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California to Washington (state)

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hallogate or something". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander, Cordy, Faith and Wes leave Sunnydale behind, to start anew. Xander/Cordy pairing, btw.

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Stargate > GeneralAlexanderMcphersonFR1359,4060812,85829 Dec 1129 Dec 11Yes


Disclaimer. Um. just Buffy at this point, but it will be a crossover!... Ahem. you know, er, I had an idea for fanfiction, so ergo the universe isn't mine and stuff. ... le sigh. If it was, Tara wouldn't be dead, Xander wouldn't have been sidelined and maybe, just maybe, would have gotten a bit of a refresher soldier stuff from Riley, would have been teased about 'mama hyena' choosing him... and Angel the Series would be different, would be 'Faith the Series'. cuz I dont like captain hairgel. Her best bud would be Cordy, and the two would kick ass and take names. Ahem, anyway on with.

Sunnydale, Post-Graduation

Xander looked back at the small town that he had called home.

It was different now, so different. Just in that time after the death of Mayor Wilkins, he had seen so much crap from others in the town directed at them, crap that quite frankly, didn’t surprise him.

3 years ago, he’d have been surprised. Buffy hadn’t yet transferred in.

2 years ago, he’d have been dismayed, yes, somewhat surprised, but figured that the politicians had probably been corrupted into it, under controlling magics.

A year ago, however, he’d have been horrified at it. Indeed, he had been upon learning about Mayor Wilkins, and the subtle hints (and not so subtle hints) in just over the last year merely compounded it somewhat. But that year had given him time to assimilate it. The soldier in him had been horrified, but it had merely served as part of the drive he had to utilize that knowledge he still had in his head.

Now, thought, he’d gotten used to the idea that politicians and the police, in Sunnydale anyway, were as corrupt as you could be without having to rewrite the meaning of the word... and possibly even then.

But it wasn’t just because of that, they he was leaving.

In the middle of the spring semester in his sophomore year at Sunnydale high, over two years ago, he’d had an encounter with an animal spirit, a female one at that, that almost took dominance over his mind.

He was still him, but it had affected his base sense of self, his basic instincts, and his more evolved human psyche.

It had, perhaps, been what spawned his research into possessions, perhaps becoming a foremost expert on the subject.

So when he was possessed, literally this time, body and mind, by a Soldier, A generic fictional character with the base knowledge of combat,  war, everything that a real officer would have... after the fact, he’d done what he could to try and unlock the memories he’d gained, the knowledge that would allow him to discipline himself.

One side effect was that when he got Cordelia to admit her fledging feelings for him, the Valentine’s Day that year.

As he looked out from his appropriated Humvee’s, ahem, “Sunroof”, Cordelia in his arms, he honestly wondered just how different things would be, had he not done that research.

Had he not been able to do more than just the field stripping of an M4 Carbine in under a minute, something he’d been able to do before he had locked the knowledge he could recall into his mind, making it more than just in his head, but part of his knowledge, his memories; well, he could imagine just one difference. Cordelia wouldn’t still be with him.

Or she may never have been.

It had taken him weeks to do that, and by the time he had, he’d started dating Cordelia.

Which led to another reason for leaving.

The others, Buffy and Willow, had not taken his serious relationship well, even with the partly-successful attitude adjustment Cordelia had gone through during the first 8 months of their relationship. For one, before the IRS stuff, she’d let her shopping habits calm down, acknowledged that yes, it is okay to wear a sweater more than once.

After that, she’d let him teach her self-defence, letting his body learn what his mind already knew at the same time.

More time spent with her, was less time spent with Buffy and Willow. While Buffy honestly liked it that way, (even more so just for the few weeks after, in a round-about way, learned that he’d lied to her about Willow trying Angelus’ soul-spell again. Eventually she got over it,) it did in her mind, make him appear to be “Slay-Adjacent”; it was Willow who didn’t like that, at all. Not because he wasn’t fighting the Supernatural forces, day or night, but because he was with Cordelia.

Even after she’d started going out with Oz, and from all appearances, the two were going strong.

That was another thing. Prompting from Cordelia had led to Xander having a “Guy’s night out” with Oz, and the two had shared few words, that said so much. Oz’ acceptance that Xander will always be part of Willow’s heart. But annoyance that she didn’t even see what she was doing, all that caboodle.

So, Xander suggested that Oz go through with giving Willow a little attitude-adjustment while he was away. At least get her accepting his choice of girlfriend, anyway.

And honestly? He didn’t miss them that much. First with Buffy’s obsession with Angel, unwillingness to deal with Angelus (as understandable it was, for Buffy was still a hormonally-driven teenaged Girl, not even legally adult nomatter what country you live in;) and all the hassle that was with her marking territory with Kendra and then Faith.

No, he couldn’t stay anymore.

He’d stay in touch with Giles, but that was about it.

He looked at Cordelia, his arms wrapping a bit tighter around her. “Ready?”

“You bet I am, I’ve been waiting 5 minutes for you to ask that.”

With a grin, the two dropped down inside the humvee, and after taking a moment to close the gun turret’ hatch, shifted to the drivers seat, Cordelia too shifted to the front passengers’.

“Buckle up, kids.” Xander cajoled, “Time we got on the road.”

From the back, Faith looked at her sleeping Watcher, and was tempted to wake him up, as she replied, “You two took your sweet time. Thought me and Wes would have to hitch-hike to Denver.”

As the Humvee pulled out onto the mountain road, Xander had to ask, “Why Denver?”

“Oh, Wes said that, like most major cities, it has a bit of a large demon population. But it’s the only one with no group of any kind operating there. Well, now that Angel is gonna take on LA that is.”

Xander’s eyebrows rose. “Angel ditched Sunnydale?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Why do I get the feeling that there’s a story behind his decision, involving you and Cordy?”

All he got was laughter, which woke Watcher Wesley Wyndham-Price.

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