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Gloves of Kuroshitsuji

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Summary: Black Butler xover - YAHF - Xander picks up something more when he purchased his toy gun at a discount.

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Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

CH 2

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

Xander woke up in the near darkness and dampness of a cavern.  He groaned and coughed.  He groaned under the weight of another person.  Then he gently rolled them off his upper torso and let out a startled gasp upon seeing that person’s features.

“Sebastian,” he questioned.  He looked at the person and it was incredible to see them physically there.  There was a small tickle at the back of his mind.   

“Sebastian,” he said shaking the unconscious form.  “Can you hear me?”  The tickle in the back of his mind turned to an emotion of mild irritation and then whatever it was, retreated as the body resting on his legs fell back into unconsciousness. 

Xander frowned and grew suspicious about the spell that they had just done.  He wondered if the spell, that had been cancelled was what triggered this second body to appear, instead of the intended merger of parts of the demon entity that had possessed him.  He looked at the man that was still slumbering.  

He was in a formal suit with tails that looked well used and slightly gray.  ‘Man he’s even wearing white gloves,’ he thought.  ‘At least he isn’t naked like the Terminator was when he was sent back in time in the first movie.

He looked around the cavern and noted that strange objects were still there, including a few things that he had would never have noticed before the spell’s completion.  It was like he could suddenly see clearly in the dim light of the cavern. 

“Ugh,” he muttered loudly seeing the bound volumes of unknown knowledge.  “Books... I wonder if there’s anything useful in that pile of junk.”

Then he gently moved his companion off of his legs and took his time to stretch and explore the cavern’s main room.  There were a few weapons of old, like pikes and swords, books that were preserved and others that were completely falling apart.  There was a small chest of exotic foreign coins and quite a bit of jewellery that could probably be sold for some cash.

Xander looked at the man still unconscious and he wondered if he’d be able to bring him and the stuff in the cavern home.  That’s when he stepped on a long pole arm completely made of metal and broke it.  “Hmph,” he mumbled.  “Must have been cheaply made.”

(...Idiot...)  A sleepy voice in his head said.  (...Doesn’t he know that he’s significantly stronger now because of the spell?  I hope he takes what he wants and gets the both of us out of here, I can’t move yet.  Use the knowledge you now have to bring what you want with you.  Hope he knows how...)

Xander whirled around and noted that his companion still looked unconscious.  He thought back to the voice he’d heard. (...Can’t open your eyes...)  

(...No...) Came the sleepy reply and with a surprised tone, asked, (...Is someone talking to me?...)

Xander rolled his eyes up and the muttered, “Only on the Hellmouth.”  Then he thought back to his companion.  (...Rest and I’ll get the two of us out of here soon...)

He then took care in gathering the books that were fully preserved and then used some of the magic he knew he could access to encase other books and scrolls, just in case they might contain important information.  There was a plain, long, rectangular coffin that he actually planned to use.  First he opened it up to make sure it wasn’t occupied and then he began to pile the objects he wanted to keep inside it.

He heaved the coffin onto one of his shoulders, noticing how light it was.  “Wow,” he said.  “I guess there’s no way that someone can push me around ever again.”

He walked over to his companion and heaved him onto his other shoulder and quickly left the caverns, heading home to his parents’ dingy house in the poorer section of town.  At least he’d moved into the basement after the hyena incident and that should have allowed him to bring home friends.  That is if he had any he’d wanted to bring to that hole in the ground.

Hopefully Sebastian would be able to help him out with the selling of the goods they had found.  (...Indubitably...)  The voice in his mind said.  (...Please put me down soon, I’m feeling a little sea-sick being lugged around like a limp sack of produce...)

“We’re almost there,” Xander said, opening the door.  He put down the coffin in the entrance and took Sebastian down to his room and bed to lay him out comfortably.  “Looks like you’re in need of some down time.”

(...I hope that you don’t intend to let me sleep in my clothing...) The voice whined slightly.  (...They’ll get wrinkled and be unsightly come morning...)

“Nah,” Xander said out loud.  “I just need to bring in our Halloween goody bag first.  Wouldn’t want the old man to think he’d be allowed to access it, now would we?”

(...Idiot...)  The voice said.  (...Just put a locking spell on it...)

(...I did...) Xander replied from his distant position at the top of the stairs.  He manoeuvred the coffin and managed to find the right angle needed to get it down the stairs without damaging any part of the building or the box.  (...It still wouldn’t stop him from trying to open it...)

(...Ah...) Sebastian’s voice said.

Xander moved the large cooler he’d been using as a coffee table to the side and placed the coffin in its place.  A drab cloth covered it and a few scattered items placed on it hid its general shape.  He then moved into his bedroom area to take off his clothes and change into some that he could sleep in before he helped his unmoving guest into something similar.

It took a few bits of trial and error, but then it was like a flick of a switch.  He knew just how to hold another person against his chest to change their clothing.  It was like he’d already done that many times before, but he knew that it wasn’t so.

(...It’s experience from my past...) Sebastian explained to him in his mind.  (...You have shared knowledge with me in this and perhaps a few other things.  I will have to train you not to be clumsy.  Breaking that weapon like you did was foolish, it might have been important in the future...)

“I didn’t know that I’d be stronger physically,” Xander said finishing up by pulling the drawstring closed on the pair of sweat pants that he’d put on the slightly older looking man.  “There that should do you for now, until we can figure something out about how to get you papers and stuff.”

(...Papers...) Sebastian asked with a yawning tone in his mind.

“You know, birth certificate, immigration... that kind of stuff,” Xander said moving the man to settle comfortable within the sheets of his bed.  He took care to hang the suit up properly before he lay down next to him and covered the both with the surprisingly comfortable blankets that his mother had given him to use when he’d moved down to the basement.  “We’ll talk in the morning.  Make yourself at home here for now.”

“Thank you,” Sebastian rasped out with a voice raw from unused.  A bit of effort and he was soon curled around the warm human body falling asleep next to him.

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

Xander was roused from a deep sleep by the gentle shake of his mother’s hand.  “Alexander,” she said.  “Wake up and make sure your father doesn’t catch you in this position.”

Xander blinked and tried to move one arm, but found that it was pinned to the mattress by a weight.  His other hand was free, so he used it to wipe the sleep from his eyes in order to find out what his mother was talking about.

“Ah,” he said, finding himself face to face with the dark haired figure from his mental landscape.  The man was tucked in around him curled sleeping soundly.  “Don’t worry about it.”  He looked at his mother and said, “You don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

There was something in her son’s eyes that convinced her that he would be all right.  “Very well,” she said and moved to leave him there.  “You be careful in whatever it is you chose to do.”

“Mom,” he said in that small childlike tone he used to have.  “Do you still want to remain here?”  She turned to look at him with a questioning look.  “I mean do you still want to live here and stay married to him?”

“What other choice do I have,” she said dejectedly.  “I have no choice.”

“Madam,” Sebastian said in his rough cultured voice.  He turned over slowly to look at her.  “There is always a choice.” 

His bed companion was finally able to sit up now, but his arm was tingling with the near unpleasant and funny sensations of pin and needles as the circulation returned to the arm he’d been sleeping on.  He huffed and took a hold of the waving hand to massage the circulation back into it.

“Without money or a sound plan, there is no choice,” she said to the both of them.  She was observing their interaction, curious about the ease that her growing teenage son had with this other person, especially considering that the person was male.

“If you had both, would you still wish to stay,” Xander asked, while paying attention to the long fingers that worked the muscles of his hand and arm.  He had a feeling that he’d soon need to do the same so that Sebastian can begin to move about on his own.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“Tell me when you do know,” Xander said turning to look at her.  That’s when she noticed that the two had almost similar expressions of concern.  She knew that her son’s was real, but his friend... her inner speculation was interrupted when her son said. “Ah mother, this is Sebastian, maybe for now just think of him as my lost fraternal twin or something, okay.”

The woman in question observed several things and noticed that the two had a similar look and for some reason what her son was saying didn’t seem too impossible.  Their eyes were the same in darkness with tints of red that appeared in a certain light and angle of their heads. 

Her true son had inherited the unruly curls from her with the off-black colour.  It wasn’t black or brown, but tended to gather the sun and produced strange hints of reds with shades of gold and browns.  The other young man had straight dark hair, but it too had several strange highlights to it rendering the effect to look slightly blue or purplish.

They could have been mistaken for family.

She looked at the two for another minute and then she stood up to leave.  Her liquid breakfast was calling to her in a vodka soaked voice.  “If you need me to sign anything,” she said softly heading out of the bedroom.  “Let me know and I’ll do it for you.  Catch me in the morning, though.”

Xander sighed very softly, but said.  “Yeah, thanks Mom.”

Sebastian just turned to look at his counterpart and waited as his own arms were now being massaged.  He was turned over and his back was worked with such precision that he wanted to fall back to sleep.  Unfortunately some things had to be resolved quickly and quietly first, like those papers that Xander mentioned.

Xander lifted him with surprised ease and moved him to the mock living room of the basement apartment.  From there he worked on Sebastian’s legs, while the other looked through the coffin’s contents, while lying on his stomach. 

“These are interesting,” the demon said.  “We’re might need to destroy of a few of the books and scrolls, as I do not believe that anything good will come of having those around.”

“I know, but we can memorize the spells just in case before we do that,” Xander replied.  “We can turn a few of the books and scrolls over to Giles, but I don’t feel right handing over the Aurelius Vampire Clan book to him.  He’d be obligated to turn it over to the Watcher’s Council.  Those guys should never get their hands on a vampire clan book.”

“Are those pompous bureaucrats still in operation,” Sebastian asked, turning to look at the young man that he suddenly felt tied to.  ‘Strange price for freedom,’ he thought.  ‘At least I do not hunger for souls the way I used to, I wonder what other changes have occurred.’

“I don’t know that they’d be the same as those from your world or dimension,” Xander said finishing his task with the feet.  “How about you try to move on your own?”

Sebastian still felt unsteady, but through continuous motion his upper body was doing fine.  He flexed his legs and then stood up.  He attempted to walk around the couch a few times, while his companion was in the make-shift kitchen area.  He sat down abruptly after a few minutes because he was exhausted from the efforts.  “I believe that I’ll have to set up a training program in order to return to my normal strength.”

Xander came back with some plain and very lightly buttered toast with whole milk.  He offered them to the demon who wondered why the fair was so plain.  “You might not be able to keep much down,” the teenager explained.  “I don’t know if your stomach can handle any of this.  It was just newly formed last night.”

Sebastian noted how the young man nibbled at his meal and observed, “Perhaps we are in a similar situation.”  The Scooby raised one eyebrow in question and then it was explained.  “I believe that your body may have ‘donated’ some of the biological materials needed to supplement my internal organs.”

“Ah,” Xander said.  “You’re probably right.  I’m kinda feeling that emptiness too.”  He started to rifle through the items that he’d collected.  They were a few that looked interesting.  A few of the coins he knew that he could sell, but only if there were no curses attached to them.

Sebastian was slowly making comments while he was eating.  (...I think that there are spells to check for curses and properties of those...) He thought to Xander.  (...Do you think this Giles of yours will have ‘safe’ spells which we can use to check them out?...)

(...I’m positive he’s got a bunch of books ‘n stuff in that secure cage of his...) Xander thought back.  (...No point in going there today because it’s not a school day, maybe we should look for a few underground contacts that can help us to get some papers for you.  What do you think?...)

(...I think that I need to get stronger first...)  Sebastian thought.  (...You’ll need some papers too...)

(...Why?...)  Xander asked.

“If you’re going to continue on with the illusion that I’m somehow your fraternal twin,” the demon said.  “We’d need something to back it up.  Also do you not feel that you’ll somehow be living a longer life?  We may need various papers to support our future identities.”

Xander shrugged and said, “I never thought about it.  Still maybe we should take the time to get you up to speed on a few things and then decide what kind of actions we need to take for the future.”

“Best put most of those away,” the demon said pointing to the jewels and coins.  He wanted to keep a couple of the books and scrolls out, but for the time being it was probably best to put it all away.

Xander put everything back into the coffin and covered it up again.  He took the T.V. remote control and turned on the dark box in the corner of the room.  The noise had startled his companion, who was now staring at the images coming from it.

“Oops,” Xander said.  “Sorry, I guess you’re not familiar with this.”

“No,” Sebastian said staring at the device.  (...Can I look through your memories to get familiar with it?...)

(...Can you do that?...)

(...Of course...) The demon said.  (...You can do it too...)

“Cool,” Xander said.  “Go ahead.  Right now I just want to veg in front of the tube.”


“Slang expression of the modern age,” the Scooby said.  (...Look in my memories to catch up to what I do know, although please don’t be disappointed if I’m not smart or anything...)

(...Nonsense...) The demon said beginning the fascinating journey into the human mind that was connected to his.  (...You have a fine mind.  You just need to learn how to channel your energies to be useful to yourself and others.  Book learning is not something that everyone cares about.  It was true about the employees of my last master...)

(...Thanks...) Xander said looking at Sebastian with a grateful smile.

Sebastian just took hold of the young man’s hand in order to gain a physical anchor back to his own mind and then his awareness flowed into the memories of the young man.

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

The week-end was filled with memory exchanges, as well as several trips to the town’s library in order to show Sebastian computers and the internet.  The demon was fascinated by it and Xander learned a new found fascination with historical events from a very different perspective.

“School’s gonna be different now that you’re here,” Xander said walking next to the demon, heading home.  Formulas were flowing into his mind and he was actually carrying several books that he signed out to read for ‘fun

“True,” Sebastian said, carrying his own load of books to review.  “I’m wondering if I should enrol in the High School to experience such a strange educational institution or whether to find a part-time position somewhere.”

“A position, where?” Xander asked.

“Well...” Sebastian hedged and then conspiratorially he said.  “I’ve always been ‘one Hell of a Butler’.  What do you think?”

Xander snorted and then began to laugh. 

He knew about his ‘brother’s’ past occupations.  The memories that they shared showed the twelve year old boy Earl, Ciel Phantomhive and how Sebastian was always telling the kid how he was ‘One Hell of a Butler’ whenever the demon did something seemingly impossible to save the day, butler wise that is.

Xander finished laughing and bowed to his ‘brother’.  “That you are,” he said.  “The choice is yours.  Whatever you do, you’ll fit right in living here on the Hellmouth.”

Sebastian grinned widely and slyly, his eyes gleaming red with a vertical pupil, denoting his demonic origins.  He then said, “I can’t wait.”

Xander just returned a very identical demonic mischievous look.

Xander - Sebastian - Xander - Sebastian

END (for now)

The End

You have reached the end of "Gloves of Kuroshitsuji". This story is complete.

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