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A Very Marvel-ous Halloween

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hallogate or something". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Cordy are part of the SGC and SG-1, but News from Faith and Wes sends them to Palmer Lake...

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Stargate > General
Marvel Universe > Iron Man > Xander-Centered
AlexanderMcphersonFR1511,0611134,20529 Dec 1129 Dec 11No
Authors Notes This one I stopped writing just after the first scene of chapter 1, this is the 'teaser'. Sorry that it's aptly named.
I Disclaim ownership of buffy, stargate and iron man.

Colorado Springs

Cordelia pointed out to a picture in the window of an estate agents’.


“You’re not even looking!”

“I don’t need to.”


“I can’t afford that!” Xander Exclaimed upon finally looking.

Cordelia sighed. “I can dream, though.”

“Oh come on, That’s so not you.”

Cordelia thought that was a bit rich coming from him... then began to snicker at the thought.

“What? Oh come on quite laughing at me. I know you are.”

They were interrupted by a phone call.

“Yello.” Xander spoke on answering his mobile. After a moment, he asked, “Okay, Name, and address he’s going.”

After a minute, and a few frowns, and mumbled something and put the phone away.

“Faith and Wussley?”

“Yeah. We’ve got a Chaos Mage headed to Palmer Lake, not far north of the Air Force Academy.” He shared, frowning.


“Ethan. Even going to do what Ethan did this Halloween.”

After a minute, Cordelia had a bright idea. “Hey, maybe we should dress as superheroes...”

She paused... Xander too, seriously considering it. After a minute, they locked eyes, and grinned.


Harris’ Quarters, SGC

Xander jotted down everything that Wesley was saying, from the other end of the phone line.

Cordelia, on the other hand, was looking on the computer, doing, ahem. “Research”. More like looking up info on comic heroes.

“Supergirl? No, no spandex for me thanks.” She mumbled.

She had mumbled other things, but that was what got Xanders’ attention, who grinned at the thought, but continued listening to Wes and jotting things down.

After half an hour, Wesley hung up with a bye, and Xander nodded.

“Okay, I think this is very doable for us both, if we limit ourselves.”

“What do you mean?” She asked, as she turned the computer off with a huff, and moved over to him, and began to try to make sense of his notes.

“Well, more power will be available to turn us into costumes, but Wes doesn’t think that it’ll be enough that we could ‘lock’ any superpowers to ourselves in the aftermath. And I’d agree, given when I’d looked up on the matter.”


“So, any advantage we gain, would be negated after a short time, and flight? And all that stuff? No. Even the rituals I can do can’t make them permanent. Not without costing too much.”

“If it costs a million dollars, I’m sure uncle sam...” Cordelia began...

“Not that kind of cost.”


Xander nodded, “On the other hand... Look at what happened with me. The advantages I got last time were purely mental, yes, but that’s the key, isn’t it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Soldierguy. When he knew, I used as the basis to train myself, and you. And look were we are now.” Xander continued.

He stood up, and began pacing, “Biological factors won’t stick, and most if not all superpowers are just that. On the other hand, we can’t makeourselves into superheroes that have the power to alter the spell, as their powers are as limited by the spell anyway. So any galaxy-changing ones are out.”

“Since when should magic make sense?” Cordelia grumbled out. Louder, she added, “It’s not fair. The Bad guys get all the decent power-ups.”

Chuckling, Xander shook his head, “No, I’ve got a few ideas stuck in this noggin of mine that deal with superheroes that didn’t rely, strongly anyway, on their superpowers.”

“Come on, tell me Einstein.”

“More like, Tony Stark.” He countered.

She paused, and frowned for a moment.

“Iron Man.” He supplied. She threw a pillow at him, and stuck her tongue out.

“I’d have gotten it.”


“Billionaire, Stark industries or something. Genius...” She frowned. “Built the Iron Man suit. No special powers beyond his head.”

Xander nodded, smiling. “And if it helps me get all that science stuff Sam goes on about...”

“But what about me?”

Xander hmmed for a moment, before he suggested, “Wesley did say that he’s not sure if the spell this time would have enough power, or few enough people that each of us got sufficient to truly turn us into the people we would be dressing as...”

“Get on it with.” Cordelia inserted.

“Either way, I think the best bet, is to dress as that which we’d need, not so much as what we, I mean, I, have read in the comics.”

“Which means...?”

“I dress as a supergenius, in the style of Tony Stark. I may not become him, or I may indeed, one of the versions of him anyway. If I don’t, i’ve still been turned into a genius of his level, and afterwards, keep the smarts that, in this universe, I could possibly rebuild the armour.”

“And me...?”

“Simple. You dress as the Iron Cheerlead—OW! Good God Woman!” Xander ran around the room, chased by Cordelia who kept hitting him.

She finally caught up with him, and tackling him to the ground, began to mercilessly attack him.

Halfway through their tussle, Sam poked her head into the room, and grinning, pulled back into the corridor and shut the door.

Neither of the two noticed.

After they stopped, Cordelia sat on top of him, asked, “So I dress as a female, super-genius woman in the style of Tony Stark, as he’d be if he was a woman?”

“Sort of. I’m thinking more like, We dress as a Couple... The Iron Couple.”

Scowling, she had to say, “You can think up better than ‘The Iron Couple’.”

“To true... just give me time.”

“Halloween’s in three weeks.” She reminded him

“I know.”

She pointedly looked at him, and suggested, “Think fast.”

“Trying.” He said, somewhat distractedly.

“Can’t be hard.”

A small smirk appeared, “Sure is.”

“What do you mean, sure is?”

“Blood flow issues.” He looked down at where she was sat on him, then back up with a smirk.

“What... oh...”

Xander leered at her, and said, “I’ll make you ‘Oh’.”

“Xander! We’re in the SGC!”

“And How is that different from all those times in-“

“Stop right the-... there... oh...”


Outside, Sam’s eyes widened as she listened in. Moments later, with a blush, she left, thoughts of all that comic stuff gone.


The End?

You have reached the end of "A Very Marvel-ous Halloween" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Dec 11.

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