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And this is a sacrifice, why?

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Summary: Black Magic is known for requiring sacrifices of some kind. Mental, physical, soul, whatever. But when you throw two people where there should be one, it kind of screws up the definition.

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Charmed > Jenny-CenteredAlexanderMcphersonFR1324,228032,4318 Jan 1213 Jan 12No

Power of 3

note: Takes place between season 2 and 3, during the summer. Buffy did not leave town, given she had no idea if Angel got his soul back or not. (remember, I put that Oz told her the truth. I hoped some readers figured out though that Buffy wouldn't have thought it would work given Xander and... magic.)

"You're Kidding."

Jenny/Xander shook their head.

Prue, smirked, a little restrained, Piper smiled in great amusement, while Phoebe was actually giggling.



"Damn, girl."

"Boy right now."

"No kidding." Phoebe said with a grin, and licked her lips.

"He's got a girlfriend."


Piper had to ask, "How do you deal with that?"

Jenny smiled, and answered, "Oh no need to deal."

"You voyeur." Phoebe giggled out.

"A voyeur doesn't participate." Xander spoke up, after Jenny dipped her head to show they were switching.

"You're kidding?"


Leo smiled as he shook Xander's hand, and frowned. "You feel like a whitelighter."

"Yeap. Jenny was in training to be one but that kinda was put on hold with the whole Angelus situation. The Elders wanted him re-ensouled, given a lot of their plans hadn't accounted for him loosing it..."

"Angelus killed her.. you... er..."

"Me. Yes, go on." Jenny spoke up, no need for a head-nod with a guy who could sense the switch.

"He killed you a while after loosing the soul. So how could their plan to train you as one be..."

Xander grinned at that. "They actually thought Buffy would stake him long before anything could be done to re-ensoul him. And this only seemed to be reinforced when Jenny was killed."

Jenny continued. "It wasn't until Willow found the disc that the new plan of my whitelighter training was put on hold."

"Now you two are in between. You've got the powers of a whitelighter, some of the training..."

Xander grinned, "But since I never died in the first place, I'm a wild-card. And glad that most of those Elders like me and weren't... too... attached to their long-term plans."

"Wait... They're backing you, but you're..."

"Not under their command? Believe me, I was as shocked at you at the idea that 'higher beings' were willing to be nice to the person who just ruined their plans."

A being came... into being a few feet to the side of them, and spoke, "Well, while some attribute it to that you were my avatar before ensouling Angel, frankly I'm not surprised that you won them over. Only the high-and-mighty bloody 'P-T-B' for whome Angel was going to be a champion wouldn't have. Be thankful that the whitelighter side of things makes you untouchable, as far as the PTB's are concerned."

Leo had to comment, "I thought they were one and the same?"

"Nope. Ascended beings - er, pure energy that is," the being explained with an odd look at Xander, "Whitelighter Elders, and various other 'higher beings' are all 'higher' but different. Xander is connected to all of them one way or another. Whitelighter through Jenny. PTB's through his volunteering as the Slayer Line's Protector. And yes, Xander, I am fully aware that you unwittingly chose to be that when you forced Angel down to the Master's Lair, but accepted it fully when you realised that you split the slayer line that night. I did what I could to try to get Kendra under your influence a few times, but those damn PTB's... Well they had 'plans', you understand."

Xander asked. "Who are you?"

"You were my avatar. You... you change things. Angel wasn't supposed to fall in love with Buffy, at least it wasn't supposed to extend further than feeling protective, and definitely not even to being a crush. and vice-versa, honestly. Imagine the PTB's disappointment when he wasn't all that helpful either that first year. On the other hand... Willow was supposed to feel about you as you do about her..."


"She has a crush on you, or hasn't Jenny opened your eyes to that."

"... What?"

Leo chuckled realising something.

"So, Willow was supposed to think of Xander as a brother?" Leo asked.



"And Buffy wouldn't have felt obligated to her shy socially-inept new best friend to not chase after someone she was attracted to. Although Their relationship wasn't even meant to last long, the purpose in actual fact was that their friendship was to be stronger than concrete, and she'd learn the most important lesson of all."

"Which is?" Xander asked.

"Ever wondered about that 'older than you know' story? The Slayer was created to fight vampires, which were created by the last old one to leave this realm... but the old ones have always been trying to return... thereby they did not leave willingly."

"... Right..."

"Doesn't that make you wonder, what kicked them off the planet in the first place?"

Xander blinked, and nodded. "Ah, so she was to learn that humans are dangerous?"

"Specifically, that though vampires are her responsibility, they are also at the bottom of the totem pole of the violent demons, and humanity has been dealing with demons successfully since long before vampires even existed, yes. Now however, she's seeing a different lesson. One, I take it, you now will teach her on purpose, instead of simply by association."

Jenny took over. "And me?"

"It's a bit complicated there too. Angel would have left Sunnydale in about a year, so you would have moved too. Cordelia - having gotten more active in the fight but not as Xander's girlfriend, would have been your apprentice in magic, and oddly enough done everything in her power to make Angel's life an almost living hell, simply due her personality."

"Sounds like her."

"And there you'd have met a guy. Its... you might still meet him in Sunnydale, but I'm not certain and stuff."

Xaner spoke up, "So how does 'I change things' get to this?"

"You're a wild-card, in many ways. Your rough family life would have forced Ira and Sheila to take you in, but you decided one day not to show everyone that you were abused by them, 'to be a man' at the age of 8. That means that you weren't adopted, therefore willow wasn't legally your sister, and as you didn't live with her, she didn't think of you as her brother, thereby she has a planet-sized crush on you."


"Other little things making other waves, but yes. Without that crush, Buffy would have said yes when you asked her to the dance. She'd have gone to you when finding out about that prophecy, and your solution would have been napalm."

"Napalm?" Leo asked. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, Napalm. He'd have sent a napalm bomb into the Master's Lair. Very effective against Vampires. Why do you think it was used in Vietnam so much?" The being asked Leo, who blinked in realisation and looked chastised. "Haven't you gotten the message yet that Humans are dangerous? And I know you saw your fair share of demons and vampires in world war two. They liked it when humans fought humans, they just forgot that humans often use the term 'enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Well, until the demon or vampire that tried to take advantage is gone, then they'd turn and shoot one another. Literally, a few times. World War one in the trenches come to mind. I remember a french and german pair of soldiers working together to take down a trio of vampires. Then they shot each other and died. Anyway, Xander you change things. It's your nature, its just that while we counted on it, we soon realised that the very nature we wanted you to have meant that we couldnt rely on our plans. I was the first to accept it, given that it was I who gave you that nature. figure it out yet?"


"Right. Also... Ah... Youd have tried to teach Buffy how to drive, while you were supposed to be with her in LA that summer. and promplty been in a car accident. You'd have saved her with CPR, but it was enough that Kendra was to be called. That is perhaps the only thing that follows a 'same but different' thing between our plans and what happened. most other thing are completely different. That act would have... opened doorways to possibilities that the Watchers council couldn't have seen. They'd have thought it fluke, until almost a year later, you repeated the accomplishment, when Kendra was to have suffered a surely-fatal injury fighting Spike during the 'acathla' incident, stopping her from bleeding out and rescusitating her when she flatlined a few times. If anything Dru's like of you only drove Spike to 'like this world too much' that he wasn't even for that plan. And so the next three slayers would be called. One to each time she'd flatline. But oddly enough, the four times she did and others did exactly what you did, four weren't called. The Council would have been well aware of the mystical energy on you at that point, but oddly scared of you and so not willing to try to 'harvest' it so they could get more 'weapons'." The being shuddered. "As it is, given she felt that she couldn't act on her attraction to you, she fell for angel, slept with that corpse, released angelus, and ended up refusing to stake the bastard until it was too late, and then went off to what she thought was a trap for her anyway, but was one for you lot. and in that fight that wasn't in our plans, Kendra's throat was slit by the one vampire who knew our plans by way of being a seer - Druscilla, and you were unconscious so couldn't even try to rescucitate."


Jenny spoke up, "Okay, You're Janus, I figured that one out before. But you're the god of doorways, not change."

"Ah but a door can be a change. You walk through a doorway, you're no longer in one place, but another. Doorways of location. But people say that sometimes it's like a door in your mind that you step through and suddenly you're a different person, or a part of your personality gains dominance... A change of mind, a change of state, change of location, so on and so on. as my avatar, Xander is fully capable of splitting the slayer line again. Unfortunately... not with Buffy if she was to almost die again. She was dead for too long before Xander got to her. But, as I said, he's my avatar, and embued with powers to change the state of things. He was able to revive her. She's just no longer 'THE' Slayer, not in the way that her death would call another. Shame.

"In essence, Xander has done things he wsn't supposed to. Including that valentines love spell, you naughty boy. And he's not done things he was supposed to, but those are mostly simply due to the change of circumstances."


The End?

You have reached the end of "And this is a sacrifice, why?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 12.

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