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Ghosts of Rhuidean

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Summary: Buffy had already stopped listening, and was instead muttering. "Of course the first people you run across are homicidal desert ninjas."

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Literature > Fantasy > Wheel of Time(Recent Donor)thetwitmachineFR1522,3503284,3821 Jan 1218 Aug 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

2 - Wise Ones

A Wheel of Time Crossover Fanfiction

2 - Wise Ones

Buffy finally saw something other than sand and sky over the horizon. Some ways ahead of her, a lot by how her feet felt, was a cluster of tents. She approached, not bothering to try and hide. These people were obviously used to living in the desert - she was sure they had already seen her.
As she neared the camp she could make out more details - people in white robes were moving around the camp, taking care of chores. Dispersed amongst them were other women, mostly just walking around or talking. Buffy hadn't seen a single man, yet, although maybe some of the ones in white might be men. Maybe these desert ninjas were like old-earth amazons?

As she got within a hundred meters of the camp a handful of the women walked out to meet her. They were a mixed group, mostly middle-aged women with a few younger and a few older. They were all dressed differently, but none of them wore the white robes of the other people in the camp.

“What are you doing here, girl? And which fool gave you a spear?” This came from the oldest of the group, a thin sinewy woman with white hair.

Buffy looked at their stern faces - these women meant business. She didn't see any weapons but that didn't mean anything. "I...uh...I found it! Someone had just left it out in the desert, and I was so tired from walking I decided it'd make a good walking stick. Pretty lucky, right?"

"We can tell when you lie, girl. Now try again." The women had spread slightly, and all were giving her the same cold look.

"Uhhh...right. This spear was given to me, totally voluntarily. By a ninja girl." Technically true.

"Do not play games with me, Wetlander. Explain why you are here and who gave you the spear. If I have to drag another answer out of you, you will be made to run naked back to wherever you came from."

Buffy raised her hands in front of her, defensively. "Relax, lady. I don't know how I got here. I just sort of woke up in this desert and picked a direction to walk in. And I totally was given this spear. Sort of. There were these ninja girls out in the desert, and they were trying to kill me, but I convinced them it wouldn't be fair if I was unarmed and they all had spears."

"And where are these..."ninja" girls? I see you have some of their water bags as well. And jewelry, if my eyes haven't gone yet."

"Well, they did try to kill me, so I might have knocked them out and then took off...maybe with an couple extra things they happened to have on them. They were all healthy, and I'm sure they're off doing whatever it is ninja girls do in the desert."

One of the younger women whispered into the interrogator's ear. Buffy could just barely make it out, something about maidens and trollops.

"I see no ring, but these days that means little. Are you Aes Sedai?"

"I don't even know what that is." That Buffy could answer that one straightforwardly.

"You have never heard of the Aes Sedai?"

"No. Is that weird?" From their faces Buffy knew it was weird. Everyone here knew what Aes...whatever... were.

The women drew aside, talking rapidly between themselves. Some were making sort of violent gestures with their hands, while others (including the white haired woman who had been asking questions) stood quietly watching the others. After only thirty seconds of debate the questioner cut off all discussion with a single movement of her hand. She turned her attention back to Buffy.

"What is your name, girl?"

"Buffy, Buffy Summers."

"Put down your spear, Buffy Summers. You will stay amongst our tents for a while. When there is time we will find someone to take you back to the Dragonwall."

"The what?"

"You truly know nothing of this world. Where do you come from, girl? Shara? You do not sound like a Seanchan."

"Never been to any of those places. I'm from California. I'm pretty sure wherever this is, California is far far away."

"You are like a toddler wandering the Three Fold Land. How did you defeat the Maidens who fought you?"

"Well, basically I hit them with the spear haft until they stopped getting up."

"I see. A simple solution, but one that often fails, especially against Far Dareis Mei."

"Far da what?"

"Far Dareis Mai - Maidens of the Spear. It is a society of warriors amongst our people. There are others, but Far Dareis Mai are maidens who choose not to marry, and instead pledge themselves to the spear."

"Oh. Well, I'm pretty good with a spear. But it was pretty scary for a bit, there. Especially since there were fifteen of them."

One of the younger women fixed her with an incredulous look. "You defeated fifteen Far Dareis Mai alone, without taking any wounds, and without killing any? What kind of fools do you take us for?"

Another of the women, though, shook her head. "She speaks truth."

The white haired woman again shut them up with a gesture. "Indeed, she does. Come, Buffy Summers, my water is yours. I am Sorilea. The women you see around you are called Wise Ones. We are the healers and female leaders of the Aiel people, whose land is this desert."

Buffy was relieved that violence didn't seem like a real possibility, anymore. She had finally found at least one sane person - Sorilea. Sane, and from what Buffy could see also tough as rocks and leather. "Uh...thanks."

The younger woman who had accused her of lying gave her a dirty look. Buffy didn't like it - she could tell the woman held a grudge and was petty about revenge. Somehow being wrong was Buffy's fault, and sooner or later the woman was going to try and get at Buffy because of it.

Buffy walked beside Sorilea, following her lead as they moved towards a larger tent to the middle of the camp. "So, Sorilea. Do you know where a girl can do some laundry around here? And maybe get herself clean and unsmelly?"

Sorilea smiled, and Buffy could see an edge of teeth in it. "Come. I will show you to the sweat tent, and instruct you on its use."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Ghosts of Rhuidean" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Aug 12.

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