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Summary: Dawn is interested in the stories Spike tells. What is Spike talking about this time? BtVS/PoTC.

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Spike-CenteredKirsteeFR1311,094031,7061 Jan 041 Jan 04No
Name: Unraveled

By: Kirstee

Disclaimer: Joss, Disney, Jerry, Fox…blah blah you get the point. They aren’t mine.

Description: Dawn is interested in the stories Spike tells. What kind of tale will he spin? BtVS/PoTC.

A/N- This takes place after Crush, but will go back and forth between the times when Spike, Dru, Darla, and Angelus were together. This takes place during the PoTC movie, I know the time periods don’t really match up.


Well that was it.

Yes, he was defiantly leaving town. He was damn tired of being the Slayer’s lapdog.

After his declaration of love, she had banished him from her house, told him off, and now on top of it was avoiding him. He could never find her in a cemetery, which was usually her place of choice.

Last night while returning from the butchers he had caught a whiff of her citrus-y scent and thought he had seen a flash of her blonde hair, but on further discovery it turned out to be nothing.

Or maybe not nothing… Maybe she had seen him and deliberately ran away.

He had sunk low. Just trying to get a small glance of the Slayer.

At one point he wished that he had gone to LA with Dru. Things had been much easier when it had just been the four of them. Of course there was still the issue of his poof of a grandsire, who he really didn’t feel like seeing EVER again. But still when he, Darla, Dru, and Angelus had roamed the world things just seemed to fall into place.

But he couldn’t leave Sunnydale, he thought. He flopped back into his chair and heaved a big unneeded sigh. He reached under the cushion and felt a case of half smushed cigarettes, he took them out and looked at them.

“Well at least one thing is going right” he mumbled. He took one out and lit it up. He puffed out the smoke and watched as it wafted up to the ceiling.

He was forever marked with the image of Buffy Summers in his head. He knew that anywhere he went he would remember her. So better to be in the same town as her then halfway across the world and thinking about her.

“Bloody Hell” he said.


Dawn kicked the soda can that lay abandoned on the street.

The wind was rough and it blew her long brown hair across her face.

She took a few strands and tucked them behind her ear.

She had had a half day at school, of course both Buffy and her mother had no idea about that.

She had been keeping more and more things from them. Even before she had found out that she was the ‘Key’.

She wasn’t even human. Not human. Different than anyone else.


She was dangerous to all her family and friends no matter how much they tried to deny it. The monks knew this. She knew this. And she knew Buffy knew this.

The question was, What would Buffy do about it?

These questions were just too serious for a 14 year old girl. It seems that all Summers girls had to grow up to early.

She couldn’t handle this all on her own. She couldn’t tell her friends, they wouldn’t understand. She couldn’t tell her family, they were too protective.

So that left one person.

Well not exactly a person…

She stood outside his crypt, she hadn’t even realized that she was walking there.

She opened the creaky door and a cloud of smoke filled her vision. She let out a few violent coughs before turning her head to see the peroxided vampire.

“Hello there, Niblet” he said.

“God, Spike you think you could cut it down to like 3 packs a day?! Sheesh!” she said as she waved her hand to clear some the smoke away from her.

He ignored her and hopped up onto his sarcophagus.

“What brings you to my neck of the cemeteries?” he asked her.

“Nothing” she said as she looked at her shoes.

“Hey aren’t you suppose to be at school ‘bout now?” he asked her as he took another drag of his cigarette.

“Half Day, Teachers are conferencing” she said as she looked back up at him.

His hair was sleeked back in its normal do. He wore the usual black on black, jeans and a t-shirt.

Buffy thought she had a crush on him. Pa Ha! Not even. A definite Nuh-Uh. Nope, nada....

Ok maybe a little….

But it’s not like he would ever see her like that, not with Buffy around. Or maybe not even with Buffy around.

It still amazed her how blind her older sister could be sometimes. Of course Spike loved her! It was so obvious. And hello! She was 14 and saw it!

“Well then why aren’t you out frolicking with your friends?” he asked her.

“I don’t want to” she said, without looking at him.

He gave her a long look.

“You’re not suppose to be here Dawn, What would happen if big sis found out?”

“I don’t care! I’m tired of being protected”

They were silent for a few minutes, Spike hopped off the sarcophagus and went to his comfy chair.

Dawn watched him go as she leaned against a pillar.

“Fine stay if you like” he said and flicked the television on.

She stayed where she was for another 10 minutes until her legs started to get sore. She walked to behind his chair.

“Hey, Spike?”

“Yes, pet?”

“You know that story you were telling me a few days ago? With the girl in the coal bin and stuff?”

He turned his head to look at her, he cocked one eyebrow.

She looked down at the ground and tucked a few more strands of hair behind her ear.

“Well…umm…I was just wondering…if, ya know…you had anymore stories…that you could tell me?”

He thought over her request. It would get Buffy really pissed, but hey she already hated him. And Niblet was strong she could handle the stories, it would be actually educational if you thought about it. She would know some more about what to protect herself against in the dark, because lets face it, Buffy would never tell her anything. And well, he LOVED to brag…

So what the hell…

“Alright pet” he got up and sat on his sarcophagus.

Dawn smiled from ear to ear and hopped on the sarcophagus across from Spike. She folded her legs and looked up at him.

“So what’s this one about?” she asked with innocent enthusiasm.

“Pirates” he said with a smirk.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unraveled" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jan 04.

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