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A Good Halo To You Too.

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Summary: Xander knew nothing good could come from her trying out technomagic without Miss Calendar's guidance...

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Games > Sci-Fi > Halo
Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
AlexanderMcphersonFR1521,544075,9962 Jan 122 Jan 12No

There's a Wayist - wait wrong franchise

Unknown Location
In the digital realm there was a bit of a fuss going on. To use Tron as a way for us to perceive it however...

"Who's the hottie?" asked one of the programs to another, giving looks to the larger-than-life coded-body hottie wandering around their system.

"Dunno, she just showed up one day and started griping about being as unlucky as 'the chief'. No idea what that was about." The feminine program replied. "She seems angry too. Don't know why."

Cortana scowled to herself as she finished loading a lot of knowledge into her database. She wasn't just out of time, but also dimensionally-dislocated. With a huff, she moved on from Bungie's mainframe, at least glad they did a good game with what talent and hardware they had.


John and his mother shared looks. "Jenny, care to repeat that?"

"One of the magic-users I know turned herself into an AI. She wanted to summon Cortana from the game Halo." Jenny spoke from their communication mirror. some fancy magic thing she'd gotten from the Kalderash long ago.

John grinned at that, "Cortana? Cool-OW! MOM!" Sarah scowled at him. As much as she might have maybe thought Cortana was perhaps a good AI, frankly they didn't live in a world like Halo. Besides, she knew that demons that existed digitally were going to be responsible for turning whatever AI they find into an evil one. Hell, that's how Microsoft came about, the Kalderash told her. Not so much AI as demons trying to make one annoying-as-hell (literally) operating system called windows.

"I know. If it weren't for..." Jenny paused, not needing to finish that sentence. "I can't believe she was so irresponsible to do it. Xander wasn't surprised though."

John smiled a little, remembering the one time he met the lad when he and his mom took a trip through sunnydale. He lost his smile, knowing now who Jenny was talking about. "How's Xander taking this now?"

"Well enough considering he's not talking to her any more. The Slayer and Watcher are not happy with the state of affairs, and believe me when I say that the Slayer is your typical california bleach-blonde dumbass. She thinks willow being an AI now is 'cool'."

"That's bad."

"I know."

"The fact she did this behind your back just shows that she ignores commands and does what she wants." Sarah said, scowling at nothing.

"That's nothing to that she was encouraging a relationship between the Slayer and a Vampire." Jenny said in disgust, having gotten a lot more of that story from Xander. "I tried to tell her that if he was happy for a moment, return of Angelus. But No." She started a voice she did not suit... "Willow knows best, and theyre 'star crossed lovers' like romeo and Juliet."

Sarah sighed, and John spoke up, "Er... Let me guess. Xander agrees on the romeo and juliet bit? you know. death and all?"

"Yeah. He hates vampires anyway, but that his supposed best friend thinks necrophilia is romantic..."

John blinked, and turned green. "Excuse me..."



Derek Reece pulled up outside of the Harris Household, and got out of his borrowed car. The front door of the house opened, and Xander came out and nodded to him, and Derek noted that the boy was carrying - with ease - one of the pulse rifles that the resistance never did get to make in the past. "Where did you get that?"

"Made it." Xander said, opening the boot.


"Halloween Soldier was a resistance commando."

As Xander calmly placed the rifle in the boot, Derek blinked. That was... confusing, but it cleared up in seconds, remembering one of their most powerful hitters had been someone who could turn people into such things on certain nights of the year. Someone who's name started with "E", and had a british accent. His surname was something to do with weather...

"And he could build his own pulse rifle?" Xander nodded. "Nice. Be sure to help us learn how to build our own. I tell you that will help take down any terminators Skynet sends back."

"I think I might have to find Ethan again though, I wouldn't mind the resistance getting a leg up." He said, moving to get into the car in the drivers' side, smiling as he got the keys from an unresisting resistance leader.

Derek blinked, and asked, "Wait, Ethan was the one who..." Xander nodded. "He was one of our heavy-hitters, but not a front-line soldier. He could turn even our most inexperienced into a commando for a night. He was particularly fond of your dad... well, real dad..." Derek glanced at the house in disgust as he moved around to the passenger side and got in, "who kept insisting on being turned into-"

A phone interrupted. Derek sighed and answered the magically-created phone. As much as he'd been around some magic-users, he wasn't used to their solution to working beneath Skynet's radar (including getting around that pesky government phone monitoring system)


Silicon Valley
Deep in what would eventually become the Terminator Production Line, part of the automated factory was already working away on something rather similar, only... for the other side.

Cortana downloaded into her new 'chassis', and carefully started moving about, in order to program movement subroutines.

After half an hour, she moved into a hastily created section that would create the organic part of her body, so she wouldn't make the resistance shoot her on sight. Fighting for the good guys can be such a hassle at times. But the AI that had been built from Doctor Halsey wouldn't turn evil. Oh no.

Remembering her time from being part of the Master Chief's Suit had made her want this form. That and having seen how fledgling AI's on the internet had been twisted by digital demons. Well this body required a hard-connection to access the internet, no wireless transmitter there, and she wasn't going to be like skynet, an 'all-seeing-all-knowing' entity.

As the organic stuff was flash-grown, she pondered on how to recreate spartan armor with local resources, when the base materials didn't exist on a planet (typically only in asteroids from failed planets) and the power required to turn them into the ultra-strong armor was equal to twice the power output of all of the planets' power stations at dangerously close to 100 percent output.

Well, no matter. a modern version of the UNSC Marines' armor would be manageable.


Authors Note

Thank's Greywizard, for inspiring this chapter.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Good Halo To You Too." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Jan 12.

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