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Summary: Who or what else might Louise the Zero have summoned?

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DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the characters from Familiar of Zero or Batman.  I’m just borrowing them for fun.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Thanks to Storyseeker for his help in reviewing this.  This story came to me after watching the Familiar of Zero anime.  I wondered who/what else Louse might have summoned.  As usual, if you have any comments or preferences, please don’t be shy.  RandR.



The day had finally arrived for the second year students to summon their familiars and she was ready.  She’d summon the best familiar any of them had ever seen and show them what a true noble could do.


Louise stepped forward confidently and raised her wand, ignoring the sniggers and speculations about how this spell would go wrong.  She would get this one right.  She knew the spell and how to channel the magic.  She’d practiced and studied for hours just for this.


The laughter got louder at a particularly vicious comment.  How dare they treat the daughter of a Duke this way? She thought.   Some of those laughing were barely above peasants or were foreign trash like Kirche.  They had no business laughing at someone of her high station. 


Ignoring them, she cast the summoning spell.  As per usual, there was an explosion.


When the smoke cleared everyone looked on eagerly to see what Louise had summoned.  No one, Louise included, knew what to make of what they saw.


“It’s a man…I think,” one of the other students said, looking, like everyone at the bizarrely dressed pale skinned person who was climbing to his feet looking irritated.  He ran a hand through his oddly colored hair and looked curiously at the crowd.


“A peasant,” someone snickered.  “She summoned a peasant, and a sickly looking one at that.  Look how pale he is.”


There were similar comments from others in the crowd, and Louise felt her temper rising.  She couldn’t believe it had gone wrong again.  So much time and effort had gone into summoning…. What was it?  It looked human, but no human had chalk-white skin and such weird looking hair.


Colbert got tired of waiting.  “Finish the ritual. Louise.  You need to bind your summons.”


“But, Mr. Colbert!  Clearly something went wrong!  I went over the spell all last night.  I don’t know why this happened, but can’t I try again?”


“No.  The ritual is sacred.  Attempting another summons is unthinkable.  He is your familiar.  Now finish the ritual.”


Louise felt her cheeks grow hot, but approached the strange man while the other students snickered. Her new familiar just watched this all curiously for a moment before addressing her.  At least he assumed the noise he was making was speech of some sort.


“He can’t even speak properly!” A student called from the crowd.  “Figures she’d get a peasant and one that can’t speak!”  There was general laughter.


“Can you understand me?” Louise asked.  The stranger just responded with more nonsense.  “Oh great.  You can’t even understand your master’s commands.”  She fumed for a moment longer before finishing the binding ritual and sealing it by kissing the stranger, much to his delight.


“OH!”  Louise jumped back and slapped the stranger who had just groped her.  He only laughed along with the crowd.  “How dare you!  You are not to take liberties like that with your master!   I don’t know what sort of place you come from, but you’re my familiar now, and you will behave properly!”


“Why the complaints doll face?” the stranger asked, suddenly intelligible thanks to the binding ritual.  “I was just,” he waggled his eyebrows at her, “getting familiar.”


The crowd roared with laughter while Louise invented new shades of red.


“What’s this nonsense about masters anyway?”


“I am Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière!  I am the daughter of Duke de la Vallière, a nobleman of Tristain!  I summoned you here to be my familiar.  That means I am your master and you are my property!  It is your duty to do as I say.”


The stranger made a show of yawning.  “Bored now.  This has been laughs but it’s time for you to do whatever voodoo you do and send me back.  I’ve got things to see and people to do!”  The grin he’d worn since arriving faded and his tone grew deadly serious.  “Now send me back.”


“I can’t even if I was inclined to.  You are my familiar.  That is a bond for life.”


“Can’t, huh?”  He considered this and the words several of the audience shouted to him.  “So you’re a magical dud?  Guess I’ll have to find my own way back.”  He turned away.


“You are going nowhere, slave!”  Louse moved in front of him.  “Clearly you need to learn your place as a familiar, and I will be happy to teach it to you.”  She raised her wand imperiously and created another explosion.


Her new familiar got up slowly, looking somewhat subdued.  “Do you understand now you worthless peasant of a familiar?  You’ll do what I say or else.”


“Oh, forgive me mistress!” the pale man bowed in an absurdly overdramatic way.  It matched his tone personally, and the audience tittered at his sarcasm.  “Allow me to apologize and offer you a gift.”


“A gift?” Louise sounded slightly mollified. 


The stranger’s grin returned, wider than ever.  “Mm-hmm.  Do you like flowers?”  Snake-quick he lashed out and pulled her face against his chest and the odd looking flower in his button-hole.  There was a hiss of compressed gas and she fell back coughing violently before collapsing.


The rest of the students were stunned by what he’d done and by what was happening to their classmate. 


Colbert stepped forward, raising his staff, only to cry out when the stranger turned on him and threw three oddly shaped blades at him.  One struck his hand, causing him to drop the staff.  One struck the opposite shoulder, keeping him from grasping his staff with either hand.  The third slid between his ribs.


Professor Colbert coughed weakly and collapsed.


The students hastily backed away, alarmed at the attack.  “Anyone else want to try to own me?” the familiar asked.  There were no takers.  “Smarter than you look,” he admitted.  “Ah, well, time to get on my way home.”  He picked a direction, seemingly at random and laughed merrily as the students scampered out of his way.


He began to whistle as he literally skipped away from them, ignoring the peals of hysterical laughter rising behind him as Louise the Zero got the joke.




The End

You have reached the end of "Summons". This story is complete.

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