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Hermione Drake: an alternate history

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Summary: As an alliance between Millennium and Voldemort dooms the world, Hermione Granger decides to trust a very old Hogwarts teacher…

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Anime(Current Donor)kedrannFR1825,325191,9637 Jan 1219 Feb 12No

Nightmare and hope

Author note: This is a plot bunny I had to exorcise. I may or may not continue depending on reviews and inspiration


Summary : As an alliance between Millennium and Voldemort dooms the world, Hermione Granger decides to trust a very old Hogwarts teacher…

Fandom I do not own anything of :

Dracula (Coppola’s version)
Harry Potter
Various elements of mythology and history.

Rating : FR18 mainly for the way this story may trample history. 

Bill Weasley watched in horror as London burned. A few hours ago, he had seen missiles wipe out Diagon Alley and bunker-buster bombs destroy the Ministry of Magic. He wiped tears as he thought of Fleur, his dead fiancée. He had been forced to destroy the ghoul she had become, after being bitten by one of Millennium’s vampires.

“Bill, we have to move or the ghouls will find us,” said a pink-haired witch.

 “Any news from the army?”

“Still tied down between the mass summon made by the Hellsing vampire and Iscariot’s crusaders.”

“Do you know how many of these ghouls are on the loose?” asked a young muggle.

“Far too many,” replied a small girl in an old-fashioned dress who seemed to appear right out of the shadows. “Humanity is already doomed.”

“Why?” asked the witch?

“Pandemic leading to zombie apocalypse,” replied the young muggle. “Resident Evil was fun as a computer game, but I’m not keen on playing for real.”

“Correct,” answered the little girl. “My people estimate that creating a human reservation defended by us is the only way for both our species to survive. I, however, have another plan.”

“Your people? What… vampire!” said the pink-haired witch, pointing her wand on the little girl.

“Wait, Tonks,” said a weary teenaged witch. “That’s Lady Helena. Her portrait is in Hogwarts, near McGonagall’s office. She was a teacher at the time of the Founders. She’s a… true Nosferatu, not a Millennium’s vampire.”

“True,” said the ‘child’. “We have fought against the artificial vampires created by Millennium, but lost too much terrain when they allied with Voldemort.”

Tonks shuddered as she saw the vampire gaze upon her. There were stories in her family about Lady Helena and all concurred on one point: she was old enough to remember seeing the Romans invade Great Britain. After that, it was only wild speculations. Some said she taught magic to Merlin and was the daughter of Brutus of Troy, other that she was even older, perhaps an Atlantean survivor.

“And I suppose things were complicated a lot by the fact Hellsing was hunting you too,” said the pink-haired witch, lowering her wand.

 “Yes. The forces of Hellsing and the regular army will probably be able to win this battle, but, as I told you, the war has already been lost, as was Millennium’s plan when they made the ghouls’ bite contagious.”

 “You’re telling me that… they planned for all of this?”

“Voldemort probably did not realize that the end of life on Earth was their goal. Now…”

“Hermione Granger,” said the ‘child’ while she stood before the weary teenager who recognized her earlier. “Before his death, Harry Potter gave you something. I know you still have it.”

“Why do you want it? It will not bring him back, or anyone else.”

“True, it will not, not if used in the most common way. But it can be used in other ways.”

Hermione noticed for the first time the hourglass-shaped necklace Helena was playing with. Gears started to click in her genial mind.

“It’s crazy,” said the young witch as the beginning of a plan started to form in her mind.

“We live desperate times, child,” answered the ancient vampire.

Hermione took out a golden ball from her pocket and gave it to Helena. It was the golden snitch Harry almost swallowed during his first Quidditch match. It was by itself an interesting keepsake, but what was inside was far more important.

“I am coming with you,” said Hermione. “I want to witness this and I can fight.”

“I was going to ask you to join anyway, Hermione. You are an important part of what I plan.”

Darkness engulfed them. As it receded, Hermione felt a hot draft on her face. She cast a small spell to give her greater balance as she noticed they were on the top of the last and biggest of Millennium’s zeppelins. It was already in pretty bad shape.  

“Can you tell me why…”

“Did your mother tell you about your great-grandmother?” asked Helena as she took the teenager’s hand.

“Granny Mina? Yes, but she died long before I was born.”

Hermione felt herself sink through the envelope of the zeppelin. Finally, steel solidified under their feet as they reached a walkway.

“To put it simply, your great-grandmother is the Mina from the Dracula novel… and before you ask, we materialized on the roof because it is easier for me to bypass the wards on this place like this. Come this way, the two last elements we need are in the same place.”

Hermione suddenly felt something, like if reality itself had shaken.

“Alucard, the Hellsing vampire, has fallen in the trap laid by Millennium… Come, child, we have little time. ”

They entered a room where a man in a stained lab coat was frantically putting papers in bags.

“Avada Kedavra!” said Helena as green light snuffed the life of the man.

Hermione shuddered. It was not because this girl had just used one of the Unforgivable Curses but because she realized she had felt joy at the death of that Millennium scientist.

Helena went to a fridge and browsed quickly through the samples stored here, smiling when she found a sealed test tube labeled “Schrödinger”.

“What is this?” asked Hermione.

“The blood of the creature probably responsible for Alucard’s demise.”

“Schrödinger… wasn’t he a quantum physicist?”

“The creature was named after his well-known cat experiment. This will allow us to cheat just enough with nature’s laws. Now…”

With a wave of her hand, she revealed a skeleton chained to a wall. Hermione cried when she read the name on a plate riveted on the skull, with another inscription saying something like patient zero.

“Granny Mina… they desecrated her body to create their monsters!” she yelled.

“Yes. Remove her bones from those restraints while I prepare the ritual circle. This has to be done now.”

Hermione took out her wand, complying quickly while the gears in her mind, a mind that her grandmother had often compared to the one of Mina Harker, ran.

This is not about Harry… Bringing him back would not change anything. Bringing Granny Mina back neither, so what… Time, this is all a matter of time.

She looked at the complex magical circle that was now drawn on the floor, mostly with the blood of the dead scientist. She had seen some of its symbols in a lesson of Ancient Runes, one about lost magic from the continent of Mu. Not much was known about them, but enough for her to understand something.

“Lady Helena… My life is necessary for this spell to work, correct?”

“I am sorry, child.”

“Don’t be. I will gladly give it if I can save the world.”

“Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, Hermione. I will make sure you exist in the new world.”

The teenage witch nodded as she thought about all she had wanted to do in her life. She wondered at her almost unnatural calm as she took the obsidian dagger Helena gave her then knew. She was already broken and was only longing for a meaningful death.

She looked a little at the knife, noticing it was probably Mayan or Aztec and powerfully enchanted for blood magic rituals. She saw Helena replace the sand in the hourglass of the Time Turner with Schrödinger’s blood. Immediately, an unnatural light started to shine from the amulet, which seemed to flicker in an out of reality. Without entering the circle now containing the bones of Mina Harker, she made it float over it.

Helena took the golden snitch in her hand, slicing its surface with one of her manicured fingernails. She smiled tiredly as she looked at the black stone that was hidden in the trinket.

“Hermione, place the Stone in your ancestor’s mouth. Glue it to her skull if necessary,” she said as she gave the stone to the young witch.

“Right, and after that?”

“Plunge the knife in your heart when I start to chant.”

Hermione nodded.

“You think we will meet in the new world?”


“What are you doing here!” yelled a voice from the lab’s entry.

The young witch looked at the teenager leaning on the door frame and thought he was quite yummy.

“Hermione, let me introduce you to Walter C. Dornez, ex-butler of the Hellsing family and currently de-aged due to… malfunction in your vampire chip, Walter?”

The young man nodded, feeling even more naked under the cold eyes of the child Nosferatu than he had been under the ones of Integra Hellsing when she had understood his betrayal.

He remembered the file Hellsing had on Lady Helena, with one main recommendation: leave her alone. There was also a side-note from a stolen Iscariot report saying she had been seen speaking to the Christ in Capernaum. She did not have the tremendous presence of Alucard, but there was wisdom in her ancient eyes.

“I came to kill him,” said the ex-butler, designing the corpse of the scientist. “What are you doing?”

“Changing history,” said Hermione. “Mister Dornez, let us do it before it’s too late.”

“You’re Quincey Harker’s granddaughter, right?”


Walter thought about why he betrayed Hellsing for Millennium, that tiny chance he could actually fight and beat Alucard. Perhaps he could still redeem himself.

“I’ll stand watch. Hurry up, the place is falling apart.”

The voice of Helena rose, chanting in a strange language where each word seemed to possess its own life.

Sounds like Ancient Egyptian, thought Hermione. No! The Words of Creation, the language of the book of Thoth! It really exists!  

She smiled as she witnessed the use of the wizards’ Holy Grail then remembered she had a part to play. She plunged the knife in her heart, feeling reality dissolve around her.

Hermione woke up, shivering. She looked at her room and sighed. She got up, feeling reassured by the ancient walls.

Mum should be in her study.

She looked by the window, seeing a storm brewing over London. She smiled, thinking how her father loved to be outside when the “forces of nature were unleashed”.

But he is in Rumania now… I miss him.

She opened the door to her mother’s study, noticing once again the contrast with the rest of the Victorian manor. She was sitting behind her desk, working on her computer.


“Hermione! You should be asleep at this hour of the day!”

“I had a bad dream… the special kind of dream.”

She saw her scarlet eyes softening as she opened her arms, welcoming her as she sat in her lap.

“Tell me Hermione,” said the woman. “Was it again about that boy?”

“I’m not sure… I was with a mirror in a hall of that castle in Scotland, trying to look over the corner. Then I saw yellow eyes, the eyes of a snake. It hurt a lot.”

She felt her mother stiffening.

“This beast is supposed to be dead,” she muttered softly. “That’s all right, honey. I know what it is and if it’s not dead yet, I will kill it. Could you use your powers in your dream?”

“No. I tried to call the shadows like you and Dad taught me, but I couldn’t.”

“You remember when we discussed about Wells’ machine?”

The little girl frowned then smiled, her cute fangs gleaming in the dim light of the office.

“I’m seeing things that could have happened?”


Hermione suddenly scented blood, feeling safe as she recognized the sweet perfume of her mother’s. Moving on her lap, she got to the little cut on the adult’s neck and took a little sip, just before the wound closed.

A few minutes later, after she had safely tucked her seven-year old daughter in her bed, Wilhelmina Drake née Murray got back to her computer. She really did not like what she had found while lightly sifting through her memories of the dream. Opening her email, she started to write.


Hermione had another resonance dream. Albus obviously lied about the Basilisk.

I know that you need to put the clans in Rumania in their place before things get out of hand, but please come back soon. Hermione needs her father. 

I love you


As she sent the mail, she thought once again about the decision she had taken more than a century ago, after a series of special dreams like the one currently plaguing her daughter…
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