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California to Washington (state)

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hallogate or something". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander, Cordy, Faith and Wes leave Sunnydale behind, to start anew. Xander/Cordy pairing, btw.

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Stargate > GeneralAlexanderMcphersonFR1359,4060812,85329 Dec 1129 Dec 11Yes

Chappa'ier 1

Disclaimer dis is an outrage, dis series should be owned by me! Me I tell you, ME!!! Crossover introduced in chapter: Stargate SG-1. I think it's obvious which episode. yes yes timeline shift maybe blablabla.

Washington State

“Remind me again, why are we headed up here?” Cordelia asked.

Xander peeked in the rear-view mirror at their two passengers in the back, whom were both asleep by the time they passed Longview, driving along the I-5 North bound for Seattle, and the cult they’d been ‘Ordered’ to investigate.

“Some mage by the name of Seth Fargo, leading a cult.”

“And that’s Slayer-worthy, why?”

“Recruitment method.”

“Oh. He’s not, what did Faith say?”

“On the level. Nope. While you were asleep back at the hotel in Longview, Giles called ahead with the details he’d gotten Willow to track down. We’re talking, investigated by even the ATF, here.”

“The who?”

“Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. They’re sort of like the Drug Enforcement Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation, rolled into one. They investigate groups that are heavily armed, that is, ones who are not directly involved in the Drugs trade.”

“And that’s big, why?”

“Because in the business, they’re more well known by their unofficial role of being an Anti-Terrorism Force. If they’re watching this, Seth, then the group are definitely not to be trifled with.”

“So the Watchers Council sent us?” Cordelia asked, alarmed.

“Partly, because Giles reported my expertise with firearms after the judge incident.”

“Oh... So they think you’re the go-to guy for this type of thing?”

“On Wes’s Recommendation.”

Cordelia went silent.

He was right, even though the council had black ops teams around the world, the one thing that they couldn’t do was tackle a well-armed occult group.

However, given their collective age, even Wes could, at a struggle, appear young enough to be among Seth’s “Target group” and from there they could all deal with the well-armed group in a way even they couldn’t.

And given the obvious Magic part of the deal, Wes had to come along.

Considering Wes recommended this course of action when the Council contacted him just after they’d passed by LA, the three young ones considered his presence on this ‘mission’ kind of an obvious thing anyway.

The part where they were using Wes’ council-funded credit cards for the fuel bills, hotel bills; not staying in 1, 2 or even 3 star shitty little motels, either, we’re talking 5 star, or 4 minimum when no 5-stars were around; food bills, and so on...

On the other hand, it was Xander’s job to get their combat gear. Wesley only knew about the more arcane weaponry, from swords to axes, and their ilk.

Xander, on the otherhand, had gotten sufficient information from Willow on how to find black-market, and on his own, how to appropriate without a paper trail, military equipment.

That their Humvee was part of the deal too, only made Cordelia and Faith smirk.

Hell, the ‘sunroof’ turret’s weapon was packed away in the boot, along with all the associated supplies.

Other than that, they simply stuck with using untraceable weaponry bought locally.

It had taken a few months to get Cordelia up to speed to sufficiently and safely use a pistol and SMG, while Faith didn’t need any training at all (and as Xander suspected, but she’d never confirm, not due to being a slayer either) and Wesley was used to pistols enough that he’d forgone Xander’s basic Firearms lessons, as he’d offered when Faith had gotten annoyed by buffys my-way-or-the-highway attitude to the point that she’d stopped patrolling with the blonde slayer, and in the process, managed to connect to Wesley.

Now, it took 5 minutes being around him to realise he had a stick up his arse, rather than the 5 seconds as it had been when they all first met him.

Early as it was, the sky to the east was only beginning to brighten, not yet sunrise.

Faith and Wesley had taken up local patrol on the demonic front, while Xander and Cordelia had gotten sleep.

She’d not been able to get back to sleep in the humvee, when the watcher and slayer had rather forcefully convinced them they needed to leave, and they’d in the rush, accidentally gotten Cordelia a little over excited.

Who knew that one of the fashion designers she’d admired had turned out to be a Half-demon living rather peacefully in longview.

That is, until Faith had, predictably, pissed it/her off.

“I’m still not going to forgive her.” Cordelia muttered.

“Come on, she was a half-demon, Cordy.” Xander replied.


Xander shrugged. His opinion on all things demony was well known among the group. One that Cordy didn’t exactly share, anymore.

Hell, the half-demon fashion designer had been a half-demon before ever being a fashion designer, which Cordy used as an argument in her favour. Which Xander also used, on the opposite side.


Xander jumped out of his Humvee, and looked around at the countryside that this Seths’ mansion was in.

He took a deep breath of air, and was joined by Wes in the moment.

“Reminds me of the countryside back home.” Wes mused.

“Only not so wet.” Xander quipped.


Moment over, Xander turned and moved to the back of the big truck, and opening the boot, he began to unpack a few things from the back.

“Shouldn’t we get our camping gear first, Alexander?”

He shrugged, “Weapons first. Remember, just because we’re not on a hellmouth, doesn’t mean we wont be attacked.”

“Of course. Better to have and not need, than to need yet not have.”

“Er... Yeah.”

“I still don’t understand why you appropriate this vehicle. Or how.” Wesley began, as he helped unload the weapons from the boot of the Humvee. “I appreciate the help that guns has provided against demons with armoured skin, but isn’t the, ahm,”


“M60, a little overkill?”

Xander grinned. “A friend of mine has a motto. If the target is worthy of kill, then it is worthy of overkill.” The grin faded a little, and he added, “Sure, against vampires they don’t do as much damage, and don’t have the same debilitating effect. But no one said demons are immune to bullets. Rather deal with demons that have body armour for skin at range, than upclose.”

Wesley nodded, and the pair lifted it up and onto the roof of the Humvee. The clang of it settling on the roof woke the girls inside. If it hadn’t, the two men then climbing up and rocking the vehicle, to mount it, would have.

“As for getting this beauty... she’s an all American, mobile demon killing powerhouse.”

“But not as fast as a Slayer.”

Amused, Xander quirked a grin, as he adjusted various pieces and clamped the M60, held up by his shoulder and Wesley, onto the mount.

“What’s that grin for, Alexander?”

“Oh, just... nothing. I may have gotten Willow to give me a line on a few technopagans in the area, and a week before Graduation,...”

“You disappeared for about a day. I remember...” With a smirk, he added, “Cordelia has yet to get you for going away without letting her know.”

“Yeah, and I owe you for delaying the date I’d planned to apologise.”

“It was my pleasure.”

“I wasn’t saying the delay was a good thing.”

“Quite. So when you disappeared...?”

“Got a few powerful Technopagans together, got em’ to give a mystical boost to the engine.  Or did you really think that a fully-laden Humvee could do that speed for that long on as much fuel as we have used? I mean, normally, they’re about 1 mile per gallon. If you’re lucky.”

“And now?”

“10 miles per gallon, if I don’t go heavy footed.”

“Not exactly efficient. Which is my point...”

Xander coughed, and pointed through the open gun turret, at the pair looking up at them, sharing looks about the car talk, then back at Wesley in clear surprise.

“Er... as I was saying...”

Xander coughed. “Besides, it took a clear swipe from some big demon thing that I’d already seen tear into a regular car. Wes, I know what I’m doing, yeah? I made sure to get armour upgrades too, after seeing that on my way to the technopagans. It only scratched this. And it took three head shots with this M60 here to kill it... on the way back.”

Wesley was almost pale, from that. “Point taken.”

Xander looked down at the two girls, whom were both pale.

"I doubt Buffy could have taken it down. Faith’s attitude about guns however... I wouldn’t be surprised if she could.”

“Gun’s kind of put Slayers and Soldiers on equal terms, X.” Faith pointed out.

“Except for reaction time, accuracy, ability to continue firing with accuracy through the effects of recoil,” Xander countered.

“You sayin I should be a crack shot?”

“If the Kevlar vest fits.”

Wes chuckled at the messed up phrase.

“Now, girls, want to make yourselves useful, and unpack the trailer? Including the camping gear.”

Cordelia frowned up at him. “We’re staying in a hotel, doofus.”

“We’re setting up to infiltrate a group under watch by the so-called “Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms” guys, which means they do checks, and if they find the 3 of us are sunnydalers, from a town with a huge death rate way above national average...”

“Right.” Faith nodded.


Faith simply got out, and opened the front passenger door, and pulled Cordelia out too.


“I’ll explain later.” Faith muttered, as Cordelia finally acquiesced, and the pair moved away.

Wesley jumped down, and grabbed the extra pieces to fit to the mount, including the ammunition box. Climbing inside, he then moved to stand up and out through the gun turret, reaching down grabbing each item as the pair worked together, a genial conversation mixed with Xander jokes and British barbs being traded.


Outside Seth’s Compound

Xander gave a signal over their military-appropriated radio equipment (the Humvee came with the equipment, and more, as standard. Remember, it’s not the civilian Hummer! It’s a fully kitted, US Army Humvee.)

A bunch of clicks came back, and Xander looked at where the clicks had indicated.

Sighting as he was through a modified sniper rifle, with the military-grade scope to match, he easily made out the details in watching the guard, armed with an AK-47 and something weird in place of a pistol, in the thigh holster.

For the next 2 days, He, Cordelia and Wesley made watch on the house. Despite her acerbic nature, Cordelia was, if not anything else, highly focused on attention to detail. Just, before, this would only be true about clothing.

It was on the 3rd day, that Xander made his move.

It had been agreed upon, that Neither Faith nor Cordelia could pretend to be ‘converted’ long enough to learn everything needed to bring this cult down.

Not considering the ‘place’ of females in this group.

So it was up to Xander.

Wesley would have gone too, if not that the sudden arrival of others interrupting their send off.


Seth’s Compound.

Xander placed his cache of weapons in a safe place, ready for retrieval when all hell would break loose, soon.

Leaving with nought but a simple trick weapon, one that wouldn’t fire beyond the first round, (that first being the one that, hopefully, would do the trick anyway) he  made his way through, sneaking in and out of rooms. His soldierguys’ urban warfare training coming to the fore, so much easier than it had in the past prior to his ‘retraining’.


Outside Seth’s Compound

“Sir, Take a look at this.” Hamner spoke to General Carter.

The group in the ATF tent looked at the live video feed from cameras placed around the compound.

“It’s just a kid.” Sam muttered.

“We’re not the only ones to notice this group, General.” Jack supplied.

“I don’t know how he got in...” Hamner muttered. “None of our people noticed any arrivals.”

They continued to watch, on multiple cameras, following the movement of a kid who was, far too easily, escaping notice from the others in the compound.

“Oh, he’s had training.” Jack muttered to Teal’c.


As the kid reached the throne room, they watched with tight breaths, as the kid poked out, gun surprisingly still, aimed at the Goa’uld.

“He’s got balls.” Jack commented.

For a minute, they watched the exchange of words... then...

A flash, and a bullet blocked by a familiar gold otherwise-invisible wall...

And then the kid was unconscious, knocked out by the angry Goa’ulds hand device.

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