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Perchance to Dream a Memory

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Summary: Two years after the Collapse of Sunnydale, and months after her breakup with Robin, Faith starts having weird dreams, Slayer dreams that lead her to England...and to a hidden secret community of Witches and Wizards. FR18 to be safe.

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Harry Potter > Faith-CenteredDawnieWritesFR1824,333071,7854 Jan 122 Jul 12No

Perchance to Dream...

DISCLAIMER: I own NOTHING...duh. If I owned it, it wouldn't be called FanFiction and all slayers would wear leather pants

...She could feel him everywhere, surrounding her, filling her, touching her in a way that made her stomach burn deep inside. And then he looked at her, his grey eyes, eyes that shone like silver as they met her own, as they seemed to penetrate her, to see straight through to her soul as her world exploded around her in a wave of euphoria. He whispered her name, his lips right next to her ear...

And then there was a knife in her stomach and she felt numb, so unbelievably numb as she stared into the cold dead eyes of her lover lying next to her, the only coherent thought in her mind being that she should have been able to prevent this, should have been able to see this coming from a mile away.

But she didn't. And now the three of them were dead...

Faith woke with a start, a scream dying in her throat as she sat straight up in bed, tangled in the covers and fighting to be free of them, only to lose and fall off of the edge, landing with a loud thump on the floor. She sat up, throwing the blankets back onto the bed with one hand and rubbing her tender rear with the other.


"Faith?" she heard a muffled voice on the other side of her bedroom door, followed by a loud knock. "Are you alright? I heard something fall."

"Five by five Dawn," Faith replied as the door opened to reveal the younger Summers sister standing in the doorway dressed in a pair of jeans and a forest green peasant blouse, her long brown hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. "Just had a messed-up dream and fell out of bed."

"Slayer dream?" the younger girl asked, pushing the door open all of the way and stepping inside.

"I dunno," Faith replied honestly, taking a seat on the edge of her bed, "it didn't seem very be honest it seemed more like a memory, or even a vision maybe."

"That's impossible," Dawn stated, taking a seat next to her, "you don't get visions, and from what little we know, visions are only meant to be had by those with the lineage for it, like a seer, or those who posses demon blood and receive them from the Powers that Be, otherwise you end up like Cordelia."

"In a lot of pain and almost dead," Faith finished. "I know. It was probably nothing anyway."

"Just to be safe, record it in your journal," Dawn suggested, "better safe than sorry, right?"

"Right," Faith agreed. Ever since the Watcher's Council had been rebuilt, all Slayers were now required to keep dream journals, recording all possibly prophetic dreams in journals similar to the kind the Watcher's themselves used to record the memoirs of their days training their respective Slayers; so far, only she and Buffy had ever found use for them, and although there was the occasional case of one or two of the Minis having a need for them, it was usually either Buffy or herself who had the dreams anymore. Buffy had filled four journals so far and was halfway through her fifth, while Faith was well into her third journal. "I'll write it up and meet you downstairs when I'm dressed."

Dawn just nodded and stood up, walking out and closing the door behind her. Faith sighed and flopped back on her bed; the dream had felt so...real. It was as if she had felt it all before. If only she knew where.

Faith sighed again and sat up, pulling a leather-bound journal and a pen out from underneath her mattress, she flipped over onto her stomach, crawled up further onto the bed, turned to a blank page, and began to write...


Dawn tossed and turned in bed; after a full day of helping Faith train the new batch of Mini-Slayers that had arrived six days earlier, she should have no problems falling to sleep. By all counts, she should have been asleep the moment her head touched the pillow. But she wasn't. Instead, she was lying in her nice, warm, comfortable bed, staring at the ceiling with a nagging feeling in the back of her mind that there was something that she was missing, something extremely important that she was forgetting, or was just out of her reach.

So she did what she usually did when she couldn't sleep; she got out of bed, put on a pair of sneakers, and went running. The wind rushing past her face, her feet hitting the pavement, beating out the familiar path as the cool air rushed past, clearing her mind. The best time to run was late night or early morning, when it was the quietest, when there was nobody else around to disrupt her thought process, the only sound in the night air being her own harsh breathing and her shoes meeting pavement as the world around her seemed to slow to a crawl, giving her time to think. And then it hit her: Faith's dream journal! Faith had promised to fill it out and give it to Dawn to read.

But she had failed to do so, which was extremely unusual for Faith. Since Dawn had become her watcher, she had never known Faith to be anything but punctual when it came to turning in her Dream Journal and filling out her work-out regimen. Hell, in the past month her Slayer had been nothing if not compliant, even agreeing to Dawn's crazy new rules after she caught the last batch of Mini's sneaking in not only pounds of candy, but boys into their bedrooms.
Something was definitely wrong, Dawn decided, running in a circle to turn around and make her way back to the house, and she was determined to find out what the hell was going on...


She woke up sweating for the third time that week; not to the cold, spine-chilling, terrifying, sweat-soaked nightmares either, but the heated, fiery, intensely passionate, lust-filled fantasies that had been filling her mind lately. And it was really starting to piss her off. Faith hadn't been in a relationship or gotten close, physically and emotionally, to anybody since she had split with Robin two and a half months ago, and the dent it was making in her already tenuous control on her libido was damn-near killing her.

She had been getting the dreams for almost a month and a half now, and the only one she had recorded in her journal had been the terrifying, gut-wrenching nightmare that had ended with both her and her dream-lover dead in bed, startling her awake with a scream dying in her throat as she landed on her bedroom floor, and the only reason she had bothered recording that dream was because Dawn had caught her in the aftermath and would have been suspicious if she hadn't recorded it.

Faith still didn't know what the dreams meant, or where they were coming from, and she found that she really could care less; they set her entire body on fire, from the slow burn in-between her legs, to the heat boiling in her stomach, to the rest of her extremely aroused, extremely tortured body.

So she did the first thing that came to mind: she put on a pair of sweatpants and a tank top and made her way downstairs to the training room, fully intending on beating the leather punching bag until her body calmed down, or the chain pulled out of the ceiling, whichever came first. She was in the middle of her work-out routine, her music blaring, filling the soundproof room with hard rock, when she noticed another presence in the room. She caught the punching bag mid-swing and turned around to find Dawn standing in the doorway clad in a jogging suit and sneakers, her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

"Dawn," she greeted, breathing heavily. "What are you doing up?"

"Couldn't sleep; and I could ask you the same question. You're not on patrol tonight."

"Restless, got too much energy."


"Excuse me?"

"Where's your dream journal?" Dawn asked. "You were supposed to give it to me yesterday and I never got it."

"So I forgot, what's the big deal?" Faith responded, turning back to the punching bag, "Like you're so perfect."

"I never said I was perfect Faith, and don't make this about me!" Dawn snapped, fed up with Faith's attempts at trying to avoid the subject, "Something is going on with you and you're going to tell me what it is so we can work this out!" She was me with silence. "Damnitt Faith, turn around and look at me!" Dawn ordered, grabbing the Slayer's shoulder. The next thing she knew, she was flat on her back, Faith straddling her waist, pinning her wrists, with both hands at her throat as the punching bag continued swinging slowly above them. The Slayer glared at her, breathing heavily.

"Faith," Dawn whispered quietly, careful not to provoke her. "Faith, you need to let me go," she instructed cautiously, straining to speak through the firm grip the older girl had on her throat. "You need to let me go, right now." And then her entire demeanor changed, her eyes going wide, as if she was suddenly realizing exactly what was going on. Faith dropped her hands, rolling to the side and scrambling away until she reached the wall, turning around and pressing her back against the mats, drawing her knees up to her chest and hiding her face in her hands.

"Shit Dawn, I'm so sorry! I-I don't know what happened," Faith apologized, the words rushing out of her mouth. "One second I was fine, and then I just...I don't know!"

"It's alright," Dawn rasped, sitting up and rubbing at her throat to soothe the burn. "I'm fine, no harm done."

"No harm done? No harm done?!" Faith shouted, staring at her Watcher as if she had suddenly grown a second head. "I could have killed you!"

"But you didn't, and no permanent damage or serious injury was done. Now shut up and calm down," Dawn instructed. "You are going to go upstairs, get your dream journal, and meet me in the kitchen with it. We are then going to go over all of your dreams for the past two months, when your change in behavior began. You are then going to fill in the missing dreams, the ones you have been failing to inform me of."

"How did you-?"

"Something is going on with you. I didn't think anything of it until you had that nightmare night before last. So now, you are going to tell me everything." Dawn instructed. "And that means everything." She added, narrowing her eyes dangerously at the Slayer. Faith just nodded and stood up; she did not feel like pissing Dawn off anymore than she had.


The next morning when the SiTs came downstairs for breakfast, they were all surprised to find both their Watcher and Head Slayer sitting at the island in the kitchen, Faith's dream journal lying open between them.

"These aren't just dreams!" they heard Dawn hiss.

"No, they aren't, they're panty-drenching fantasies, 'cause I'm not getting any and I am not happy about it." Faith replied with a sigh, the 'No Shit Sherlock' tone of her voice making it obvious how tired she was.

"Faith, be serious! The dreams started almost two months ago, right?"


"And the only one that you wrote down is the one that ends in death?"

"Yeah. Not seeing a point here."

"My point is, what if all of these dreams are remnants of some kind of memory, or some past life or something, and the one where you die is a Slayer dream overlapping the memory? Maybe these are all Slayer dreams, coming to you as some sort of a memory? What if something bad is about to happen?"

"What are you all doing just standing here?" Vi asked from behind the SiTs as she descended the stairs. All of the SiTs whirled around, panic written all over their faces at the fact that they had been caught spying on their Head Slayer by her SiC. The door to the kitchen swung open the rest of the way to reveal Dawn standing in the doorway, clearly annoyed.

"Does nobody in this house know the meaning of privacy?" she asked through grit teeth.

"Is there an apocalypse coming?" One of the girls, Julie, piped up, her question setting off the others.

"Are we going to get to fight?"

"Does this mean more advanced weapons training?"

"Do we get field experience now?"

"ENOUGH!" Dawn yelled. "There is no apocalypse, and there will be no advanced training or field exercises until Vi or Faith say you're ready for them. Now all of you are going to shut up, eat breakfast, and then meet Vi down in the training room in half an hour!" All of the SiTs cringed at the chastisement, some of them nodding before trooping past Dawn into the kitchen. "Vi and Faith, my room please," Dawn ordered, making her way upstairs to the third floor, where her private study was.

“Dawn, Faith, what’s going on? You both look like shit; were you up all night?” Vi asked.

“Thanks so much,” Dawn drawled, “Vi, you’re going to be in charge of the SiTs for a few days, maybe a few weeks. Faith and I are going to England.”

“We are?” Faith asked.

“Yes. We are. I need access to some of the old Council documents that haven’t been computerized. So as soon as my replacement Watcher gets here, we’ll leave; unless you think that you can handle being on your own for a little bit until they get here.”

“I think I’ll be fine.” Vi assured her, “you two can go.”

“Great. We’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning,” Dawn chirped, “The sooner we figure this shit out, the better.”

“Merry old England, here we come,” Faith remarked tiredly.

A/N August 3, 2011- Typed this up on the plane-ride home from New York. Idea got stuck in my head and would not let me be! RAWR. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and review. And for those of you reading and tracking my other stories, they have not been updated because I just got almost every single part of my laptop replaced, and ever since, my external hard drive, which has my entire life on it, INCLUDING my stories, has been on the funk and not working, so I currently have no access to any of my current things.

SiT - Slayer in Training
SiC - Second in Command

*EDIT: January 4, 2012 – Finally got around to posting this story. I wasn't going to originally, but then I figured...what the hell? Got my external hard drive back with almost all of my documents and writings recovered; only a few were missing. But now the charger for my laptop isn’t working...again, which means that I can’t use my laptop without the battery dying until the new charger gets here on Friday. Which also means I am stuck using my grandmother’s computer until then, which means I will have limited access unless I go to the library instead, which probably isn’t happening since I’m really lazy and don’t have my license yet…or a car.
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