before the scrape of fangs. He gasped as they sank in and held the vampire closer to him.

Ow. It fucking hurt. Ow ow ow ow ow. Xander had heard about people that liked to get bit in this universe. He didn’t know why either. This shit fucking hurt. This universe must be full of fucking masochists.

Slowly the pain faded away and darkness claimed his vision. With the darkness came relief and hope. relief that his vampire companion would be strong enough to get away and hope that the Humans First bastards would get what they deserved.

Soon all thought and feeling floated away.

Asher POV

It was by no small miracle that Asher was able to pull himself away from the human male. The male’s heart had slowed and the last blood was always the sweetest. Even though he was a Master Vampire and had been alive for many centuries he had been weak for many days and had not been allowed to feed. He would have started to shrivel up soon if they had waited any longer. Being offered this man’s delectable blood was a treat. What was even more special about it was that it was freely given.

The male had expected to die and Asher could not let him die for trying to save an unknown vampire. He would not repay such bravery and sacrifice with death. Unfortunately he had not been able to stop in time. The unknown man’s heart was beating too slowly Asher knew that it would slow and then stop before Asher could get help. Even worse, he knew if he managed to find help it would not be enough. This man was doomed to die, but maybe Asher could make it a different type of death.

He tore open his wrist with his teeth and pressed it to the man’s mouth and encouraged him to swallow. The man was unresponsive, but Asher knew that he would last longer with just a small bit of his blood. Once they made it to the circus he would be able to turn him.

Asher picked the human up bridal style and ran through the forest with his vampire speed trying to find a clearing. In less than two minutes he was in the sky and flying to the Circus of the Damned thanking every deity there was that he had enough strength to fly.

“Mon Dieu, Asher!” Jean Claude rushed forward to steady his friend on his rough landing. He looked over Asher anxiously for injuries.

Asher hastily explained what happened with Humans First and about the male he carried. He told Jean Claude of his intentions, but he was forced to feed from Jean Claude’s human servant before he was allowed to tend to his human.

Asher looked at the prone form on his bed. He was lying incredibly still and Asher knew that within a few days’ time he would have a newly risen vampire to take care of. The brown haired male had not woken up for the last two bites and Asher held him carefully as he heard the man’s heart beat slow and then stop.

He was both parts anxious and curious. He wondered how the man knew what was going to happen to him and why he had helped. He wondered how he would take to being turned into a vampire. Would he be powerful or would he need to be put down? The male look young, perhaps he was a teenager? Asher hoped not he did not want to be in a legal dispute because he had turned a teenager to save his life. No doubt Anita would be pissed. She did not like to look at children monsters. They had not told her and Asher didn’t plan on it either. Not until he spoke with his charge, perhaps not even then. Quite frankly he didn’t want her to know. Some things just weren’t her business.

Asher spared one more long look at the still figure before leaving the room. He needed to prepare.

Xander POV

“Am I dead?” Xander didn’t think so. The last thing he remembered was sharp teeth and then nothing. Xander wasn't quite sure where he was now. He decided that black silk sheets could mean either heaven or hell. The décor was definitely hell though.

He sat up slowly and looked around and then down at himself. Silk pajamas, sweet

It wasn’t until Xander made it into the bathroom and looked in the mirror that he realized what happened.

“Holy Batman I’m a vampire!”

He proceeded to have a mini freak out for the next five minutes. At the end of said five minutes he realized how cool fangs were. He poked them gently with his teeth and then grinned. Cool.

He wondered where his host/sire/master was. He wasn’t sure what to call the blonde haired vampire, but he was sure that he was the one that did this to him. Not that he wanted to kill him or anything. Hell, if he had wanted that he would have let Humans First have their way with him. All Xander wanted to do was ask a few questions, read a few comic books and maybe eat a Twinkie or two.

Oh my gosh…he couldn’t eat Twinkies anymore.

Xander discovered that moment that even vampires could cry. He sank down to the floor and sobbed out the injustice of it all.

Asher POV

Asher’s head shot up from his paperwork in shock.

“What is wrong Asher? Are you well?” Jean Claude asked concerned for his longest friend and part-time lover.

“Non. He is awake this should not be possible. It has only been a day.”

Asher ran out the room quickly and headed toward the room he had left Xander in. Hopefully, the man was well and not in danger or a danger.

He flung open the door and noticed the empty bed. He heard crying coming from the bathroom and approached it cautiously.

He felt Jean Claude enter the room behind him and Asher turned the bathroom knob.

The brown haired human, now vampire was curled up leaning against the tub holding his legs and crying.

“Mon Chevalier? I know this may come as a shock to you. Forgive me, but I could not let you die. I understand that you may feel distressed over your new situation-“

“Distressed!” the brown haired vampire yelled at him, “you bastard! I can’t eat Twinkies anymore!”

Xander POV

Xander had meant to sacrifice his life. Not his Twinkies. Not them. Never them. Oh the agony!

He glared at the blonde vamp angrily and then noticed his stunned, yet amused black haired companion behind him. He was hot too. Geez did they all step out of a GQ magazine or something. Xander was starting to feel inadequate. Never mind he had felt inadequate the moment he met Angel. Riley and Spike had only made him sink deeper into despair that he would never be considered the ‘hot’ one.

Xander pouted.

First he couldn’t eat Twinkies and now he felt like he should hide his face in a bag. What else could ruin his day? Or would that be night?

He turned his attention back to his sire/master.

“So what do you have to say for yourself?” he asked the other vampire expectantly. He watched him open his mouth and then close it as if aborting his sentence. Xander did not expect what he said next.

“How old are you?”

Xander yelped and used his nifty vampire speed to jump into the rather large bathtub he was leaning against. He looked over the rim and pointed at the vampire. Great he had rescued a pervert.

“Pervert! If I knew you were a pervert I probably would have left you there. Actually, I probably wouldn’t have, but still. No touching the Xanman for you. My body is off limits. Over the age limits, but still definitely off limits. No touchy!”

Asher POV

Asher shamelessly gaped at the young vampire. He had been called a pervert. A pervert! He most definitely was not! Well, some of the sexual acts he enjoyed could be called unsavory by a few individuals, but he most definitely was not a pervert.

He had just been so perplexed and thrown off by the new vampire’s behavior that he had been unable to ask one of the many questions that had crowded his mind since yesterday. The first thing that came out of his mouth was a good question, it may have been slightly inappropriate given the situation, but it was still a good question. He had no idea that his Chevalier would have reacted in this manner.

“What Asher is trying to say, mon enfant, is that there are certain age restrictions for a turning. Your rather odd, but informative answer, tells us that you are passed those restrictions.” Jean Claude said behind him. Asher could hear the undercurrent of amusement in his voice.

“So, if I was like 16 or something would you have killed me? Cause that is so not cool. Not that I’m sixteen. Nope I hit the big one-nine over the summer. So no killing of the Xander-shaped vampire.” He poked his brown head over the rim of the tub again eyeing them warily.

“Non, we would not have killed you. When children are turned into vampires they are unstable. It is however illegal to turn a minor, so we avoid that whenever possible.” Asher answered trying to pacify his new charge.

“Great, that’s good. Well, not for the kids but still good for me.” Using his new found vampire speed which just might be cooler than his fangs he sat on the edge of the tub.

“What now? I doubt you’re going to let me go on my merry way.” Xander looked toward Asher for the answer not Jean Claude.

“I’m afraid not Mon Chevalier. You must learn to control your powers and even then you may not leave. I reside in this city and this is where you shall stay. There are however…other complications.” Asher told the young vamp and watched him frown.

“Define complications?” he asked.

“For one, you are not supposed to be awake right now. You should have been dead for at least two more days before your first rising. That coupled with your surprising clarity and control…”

“What?! Nobody told me I had to sleep three days. Do you know how boring that would have been? I already had to give up Twinkies cause of you. I don’t want to have to sleep half my unlife away.”

Asher shook his head. He had the feeling that things were going to be a lot more interesting with his Chevalier around.

So…this was supposed to be a oneshot. It didn’t work out that way apparently it wants to become its own story. Oh well, I’ll try to post chapters often. Check out my other stories!

Mon Chevalier means my knight in french
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