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A Good Halo To You Too.

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Summary: Xander knew nothing good could come from her trying out technomagic without Miss Calendar's guidance...

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Games > Sci-Fi > Halo
Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
AlexanderMcphersonFR1521,544076,0022 Jan 122 Jan 12No

Where theres a Willow

November 1st

"... Er... Willow..." Buffy started, but couldn't get a word out.

"You're kind of..." Xander tried to explain, but got caught on what he was seeing.

Willow stood before them, wondering what was wrong, and why was everyone staring, and why were they all slow? Seconds seemed to drag.

Cordelia spoke up, since Willow's friends found it difficult. "You're partially see-through, and what we do see of you? You're a willow-shaped hologram of computer code."

Willow frowned at her, not believing for a second.

Giles chimed up from his corner, and nodded. "Co.. Cordelia is quite right." He did not look at her, instead choosing to concentrate on replacing some wraps on his hands.

"You look a little like Cortana." Xander shared.

Willow blinked.

Jenny sighed, "Damn it. What did I tell you about technomagic?"

"... not without your supervision? but It was just a summoning spell!"

"What were you trying to do?"

Willow shrugged. "use the ambient magic from the halloween spell to summon Cortana?"

Jenny scowled at that. "Willow, I told you before, AI is illegal."

"Hey, she's a good AI!"

"It doesn't matter. And right now you're now a target for the resistance..." She sighed and whispered, "John's going to have a fit."

"The Resistance?" Willow asked with a squeek. "I... I'm sure it's not THAT bad... See... good AI..."

"Not the point." Xander told her firmly.

Buffy shared a look with giles, who was clueless about what they were talking about.

"... Don't call them. Please, XAnd...."

Xander sighed, and looked at Jenny with a distant look. "I knew the day she learned about technomagic, she'd try something like this." He shook his head and moved away, "frankly, it's not a matter of if the Resistance feels this warrants... action. But when the person they send will appear."

Jenny nodded, and moved out, "I'll get some clothes ready."


Authors Note: Yes. Yes that is a Buffy/Terminator fusion crossover with Halo in the form of Willow becoming an AI like cortana (but able to exist like Church from Red Versus Blue, without a body at all. that mixed with the ambient magic within her from her halloween night of being a ghost.)

disclaimer: Those three aren't owned by me. Otherwise TSCC wouldn't have ended at season 2, T3+4 woudln't have sucked, Halo Wars would have been for the PC not the XBOX, and not sucky there either, the trilogy (aka 2+3 as well as Halo CE) would be re-released in special anniversary remastering ala Halo Anniversary. Oh, and the weapons thing would have been "Pistol, plus two guns" rather than "two guns full stop."
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