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California to Washington (state)

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hallogate or something". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander, Cordy, Faith and Wes leave Sunnydale behind, to start anew. Xander/Cordy pairing, btw.

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Stargate > GeneralAlexanderMcphersonFR1359,4060812,86729 Dec 1129 Dec 11Yes

Chappa'ier 2

Dis- Haven't we been over this?

Inside Seth’s Compound

Xander woke slowly. As his brain booted up, his higher mental functions came quickly, due to knowing he was in a dangerous situation.

A minute later though, and he was fully awake, but still appeared to be unconscious to those watching.

Those watching, being Seth and two of his enthralled minions.

“I know you are awake, Human.”

Xander went over the last conversation he had with this guy, and realised that the guy didn’t set off his hellmouthy senses, only his soldier senses. But by his statement just now, he was not human.

Acting at being asleep, he shuffled a little, as though only slightly woken by Seth, and mumbled, “Another 5 minutes mom.”


He shot up, and still with the act, spoke, “I swear I binned those porn mags mom...”

He got slapped for that.

Outside, the still enthralled members of SG-1 almost sniggered, in that even through the effects of the nishta, Jack found that highly amusing. Only because of the nishta, did they not, out of deference to their ‘lord’.

“Bring him to the throne room.”

Xander allowed them to pull him up, and out of the room.

Half a minute later, he (and SG-1 minus Teal’c) watched as the Goa’uld released the nishta, to infuse him too.

Only, one thing happened that shocked all observing.

Eyes rolling up into the back of his head, he started to shake, and it was no act.

Almost silent cries of pain, he collapsed, shaking even more as the nishta tried to take effect.

And Seth was clearly surprised.


SG-1 felt the nishta’s effects be neutralised by the slight shock, and they knew that first they had to get to this kid, and shock him.

Quickly, they found the room where the kid was, held down by a teenaged girl, he was still shaking.

Having gotten to a Zat, they shocked both...

Only a second later the kid got up, wincing, “Fucking hell that shit hurt. I’m so gonna gut the bastard for that.”

“Who are you?” Jack asked.

The kid looked at him with a frown, and seeing the weapon, said, “The guy who’s got better weapons than you. Now excuse me...”

He left, and a few seconds behind them, they caught up with him as they saw him get to his cache.

A secret cache, one they realised he had set up. This indicated to them, that he had definitely planned ahead.

“How you are immune to his nishta?” Sam had to ask

“His whata?” Xander asked, as he reached in for something.

Sam began to answer, “Nishta. It’s a Goa’uld drug that...”

“Never-mind.” The kid inserted. “Lecture later. Take down the cult now.”

He pulled out a tactical vest, and strapped it on. He pulled another, and out of his now natural response, handed it to Sam, who took it with a nod of thanks.

“Sorry you two, only had two. Your arrival prevented my friend from entering with me.” With that, he pulled out two rather impressive weapons, handing both to Sam, whom didn’t have a Zat with her.

“What the...?” Jack spoke up.

“Fully-automatic tranquilizer gun for the civies, the other for when we get the fucker.”

“We...?” Jack began. “Excuse me but...”

Xander interjected, “But we have no time. Back when I got ‘caught’, he asked about the ATF guys outside.”

“You aren’t with them...” Jack stated.

“No shit. They’re an Anti-Terrorist Force, not an anti-extra-terrestrial one.” He spoke, as he got his own two big guns, the big assault rifle going on his back, tranquilizer gun in one hand, and continued to pull items out, some going into pockets and some being passed to Sam.

“Blue magazines for the Tranquilizer gun.” He informed her as he passed the painted ones. “I trust you two guys will use your weird tasers on the others like you did me?”

Jack nodded, curious that Xander clearly understood the part where the Zats had neutralised the Nishta.

“Okay. Names on the way.” With that, Xander began to lead them, not towards the throne room, but where most of the people usually gathered.

“Colonel O’Neill. Two L’s. Air Force. And the throne room is back that way.”

“His ‘backup’ first, then him, Two L’s. So you’re a former Paratrooper, eh?” Xander commented

“What let you know?”

“You look dumber than you actually are.”

Sam snickered, and added her two cents, “Captain Carter, air force. And you’re right. He does look dumber than he is.”

“Carter...” Jack spoke in warning.

Daniel finally spoke up, “Doctor Jackson, Civilian. I thought he was as dumb as he looked.”

“Got some nice friends there, sir,” Xander spoke, distractedly not realising he was slipping into his military voice, “But we’re coming up on a large group.” He made a hand signal, a very military one, and the group slowly advanced.

Again, with military signals, he indicated to the group who should take what quarter, and within a minute, all four were in the room, clearing it with Zats and Tranquilizers.

“How long will they be out?”

“Lets just say a friend of mine is rather appreciative for 3 days a month.”

Sam had to ask, “You tranquilize a woman during her period?”

Quietly laughing at the idea, Xander corrected, “No. My friend is male, and I doubt you’d believe me on the 3 days thing.”

Daniel seemed to get it, and had to comment, “Werewolf?”

“Lycan.” Xander answered in short, not paying attention to his responses.


“Daniel?” Jack asked, in that tone of his.

“Later, Jack.”

“What’s your name, anyway?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, You definitely had training, but you’re just a kid...”

Xander sighed, as they made it past the bodies, and began the trek through the rest of the compound, taking out as they went before reaching the throne room.

When he put his tranquilizer away, and got out the big gun, Sam followed suit, only handing the tranquilizer gun to Daniel.

Jack took Daniel’s Zat, intending to dual-wield them.

At the door, Xander looked back at them, and said, “If we make this, I’ll tell you who I am. Deal?”

They nodded, and he burst through, weapon tracking very quickly to Seth...

With that, all hell broke loose.


Outside Seth’s Compound

General Carter and Teal’c watched with muted shock, as SG-1 and this kid so efficiently cleared various rooms they had have under surveillance, then move to the throne room.

It was when the four moved in, that they lost sight... completely.

The room simply became a dark, blob.

A minute later, they got the radio transmission from Sam telling successful mission.

“Jack, awaiting confirmation.” Jacob spoke.

“What, didn’t you see?”

“No jack, the room appears pitch black from here.”

“Hold on...”

A minute later, the ‘pitch black’ blob changed, to reveal the room, Seth down and the four stood over his corpse, Daniel saying something to the kid, with the other two sending them weird looks.


ATF Tent

Xander smiled cheerfully at Agent Hamner, who was rather pissed off at seeing him. Hamner walked back out, without a word.

Sam entered and asked, “What’s that about?” She handed him a hot cup of coffee and sat opposite him.

Grinning, Xander answered, “Me and my team got through their obs no problem.”

Sam nodded, taking that to mean that he and ‘his team’ hadn’t been spotted. The thought didn’t occur to her why she took it to mean that. “We were noticed the minute we arrived, how come you weren’t?”

“Dunno, I drove in and set up camp not two minutes walk from the place.” Xander mused, a twinkle in his eye speaking of mischief.

“Oh come on, unless you drove in a military vehicle, they would have...”

She stopped. The training he obviously had clicked in her mind. “You did drive in with a...”

“Humvee. They probably didn’t think about not seeing it leave opposite where we entered the area.”

“You mean Hummer...”

“Nope, I mean M60-toting full military gear Humvee.”

“Mr Harris...”

“Not illegal. I appropriated it through channels.” And there was the twinkle again, although she felt he was telling the truth.

“But still, with a large-calibre mounted gun-“

“Signed off by a Black-ops unit.” He inserted quickly. Perhaps too quickly, but she couldn’t counter his claim.

If it was indeed signed off by a black operations unit then there was no official way to check.

And as involved in a matter that already involved themselves and the ATF (which she was confused about: he’d called it an Anti-Terrorist Force. As far as she knew, it was simply the ‘Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ Department) then perhaps his words so far were all true, and this was what he was assigned to.

“So you’re not enlisted, only graduated school a few weeks ago...”

“And lived every students dream...” He added with a look in his eyes entirely at odds with the humour of his tone.


“Again, actions signed off by the Black-Ops unit.” He inserted.

“What was it?”

“Oh, our Mayor had gone evil.” He started, “and had some pretty hefty backup. Had to blow up the school.”

The nonchalance of his tone, with the almost haunted look in his eyes, made her believe him, on all counts.

Going from what she had gathered so far, she began to extrapolate the probable story.

He’d come across the corruption, and the Black-Ops saved him from being ‘taken out’ by the mayor, then planted him as their eyes and ears in the community, with military training... the operation culminating in this evil mayor being killed in an operation that surprisingly ended with the destruction of a school.

She couldn’t imagine why though.

So she asked.

“Oh, he had this plan, kill all the students. Only because of that one opening, unable to otherwise do anything to him, were we able to take him down.”

He looked away, and commented, “Like Seth, actually, he’s exceptionally long-lived. Did the highlander thing.”

She nodded, no wonder he didn’t seem surprised at that stuff... although he didn’t seem to know about Goa’uld.

“He was a Goa’uld?”

“Egyptian false god?” He asked with a slight chuckle, “Not that old. Just a human with a human soul but a black heart, going into all that horrible stuff to prolong his own life. Ran my hometown for a century. A century exact, actually... That was the reason why he was at the school graduation...”

Slowly, over the next few hours, Xander gave a somewhat edited story, while getting the Goa’uld story from them.

Along with a surprising offer...


I-5 South of Seattle

Wesley was driving, and in the front passenger seat, Faith was sat, legs lifted up and held to her chest, arms wrapped around them. Not that comfortable with a seatbelt on to boot, but she didn’t notice.

The occasional glance in the rear-view mirror, he looked at the young teen who had just been through what he’d described as Hell. And the young woman whom was so worried about him.

Xander had shared what had happened, and what he’d learned with them, under condition of secrecy. The council will only hear that a joint effort by Xander and the US Air force brought the cult down.

Given the military secret shared, he and faith had quickly agreed. Cordelia didn’t feel like she needed to, as she didn’t understand any of it yet. And when she does, who’d she tell that would believe her?

They were on their way to Colorado, via Sunnydale to restock for the M60 and other ammunition. On the way out, they’d gotten accosted by some demonic life again, true to Xander’s prediction they had needed the M60.

Honestly, the two in the back, sleeping off their worry and pain, he wasn’t surprised to hear Xander’s answer to the offer from the Air Force officer.

Given the help the Council would give in ‘proving’ to sufficient length the story he had put together behind having the Humvee, as payment to Xander in turn for his service in bringing down the cult, well...

Honestly, he was surprised by Cordelia asking if the offer would extend to her.

He didn’t think she much liked the armed forces.

As for himself and Faith, they had a city to defend, once they reached it.

His attention went back onto the road, daylight falling rapidly, along with Faith into sleep.
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