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W is For Wish

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Summary: When Xander makes a wish he ends up with a pair of cousins who have a pair of secrets that is bigger than his own secrets.

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Comics > El Goonish ShiveMarkeloFR181304001,01231 Dec 1131 Dec 11Yes
Disclaimers: I don't own El Goonish Shive or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dan Shive owns EGS and Joss Wheedon owns Buffy.

Summary: Xander makes a wish and he gets two cousins who have secrets bigger than his own.

Pairing: Ellen/Nanase, Elliot/Sarah Tedd/Grace. I haven't come up with a pairing for Xander. If you want him to be paired with one of the girls (other than the four listed above just review and I'll read it.)

Chapter One: The Wish

"I wish I had a really good family." Xander said, when he was in his apartment alone.

"Granted." a demonic voice said, from outside the open window that Xander just opened.

With a flash of white light Xander was gone.

In the universe two blocks to the west of the Buffy verse

"Ellen, Elliot, your cousin Alexander is coming to live with us."

"Dad!" Elliot said, "He's a weird person."

"He's your cousin. He's your Aunt Jessica's son and my nephew."

"Yes, dad."

Then the doorbell rang. Mr. Drunkel answered it. His seventeen year old nephew looked at him. "Hi."

"Alexander! Come in, nephew."

"I prefer to be called Xander, Uncle Dan."

"Hi, Xander! I'm Ellen, your cousin!"

"Hello, Xander." Elliot said.

"Hi, Elliot."

They talked for hours. "So what happened to Nanase, your girlfriend?" Xander asked

"She's gay and she broke up with me and now she's with Ellen."


"I'm dating Sarah now."

"So you went from dating a smoking hot redhead to dating a blonde ditz?"

Ellen laughed. "I wouldn't call Sara a ditz but yeah, that was what he did."


"What about you, Xander? Did that nice Jewish girl get you or what?" Elliot asked.

"No. Willow had one boyfriend and she had a crush on me for years. They broke up because he cheated on her with a female groupie for his band. and now she's gay, and dating a smoking hot brunette."


They had a spare bedroom right off of the living room.1

Author's notes:1 Yeah, I know in the comic there's no spare bedroom there but I figured that the wish made a few changes to the house to accommodate Xander.

The End

You have reached the end of "W is For Wish". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking