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Harry in Agrabah

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Harry in Disney World". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Harry hadn't planned any of this. All he had wanted to do was end it all, it's too bad that the veil wasn't a portal of death like everybody else had always assumed. slash fic continued on

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I do not own Harry potter or Aladdin



Harry in Agrabah

When Harry walked through the veil he had no idea that this was going to be the end product. He had assumed like everybody else that when you go through the veil that you die. End of story. But that’s not what happened. Somehow he ended up in a Disney movie. Yeah. A Disney movie.

He walked through the veil and immediately had been in line for something. He had been perplexed, but sort of went along with it. When he got up to the front of the line he was given a number and he had to go sit on a bench and wait for his number to be called. He took it in stride, no freaking out, and no questions. He just sort of looked around at the other apathetic people and waited.

Harry wasn’t sure how long he had waited; it could have been hours, days or even years. Time didn’t seem to matter here and he never got hungry or thirsty. He didn’t mind the wait really. It gave him some time to think about his situation.

After twenty years of being the wizarding world’s weapon and play thing he had gotten sick of it. He left Ginny and the spoiled children that he was pretty sure weren’t his and gave his great wealth to a few trusted friends, orphanages and charity. The only thing he carried with him into the veil was his wand which had transformed into some sort of bracelet looking thing after the final battle. He walked in expecting death and hadn’t been granted that simple request. Maybe he should have just tried to kill himself like any other suicidal person; maybe slitting his wrists or taking an overdose of sleeping pills or something. That could have worked, but nooo he just had to follow in his godfather’s footsteps and enter the veil. He briefly wondered where Sirius was, but decided that it didn’t matter. As happy as he would have been to see Sirius he did not want the other man to know that he had tried to kill himself. Hell, maybe Sirius was happy wherever he went to after he was thrown into the veil. Harry hoped so.

“Number 1,245 X-A-12” Harry looked down at his ticket and blinked when he realized that it was his number. He stood up and stretched before approaching the window.

“That’s me.” He handed the woman behind the window his ticket and she hummed as she looked at the number.

“Hm. Well, Mr. Potter you have been scheduled to enter World A-3-25. Have you seen the Disney movie ‘Aladdin’?”

Harry thought briefly and nodded. He remembered watching bits and pieces years ago when he stayed with the Dursley’s before they threw the movie out for having magic in it.

“Well, they have been scheduled to have an alternate universe. You will go there and live. We are quite sure that your presence will disrupt a few things.”

Harry wasn’t sure if he should be upset or not so he just nodded again.

“Go through the door on the left and we will take care of the rest.”

“Thank you, good bye.”

Harry walked to the door that he had been directed to. He stepped in and a light flicked on, the room was completely white. The walls were white, the furniture was white the floor was white. His eyes fluttered and he was surprised by how sleepy he was after who knows long of not needing sleep. He sat on the couch and slumped sideways fast asleep.

-time skip-

Harry woke up and blinked blearily at his surroundings. He was definitely not where he was when he fell asleep. He was in a huge room with elaborate decorations and he was tucked into a bed that could have fit at least ten other people. His room was a decorated with nice shades of green with a few splashes of purple thrown. He had a balcony with a pretty nice view of a city.

Harry sat up in the bed and looked out the window in shock. It wasn’t a normal city by wizarding and muggle means it was something out of a movie. Almost too beautiful for words. Harry choked as he reran that last thought in his mind.

“Something out of a movie.”

Bloody hell! It wasn’t a dream; he had really stepped into a veil and had been transported into a Disney movie. Harry wasn’t sure what to feel, but he managed to pull himself together…right up until he looked into a mirror.

“Bloody hell!”

He was a kid again! He was short, he ignored the fact that he had remained short even in his adult life, and scrawny again! Okay, so maybe he wasn’t scrawny like he was at the Dursley’s, but he had gained more muscles as he grew up. Well, at least he had the build he had gotten from quidditch.

Harry scowled in the mirror at his sixteen year old reflection and glared at his long hair. The second he found a pair of scissors he was going to cut it, but for now he would just tie it back. He looked around the room in vain for a hair tie. He gave up and braided it in a tight French braid instead; his bangs were parted and showed only the middle of his forehead. He looked into the mirror and blinked at the sight, or lack of, his scar. Even after defeating Voldemort the scar had remained. Now, only clear, unblemished skin remained. He rubbed the spot briefly and decided that this world couldn’t be that bad if his scar had disappeared.

Harry was still standing in front of the mirror when a set of double doors opened and a short and tubby man that Harry vaguely remembered walked in.

“Ah! It seems as if our guest is awake! It is an honor to meet you guest from the heavens.”

“Huh?” heavens? What the hell?

“You fell from the heavens during a very important meeting between me and my Grand Vizier, Jafar. I am the Sultan of this fair city and I welcome you.”

“Huh. Okay. Huh.” Harry wasn’t quite sure what he should do. The Sultan seemed to trust him then again the sultan just trusted people to easily. He had trusted Jafar and Aladdin at times that he should not have. Well, Harry wasn’t going to do anything about that right now. Having the Sultan trust him was a good thing. Now if he could only get him to turn against Jafar and recognize him as the devious bastard that he was…

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Sultan. Forgive me for my rather rude entrance. I have always had a problem with magical travel.” He might as well milk this for all that it was worth.

“Oh no. it was no trouble at all. How long will you be staying here?”

Harry hesitated.

“I’m not quite sure. I go where I am needed.”

The Sultan brightened, clapped his hands and bounced slightly. Harry smiled at the little man amused.

“By all means stay however long that you wish! Is this room to your liking? Would you like another? Are you hungry?”

Harry’s eyes widened at the constant stream of questions.

“The room is perfect, I am sure that I will enjoy my stay here. Now, that you mention it I am a bit hungry.”

“Come come! We will feast tonight!”

The little man led the way talking excitedly and Harry was surprised at how easily he had been accepted.

“…we will take care of the rest.” The woman’s voice came back to Harry and he somewhat understood. They had definitely taken care of any problems his entrance might have caused.

-time skip-

Harry rolled his eyes as he listened to Jafar complain about the city and the people. Jafar’s vision of Agrabah was basically a slave town and if anybody showed any life or free will he wanted them locked up or killed. Harry had intercepted most of his nefarious plots and schemes much to Jafar’s anger. Harry knew from the video and from seeing it himself that Jafar was going to try to take over the palace and Agrabah. With Harry’s advice the sultan had gotten more wary of Jafar, but he still hadn’t sacked him.

Harry’s time in Agrabah had been rather fun. He went out to the city and explored, stayed in the palace, gave advice to the sultan and insulted Jafar. His magic had followed him into this world and he loved playing pranks on the grand Vizier. His most amusing activity however was aggravating princess Jasmine.

In the movies princess Jasmine was sweet, but feisty. She longed to go out in the city and act like ‘common folk’ and was as distrustful of Jafar as Harry. Jasmine, in the reality Harry was in, annoyed the living hell out of him. She was just a whiny, spoiled brat who thought her life was horrible just because she couldn’t go outside all the time. I mean, hello, you’re a princess. People want to kidnap you and use you to gain money or to do other unsavory things to you. Get your head out of your arse and deal.

Jasmine was one of the only people that wasn’t taken with Harry and that was fine with him. He made sure to take time to bug the hell out of her. Hell, she was the reason why he kept his hair long. Apparently, he was pretty for a guy and others weren’t always looking at her. Harry had spent most of his life being gawked at, so it didn’t bother him when others made passes at him. Sure, he always turned them down, but he wasn’t mean about it and didn’t let the attention go to his head. Jasmine, on the other hand, thought it was a slight against her when her looks didn’t always get what she wanted. Jasmine reminded him of Ginny and damn if that didn’t grate on his nerves.

Damn birds.

“Sultan, you cannot let these-these plebeians behave in such a manner.” Jafar said disgust clear in his voice.

Harry flicked his hand and turned Jafar’s hair purple. Jafar watched confused as the sultan erupted into giggles. Harry smirked as Iago squacked.

“You’re hair’s purple! You’re hair’s purple!” Harry snickered and Jafar’s face turned a very ugly shade of puce that reminded Harry of his uncle Vernon. Maybe Jafar would have a heart attack too like uncle Vernon did when Harry was 25. He could only hope.

Jafar turned and glared at Harry, his expression promising death.

“You,” he pointed at Harry ominously, “will regret this.” He turned and swept out of the room dramatically.

“Ten points for the best dramatic exit goes to –drum roll- Severus Snape! Jafar has been disqualified due to ridiculous outfits.” Harry snickered at his mental monologue.

The princess sighed from where she was sitting and looked out at the city longingly. Harry rolled his eyes again and wondered when this story was going to get started. It had been a few months since he had been dropped into the Disney movie and he had yet to see Aladdin. Hopefully, it was soon. He wanted to talk to the genie; he seemed like a pretty interesting bloke. He was going to let the whole Jasmine/Aladdin romance play out. Maybe she would stop pouting so damn much if she got shagged a few times.

Harry frowned when he realized that he would have to do something about Jafar. The man was too dangerous and would interfere with Harry’s plans. He didn’t want the kingdom to go into turmoil because Jafar somehow became sultan or whatever the bloody hell happened in that movie. Maybe he could arrange for a little accident…

-One week later-

When Harry had wanted Jafar out of the picture he didn’t mean for it to happen this way, but he wasn’t complaining. He thought he would have to drain him of his magic, or poison him or even keep him in a magical coma. At the very worst he thought he would have to kill the evil man, but this…he hadn’t even considered this.

A special brothel had arrived at Agrabah tailoring to people with…exotic tastes. Harry shivered at the thought of the men in drag. He wasn’t homophobic or anything of that sort he just didn’t go for the whole men in drag thing. Apparently Jafar did, he liked the males so much he decided to erm…join them. The last sight of the man Harry had was him dressed in some woman’s garments and fluttering his eyes, hiding the rest of his face with a fan.


After Jafar’s departure Harry was given the position of grand vizier. It surprised the hell out of him, but he wasn’t complaining. Now, he could protect the innocent sultan from people who wanted to use him for their own gains. It was kind of fun too and he even got his own set of guards. He had made them stand down of course, he could protect himself, but they kept an eye out for him just in case something bad happened. As far as Harry could tell nothing bad was going to happen, Jafar had been the main foe from what he remembered and now that he was gone Harry was able to loosen up a bit and enjoy himself a bit more.

At that thought the doors burst open and a whole bloody circus paraded through the doors with ‘Prince Ali Baba’ on top of an elephant.

Great. Just great. He hadn’t remembered how annoying Aladdin was. Arrogant and pompous prat. Dear Merlin. He sounded like Snape, Harry shuddered.

Aladdin finished his whole grand entrance, but what stunned Harry the most was when Aladdin took a deep bow in front of him. Him. Not princess Jasmine. He saw Aladdin’s awed and love struck visage.

“…we are quite sure that your presence will disrupt a few things.”

Yeah, Harry was quite sure of that too.

The End

You have reached the end of "Harry in Agrabah". This story is complete.

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